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Success Build #158 (Jun 13, 2020 1:37:49 AM)

  1. LegacyDivergenceAnalysis.h - reduce DivergenceAnalysis.h include to forward declaration. NFC. (details)
  2. [SVE ACLE] Remove redundant bool_t typedef. (details)
  3. LoopAnalysisManager.h - reduce includes to forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  4. LoopPassManager.h - add missing MemorySSA.h include (details)
  5. [AMDGPU] Increase max iterations count to analyze complete unroll (details)
  6. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Start rewriting load/store legality rules (details)
  7. CFG.h - reduce includes to forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  8. CFG.h - add missing GraphTraits.h include. NFC. (details)
  9. [DAGCombiner] clean-up FMA+FMUL folds; NFC (details)
  10. EHPersonalities.h - reduce Triple.h include to forward declaration. NFC. (details)
  11. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix test failure in release build (details)
  12. [mlir] Change to re-enable cuda-runner tests (details)
  13. [SystemZ] Implement -fstack-clash-protection (details)
  14. [gcov] Support big-endian .gcno and simplify version handling in .gcda (details)
  15. recommit "[HIP] Add default header and include path" (details)
  16. [gn build] Port 8422bc9efcb (details)
  17. [gcov] Delete `XFAIL: host-byteorder-big-endian` for test/Transforms/GCOVProfiling/{exit-block.ll,function-numbering.ll} (details)
  18. [lldb] [nfc] Fix comment in testcase DW_TAG_variable-DW_AT_const_value.s (details)
  19. Revert "[codeview] Put !heapallocsite on calls to operator new" (details)
  20. [X86] Correct some isel patterns for v1i1 KNOT/KANDN/KXNOR. (details)
  21. [LIT] NFC adding max-failures option to lit documentation. (details)
  22. [RISCV] Fix a typo in RISCVISelLowering.cpp (details)
  23. MachineBasicBlock::updateTerminator now requires an explicit layout successor. (details)
  24. Simplify MachineVerifier's block-successor verification. (details)
  25. [gcov] Delete unneeded code (details)
  26. [gcov] Improve tests and lower the minimum supported version to gcov 3.4 (details)
  27. [ObjectYAML][DWARF] Support emitting .debug_ranges section in ELFYAML. (details)
  28. [X86][SSE] Add MOVMSK tests where we're using a more narrow vector elements than necessary (details)
  29. Support build-ids of other sizes than 16 in UUID::SetFromStringRef (details)
  30. [Matrix] Implement * binary operator for MatrixType. (details)
  31. [X86][SSE] Attempt to widen MOVMSK vector input if the signbits are splatted. (details)
  32. [X86][SSE] Extend ICMP(MOVMSK(BITCAST(X))) tests to allof patterns as well as the existing noneof/anyof patterns. (details)
  33. OrderedInstructions.h - reduce includes to forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  34. ObjCARCAnalysisUtils.h - remove unused LLVMContext.h include. NFC. (details)
  35. MustExecute.h - remove unnecessary Instruction.h include. NFC. (details)
  36. DependenceAnalysis.h - reduce AliasAnalysis.h include to forward declaration. NFC. (details)
  37. MemorySSAUpdater.h - reduce includes to forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  38. AlignmentFromAssumptions.h - reduce includes to forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  39. [clang][BFloat] Add reinterpret cast intrinsics (details)
  40. [InstCombine] add tests for bitmask of casted shift; NFC (PR46013) (details)
  41. [InstCombine] fold mask op into casted shift (PR46013) (details)
  42. [mlir] Add verifier for `shape.yield`. (details)
  43. [MLIR] Lower shape.num_elements -> shape.reduce. (details)
  44. [DWARFYAML][debug_ranges] Fix inappropriate assertion. NFC. (details)
  45. [ObjectYAML][test] Address comments in D80203 (details)
  46. [llvm-cov] Fix gcov version detection on big-endian (details)
  47. [X86][SSE] combineSetCCMOVMSK - add initial support for allof patterns. (details)
  48. [Docs] fix typos for llvm-mca; NFC (details)
  49. [AArch64] add test for large popcount; NFC (details)
  50. Remove global std::string. StringRef is sufficient. NFC. (details)
  51. Put compilation phases from Types.def into a bit set (details)
  52. Put back definitions. We're still not C++17 :/ (details)
  53. [gcov][test] Delete UNSUPPORTED: host-byteorder-big-endian from test/profile tests (details)
  54. DomTreeUpdater.h - refine includes. NFC. (details)
  55. Try to make msvc crash less (details)
  56. Unbreak the build (details)
  57. CFG.h - reduce includes to forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  58. [gcov] Fix instrprof-gcov-__gcov_flush-terminate.test (details)
  59. [NFC][PowerPC] Add a new case to test ctrloop for fp128 (details)
  60. Add cl::ZeroOrMore to get around build system issues (details)
  61. [Driver] Simplify code. NFCI. (details)
  62. [gcov] Support .gcno/.gcda in gcov 8, 9 or 10 compatible formats (details)
  63. [Driver] Omit -mthread-model posix which is the CC1 default (details)
  64. Revert "[MLIR] Lower shape.num_elements -> shape.reduce." (details)
  65. [X86][AVX2] combineSetCCMOVMSK - handle all_of patterns for PMOVMSKB(PACKSSBW(LO(X), HI(X))) (details)
  66. Reland D80966 [codeview] Put !heapallocsite on calls to operator new (details)
  67. SmallPtrSet::find -> SmallPtrSet::count (details)
  68. [X86] Don't scalarize v2f32->v2i64 strict_fp_to_sint/uint with avx512dq and not avx512vl. (details)
  69. [clang] Implement VectorType logic not operator. (details)
  70. [Power9] Add addi post-ra scheduling heuristic (details)
  71. [X86] Teach combineCVTP2I_CVTTP2I to handle STRICT_CVTTP2SI/STRICT_CVTTP2UI (details)
  72. [X86] Improve (vzmovl (insert_subvector)) combine to handle a bitcast between the vzmovl and insert (details)
  73. [PowerPC] Do not assume operand of ADDI is an immediate (details)
  74. [NFC] Remove the extra ; to avoid the warning of build compiler (details)
  75. [X86] Support load shrinking for strict fp nodes in combineCVTPH2PS (details)
  76. [Test] Add test showing InstCombine missing simplification opportunity (details)
  77. [Alignment][NFC] Migrate CallingConv tablegen code (details)
  78. [ARM][XO] Execute-only miscompiles double literals for big-endian (details)
  79. [Alignment][NFC] Migrate part of Arm/AArch64 backend (details)
  80. [Alignment][NFC] Migrate the rest of backends (details)
  81. [mlir] Introduce allowMemrefFunctionResults for the helper operation converters of buffer placement (details)
  82. [mlir] Restructure Shape dialect's CMakeLists. (details)
  83. Revert "Revert "[mlir] Canonicalization and folding of shape.cstr_broadcastable"" (details)
  84. Revert "Revert "[mlir] Folding and canonicalization of shape.cstr_eq"" (details)
