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Revision: 371220
  1. Replaced non-existent argument 'target_arch' for 'vs_target_arch'. (detail)
    by gkistanova
  2. Run svn cleanup before svn up on Windows annotated build bots

    This should help them recover better form random svn flakiness for
    another few months. (detail)
    by rnk
  3. The LLD buildbot has some tests that are not reliable.
    Hopefully reducing the number of threads for the test will fix the issue.

    Patch by Stefan Pintilie. (detail)
    by gkistanova
  4. Bring back clang-x64-ninja-win7/windows7-buildbot

    Bring back clang-x64-ninja-win7/windows7-buildbot with correct info and 'autodetect' visual studio parameter.

    Reviewers: gkistanova

    Reviewed By: gkistanova

    Subscribers: llvm-commits

    Tags: #llvm

    Differential Revision: (detail)
    by itaraban
  1. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Always fall back on tail calls with -tailcallopt (details)
  2. [ConstantFolding] Refactor function match for better speed (NFC) (details)
  3. [ARM] Add patterns for VMUL with q and r registers (details)
  4. [ARM] Add patterns for VADD with q and r registers (details)
  5. [ARM] Add patterns for VSUB with q and r registers (details)
  6. [Remarks] Add support for internalizing a remark in a string table (details)
  7. [lldb] Small optimization of FormatMap::Delete and FormatMap::Get (details)
  8. [FPEnv] Teach the IRBuilder about constrained FPToSI and FPToUI. (details)
  9. [ConstantFolding] Refactor functions not available before C99 (NFC) (details)
  10. [PowerPC][XCOFF] Verify symbol table in xcoff object files. [NFC] (details)
  11. [X86] Teach FixupBWInsts to turn (details)
  12. [LifetimeAnalysis] don't use raw string literals in macros (details)
  13. [X86] Use MOVZX16rr8/MOVZXrm8 when extending input for i8 udivrem. (details)
  14. [X86] Use MOVSX by default instead of CBW to extend i8 to AX for i8 (details)
  15. [llvm-jitlink] Add optional slab allocator for testing locality (details)
  16. [ORC] Make sure RPC channel-send is called in blocking calls and (details)
  17. [ConstantFolding] Add new test cases for transcendentals (NFC) (details)
  18. [PowerPC][XCOFF] Remove basic test. [NFC] (details)
  19. [llvm-ifs] Improving detection of PlatformKind from triple for TBD (details)
  20. AMDGPU: Fix typo (details)
  21. [clang][Index][NFC] Put IndexingOptions to a separate header (details)
  22. Remove dead .seh_stackalloc parsing method in X86AsmParser (details)
  23. Update comment for <template-param-decl> mangling to match extended (details)
  24. GlobalISel: Support physical register inputs in patterns (details)
  25. GlobalISel: Add G_FMAD instruction (details)
  26. [ORC] Add a missing #include atomic. (details)
  27. [analyzer] pr43179: Make CallDescription defensive against C variadic (details)
  28. [analyzer] Add minimal support for fix-it hints. (details)
  29. [Core] Remove use of ClangASTContext in DumpDataExtractor (details)
  30. [test] Add a FIXME test for stop-command-source-on-error (details)
  31. [X86] Replace -mcpu with -mattr on some tests. (details)
  32. [X86] Add a AVX512VBMI command line to min-legal-vector-width.ll. Always (details)
  33. [IR] CallBrInst: scan+update arg list when indirect dest list changes (details)
  34. [ORC][RPC] Join server thread before checking condition in unit test. (details)
  35. [InstCombine] Refactor substitution of instruction in the parent BB (details)
  36. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Enable the localizer for optimized builds. (details)
  37. Update lld tests dynamic-list.s and symbol-override.s to use llvm-nm (details)
  38. Use musttail for variadic method thunks when possible (details)
  39. Implement demangling support for C++20 lambda expression extensions. (details)
  40. Synchronize LLVM's copy of libc++abi's demangler with the libc++abi (details)
  41. [Sema] Diagnose default-initialization, destruction, and copying of (details)
  42. [Sema][ObjC] Mark C union fields that have non-trivial ObjC ownership (details)
  43. Fix thunks.cpp test, don't FileCheck for anon namespace id (details)
  44. [clang][DependencyFileGenerator] Fix missing -MT option handling (details)
  45. Long timeouts for the MacOSX SystemRuntime plugins under ASAN; else (details)
