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Categories: aosp clang clang.exp clang_fast libcxx libunwind lld lldb lldb.exp llvm openmp polly rev_iter sanitizer
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aosp clang clang.exp clang_fast libcxx libunwind lld lldb lldb.exp llvm openmp polly rev_iter sanitizer
316076 dylanmckay
[AVR] Update to current LLVM API

r315410 broke a number of things in the AVR backend, which are now
316075 aaronballman
Silence -Wimplicit-fallthrough warnings with the generated code; NFC.
316074 hokein
[clang-rename] Rename alias.

* Support rename alias.
* Add unittests for renaming alias.
* Don't generate fixes for the SourceLocations that are invalid or in temporary
  buffer, otherwise crash would be happened when generating AtomicChanges.

Reviewers: ioeric

Reviewed By: ioeric

Subscribers: klimek, mgorny, cfe-commits

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D39043
316073 grimar
[ELF] - Make LinkerScript::assignOffsets private. NFC.
316072 mzuckerm
[AVX512][AVX2]Cost calculation for interleave load/store patterns {v8i8,v16i8,v32i8,v64i8}

This patch adds accurate instructions cost.
The formula presents two cases(stride 3 and stride 4) and calculates the cost according to the VF and stride.

1. delena
2. Farhana
3. zvi
4. dorit
5. Ayal

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D38762

Change-Id: If4cfbd4ac0e63694e8144cb78c7fa34850647ff7
  • clang-cmake-armv7-a15-selfhost-neon: ninja all failed -  stdio
316071 inouehrs
[PowerPC] Use helper functions to check sign-/zero-extended value

Helper functions to identify sign- and zero-extending machine instruction is introduced in rL315888.
This patch makes PPCInstrInfo::optimizeCompareInstr use the helper functions. It simplifies the code and also makes possible more optimizations since the helper can do more analysis than the original check code; I observed about 5000 more compare instructions are eliminated while building LLVM.

Also, this patch fixes a bug in helpers on ANDIo instruction handling due to the order of checks. This bug causes a failure in an existing test case for optimizeCompareInstr.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D38988

  • clang-cmake-armv7-a15-selfhost-neon: ninja all failed -  stdio
  • clang-cmake-thumbv7-a15-full-sh: ninja all failed -  stdio
316070 n.bozhenov
Improve lookThroughCast function.

When we have the following case:

  %cond = cmp iN %x, CmpConst
  %tr = trunc iN %x to iK
  %narrowsel = select i1 %cond, iK %t, iK C

We could possibly match only min/max pattern after looking through cast.
So it is more profitable if widened C constant will be equal CmpConst.
That is why just set widened C constant equal to CmpConst, because there
is a further check in this function that trunc CmpConst == C.

Also description for lookTroughCast function was added.

Reviewers: spatel

Subscribers: llvm-commits

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D38536

Patch by: Artur Gainullin <artur.gainullin@intel.com>
316069 xazax
[ASTImporter] Import SubStmt of CaseStmt

Patch by: Rafael Stahl!

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D38943
316068 grimar
[ELF] - Remove excessive helper. NFC.

Removes addRegular() helper that looks excessive from Writer.cpp.

Differential revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D39006
316067 mzuckerm
Fixing bug issue https://bugs.llvm.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34978

Change-Id: I7f13d5bcb181be2860377df7b40e1579a8ad4add
  • clang-cmake-armv7-a15-selfhost-neon: ninja all failed -  stdio
  • llvm-clang-lld-x86_64-debian-fast: test failed -  stdiowarnings (1)
  • clang-cmake-thumbv7-a15-full-sh: ninja all failed -  stdio
316066 hokein
New -assume-filename=param to check_clang_tidy.py (like clang-format)

Currently, check_clang_tidy.py includes logic to select default
clang flags based on the extension of the source filename passed
as the first argument.

Since the source filename might be a temporary or test file with an
arbitrary extension unrelated to the file type, this adds the ability
to override the logic the same way `clang-format`'s -assume-filename=
parameter does.