  85. [PPC] Try to fix builbots (details)
  86. [VE] Support shift operation instructions in MC layer (details)
  87. [lldb] Disable remove-add module test on Windows (details)
  88. Revert "[KernelAddressSanitizer] Make globals constructors compatible with kernel" (details)
  89. [NFC][PowerPC] Modify the test case to test RM (details)
  90. [MLIR] Clean up `shape` to `std` lowering (details)
  91. [AArch64] update popcount pre-patch test; NFC (details)
  92. [AArch64] update popcount pre-patch test, take 2; NFC (details)
  93. [DWARFYAML] Rename function names to match the coding style. NFC. (details)
  94. [MLIR] Add type conversion for `shape.shape` (details)
  95. [MLIR] Add `to/from_extent_tensor` lowering to the standard dialect (details)
  96. [CodeGen][SVE] CopyToReg: Split scalable EVTs that are not powers of 2 (details)
  97. [VE] Support control instructions in MC layer (details)
  98. [ELF] Adding accessor method for getting Note Desc as StringRef (details)
  99. Recognize *.hxx as a C++ header extension, like *.hpp. (details)
  100. VersionTuple.h - reduce includes to forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  101. Revert "Revert "[MLIR] Lower shape.num_elements -> shape.reduce."" (details)
  102. [AArch64] Add combine-load test; NFC (details)
  103. [MLIR][Shape] Add support for `OpAsmInterface` in `shape.const_size` (details)
  104. Revert "[clang] Implement VectorType logic not operator." (details)
  105. Reverte AArch64 changes to popcount test, they break most bots. (details)
  106. [Alignment][NFC] Migrate HandleByVal to Align (details)
  107. [AArch64][SVE] Implement vector tuple intrinsics (details)
  108. [clangd] Change ParseInputs to store FSProvider rather than VFS (details)
  109. [lldb] Fix YAMLModuleTester for the rename in 67b4afc4 (details)
  110. [SVE] Remove getNumElements() calls in Verifier::visitIntrinsicCall (details)
  111. [Preamble] Invalidate preamble when missing headers become present. (details)
  112. [clang-format] treat 'lock' as a keyword for C# code (details)
  113. [mlir][gpu] Fix logic error in D79508 computing number of private attributions. (details)
  114. [lldb/DWARF] Fix PC value for artificial tail call frames for the "GNU" case (details)
  115. YAMLRemarkParser.cpp - remove duplicate RemarkParser.h include. NFC. (details)
  116. DbgEntityHistoryCalculator.h - reduce DebugInfoMetadata.h include to forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  117. [AMDGPU] Cluster MIMG instructions (details)
  118. [BinaryFormat] Add formatv support for DW_OP constants (details)
  119. [AST][RecoveryExpr] Populate the dependence bits from CompoundStmt result expr to StmtExpr. (details)
  120. [lldb] Fail evaluation of DWARF expressions with unknown opcodes (details)
  121. [VE] Support floating-point arithmetic instructions in MC layer (details)
  122. GlobalISel: Simplify debug printing (details)
  123. GlobalISel: Make it clearer that regbank/class are mutually exclusive (details)
  124. GlobalISel: Add dump method to LLT (details)
  125. GlobalISel: Remove unused header (details)
  126. GlobalISel: Use Register (details)
  127. [CodeGen] Fix nullptr crash in tryConvertSVEWideCompare (details)
  128. GlobalISel: Remove deprecated methods (details)
  129. [CostModel] Follow-up to buildbot fix (details)
  130. GlobalISel: Remove dead include (details)
  131. [flang] Use LLVM's flags (details)
  132. [ObjectYAML] Add support for error handling in DWARFYAML. NFC. (details)
  133. tsan: add OpenBSD support for Go (details)
  134. [Alignment][NFC] Deprecate dead code from CallingConvLower.h (details)
  135. Fix build after removing llvm/CodeGen/GlobalISel/Types.h (details)
  136. Thread safety analysis: Support deferring locks (details)
  137. Thread safety analysis: Add note for double unlock (details)
  138. [TEST] TreeTest.cpp - Add a comma to avoid build error with -werror (details)
  139. [InstCombine] add tests for sext+lshr+trunc; NFC (details)
  140. [InstCombine] reduce code duplication in visitTrunc(); NFC (details)
  141. [clangd] Resolve driver symlinks, and look up unknown relative drivers in PATH. (details)
  142. [AST] Fix a clang crash on an invalid for-range statement. (details)
  143. [mlir] Lower Shape binary ops (AddOp, MulOp) to Standard. (details)
  144. [ObjC] Fix AST serialization for pseudo-strong parameters (details)
  145. [InstCombine] improve matching for sext-lshr-trunc patterns (details)
  146. [Support] Move color handling from raw_fd_ostream to raw_ostream (details)
  147. Updates to the 'CLion Integration' section in ClangFormat docs (details)
  148. Reland D80979 [clang] Implement VectorType logic not operator (details)
  149. [clangd] Drop unnecessary FS modifications in FindSymbolsTests (details)
  150. [Sema][CodeComplete][ObjC] Don't include arrow/dot fixits (details)
  151. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Precommit regenerated check lines (details)
  152. [Support] Replace 'DisableColors' boolean with 'ColorMode' enum (details)
  153. [NFC] [libcxx] Remove shared_ptr's no-rvalue unique_ptr converting constructor. (details)
  154. [gn build] Port 550b5995233 (details)
  155. [PGO][PGSO] Enable non-cold code size opts under non-partial-profile sample PGO. (details)
  156. [SVE] Eliminate calls to default-false VectorType::get() from CodeGen (details)
  157. [NFC] Fix quadratic LexicalScopes::constructScopeNest (details)
  158. [AArch64] Add a ldst-opt test with undef operands (NFC). (details)
  159. lld: improve the `-arch` handling for MachO (details)
  160. Rename arg name in __clang_hip_math.h (details)
  161. [DebugInfo] Reduce SalvageDebugInfo() functions (details)
  162. [SVE] Eliminate calls to default-false VectorType::get() from llvm-stress (details)
  163. [InstCombine] add tests for sext+lshr+trunc; NFC (details)
  164. [InstCombine] improve matching for sext-lshr-trunc patterns, part 2 (details)
  165. [ModuloSchedule] Support instructions with > 1 destination when walking canonical use. (details)
  166. [X86] Prevent LowerSELECT from causing suboptimal codegen for __builtin_ffs(X) - 1. (details)
  167. [libc++] Improve tests for iterators.operations (details)
  168. Move *San module passes later in the NPM pipeline (details)
  169. [PGO] CallPromotion: Don't try to pass sret args to varargs functions (details)
  170. [flang] Fix issue of flang/runtime/config.h not being found in out of tree builds (details)
  171. [AArch64] Fix ldst-opt of multiple disjunct subregs. (details)
  172. Revert "[clangd] Resolve driver symlinks, and look up unknown relative drivers in PATH." (details)
  173. Add a flag to debug automatic variable initialization (details)