  46. [llvm-objcopy] Rename SHOffset (e_shoff) field to SHOff. NFC (details)
  47. [X86] Autogenerate fp128-libcalls.ll (details)
  48. [X86] Add tests for fp128 frem, sqrt, sin, and cos. (details)
  49. Change TargetLibraryInfo analysis passes to always require Function (details)
  50. Remove stale TLI Module level pass registration (details)
  51. [CodeGen] Fix typos to run tests. NFC. (details)
  52. Revert [CodeGen] Fix typos to run tests. NFC. (details)
  53. [git-llvm] Do not reinvent `@{upstream}` (details)
  54. [Attributor] ValueSimplify Abstract Attribute (details)
  55. [ELF][test] Improve LTO tests (details)
  56. Replicate the change "[Alignment][NFC] Use Align with (details)
  57. [SimplifyCFG] SpeculativelyExecuteBB(): It's SpeculatedInstructions, not (details)
  58. [SimplifyCFG][NFC] Regenerate merge-cond-stores* tests (details)
  59. [SimplifyCFG][NFC] Show that we don't consider the cost when merging (details)
  60. [Attributor] Make unimplemented method pure virtual. (details)
  61. [ELF][test] Improve tests (details)
  62. [SimplifyCFG][NFC] Make merge-cond-stores-cost.ll X86-specific, and (details)
  63. Fix MSVC "32-bit shift implicitly converted to 64 bits" warnings. NFCI. (details)
  64. [DebugInfo] Pre-commit of test case for DW_OP_breg/DW_OP_fbreg folds (details)
  65. [DwarfExpression] Disallow some rewrites to avoid undefined behavior (details)
  66. [X86] Add test for PR43230; NFC (details)
  67. [LVI] Look through extractvalue of insertvalue (details)
  68. [X86] Fix pshuflw formation from repeated shuffle mask (PR43230) (details)
  69. [Intrinsic] Add the llvm.umul.fix.sat intrinsic (details)
  70. [CodeGen] Handle SMULFIXSAT with scale zero in (details)
  71. [SimplifyCFG][NFC] Autogenerate two tests (details)
  72. [SimplifyCFG][NFC] Autogenerate PhiEliminate3.ll (details)
  73. [ELF][MC] Set types of aliases of IFunc to STT_GNU_IFUNC (details)
  74. [mips] Make another set of test cases more tolerant to exact symbol (details)
  75. [X86][AVX] Add 'f5' v4f64 shuffle test mentioned in D66004 (details)
  76. [X86] Avoid uses of getZextValue(). NFCI. (details)
  77. [mips] Follow-up to r371313 - fix failed test case. NFC (details)
  78. Fix typo. NFCI (details)
  79. [llvm-nm] - Fix a bug and unbreak ASan BB. (details)
  80. [X86] Add prefer-128-bit subtarget feature. (details)
  81. Fixes an assertion while instantiating a template with an incomplete (details)
  82. [aarch64] Add combine patterns for fp16 fmla (details)
  83. [X86] Add broadcast load unfolding tests for FMA instructions. (details)
  84. [X86] Add support for unfold broadcast loads from FMA instructions. (details)
  85. Remove ::gets for FreeBSD 13 and later (details)
  86. [X86] Make getZeroVector return floating point vectors in their native (details)
  87. [NewPM][Sancov] Create the Sancov Pass after building the pipelines (details)
  88. [StackMap] Current stackmap version should be 3. NFC. (details)
  89. [X86][SSE] Add support for <64 x i1> bool reduction (details)
  90. [X86] Add test case for PR32546 (details)
  91. [X86][SSE] Fix out of range shift introduced in D67070/rL371328 (details)
  92. [ARM] Remove declaration of unimplemented function. NFC. (details)
  93. [NFC] Make the describeLoadedValue() hook return machine operand objects (details)
  94. [DebugInfo][X86] Describe call site values for zero-valued imms (details)
  95. Do not intercept malloc_usable_size on NetBSD (details)
  96. Enable leak-detection for NetBSD/amd64 in test/asan (details)
  97. [ASan] Only run dlopen-mixed-c-cxx.c with static runtime (details)
  98. Stop marking 5 ASan tests as failing on NetBSD/i386 (details)
  99. Enable LSan tests for NetBSD/i386 (details)
  100. [NFC][InstSimplify] Some tests for dropping null check after (details)
  101. [InstCombine] fold extract+insert into identity shuffle (details)
  102. Move prop-sink branch to monorepo. (details)
  103. [X86] Teach materializeVectorConstant to not call (details)
  104. [DAGCombiner][X86][ARM] Teach visitMULO to fold multiplies with 0 to 0 (details)
  105. [X86] Use DAG.getConstant instead of getZeroVector in combinePMULDQ. (details)
  106. [X86] X86DAGToDAGISel::combineIncDecVector(): call getSplatBuildVector() (details)
  107. [InstCombine] add tests for icmp with srem operand; NFC (details)
