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  1. Removed c_compiler and cxx_compiler options from OpenMPBuilder (detail)

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  1. Upstream debugserver arm64e support. (detail)
  2. Add help text for parray and poarray aliases. (detail)
  3. [llvm] Fixing MIRVRegNamerUtils to properly handle 2+ (detail)
  4. Add parray example for lldb, vrs. *ptr@count gdb cmd. (detail)
  5. [clang][IFS] Adding support for new clang interface stubs decl types. (detail)
  6. [analyzer] Fix more ObjC accessor body farms after 2073dd2d. (detail)
  7. Revert "Reland [AArch64][MachineOutliner] Return address signing for (detail)
  8. [lldb/Reproducers] Override capture with LLDB_CAPTURE_REPRODUCER env var (detail)
  9. [lldb/Reproducers] Propagate LLDB_CAPTURE_REPRODUCER to the test suite (detail)
  10. [clangd] NFC, add getLangOpts helper to ParsedAST (detail)
  11. [clangd]  Add a tweak refactoring to wrap Objective-C string literals in (detail)
  12. gn build: Merge 27f12444575 (detail)
  13. [clang][IFS] Ignoring -Xlinker/-Xclang arguments in InterfaceStubs pass (detail)
  14. [GlobalISel] Fix compiler crash lowering G_LOAD in AArch64. (detail)
  15. Reland [AArch64][MachineOutliner] Return address signing for outlined (detail)
  16. [lldb/Reproducers] Add missing instrumentation for SBFile (detail)
  17. Clear out the python class name in OptionParsingStarted for the (detail)
  18. [X86] Remove override of shouldUseStrictFP_TO_INT for fp80. NFC (detail)
  19. [lldb/Reproducers] Add missing instrumentation for SBFile (2/2) (detail)
  20. [lldb/Reproducers] Don't instrument SBFileSpec::GetPath (detail)
  21. [c++17] Fix assert / wrong code when passing a noexcept pointer to (detail)
  22. Properly convert all declaration non-type template arguments when (detail)
  23. [MachineCopyPropagation] Extend MCP to do trivial copy backward (detail)
  24. [clangd] Add xref for macro to static index. (detail)
  25. [fix][unittests][llvm] Fix running unit tests without assertions. [NFCI] (detail)
  26. [Signal] Allow one-shot SIGPIPE handler to be reached (detail)
  27. [AArch64][SVE] Add intrinsics and patterns for logical predicate (detail)
  28. Add a default copy-assignment or copy-constructor for -Wdeprecated-copy (detail)
  29. Revert "[MachineCopyPropagation] Extend MCP to do trivial copy backward (detail)
  30. Revert "Properly convert all declaration non-type template arguments (detail)
  31. Reland [MachineCopyPropagation] Extend MCP to do trivial copy backward (detail)
  32. Fix the macro fusion table for X86 according to Intel optimization (detail)
  33. [llvm-readelf/llvm-readobj] - Remove getSecTypeName() helper. (detail)
  34. Avoid triple corruption while merging core info (detail)
  35. [MIBundle] Turn MachineOperandIteratorBase into a forward iterator. (detail)
  36. [MCRegInfo] Add forward sub and super register iterators. (NFC) (detail)
  37. [ORC] Remove the automagic Main JITDylib fram ExecutionSession. (detail)
  38. [clangd] Fix an incorrect comment, NFC. (detail)
  39. [LLD][ELF] Add support for PT_GNU_PROPERTY (detail)
  40. [Checkers] Added support for freopen to StreamChecker. (detail)
  41. Reland "[LiveDebugValues] Introduce entry values of unmodified params" (detail)
  42. [LLD][ELF][AArch64] sections should have alignment 8 (detail)
  43. [AArch64][SVE] Implement element count intrinsics (detail)
  44. [lldb] Don't put compile unit name into the support file list and (detail)
  45. Fix the clang interpreter example which was broken by 4fc68b9b7f3e0. (detail)
  46. [DebugInfo] Handle call site values for instructions before call bundle (detail)
  47. [clangd] More unittests for cross-file rename. (detail)
  48. [LiveDebugValues] Silence the unused var warning; NFC (detail)
  49. [llvm/DWARF] Return section offset from (detail)
  50. [lldb/cpluspluslanguage] Add constructor substitutor (detail)
  51. Reapply af57dbf12e54 "Add support for options -frounding-math, (detail)

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