  174. [TSan] Revert removal of ignore_interceptors_accesses flag (details)
  175. [SuffixTree][MachOpt] Factoring out Suffix Tree and adding Unit Tests (details)
  176. [gn build] Port bb677cacc80 (details)
  177. Revert "Reland D80966 [codeview] Put !heapallocsite on calls to operator new" (details)
  178. Apply fix from D81179 only from GCC < 8 (details)
  179. [XCOFF][AIX] report_fatal_error when an overflow section is needed (details)
  180. More robust fix for crash on invalid range-based for statement. (details)
  181. [lld] Fix shared library build by adding the missing dependency. (details)
  182. [Support] FoldingSetNodeID::AddString(): reserve memory (details)
  183. [InstrProfiling] Use !associated metadata for counters, data and values (details)
  184. [DebugInfo] Fix assertion for extern void type (details)
  185. Add #includes so that ROCm.h is compilable stand-alone. (details)
  186. Remove improper uses of DiagnosticErrorTrap and hasErrorOccurred. (details)
  187. Stabilize alloca slices sort in SROA (details)
  188. Revert "[InstrProfiling] Use !associated metadata for counters, data and values" (details)
  189. [InstrProfiling] Use !associated metadata for counters, data and values (details)
  190. [MLIR][Toy] Fix a few typos in the comments/docs. (details)
  191. [MLIR][SPIRVToLLVM] Add skeleton for SPIR-V to LLVM dialect conversion (details)
  192. [InstrProfiling] Use -fuse-ld=lld in instrprof-gc-sections test (details)
  193. Revert "[arm][darwin] Don't generate libcalls for wide shifts on Darwin" (details)
  194. [libc][NFC][Obvious] Add names to various string entrypoints. (details)
  195. [AMDGPU][NFC] Skip processing intrinsics that do not become real instructions (details)
  196. [AArch64] Support expression results as immediate values in mov (details)
  197. [mlir] Unranked memref type has no rank (details)
  198. lld: initial pass at supporting TBD (details)
  199. Make myself code owner of InferAddressSpaces (details)
  200. [PowerPC] Fix incorrect PC Relative relocations for Big Endian (details)
  201. [PowerPC] Remove extra instruction left by emitRLDICWhenLoweringJumpTables (details)
  202. [PowerPC] Fix pattern for DCBFL/DCBFLP instrinsics. (details)
  203. [APInt] set all bits for getBitsSetWithWrap if loBit == hiBit (details)
  204. test: repair lld builder (details)
  205. [NFC][PowerPC] Remove the redundant InstAlias for OR instruction (details)
  206. [libc][NFC] Add bzero to list of entrypoints. (details)
  207. [libc][NFC] Add few more missing entrypoints to the entrypoint list. (details)
  208. [X86] Autogenerate complete checks and add encoding information. NFC (details)
  209. [AMDGPU] Custom lowering of i64 umulo/smulo (details)
  210. [CodeGen,AArch64] Fix up warnings in splitStores (details)
  211. [NFCI][CostModel] Unify getCmpSelInstrCost (details)
  212. [CodeGen] Ensure callers of CreateStackTemporary use sensible alignments (details)
  213. [AArch64] Fix branch, terminator, etc properties for BRA* instructions. (details)
  214. [MachineVerifier] Add TiedOpsRewritten flag to fix verify two-address error (details)
  215. [AMDGPU] Enable structurizer workarounds by default (details)
  216. [Alignment] Fix deprecation message (details)
  217. [AVR][test] Remove test for naked function containing a return. (details)
  218. [VE] Support lowering to NND instruction (details)
  219. [AMDGPU/MemOpsCluster] Implement new heuristic for computing max mem ops cluster size (details)
  220. [VE] Support Transfer Control Instructions in MC layer (details)
  221. [AArch64][SVE] Implement structured load intrinsics (details)
  222. Fix unused variable warning (details)
  223. [DebugInfo] Check for errors when reading data for extended opcode (details)
  224. [AArch64][AsmParser] Fix debug output in a few instructions (details)
  225. [Matrix] Add __builtin_matrix_transpose to Clang. (details)
  226. [clang-format] Brace breaking for C# lambdas (details)
  227. [analyzer] LoopWidening: fix crash by avoiding aliased references invalidation (details)
  228. [lldb] Fix -Wmissing-field-initializers in StackFrameList (details)
  229. [Analyzer] Add `getReturnValueUnderConstruction()` to `CallEvent` (details)
  230. [Analyzer] [NFC] Parameter Regions (details)
  231. [Analyzer] Allow creation of stack frame for functions without definition (details)
  232. [Alignment][NFC] Migrate TargetLowering::allowsMemoryAccess (details)
  233. [Alignment][NFC] TargetLowering::allowsMisalignedMemoryAccesses (details)
  234. [ARM] prologue instructions emitted for naked function with >64 byte argument (details)
  235. Revert "[Alignment][NFC] Migrate TargetLowering::allowsMemoryAccess" (details)
  236. [clangd] Parse std::make_unique, and emit template diagnostics at expansion. (details)
  237. [DWARFYAML][debug_ranges] Emit an error message for invalid offset. (details)
  238. Magic.h - reduce includes to forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  239. [X86][SSE] Add PTEST test cases for PR45378 (details)
  240. [ARM] Add some MVE vecreduce tests. NFC (details)
  241. [clang][StaticAnalyzer] Fix unused variable warning for debug builds (details)
  242. [nfc] [lldb] Reduce GetAttributes's depth parameter usage (details)
  243. [lldb] Fix DW_TAG_GNU_call_site-DW_AT_low_pc as produced by GCC (details)
  244. [Support] Add stream tie function and use it for errs() (details)
  245. [clangd] Don't produce snippets when completion location is followed by parenthesis (details)
  246. [VE] Support rest of load/store instructions in MC layer (details)
  247. Update pass status for GCOVProfiling (details)
  248. Fix MemCpyOptimizer return status (details)
  249. Fix race condition in llvm/test/MC/AArch64/mov-expr* tests (details)
  250. [Analyzer] Fix buildbot failure caused by commit `rG813734dad7e8b526c39806d1a88820b1f0706fb1` (details)
  251. [OPENMP]Improve code readability, NFC. (details)
  252. [DebugInfo] Remove unnecessary flushes and add additional testing (details)
  253. Fix Wdocumentation warning. NFC. (details)
  254. [DebugInfo] Print non-verbose output at some point as verbose output (details)
  255. [DebugInfo] Improve new line printing in debug line verbose output (details)
  256. [DebugInfo] Fix printing of unrecognised standard opcodes (details)
  257. [Analyzer] Remove warning caused by commit `rG98db1f990fc2` (details)
  258. Revert "[clangd] Parse std::make_unique, and emit template diagnostics at expansion." (details)
  259. [Analyzer] Remove warning caused by commit `rGe22ace8ba2b0` (details)
  260. [lldb] Test compatibility between a class type from a member function expr and its original version (details)
  261. [clang-format] Microsoft style fixes for C# properties (details)
