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Pete Couperus
[ARC] Add InitializePasses header to fix ARC build.
Puyan Lotfi
[clang][IFS] Attempting to fix missing 'orbis-ld' on scei-ps4-ubuntu bot.
I want this test to run end to end, but I am still having trouble with
missing linkers on the scei-ps4 bot. Will remove this test if it
continues to be a source of brittle failures. Sorry for the noise.
Jordan Rupprecht
[lldb][test] Prevent \n in calls to lldb's expect() test helper.
expect() forwards its command to sendline(). This can be problematic if the command already contains a newline: sendline() unconditionally adds a newline to the command, which causes the command to run twice (hitting enter in lldb runs the previous command). The expect() helper looks for the prompt and finds the first one, but because the command has run a second time, the buffer will contain the contents of the second time the command ran, causing potential erroneous matching.

Simplify the editline test, which was using different commands to workaround this misunderstanding.

Reviewers: labath

Reviewed By: labath

Subscribers: merge_guards_bot, lldb-commits

Tags: #lldb

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D70324
Alexander Shaposhnikov
Introduce llvm-install-name-tool
This diff adds a new "driver" for llvm-objcopy
which is supposed to emulate the behavior of install-name-tool.
This is a recommit of b5913e6d2 with ubsan issues fixed.

Differential revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D69146

Test plan: make check-all
Philip Reames
[GuardWidening] Remove WidenFrequentBranches transform
This code has never been enabled.  While it is tested, it's complicating some refactoring.  If we decide to re-implement this, doing it in SimplifyCFG would probably make more sense anyways.
Puyan Lotfi
[clang][IFS] Fixing failing bots that do not have PPC target or "orbis-ld"
Puyan Lotfi
[clang][IFS] Driver Pipeline: generate stubs after standard pipeline (2)
Second Landing Attempt:

Up until now, clang interface stubs has replaced the standard
PP -> C -> BE -> ASM -> LNK pipeline. With this change, it will happen in
conjunction with it. So what when you build your code you will get an
a.out or lib.so as well as an interface stub file.


clang -shared -o libfoo.so -emit-interface-stubs ...

will generate both a libfoo.so and a libfoo.ifso. The .so file will
contain the code from the standard compilation pipeline and the .ifso
file will contain the ELF stub library.

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D70274
Philip Reames
[NFC] Factor out utilities for manipulating widenable branches
With the widenable condition construct, we have the ability to reason about branches which can be 'widened' (i.e. made to fail more often).  We've got a couple o transforms which leverage this.  This patch just cleans up the API a bit.

This is prep work for generalizing our definition of a widenable branch slightly.  At the moment "br i1 (and A, wc()), ..." is considered widenable, but oddly, neither "br i1 (and wc(), B), ..." or "br i1 wc(), ..." is.  That clearly needs addressed, so first, let's centralize the code in one place.
Philip Reames
[LoopPred] Generalize profitability check to handle unswitch output
Unswitch (and other loop transforms) like to generate loop exit blocks with unconditional successors, and phi nodes (LCSSA, or simple multiple exiting blocks sharing an exit).  Generalize the "likely very rare exit" check slightly to handle this form.
Amara Emerson
[AArch64] Fix MIR test instruction to not have invalid operand.
In anticipation of an improved verifier in D63973.
Benjamin Kramer
[ValueTracking] Add a basic version of isKnownNonInfinity and use it to detect more NoNaNs
Duncan P. N. Exon Smith
Wrap C APIs with pragmas enforcing -Werror=strict-prototypes
Force `-Werror=strict-prototypes` so that C API tests fail to compile if
we add a non-prototype declaration.  This should help avoid regressions
like bddecba4b333f7772029b4937d2c34f9f2fda6ca was fixing.

Philip Reames
Precommit test showing oppurtunity when computing exit tests of unsimplified IR
If we partially unswitch a loop, we leave around the (and i1 X, true) or (or i1 X, false) forms.  At the moment, this inhibits SCEVs ability to compute trip counts, patch forthcoming.
Alexey Bataev
[OPENMP50]Add if clause in simd directive.
According to OpenMP 5.0, if clause can be used in simd directive. If
condition in the if clause if false, the non-vectorized version of the
loop must be executed.
Vedant Kumar
[profile] Address unused function warnings on Windows after D69586
This '#ifdef's out two functions which are unused on Windows, to prevent
-Wunused-function warnings.
Vedant Kumar
[CGDebugInfo] Emit subprograms for decls when AT_tail_call is understood (reland with fixes)
Currently, clang emits subprograms for declared functions when the
target debugger or DWARF standard is known to support entry values
(DW_OP_entry_value & the GNU equivalent).