  108. [InstSimplify] simplifyUnsignedRangeCheck(): if we know that X != 0, (details)
  109. [X86] Remove call to getZeroVector from materializeVectorConstant. Add (details)
  110. [X86] Add a hack to combineVSelectWithAllOnesOrZeros to turn selects (details)
  111. [InstCombine][NFC] Some tests for usub overflow+nonzero check (details)
  112. [X86][SSE] SimplifyDemandedVectorEltsForTargetNode - add faux shuffle (details)
  113. Enable LSan for NetBSD/i386 in test/asan/ (details)
  114. Relax opcode checks in test to check for only a number instead of a (details)
  115. [X86] Add avx and avx512f RUN lines to fp128-cast.ll (details)
  116. [X86] Use xorps to create fp128 +0.0 constants. (details)
  117. [X86] Add test cases for fptoui/fptosi/sitofp/uitofp between fp128 and (details)
  118. [MachineCopyPropagation] Remove redundant copies after TailDup via (details)
  119. [X86] Add fp128 test cases for ceil/floor/trunc/nearbyint/rint/round (details)
  120. [ELF][test] Improve and reorganize another set of tests (details)
  121. [X86] Add broadcast load unfolding tests for vmaxps/pd and vminps/pd (details)
  122. [X86] Add broadcast load unfolding support for VMAXPS/PD and VMINPS/PD. (details)
  123. AMDGPU: Remove pointless wrapper nodes for init.exec intrinsics (details)
  124. [X86] Add broadcast load unfolding tests for smin/umin/smax/smin. (details)
  125. [X86] Add broadcast load unfold support for smin/umin/smax/umax. (details)
  126. [X86] Add broadcast load unfolding tests for (details)
  127. [X86] Add broadcast load unfolding support for (details)
  128. [SystemZ]  NFC: use clearRegisterDeads() in SystemZElimCompare.cpp (details)
  129. [ARM][ParallelDSP] Fix for sext input (details)
  130. [clangd] Improve output of semantic highlighting tests in case of (details)
  131. [ARM][MVE] Decoding of uqrshl and sqrshl accepts unpredictable encodings (details)
  132. [clangd] Replace HighlightingKind::NumKinds with LastKind. NFC (details)
  133. [clangd] Highlight typedefs to template parameters as template (details)
  134. [lib/ObjectYAML] - Improve and cleanup error reporting in ELFState<ELFT> (details)
  135. [yaml2obj] - Fix BB after r371380 (details)
  136. GlobalISel: add combiner to form indexed loads. (details)
  137. GlobalISel: fix unused warnings in release builds. (details)
  138. [ARM] Prevent generating NEON stack accesses under MVE. (details)
  139. [AArch64][SVE] Implement abs and neg intrinsics (details)
  140. [ELF][AArch64] Apply some NFC cleanups to AArch64ErrataFix.cpp (details)
  141. [clangd] Update clangd-vscode docs to be more user-focused. (details)
  142. [clangd] Support multifile edits as output of Tweaks (details)
  143. Revert rL371198 from llvm/trunk: [DFAPacketizer] Track resources for (details)
  144. [clang-doc] sys::fs::F_None -> OF_None. NFC (details)
  145. [ARM][MVE] VCTP instruction selection (details)
  146. [clang-tidy] Fix bug in bugprone-use-after-move check (details)
  147. [Inliner][NFC] Make test less brittle. (details)
  148. [ELF] nmagic or omagic: don't allocate PT_PHDR or PF_R PT_LOAD for the (details)
  149. [DFAPacketizer] Reapply: Track resources for packetized instructions (details)
  150. compiler-rt: use fp_t instead of long double, for consistency (details)
  151. [NFC][InstCombine] Fixup test i added in rL371352. (details)
  152. [clangd] Add a new highlighting kind for typedefs (details)
  153. Merge note_ovl_builtin_candidate diagnostics; NFC (details)
  154. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Remove dead patterns (details)
  155. [ARM] Remove some spurious MVE reduction instructions. (details)
  156. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Try generated matcher before add/sub code (details)
  157. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Legalize wavefrontsize intrinsic (details)
  158. [clangd] Use pre-populated mappings for standard symbols (details)
  159. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Use known bits for selection (details)
  160. [NFC] Add aacps bitfields access test (details)
  161. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix reg bank for uniform LDS loads (details)
  162. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Select G_PTR_MASK (details)