  262. Revert "[AMDGPU/MemOpsCluster] Implement new heuristic for computing max mem ops cluster size" (details)
  263. [gn build] Port 813734dad7e (details)
  264. [gn build] Port 98db1f990fc (details)
  265. [gn build] Port 9b02a9b4015 (details)
  266. [clang][AST] TextNodeDumper: dump the operator spelling for overloaded operators. (details)
  267. [clang][AST] Widen TypeTraitExprBitfields.NumArgs to 16 bits. (details)
  268. [x86] add test for constant hoisting of 8-bit immediate; NFC (PR46237) (details)
  269. [DAGCombiner] allow more folding of fadd + fmul into fma (details)
  270. [libc++] Remove assertion in year_month_day_last::day() (details)
  271. [Matrix] Update check lines for strided intrinsics (NFC). (details)
  272. [PatternMatch] Support matching intrinsics with 6 arguments. (details)
  273. [ObjectYAML][ELF] Add support for emitting the .debug_line section. (details)
  274. Add LLVM_ATTRIBUTE_NORETURN to report_bad_alloc_error (details)
  275. [clangd][NFC] Explode ReceivedPreamble into a CV (details)
  276. Reland (again) D80966 [codeview] Put !heapallocsite on calls to operator new (details)
  277. [InstCombine] Ensure allocation alignment mask is within range before applying as an attribute (details)
  278. [CodeGen][SVE] Avoid scalarizing zero splat stores on scalable vectors. (details)
  279. [DebugInfo] Drop unneeded format() calls (fix -Wformat-security) after 3b7ec64d59748765990ed99716034ab8d5533673 (details)
  280. [libc++] Remove workarounds for the lack of clock_gettime on older macOS platforms (details)
  281. [mlir] Add number of operands verification for shape.assuming_all operation (details)
  282. [AMDGPU] Introduce Clang builtins to be mapped to AMDGCN atomic inc/dec intrinsics (details)
  283. Add begin source location for the attributed statement created from PragmaLoopHint decorated loop (details)
  284. [WebAssembly] Implement prototype SIMD rounding instructions (details)
  285. [mlir][gpu] Add support for f16 when lowering to nvvm intrinsics (details)
  286. [libc++] Avoid UB in year_month_day_last::day() for incorrect months (details)
  287. [lldb/Interpreter] Support color in CommandReturnObject (details)
  288. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Select trn1 and trn2 (details)
  289. [AArch64] Allow BTI mnemonics in the HINT space with BTI disabled (details)
  290. Change debuginfo check for addHeapAllocSiteMetadata (details)
  291. [VectorCombine] scalarizeBinop - support an all-constant src vector operand (details)
  292. [gcov][test] Add mkdir -p %t && cd %t (details)
  293. [MachineScheduler] Update available queue on the first mop of a new cycle (details)
  294. [ELF] Demote lazy symbols relative to a discarded section to Undefined (details)
  295. [NFC][LV][TEST]: extend pr45679-fold-tail-by-masking.ll with -force-vector-width=1 -force-vector-interleave=4 (details)
  296. [libc++] Fix too stringent availability markup for bad_optional_access (details)
  297. Assignment and Inc/Dec operators wouldn't register as a mutation when Implicit Paren Casts were present (details)
  298. [libc++][CMake] Add CMake caches for commonly supported configurations (details)
  299. Change filecheck default to dump input on failure (details)
  300. [lldb/Reproducers] Also collect ::open  and ::fopen (details)
  301. GlobalISel: Fix double printing new instructions in legalizer (details)
  302. GlobalISel: Remove redundant check in verifier (details)
  303. GlobalISel: Move some trivial MIRBuilder methods into the header (details)
  304. GlobalISel: Improve MachineIRBuilder construction (details)
  305. PR46255: Fix field diagnostics for C records with anonymous members. (details)
  306. [InstCombine] add tests for diff-of-sums; NFC (details)
  307. [NFCI] Clean up exceptions related CMake and Lit options in libc++abi and libunwind (details)
  308. GlobalISel: Set instr/debugloc before any legalizer action (details)
  309. Undo change inadvertently added in 113b0d7d (details)
  310. [x86] refine conditions for immediate hoisting to save code-size (details)
  311. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Add new baseline tests for bitcast legalization (details)
  312. [X86] Move CPUKind enum from clang to llvm/lib/Support. NFCI (details)
  313. [gn build] Port d5c28c40943 (details)
  314. Patch up issues with GN builds (pthread / libz) (details)
  315. Move DSO dependencies inside the group. (details)
  316. Address Peter's comments. (details)
  317. remove redundant comment about Android. (details)
  318. Rebase. (details)
  319. [HWASan] Add sizeof(global) in report even if symbols missing. (details)
  320. [libc++abi][libunwind] Don't override libc++'s handling of exception features (details)
  321. [lldb] Fix and enable Windows minidump tests (details)
  322. [libc++abi] Replace LIBCXXABI_HAS_NO_EXCEPTIONS by TEST_HAS_NO_EXCEPTIONS (details)
  323. [AIX] supporting the visibility attribute for aix assembly (details)
  324. [clang][NFC] Fix and simplify the test added in 8dcc7eecb75b39d723fd6fee566369bf67e43fdf (details)
  325. Added test case for the patch D75866 "supporting the visibility attribute for aix assembly" (details)
  326. [NFC][WebAssembly] Add tests for alignment on new SIMD loads (details)
  327. [SVE] Eliminate calls to default-false VectorType::get() from FuzzMutate (details)
  328. Reland [clangd] Resolve driver symlinks, and look up unknown relative drivers in PATH. (details)
  329. [SVE] Eliminate calls to default-false VectorType::get() from Scalar (details)
  330. [lldb/CMake] Add LLDB_PYTHON_VERSION to use Python 2 with CMake > 3.12 (details)
  331. [flang] Fix bug resolving type in type definition (details)
  332. [LoopFusion] Update second loop guard non loop successor phis incoming (details)
  333. [libc] Skip entrypoints not present in the entrypoints list. (details)
  334. [libc][NFC][Obvious] Tidy up some CMake files. (details)
  335. Don't use a variable that isn't defined (details)
  336. [mlir] [VectorOps] Handle 'vector.shape_cast' lowering for all cases (details)
  337. [lldb/Reproducers] Skip test_remove_placeholder_add_real_module with reproducers (details)
  338. [libc][NFC] Adjust sinf and cosf around -infinity inputs. (details)
  339. Make the diagnostic-missing-prototypes put the suggested `static` in front of `const` if exists. (details)
  340. [X86] Assign a feature to tremont, goldmont, goldmont-plus, icelake-client, and icelake for target multiversioning priority. (details)
  341. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Select G_ADD_LOW into a MOVaddr pseudo. (details)
  342. Fix variables used only in asserts. (details)
  343. [Support][unittest] Fix asan failure after D81156 (details)