I included a test with a nonstandard file extension. I confirmed
when I modified the warning message that the new test failed,
and that it passed again when I restored the warning message.

Ran tests with:

% cmake -G Ninja /path/to/llvm
% ninja check-clang-tools

Patch by Ben Hamilton!

Reviewers: hokein, alexfh

Reviewed By: hokein

Subscribers: alexfh

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D38963
316065 rafael
Handle shared symbols in the gnu hash construction.

They are special in that they they need to be in the hash table iff we
are linking an executable that preempts them.
316064 skatkov
Fix the incorrect detection of ICONV_LIBRARY_PATH

This is introduced in rL308711.
Check for c library is incorrect here just because libc will be found always
and it does not mean that iconv is presented.

Thank to Andrew Krasny for narrowing down the root cause.

Reviewers: ecbeckmann
Reviewed By: ecbeckmann
Subscribers: mgorny, llvm-commits
Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D38875
  • clang-ppc64le-linux-lnt: stage 1 checked 281 expected failures 1053 unsupported tests 35353 expected passes failed -  stdiowarnings (3)
  • lldb-windows7-android: release failed -  stdio
316063 bogner
update_mir_test_checks: Support '-' in function names

Some AArch64 and AMDGPU tests have functions with hyphens in the names
316062 bogner
update_mir_test_checks: Fix a typo I made while preparing for commit

I accidentally added an extra arg here, so this didn't work at all.
316061 chapuni

It'd be better that they are #cmakedefine01 rather than #cmakedefine.
(#if FOO rather than #if defined(FOO))
Then we can find missing #include "clang/Config/config.h" in the future.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D35541
316060 chapuni
Prune trailing linefeed.
316059 vlad.tsyrklevich
Statically link llvm-cfi-verify's libraries.

llvm-cfi-verify (D38379) introduced a potential build failure when compiling with `-DLLVM_BUILD_LLVM_DYLIB=ON -DLLVM_LINK_LLVM_DYLIB=ON`. Specific versions of cmake seem to treat the `add_subdirectory()` rule differently. It seems as if old versions of cmake BFS these rules, adding them to the fringe for expansion later. Newer versions of cmake seem to immediately execute CMakeFiles that are present in this subdirectory.

If the subdirectory is expanded through the fringe, the globbing resultant from `llvm_add_implicit_projects()` from `cmake/modules/AddLLVM.cmake:1012` means that `tools/llvm-shlib/CMakeFile.txt` gets executed before `tools/llvm-cfi-verify/lib/CMakeFile.txt`. As the latter CMakeFile adds a new library, this expansion order means that the library files required the unit tests in `unittests/tools/llvm-cfi-verify/` are not present in the dynamic library. This causes unit tests to fail as the required functions can't be found.

This change...
316058 rafael
Revert "Bring back the rest of r315721."

This reverts commit r316051.

It fails on a bot.
316057 bogner
Add a utility to update MIR checks, similar to update_llc_test_checks

This adds update_mir_test_checks, which updates the check lines in mir
tests. This can only update tests that start and end with .mir
currently (ie, -run-pass) but it should be sufficient for updating at
least some of the GlobalISel tests.
316056 rsmith
Provide a flag group to turn on/off all "binary literals" extension warnings.
316055 rsmith
[modules] When finding the owning module of an instantiated context in template
instantiation, follow lexical parents not semantic ones: we want to find the
module where the pattern was written.
316054 jbhateja
[ScalarEvolution] Handling for ICmp occuring in the evolution chain.

If a compare instruction is same or inverse of the compare in the
branch of the loop latch, then return a constant evolution node.
Currently scope of evaluation is limited to SCEV computation for
PHI nodes.

This shall facilitate computations of loop exit counts in cases
where compare appears in the evolution chain of induction variables.

Will fix PR 34538
Reviewers: sanjoy, hfinkel, junryoungju

Reviewed By: junryoungju

Subscribers: javed.absar, llvm-commits

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D38494
316053 phosek
[CMake] Build Fuchsia toolchain as -O3

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D39017
316052 adrian