Treat DW_AT_tail_call the same way to allow debuggers to follow cross-TU
tail calls.

Pre-patch debug session with a cross-TU tail call:

  * frame #0: 0x0000000100000fa4 main`target at b.c:4:3 [opt]
    frame #1: 0x0000000100000f99 main`main at a.c:8:10 [opt]

Post-patch (note that the tail-calling frame, "helper", is visible):

  * frame #0: 0x0000000100000fa4 main`target at b.c:4:3 [opt]
    frame #1: 0x0000000100000f80 main`helper [opt] [artificial]
    frame #2: 0x0000000100000f99 main`main at a.c:8:10 [opt]

This was reverted in 5b9a072c because it attached declaration
subprograms to inlinable builtin calls, which interacted badly with the
MergeICmps pass. The fix is to not attach declarations to builtins.

Tim Northover
[docs] Remove dangling parenthesis from documentation
Patch by leiteg.
Reid Kleckner
Add a key method to Sema to optimize debug info size
It turns out that the debug info describing the Sema class is an
appreciable percentage of the total object file size of objects in Sema.
By adding a key function, clang is able to optimize the debug info size
by emitting a forward declaration in TUs that do not define the key

On Windows, with clang-cl, these are the total sizes of object files in
Sema before and after this change, compiling with optimizations and
debug info:
  before: 335,012 KB
  after:  278,116 KB
  delta:  -56,896 KB
  percent: -17.0%

The effect on link time was negligible, despite having ~56MB less input.

On Linux, with clang, these are the same sizes using DWARF -g and
  before: 603,756 KB
  after:  515,340 KB
  delta:  -88,416 KB
  percent: -14.6%

I didn't use type units, DWARF-5, fission, or any other special flags.

Reviewed By: thakis

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D70340
Vedant Kumar
[profile] Unbreak Fuchsia/Windows after D68351
Continuous mode is not yet supported on Fuchsia/Windows, however an
error should not be reported unless the user attempted to actually
enable continuous mode.
The patch is the compiler error specific on the compile error on CMVC

CMVC has a compiler error on the
const uint64_t OffsetToRaw = is64Bit()
                                  ? toSection64(Sec)->FileOffsetToRawData
                                  : toSection32(Sec)->FileOffsetToRawData;

while  gcc  compiler do not have the problem.
I have to change the code to

  uint64_t OffsetToRaw;
  if (is64Bit())
    OffsetToRaw = toSection64(Sec)->FileOffsetToRawData;
    OffsetToRaw = toSection32(Sec)->FileOffsetToRawData;

Reviewers: Sean Fertile
Subscribers: rupprecht, seiyai,hiraditya

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D70255
fixe leak found by asan build bot
Vedant Kumar
[DebugInfo] Describe size of spilled values in call site params
A call site parameter description of a memory operand needs to
unambiguously convey the size of the operand to prevent incorrect entry
value evaluation.

Thanks for David Stenberg for pointing this issue out!
Duncan P. N. Exon Smith
llvm/ObjCARC: Eliminate inlined AutoreleaseRV calls
Pair up inlined AutoreleaseRV calls with their matching RetainRV or

- RetainRV cancels out AutoreleaseRV.  Delete both instructions.
- ClaimRV is a peephole for RetainRV+Release.  Delete AutoreleaseRV and
  replace ClaimRV with Release.

This avoids problems where more aggressive inlining triggers memory

This patch is happy to skip over non-callable instructions and non-ARC
intrinsics looking for the pair.  It is likely sound to also skip over
opaque function calls, but that's harder to reason about, and it's not
relevant to the goal here: if there's an opaque function call splitting
up a pair, it's very unlikely that a handshake would have happened
dynamically without inlining.

Note that this patch also subsumes the previous logic that looked
backwards from ReleaseRV.