  344. [SPARC] Lower fp16 ops to libcalls (details)
  345. [libc] Skip fuzzer as well if its dependent entrypoints are skipped. (details)
  346. [MLIR] expose applyCmpPredicate (details)
  347. [JitRunner] add support for i32 and i64 output (details)
  348. [AArch64] custom lowering for i128 popcount (details)
  349. [libc] Add implementations of round and roundf. (details)
  350. [ELF] Fix --thinlto-index-only regression after D79300 (details)
  351. [AArch64] Move RegisterBankInfo.cpp/h to GISel. (details)
  352. [gn build] Port 075890ca551 (details)
  353. [gn build] Port 4f03c0b8066 (details)
  354. [analyzer] On-demand parsing capability for CTU (details)
  355. Revert "[SPARC] Lower fp16 ops to libcalls" (details)
  356. [SveEmitter] NFC: Add missing ACLE tests (details)
  357. [MS] Copy the symbols assigned to the former instruction when memory folding. (details)
  358. [VE] Support host memory access instructions in MC layer (details)
  359. [CostModel] Unify getArithmeticInstrCost (details)
  360. [CostModel] Unify Shuffle and InsertElement Costs (details)
  361. [RISCV] Make visibility of overridden methods in RISCVISelLowering match the parent (details)
  362. Revert "[analyzer] On-demand parsing capability for CTU" (details)
  363. Revert "[InstrProfiling] Use !associated metadata for counters, data and values" (details)
  364. [DSE,MSSA] Relax post-dom restriction for objs visible after return. (details)
  365. [clangd] Log rather than assert on bad UTF-8. (details)
  366. [FileCheck] Add function call support to numerical expressions. (details)
  367. [StackSafety] Add info into function summary (details)
  368. [Attributor] Split the Attributor::run() into multiple functions. (details)
  369. Revert "[Attributor] Split the Attributor::run() into multiple functions." (details)
  370. [ARM] MVE vectorizer reduction tests for each reduction type. NFC (details)
  371. [VE] Support convert instructions in MC layer (details)
  372. [lldb][NFC] Rename ClangExpressionDeclMap::AddThisType and clarify documentation (details)
  373. [asan] Suppress lint warning in tests (details)
  374. [compiler-rt] [test] Fix NameError when loading for crt (details)
  375. [analyzer] On-demand parsing capability for CTU (details)
  376. [MLIR][Shape] Make dimension an operand of `get_extent` (details)
  377. [libc++] Allow picking Lit parameters from the config (details)
  378. [libc++] Define the no-exceptions Lit feature using the DSL (details)
  379. [yaml2obj] - Introduce a 10 Mb limit of the output by default and a --max-size option. (details)
  380. [lldb/Makefile.rules] Apply CFLAGS_EXTRAS after debug-info mode flags (details)
  381. [libc++] Translate the enable_filesystem parameter to the DSL (details)
  382. [AArch64][SVE] Change pointer type of struct load/store intrinsics. (details)
  383. [lld][test] Expand testing for dynamic-list and export-dynamic (details)
  384. [KernelAddressSanitizer] Make globals constructors compatible with kernel [v2] (details)
  385. Create a warning flag for 'warn_conv_*_not_used' (details)
  386. [lldb/Utility] Remove m_ieee_quad from Scalar (details)
  387. [ELF][AArch64] Correct relocation codes for R_<CLS>_PLT32 (details)
  388. Reland: [Attributor] Split the Attributor::run() into multiple functions. (details)
  389. [libcxx] Fix std::vector construct_iter_iter.pass.cpp test (C++98/03) (details)
  390. [libc++] Install locales in the build bot Docker images (details)
  391. [MLIR][Standard] Make the `dim` operation index an operand. (details)
  392. [clangd] Disable new errs()-tie behavior, it's racy. (details)
  393. [DWARFDebugLine] Use truncating data extractors for prologue parsing (details)
  394. Fix version of c-general.profdata.v5 test case (details)
  395. [CostModel][X86] Add broadcast costs for vXi1 bool vectors (details)
  396. [lldb] Replace the LEB128 decoding logic in LLDB's DataExtractor with calls to LLVM's LEB128 implementation (details)
  397. [lld] Fix test/ELF/undef.s for 6f55b5a1 (details)
  398. ADT: Fix that APSInt's string constructor claims it requires 5 bits to store a zero (details)
  399. Fix the -Wsign-compare warning. (details)
  400. Correctly update Changed status for SimplifyCFG (details)
  401. FileCheck [11/12]: Add matching constraint specification (details)
  402. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Make G_IMPLICIT_DEF legality more consistent (details)
  403. GlobalISel: Make default implementation of legalizeCustom unreachable (details)
  404. [lldb] XFAIL TestForwardDeclaration.test_debug_names on windows (details)
  405. [X86][SSE] Cleanup tests based on feedback from D81547 (details)
  406. Revert "[analyzer] On-demand parsing capability for CTU" (details)
  407. Fix MLIR test: -dump-input-on-failure is no longer a valid option (details)
  408. [flang] Add the complex expression helper class. (details)
  409. [FileCheck] Add missing %ProtectFileCheckOutput to FileCheck tests (details)
  410. [libc++] Work around gcc/Power9 bug in `include/thread` (details)
  411. [AST] Mangle LambdaContextDecl for top level decl (details)
  412. [ARM] Update fp16-insert-extract.ll test checks. NFC (details)
  413. [SVE] Eliminate calls to default-false VectorType::get() from X86 (details)
  414. [WebAssembly] Fix a warning for an unused variable (details)
  415. GlobalISel: Move LegalizerHelper members around (details)
  416. AMDGPU: Stop using getSelectCC in division lowering (details)
  417. [ASan][Test] Split out global alias test (details)
  418. [OpenMP][AMDGCN] Support OpenMP offloading for AMDGCN architecture - Part 2 (details)
  419. [hip] Fix device-only relocatable code compilation. (details)
  420. [libc][NFC] Make cpu feature check tolerate non-x86 architectures. (details)
  421. [X86] Split imm handling out of selectMOV64Imm32 and add a separate isel pattern. (details)
  422. [libc] Add a simple linux aarch64 config. (details)
  423. [ASan][Test] Fix expected strings for globals test (details)
  424. [llvm][ELF][AArch64] Handle R_AARCH64_PLT32 relocation (details)
  425. [AMDGPU] Fixed promote alloca with ptr/int casts (details)
  426. [AVR] Implement disassembly support for I/O instructions (details)
  427. [hip] Fix the failed test case due to the additional backend phase. (details)
  428. [NFC] Rename variable to workaround old gcc bug (details)
  429. [clang][Attribute] Fix noderef attribute false-negatives (details)
  430. RegAllocFast: Avoid unused method warning in release builds (details)
  431. Fix dynamic probing scheme (details)
  432. Fixed false ThinLTO cache misses problem (PR 45819). (details)
  433. [X86] Enable masked GPR broadcasts to be formed even if the broadcast has more than one use. (details)
