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  1. add isAtPosition narrowing matcher for parmVarDecl (details)
  2. [Docs] Correct description of lldbinit behavior (details)
  3. [StackSafety] Remove SetMetadata parameter (details)
  4. [StackSafety] Don't run datafow on allocas (details)
  5. [NFC,StackSafety] Move internal offset calculation (details)
  6. [StackSafety] Lazy calculations (details)
  7. [lldb-vscode] Make it possible to run vsce package (details)
  8. [Clang] Enable KF and KC mode for [_Complex] __float128 (details)
  9. [Statepoint] Use iterate_range.empty [NFC] (details)
  10. [Statepoint] Sink actual_args and gc_args to GCStatepointInst [NFC] (details)
  11. [Statepoints] Sink routines for grabbing projections to GCStatepointInst [NFC] (details)
  12. [MachineLICM] Assert that locations from debug insts are not lost (details)
  13. [MachineVerifier] Verify that a DBG_VALUE has a debug location (details)
  14. [LiveDebugValues] Add cutoffs to avoid pathological behavior (details)
  15. [ARM] More tests for MVE LSR and float issues. NFC (details)
  16. [MLIR] Fix build when NVPTX is not enabled (details)
  17. [mlir] Extend standalone example by standalone-translate (details)
  18. [SVE] Eliminate calls to default-false VectorType::get() from Analysis (details)
  19. Run Coverage pass before other *San passes under new pass manager, round 2 (details)
  20. [NFC,StackSafety] clang-tidy warning fixes (details)
  21. [scudo] Fix deadlock in ScudoWrappersCTest.DisableForkEnable test. (details)
  22. [Tests] Switch a few statepoint tests to using operand bundles (details)
  23. [Tests] Remove deopt operands from SafepointIRVerfier tests (details)
  24. Revert "Run Coverage pass before other *San passes under new pass manager, round 2" (details)
  25. [SVE] Eliminate calls to default-false VectorType::get() from mlir (details)
  26. [libc][NFC][Obvious] Remove line break from a CMake message. (details)
  27. [mlir][Vector] Fix vector.transfer alignment calculation (details)
  28. [libc][NFC][Obvious] Fix few header guards in src/threads. (details)
  29. [X86] Fix a comment reference to registers R8L..R15L to use R8B..R15B like everywhere else. NFC (details)
  30. [Tests] Update a few more statepoint tests (details)
  31. unsigned -> Register for readability. (details)
  32. [mlir] Add test to check if standalone dialect is registered (details)
  33. Fix handling of default arguments in __attribute__((enable_if)). (details)
  34. [NFC,StackSafety] Add test flag (details)
  35. clang-format xray InstrumentationMap.cpp (details)
  36. [xray] Add llvm-xray extract support for 32 bit ARM (details)
  37. [X86] Add test case to show fast-isel incorrectly emitting a 64-bit movabsq instruction in 32-bit mode when using constant pools with -code-model=large. NFC (details)
  38. Disable `duplicate_os_log_reports.cpp` test. (details)
  39. Test update for a7fa35a629e85a72b8cf07a8f95c7c09d9663808 (details)
  40. [lldb/CMake] Set both the BUILD and INSTALL RPATH on macOS (details)
  41. [lld][WebAssembly] Convert some lld tests to assembly (details)
  42. Run Coverage pass before other *San passes under new pass manager, round 2 (details)
  43. [X86] Fix a nullptr dereference in X86Subtarget::classifyLocalReference when compiling with -mcmodel=medium -fpic and using a constant pool (details)
  44. GlobalISel: Work on improving stock set of legality predicates (details)
  45. [NFC][SLP] Add test case exposing SLP cost model bug. (details)
  46. [AMDGPU] DWARF Proposal For Heterogeneous Debugging (details)
  47. [LoopUnroll] Support loops with exiting block that is neither header nor (details)
  48. [llvm-xray][test] Fix unsupported-elf32.txt after D80185 (details)
  49. [WebAssembly] Fix a bug in removing unnecessary branches (details)
  50. [WebAssembly] Fix a bug in finding matching EH pad (details)
  51. [ObjectYAML][DWARF] Add DWARF entry in ELFYAML. (details)
  52. [Tests] Migrate more statepoint lowering tests to use operand bundles (details)
  53. [LoopUnroll] Fix not-rotated.ll by adding back a limitation was unintentionally (details)
  54. [JITLink] Fix 80-column rule violation. (details)
  55. [JITLink] Improve llvm-jitlink regression testing support for ELF. (details)
  56. [ORC] Add debugging output for LLJIT construction. (details)
  57. [gn build] Port a6deaeec370 (details)
  58. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Enable extending loads combines post-legalization. (details)
  59. [X86] Remove MMX isel patterns containing (x86mmx (scalar_to_vector (i32))). (details)
  60. [libc] Add implementation of call_once from threads.h. (details)
  61. [CodeGen] Add support for extracting elements of scalable vectors (details)
  62. [SVE] Fix warnings in SelectInst::areInvalidOperands (details)
  63. [SVE] Remove getNumElements() warnings in InstCombiner::visitBitCast (details)
  64. [CMake] Pass CLANG_VENDOR variables into later stages (details)
  65. libclc: update website url (details)
  66. New intrinsic (details)
  67. [AST][RecoveryExpr] Make DeduceAutoType fail if the auto is deduced from recovery exprs. (details)
  68. [TTI] New target hook emitGetActiveLaneMask (details)
  69. [VE] Implements minimum MC layer for VE (4/4) (details)
  70. [AMDGPU] Use numbers::pi instead of M_PI. NFC. (details)
  71. [AMDGPU] Better use of llvm::numbers (details)
  72. [MLIR][BufferPlacement] Support functions that return Memref typed results (details)
  73. Avoid O_CLOEXEC to allow building on older Linux (RHEL5) (details)

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