  163. AMDGPU: Remove code address space predicates (details)
  164. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix regbankselect for uniform extloads (details)
  165. Fix typo in comment noticed in D60295. NFCI. (details)
  166. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix RegBankSelect for unaligned, uniform constant (details)
  167. LLDB - Simplify GetProgramFileSpec (details)
  168. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Select atomic loads (details)
  169. [ARM] Fix loads and stores for predicate vectors (details)
  170. [yaml2obj] Simplify p_filesz/p_memsz computing (details)
  171. Revert "[MachineCopyPropagation] Remove redundant copies after TailDup (details)
  172. [clangd] Attempt to fix failing Windows buildbots. (details)
  173. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Legalize G_BUILD_VECTOR_TRUNC (details)
  174. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Implement LDS G_GLOBAL_VALUE (details)
  175. [GlobalISel][AArch64] Handle tail calls with non-void return types (details)
  176. [SLP] add test for over-vectorization (PR33958); NFC (details)
  177. AMDGPU: Move MnemonicAlias out of instruction def hierarchy (details)
  178. [mips] Fix decoding of microMIPS JALX instruction (details)
  179. [Remarks] Add parser for bitstream remarks (details)
  180. [X86] Allow _MM_FROUND_CUR_DIRECTION and _MM_FROUND_NO_EXC to be used (details)
  181. [SelectionDAG] Remove ISD::FP_ROUND_INREG (details)
  182. AMDGPU: Use PatFrags to allow selecting custom nodes or intrinsics (details)
  183. [x86] add test for false dependency with minsize (PR43239); NFC (details)
  184. [IfConversion] Correctly handle cases where analyzeBranch fails. (details)
  185. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Select fmed3 (details)
  186. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Select llvm.amdgcn.class (details)
  187. [Driver] Add -static-openmp driver option (details)
  188. AMDGPU: Make VReg_1 size be 1 (details)
  189. [TSan] Add interceptors for mach_vm_[de]allocate (details)
  190. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Legalize G_BUILD_VECTOR v2s16 (details)
  191. Introduce infrastructure for an incremental port of SelectionDAG atomic (details)
  192. [UBSan] Do not overwrite the default print_summary sanitizer option. (details)
  193. [Remarks] Fix warning for uint8_t < 0 comparison (details)
  194. [Driver] Handle default case in refactored addOpenMPRuntime (details)
  195. [SDAG] Add a isSimple cover functon to MemSDNode, just as we have in (details)
  196. [TSan] Add AnnotateIgnoreReadsBegin declaration to tsan/test.h (details)
  197. Relax opcode checks in test to check for only a number instead of a (details)
  198. [Tests] Add anyextend tests for unordered atomics (details)
  199. [analyzer] NFC: Introduce sub-classes for path-sensitive and basic (details)
  200. [analyzer] NFC: Simplify bug report equivalence classes to not be (details)
  201. [LoopVectorize] Leverage speculation safety to avoid masked.loads (details)
  202. [UBSan] Follow up fix for r371442. (details)
  203. Fix MSVC "not all control paths return a value" warning. NFCI. (details)
  204. [Tests] Precommit test case for D67372 (details)
  205. [Tests] Fix a typo in a test (details)
  206. Fix ELF core file memory reading for PT_LOAD program headers with no (details)
  207. [mips] Make another set of test cases more tolerant to exact symbol (details)
  208. [Reproducer] Disconnect when the replay server is out of packets. (details)
  209. Revert "[Reproducer] Add a `cont` to ModuleCXX.test" (details)
  210. LangRef: mention MSan's problem with speculative conditional branches. (details)
  211. Simplify demangler rule for lambda-expressions to match discussion on (details)
  212. [GlobalISel]: Fix a bug where we could dereference None (details)
  213. [Windows] Replace TrapUnreachable with an int3 insertion pass (details)
  214. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Rename MIRBuilder to B. NFC (details)
  215. PR43242: Fix crash when typo-correcting to an operator() that should not (details)
  216. Fix incorrect demangling of call operator of lambda with explicit (details)
  217. [Symbol] Give ClangASTContext a PersistentExpressionState instead of a (details)