  434. [clang] Frontend components for the relative vtables ABI (details)
  435. Register printer and context CL options with the toyc example (details)
  436. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: cmp/select method for insert element (details)
  437. [libc++] Make sure tests are run in a unique directory (details)
  438. [clang] Use IsVolatile=true and RequiresNullTerminator=false for PCMs (details)
  439. Revert "[clang] Frontend components for the relative vtables ABI" (details)
  440. [libcxx][test] MSVC's __is_trivially_copyable is fixed in VS 16.7 (details)
  441. debugserver: Enable -DLLDB_ENERGY when compiling against an internal SDK (details)
  442. Disallow trivial_abi on a class if all copy and move constructors are (details)
  443. [X86] Add a 32-bit version of mixed-ptr-sizes.ll to make sure we get code coverage on the ADDRSPACECAST handling in ReplaceNodeResults. NFC (details)
  444. [X86] Call LowerADDRSPACECAST directly from ReplaceNodeResults to avoid repeating identical code. NFC (details)
  445. [mlir][linalg] Add a builder for `linalg.(indexed_)generic`. (details)
  446. [lldb/Test] Add 'std-module' category and skip them with reproducers (details)
  447. [libc][Obvious] Use full path with cmake's if(EXISTS ...). (details)
  448. [X86] Add an Unoptimized Load Value Injection (LVI) Load Hardening Pass (details)
  449. [LLD][ThinLTO] Add --thinlto-single-module to allow compiling partial modules. (details)
  450. [MLIR][SPIRVToLLVM] Implemented conversion for arithmetic ops and 3 bitwise ops. (details)
  451. [mlir][spirv] Enhance structure type member decoration handling (details)
  452. [InstCombine] Remove some repeated calls to getOperand. NFCI (details)
  453. [mlir][NFC] Split Parser into several different files. (details)
  454. [mlir][StandardOps] Updated IndexCastOp to support tensor<index> cast (details)
  455. [MLIR] Print function name when ReturnOp verification fails (details)
  456. Support other llc-like tools in (details)
  457. [DWARFYAML] Add support for emitting DWARF64 .debug_aranges section. (details)
  458. [DWARFYAML][debug_ranges] Make the "Offset" field optional. (details)
  459. [MLIR] Add ArrayAttr::empty() (details)
  460. [MLIR] Emit debug message if inlining fails (details)
  461. Revert D80450 "[CUDA][HIP] Fix implicit HD function resolution" (details)
  462. Revert "[mlir][spirv] Enhance structure type member decoration handling" (details)
  463. [Debugger] Use FileSystem instead of calling openFileForWrite directly. (details)
  464. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix porting error in 32-bit division (details)
  465. [SPARC] Lower fp16 ops to libcalls (details)
  466. [libc++] Consider everything inside %T to be a dependency of each test (details)
  467. [PowerPC][NFC] Testing ROTL of v1i128. (details)
  468. Fix __clang_cuda_math_forward_declares.h (details)
  469. Revert "[PowerPC][NFC] Testing ROTL of v1i128." (details)
  470. [StackSafety] Pass summary into codegen (details)
  471. [X86] Move X86 stuff out of TargetParser.h and into the recently created X86TargetParser.h. NFC (details)
  472. Revert "[X86] Move X86 stuff out of TargetParser.h and into the recently created X86TargetParser.h. NFC" (details)
  473. [libc] Fix integration test header dependency. (details)
  474. [X86] Move X86 stuff out of TargetParser.h and into the recently created X86TargetParser.h. NFC (details)
  475. [X86] Use X86AS enum constants to replace hardcoded numbers in more places. NFC (details)
  476. Restore part of D80450 [CUDA][HIP] Fix implicit HD function resolution (details)
  477. [ARM][MachineOutliner] Add NoLRSave mode. (details)
  478. [AArch64] Introduce AArch64SLSHardeningPass, implementing hardening of RET and BR instructions. (details)
  479. [gn build] Port 0ee176edc8b (details)
  480. [CodeGen] Let computeKnownBits do something sensible for scalable vectors (details)
  481. [sanitizer] Avoid unneeded deferefence (details)
  482. [X86] Remove unnecessary In64BitMode predicate from TEST64ri32. NFC (details)
  483. [NFC] Refactor ThunkInserter to make it available for all targets. (details)
  484. [PowerPC][NFC] Testing ROTL of v1i128. (details)
  485. [lldb] Fix a crash in PlatformAppleSimulator::GetCoreSimulatorPath when Xcode developer directory can't be found (details)
  486. Make ASTFileSignature an array of 20 uint8_t instead of 5 uint32_t (details)
  487. [GlobalISel] fix crash in IRTranslator, MachineIRBuilder when translating @llvm.dbg.value intrinsic and using -debug (details)
  488. [mlir][Linalg][Doc] Fix of misleading example in Property 2 (details)
  489. [analyzer] On-demand parsing capability for CTU (details)
  490. [X86][AVX512] Add test case for PR32547 (details)
  491. [X86][AVX512] Avoid bitcasts between scalar and vXi1 bool vectors (details)
  492. [NFC] Make formatting changes to ASTBitCodes.h ahead of a functional change (details)
  493. [yaml2obj] - Allocate the file space for SHT_NOBITS sections in some cases. (details)
  494. [DebugInfo] Refactor SalvageDebugInfo and SalvageDebugInfoForDbgValues (details)
  495. [mlir] Add new builders to linalg.reshape. (details)
  496. [llvm/DWARFDebugLine] Fix a typo in one warning message (details)
  497. [mlir][linalg] Fix the type (indicies->indices). (details)
  498. [llvm/DWARFDebugLine] Remove spurious full stop from warning messages (details)
  499. [clang][NFC] Various NFCs in CheckDefaultArgumentVisitor (details)
  500. [clang] CWG 2082 and 2346: loosen the restrictions on parameters and local variables in default arguments. (details)
  501. [MemCpyOptimizer] Simplify API of processStore and processMem* functions (details)
  502. [lldb] Remove Scalar operator= overloads (details)
  503. [clang] Convert a default argument expression to the parameter type... (details)
  504. [IR] Clean up dead instructions after simplifying a conditional branch (details)
  505. [clang][NFC] Fix a Wdocumentation warning in Basic/TargetInfo.h (details)
  506. [X86][AVX512] Add second test case for PR32547 (details)
  507. Fix unused variable warning. NFCI. (details)
  508. Add missing lambda capture from rGf529c0a8a149. (details)
  509. [OPENMP50]Codegen for scan directive in simd loops. (details)
  510. Add AST_SIGNATURE record to unhashed control block of PCM files (details)
  511. Revert "[IR] Clean up dead instructions after simplifying a conditional branch" (details)
  512. [clang][NFC] Generate the {Type,ArrayType,UnaryExprOrType,Expression}Traits... (details)
  513. [gn build] Port 78e636b3f2f (details)
  514. [IR] Remove assert from ShuffleVectorInst (details)
  515. [IR] Clean up dead instructions after simplifying a conditional branch (details)
