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349264 rksimon
[TargetLowering] Add ISD::OR + ISD::XOR handling to SimplifyDemandedVectorElts

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D55600
349263 kamil
Enable test/msan/pthread_getname_np.cc for NetBSD
349262 kamil
349261 nikic
[InstSimplify] Add tests for saturating add/sub + icmp; NFC

If a saturating add/sub with a constant operand is compared to
another constant, we should be able to determine that the condition
is always true/false in some cases (but currently don't).
349260 lebedevri
[OpenMP] Fixes for LIBOMP_OMP_VERSION=45/40

I have discovered this because i wanted to experiment with
building static libomp (with openmp-4.0 support only)
for debugging purposes.

There are three kinds of problems here:
1. `__kmp_compare_and_store_acq()` simply does not exist.
  It was added in D47903 by @jlpeyton.
  I'm guessing `__kmp_atomic_compare_store_acq()` was meant.
2. In `__kmp_is_ticket_lock_initialized()`,
  `lck->lk.initialized` is `std::atomic<bool>`,
  while `lck` is `kmp_ticket_lock_t *`.
  Naturally, they can't be equality-compared.
  Either, it should return the value read from `lck->lk.initialized`,
  or do what `__kmp_is_queuing_lock_initialized()` does,
  compare the passed pointer with the field in the struct
  pointed by the pointer. I think the latter is correct-er choice here.
3. Tests were not versioned.
  They assume that `LIBOMP_OMP_VERSION` is at the latest version.

This does not touch LIBOMP_OMP_VERSION=30. That is still broken.

Reviewers: jlpeyton, Hah...
349259 maskray
[libclang] Add dependency on clangSerialization to unbreak -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=1 build after rC349237

Frontend headers have undefined reference on the symbol `clang::PCHContainerOperations::PCHContainerOperations()` through some shared_ptr usage. Any dependents will get the undefined reference which can only be resolved by explicit dependency on clangSerialization (due to -z defs).
349258 maskray
[mips] Fix test typo in rL348914

RUN; -> RUN:
349257 kamil
Fix internal_sleep() for NetBSD

This is a follow up of a similar fix for Linux from D55692.
349256 mstorsjo
[MinGW] Produce a vtable and RTTI for dllexported classes without a key function

This matches what GCC does in these situations.

This fixes compiling Qt in debug mode. In release mode, references to
the vtable of this particular class ends up optimized away, but in debug
mode, the compiler creates references to the vtable, which is expected
to be dllexported from a different DLL. Make sure the dllexported
version actually ends up emitted.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D55698
349255 pcc
Fix typo in test cases as well.
349254 pcc
hwasan: Fix typo: Previosly -> Previously.
349252 ericwf
Fix static assert diagnostic checks in i386
349251 jedilyn
[Power9][NFC] add setb exploitation test case

Add an original test case for setb before the exploitation actually takes effect, later we can check the difference.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D55696
349237 rtrieu
Fix includes and dependencies for libclang

Remove unneeded includes
Add needed include
Remove dependency on Serialization
349236 ericwf
Try 2: Fix bug in buildbot start script
349235 ericwf
Fix bug in buildbot start script
349234 ericwf
Rework docker setup to make it easier to work around bugs on buildbots
349233 dergachev
Revert "[analyzer] MoveChecker: Add checks for dereferencing a smart pointer..."

This reverts commit r349226.

Fails on an MSVC buildbot.
349232 jmolenda
Ah, forgot qModuleInfo.  Need to look that one up
and finish filling this in.
349231 jmolenda
A brief outline of the packets that need to be implemented
to write an lldb platform server that doesn't link against
LLDB.framework to be able to fully run the lldb testsuite
on a remote system.  The platform packets weren't covered
in the existing lldb-gdb-remote.txt doc, so I wanted to
jot them down in one place.
349230 rtrieu
Move static analyzer core diagnostics to common.
349229 dergachev
[analyzer] Fix unknown block calls to have zero parameters.

Right now they report to have one parameter with null decl,
because initializing an ArrayRef of pointers with a nullptr
yields an ArrayRef to an array of one null pointer.

Fixes a crash in the OSObject section of RetainCountChecker.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D55671
349228 dergachev
[analyzer] ObjCDealloc: Fix a crash when a class attempts to deallocate a class.

The checker wasn't prepared to see the dealloc message sent to the class itself
rather than to an instance, as if it was +dealloc.

Additionally, it wasn't prepared for pure-unknown or undefined self values.
The new guard covers that as well, but it is annoying to test because
both kinds of values shouldn't really appear and we generally want to
get rid of all of them (by modeling unknown values with symbols and
by warning on use of undefined values before they are used).

The CHECK: directive for FileCheck at the end of the test looks useless,
so i removed it.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D55680
349227 dergachev
[analyzer] ObjCContainers: Track index values.

Use trackExpressionValue() (previously known as trackNullOrUndefValue())
to track index value in the report, so that the user knew
what Static Analyzer thinks the index is.

Additionally, implement printState() to help debugging the checker later.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D55458
349226 dergachev
[analyzer] MoveChecker: Add checks for dereferencing a smart pointer after move.

Calling operator*() or operator->() on a null STL smart pointer is
undefined behavior.

Smart pointers are specified to become null after being moved from.
So we can't warn on arbitrary method calls, but these two operators
definitely make no sense.

The new bug is fatal because it's an immediate UB,
unlike other use-after-move bugs.

The work on a more generic null smart pointer dereference checker
is still pending.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D55388