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  1. [NFC][PowerPC] Add the inheritable and additional features to make the (detail)
  2. [LegalizeDAG] When expanding vector SRA/SRL/SHL add the new BUILD_VECTOR (detail)
  3. [LegalizeDAG] Return true from ExpandNode for some nodes that don't have (detail)
  4. AvoidBindCheck.cpp: Fix GCC 5.3 build errors (detail)
  5. AvoidBindCheck.cpp: Fix unused variables warning (detail)
  6. [lldb][NFC] Remove ThreadSafeSTLVector and ThreadSafeSTLMap and their (detail)
  7. [UpdateTestChecks] Fix parsing of RUN: lines with line continuations (detail)
  8. [llvm][bindings][go] Fix typo (detail)
  9. [NFC] Slightly improve wording in the comments (detail)
  10. [MachineVerifier]  Improve checks of target instructions operands. (detail)
  11. [NFC] Tidy-ups to TimeProfiler.cpp (detail)
  12. Mark some tests as xfail on AArch64 Linux (detail)
  13. [LiveDebugValues] Introduce entry values of unmodified params (detail)
  14. ImplicitNullChecks: Don't add a dead definition of DepMI as live-in (detail)
  15. Temporarily run machine-verifier once in test/CodeGen/SPARC/fp128.ll, so (detail)
  16. [asan] Remove debug locations from alloca prologue instrumentation (detail)
  17. [lldb] Move register info "augmentation" from gdb-remote into ABI (detail)
  18. [lldb] Remove tab from (detail)
  19. [DWARF] Add support for parsing/dumping section indices in location (detail)
  20. Fixup 6d18e53: xfail properly (detail)
  21. [clang][CodeGen] Make use of cc1 instead of clang in the tests (detail)
  22. [lldb][NFC] Test going up/down one line in the multiline expression (detail)
  23. [OpenCL] Fix mangling of single-overload builtins (detail)
  24. [CodeGen] Move ARMCodegenPrepare to TypePromotion (detail)
  25. [lldb] Remove all remaining tabs from (detail)
  26. Fix for buildbots (detail)
  27. [lldb][NFC] Extract searching for function SymbolContexts out of (detail)
  28. gn build: Merge bc76dadb3cf (detail)
  29. [AArch64][SVE] Implement shift intrinsics (detail)
  30. Fix compatibility with python3 of (detail)
  31. [VPlan] Add dump function to VPlan class. (detail)
  32. Revert "[LiveDebugValues] Introduce entry values of unmodified params" (detail)
  33. [AArch64][SVE] Add intrinsics for gather loads with 64-bit offsets (detail)
  34. [lldb][NFC] Move Curses interface implementation to own file (detail)
  35. [Support] Add ProcName to TimeTraceProfiler (detail)
  36. Add FunctionDecl::getParameterSourceRange() (detail)
  37. [AArch64][SVE2] Implement remaining SVE2 floating-point intrinsics (detail)
  38. [NFCI][DebugInfo] Corrected a comment. (detail)
  39. [Aarch64][SVE] Add intrinsics for gather loads with 32-bits offsets (detail)
  40. [LLDB] Disable MSVC warning C4190: (detail)
  41. [Object/ELF] - Refine the error reported when section's offset + size (detail)
  42. Precommit tests for D70673 (detail)
  43. [DDG] Data Dependence Graph - Topological Sort (Memory Leak Fix) (detail)
  44. [DebugInfo] Make DebugVariable class available in DebugInfoMetadata (detail)
  45. [libomptarget] Build a minimal deviceRTL for amdgcn (detail)
  46. [Aarch64][SVE] Add intrinsics for gather loads (vector + imm) (detail)
  47. [lldb] Use llvm range functions in LineTable.cpp (detail)
  48. [lldb] Remove unneeded semicolon in IOHandlerCursesGUI (detail)
  49. [SelectionDAG] Reoder ViewXXXDAGs declarations to match execution order. (detail)
  50. [AArch64] Fix over-eager fusing of NEON SIMD MUL/ADD (detail)
  51. [lldb/Reproducer] Add version check (detail)
  52. [OpenCL] Use generic addr space for lambda call operator (detail)
  53. [EditLine] Fix RecallHistory to make it go in the right direction. (detail)

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