  516. [OPENMP50]Codegen for use_device_addr clauses. (details)
  517. Fix return status of DataFlowSanitizer pass (details)
  518. [mlir][rocdl] Adding vector to ROCDL dialect lowering (details)
  519. [X86] Fold vXi1 OR(KSHIFTL(X,NumElts/2),Y) -> KUNPCK (details)
  520. [llvm][NFC] Factor some common data in InlineAdvice (details)
  521. Revert "[OPENMP50]Codegen for scan directive in simd loops." (details)
  522. [llvm-objdump] Decrease instruction indentation for non-x86 (details)
  523. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix lower for f64->f16 G_FPTRUNC (details)
  524. [VectorCombine] add tests for compare scalarization; NFC (details)
  525. [mlir][shape] Add assemblyFormat for `shape.add`. (details)
  526. [lldb/Test] Ensure inline tests have a unique build directory (details)
  527. [NFC] clean up the AsmPrinter::emitLinkage for AIX part (details)
  528. [mlir][rocdl] Fixing breakage of dim operator from 904f91db (details)
  529. [PCH] Support writing BuiltinBitCastExprs to PCHs (details)
  530. Regenerated SROA phi-gep.ll test. NFC. (details)
  531. [clang] Frontend components for the relative vtables ABI (round 2) (details)
  532. [flang] Semantics for SELECT TYPE (details)
  533. [OPENMP50]Codegen for scan directive in simd loops. (details)
  534. [libc++abi] Simplify the logic for finding libc++ from libc++abi (details)
  535. [AArch64] Regenerate SVE test llvm-ir-to-intrinsic.ll. (details)
  536. [X86] Replace TB with PS on instructions that are documented in the SDM with 'NP' (details)
  537. [libc] Add implementation of few floating point manipulation functions. (details)
  538. [clang][NFC] Remove two hard-coded lists of ArrayTypeTrait and ExpressionTrait (details)
  539. [clang][NFC] Assert that the enumerator value of {Type,ArrayType,UnaryExprOrType,Expression}Traits (details)
  540. [clang] TextNodeDumper: Dump the trait spelling of {Type,ArrayType,Expression}TraitExpr (details)
  541. Add to the Coding Standard our that single-line bodies omit braces (details)
  542. [GISel][NFC]: Add unit test for clarifying CSE behavior (details)
  543. [X86] Force VIA PadLock crypto instructions to emit a 0xF3 prefix when they encode to match what GNU as does. (details)
  544. [mlir] Fix some of the warnings in MLIR code. (details)
  545. [libc++] Allow specifying arbitrary custom executors with the new format (details)
  546. [mlir] Remove Broadcastable ODS trait (details)
  547. [GlobalISel][test] Add REQUIRES: asserts after D76934 (details)
  548. Fix incorrect call to ExprResult::get() (details)
  549. [clangd] Set CWD in semaCodeComplete (details)
  550. Re-land "Migrate the rest of COFFObjectFile to Error" (details)
  551. [mlir][Affine] Revisit fusion candidates after successful fusion (details)
  552. [lldb] Check if thread was suspended during previous stop added. (details)
  553. [WebAssembly] Make BR_TABLE non-duplicable (details)
  554. [X86] Remove unnecessary #if around call to isCpuIdSupported in getHostCPUName. (details)
  555. Fixed assertion in SROA if block has ho successors (details)
  556. Set the LLVM FP optimization flags conservatively. (details)
  557. [Support] Don't tie errs() to outs() by default (details)
  558. [InlineCost] Preparational patch for creation of Printer pass. (details)
  559. [MLIR][SPIRVToLLVM] Added conversion for SPIR-V comparison ops (details)
  560. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Set insert point when emitting control flow pseudos (details)
  561. [lldb/Test] Unify DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES solution for ASan and TSan (details)
  562. [CodeGen] Simplify the way lifetime of block captures is extended (details)
  563. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix select of <8 x s64> scalar load (details)
  564. [StackSafety,NFC] Fix use of CallBase API (details)
  565. [VectorCombine] remove unused parameters; NFC (details)
  566. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix select of private <2 x s16> load (details)
  567. Add a diagnostic string to an assert. (details)
  568. [mlir] Add additional header (details)
  569. Tidy up unsigned -> Register fixups. (details)
  570. [mlir][spirv] Enhance structure type member decoration handling (details)
  571. Use python3 in (details)
  572. Enable FileCheck -enable-var-scope by default in MLIR test (details)
  573. Install the MLIRTableGen static library. (details)
  574. Verify MemorySSA after all updates. (details)
  575. [llvm][llvm-nm] add TextAPI/MachO support (details)
  576. Revert "[PowerPC][NFC] Testing ROTL of v1i128." (details)
  577. [BPF] fix incorrect type in BPFISelDAGToDAG readonly load optimization (details)
  578. [lldb/Test] Fix ASan/TSan workaround for Xcode Python 3 (details)
  579. [llvm-objcopy][MachO] Fix cmdsize of LC_RPATH (details)
  580. [StackSafety] Fix byval handling (details)
  581. [X86] Add a helper lambda to getIntelProcessorTypeAndSubtype to select feature bits from the correct 32-bit feature variable. (details)
  582. [JumpThreading] Handle zero !prof branch_weights (details)
  583. Revert "[mlir][spirv] Enhance structure type member decoration handling" (details)
  584. [AArch64] Extend AArch64SLSHardeningPass to harden BLR instructions. (details)
  585. [llvm/Object] Reimplment basic_symbol_iterator in TapiFile (details)
  586. [NFC][InstCombine] Tests for "X - (X / C) * C == 0" pattern (details)
  587. [InstCombine] "X - (X / C) * C == 0" to "X & C-1 == 0" (details)
  588. [clang] Rename Decl::isHidden() to isUnconditionallyVisible(). (details)
  589. [cmake] Don't pass -z discard-unused to Illumos ld (details)
  590. [PowerPC] refactor convertToImmediateForm - NFC (details)
  591. [lldb] Don't print IRForTarget errors directly to the console (details)
  592. [yaml2obj][MachO] - Fix PubName/PubType handling. (details)
  593. [AMDGPU] Add G16 support to image instructions (details)
  594. [VPlan] Reject loops without computable backedge taken counts (details)
  595. Add missing IRBuilder include to IndirectThunks.h (details)
  596. [CodeGen] Increase applicability of ffine-grained-bitfield-accesses for targets with limited native integer widths (details)
  597. [ObjectYAML][test] Use a single test file to test the empty 'DWARF' entry. (details)
  598. [analyzer][NFC] Change checker dependency unit tests to check for the registration order (details)
  599. [BreakCritEdges] Add option to opt-out of perserving loop-simplify. (details)
  600. [MLIR] Add missing traits and assembly format to `shape.from/to_extent_tensor` (details)
  601. [X86][SSE] combineX86ShuffleChain - combine INSERT_VECTOR_ELT patterns to INSERTPS (details)
  602. [analyzer] Introduce weak dependencies to express *preferred* checker callback evaluation order (details)
  603. (PR46111) Properly handle elaborated types in an implicit  deduction guide (details)
  604. [analyzer][NFC] Don't allow dependency checkers to emit diagnostics (details)
  605. [ObjectYAML][DWARF] Add one helper function `writeInitialLength()`. NFC. (details)
  606. [AST][RecoveryExpr] Build recovery expressions by default for C++. (details)
  607. [ASan][NFC] Refactor redzone size calculation (details)
  608. [lit] Fix handling of various keyword parse errors (details)
  609. Get rid of -Wunused warnings in release build, NFC. (details)
  610. [mlir] Mark CastOp class's shape constraint (details)
  611. [X86] Add non-uniform vector signbit test cases (details)
  612. [DAG] foldAddSubOfSignBit - add support for non-uniform vector constants (details)
  613. DAGCombiner optimization for pow(x,0.75) and pow(x,0.25) on double and single precision even in case massv function is asked (details)
  614. [mlir][doc] Fix typos in tutorial chapters (details)
  615. [lldb][NFC] Modernize TestPersistentVariables (details)
  616. Handle delayed-template-parsing functions imported into a non-dtp TU (details)
  617. [lldb] Test creating persistent variables with $[digit] names (details)
  618. Reland [clangd] Parse std::make_unique, and emit template diagnostics at expansion. (details)
  619. [libc++] Make executor scripts executable (details)
  620. GlobalISel: Fix not erasing old instruction in sitofp/uitofp lowering (details)
  621. [mlir] Add Adaptor alias (details)
  622. [libc++] Remove redundant UNSUPPORTED annotation for the GDB pretty-printer tests (details)
  623. [Analyzer] Replace `assert` with `ASSERT_TRUE` in a unit test to silence warnings (details)
  624. [NFC] Silence compiler warning [-Wmissing-braces]. (details)
  625. [libc++] Parse commands inside _executeScriptInternal to remove duplication (details)
  626. Fix non-determinism issue with implicit lambda captures. (details)
  627. [MLIR][cmake] use add_mlir_interface() wherever possible (details)
  628. [lldb/SymbolFile] Don't parse the whole line table for the support files (details)
  629. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Set hasSideEffects = 0 on custom shuffle opcodes (details)
  630. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Allow G_DUP for elements smaller than 32 B. (details)
  631. [analyzer] Avoid unused variable warning in opt build (details)
  632. [flang] Dodge bogus uninitialized data warning from gcc 10.1 via code cleanup (details)
  633. Don't diagnose a redeclaration of a deduction guide if the prior (details)
  634. [DAGCombine] Generalize the case (add (or x, c1), c2) -> (add x, (c1 + c2)) (details)
  635. [Lit] Pass through SSH_AUTH_SOCK from the surrounding environment (details)
  636. [libc++] Migrate Lit platform detection to the DSL (details)
  637. [libc++] Remove obsolete 'newlib' Lit Feature (details)
  638. [TableGen] Make behavior of getValueAsListOfStrings consistent with getValueAsString (details)
  639. [ARM] Always use reductions intrinsics under MVE (details)
  640. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Legalize vector G_PTR_ADD and enable selection. (details)
  641. [libcxx][test] include <algorithm> for is_permutation (details)
  642. [AMDGPU] Sorted targets in NFC. (details)
  643. [libc++] Add missing sitedir to local Lit config (details)
  644. Update Kaleidoscope tutorial inline code (details)
  645. Revert "[analyzer][NFC] Don't allow dependency checkers to emit diagnostics" (details)
  646. [amdgpu] Skip OR combining on 64-bit integer before legalizing ops. (details)
  647. [CMake] Use '' executor to run the remote library tests. (details)
  648. llvm-dwarfdump: Include unit count in DWP index header dumping (details)
  649. [SVE] Break dependency of Type.h on DerivedTypes.h (details)
  650. [MC] Changes to help improve target specific symbol disassembly (details)
  651. Add GNU idutils tag filename to .gitignore. (details)
  652. [NFC] OpenMPOpt: add a statistic for num of parallel regions deleted (details)
  653. [NFCI] VectorCombine: add statistic for bitcast(shuf()) -> shuf(bitcast()) xform (details)
  654. [NFCI][MachineCopyPropagation] invalidateRegister(): use SmallSet<8> instead of DenseSet. (details)
  655. [lldb/Test] Fix unittest name (details)
  656. Temporarily revert "[MemCpyOptimizer] Simplify API of processStore and processMem* functions" (details)
  657. [WebAssembly] Add intrinsic for i64x2.mul (details)
  658. [lldb/Test] Fix unit test suffixes and add a CMake error. (details)
  659. [libcxx][test] Silence MSVC signed-to-unsigned implicit conversion warnings (details)
  660. [mlir][spirv] Enhance structure type member decoration handling (details)
  661. [flang] Added test for specification expressions (details)
  662. [lldb/Test] Assert that no targets or modules remain after a test completes. (details)
  663. [MLIR][SPIRVToLLVM] Implemented shift conversion pattern (details)
  664. [flang] Add the helper class for building fir.do_loop operations. A fir.do_loop models the semantics of a Fortran DO loop construct. One can use this operation to explicitly capture a DO loop for passing into the high-level optimizer. (details)
  665. [StackSafety,NFC] Extract addOverflowNever (details)
  666. [StackSafety] Run ThinLTO (details)
  667. [X86] Explicitly initialize __cpu_features2 global in compiler-rt to 0. (details)
  668. [X86] Combine to two feature variables in __cpu_indicator_init into an array and pass them around as pointer we can treat as an array. (details)
  669. [X86] Combine the three feature variables in getHostCPUName into an array and pass it around as an array reference. (details)
  670. [WebAssembly] WebAssembly doesn't support "protected" visibility (details)
  671. Fix GCC5 build by renaming variable used in 'auto' deduction (NFC) (details)
  672. [X86] Remove brand_id check from cpu_indicator_init. (details)
  673. [X86] Remove brand_id check from getHostCPUName. (details)
  674. [lldb] Small improvements in ValueObjectPrinter::PrintDecl (NFC) (details)
  675. [lldb] Remove unnecessary c_str() in OutputFormattedHelpText calls (NFC) (details)
  676. [libunwind][RISCV] Track PC separately from RA (details)
  1. [] Add "-vv" to LLVM_LIT_ARGS (details)
  2. [libc builder] Comment out integration test step. (details)
  3. Added projects and categories for flang, mlir, libc. (details)
  4. [libc builder] Uncomment integration test step. (details)
  5. [libc++] Use the supported caches to setup build bots (details)
  6. Do not use os.path, since the code runs on one computer but the command will be executed on another with possibly different OS. (details)

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