  218. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix insert point when lowering fminnum/fmaxnum (details)
  219. [Expression] Remove unused header from LLVMUserExpression (details)
  220. Remove some unnecessary REQUIRES: shell lines (details)
  221. [Utility] Replace `lldb_private::CleanUp` by `llvm::scope_exit` (details)
  222. [llvm][ADT][NFC] Add test for makeArrayRef(std::array) (details)
  223. Fix crash mangling an explicit lambda non-type template parameter pack (details)
  224. gn build: (manually) merge r371429 (details)
  225. Remove REQUIRES:shell from tests that pass for me on Windows (details)
  226. gn build: Merge r371466 (details)
  227. Revert [git-llvm] Do not reinvent `@{upstream}` (details)
  228. [PowerPC][NFC] Update test assertions using (details)
  229. clang-misexpect: Profile Guided Validation of Performance Annotations in (details)
  230. gn build: Merge r371484 (details)
  231. [X86] Add broadcast load unfold tests for VCMPPS/PD. (details)
  232. [X86] Add broadcast load unfolding support for VCMPPS/PD. (details)
  233. Revert "clang-misexpect: Profile Guided Validation of Performance (details)
  234. gn build: Merge r371488 (details)
  235. [LLDB] FreeBSD fix new SetFile call. (details)
  236. [RISCV] Move architecture parsing code into its own function (details)
  237. [LegalizeTypes] Teach SoftenFloatOp_SELECT_CC to handle operand 2 or 3 (details)
  238. [RISCV] Default to ilp32d/lp64d in RISC-V Linux (details)
  239. [clangd] some tweaks on the vscode readme, NFC (details)
  240. [RISCV] Make -march=rv{32,64}gc the default in RISC-V Linux (details)
  241. Revert Remove REQUIRES:shell from tests that pass for me on Windows (details)
  242. [Alignment] Use Align for TargetLowering::MinStackArgumentAlignment (details)
  243. [DWARF] Add a unit test for DWARFUnit::getLength(). (details)
  244. [yaml2obj] Set p_align to the maximum sh_addralign of contained sections (details)
  245. Reland "r364412 [ExpandMemCmp][MergeICmps] Move passes out of CodeGen (details)
  246. [ExpandMemCmp] Add lit.local.cfg (details)
  247. [clangd] Collect location of macro definition in the ParsedAST (details)
  248. Revert "[DWARF] Add a unit test for DWARFUnit::getLength()" because it (details)
  249. [llvm-dwarfdump] Add additional stats fields (details)
  250. Revert "Reland "r364412 [ExpandMemCmp][MergeICmps] Move passes out of (details)
  251. [AMDGPU]: PHI Elimination hooks added for custom COPY insertion. (details)
  252. [LLD][COFF] Add index to disambiguate archive members when using (details)
  253. Reland [DWARF] Add a unit test for DWARFUnit::getLength(). (details)
  254. [Alignment][NFC] Use llvm::Align for (details)
  255. [lldb] Readd missing functionalities/breakpoint tests (details)
  256. Fix the "git modified" issue on the preserve-comments-crlf.s. (details)
  257. [ELF][test] Make tests more tolerant to exact symbol addresses (details)
  258. [Object] Implement relocation resolver for COFF ARM/ARM64 (details)
  259. [BreakFalseDeps] fix typos/grammar in documentation comment; NFC (details)
  260. [InstCombine] Precommit tests for D67351. (details)
  261. [InstCombine] Use SimplifyFMulInst to simplify multiply in fma. (details)
  262. [NFC][InstCombine] PR43251 - valid for other predicates too (details)
  263. [utils] Implement the llvm-locstats tool (details)
  264. [CMake] Don't pass all LLVM_COMPILE_FLAGS to the C compiler (details)
  265. [clang][codegen][NFC] Make test patterns more permissive. (details)
  266. [VectorUtils] Remove unused include. [NFC] (details)
  267. [ARM] auto-generate complete test checks; NFC (details)
  268. [X86] Add AVX partial dependency tests as noted on D67363 (details)
  269. [ARM] add test for BreakFalseDeps with minsize attribute; NFC (details)
  270. Revert "[utils] Implement the llvm-locstats tool" (details)
  271. [x86] add a test for BreakFalseDeps; NFC (details)
  272. Don't emit .gnu_pubnames when tuning for LLDB. (details)
  273. [RISCV] Add Option for Printing Architectural Register Names (details)
  274. Implement DW_OP_convert (details)
  275. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: First pass at attempting to legalize load/stores (details)
  276. [RISCV] Support llvm-objdump -M no-aliases and -M numeric (details)
  277. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Legalize constant 32-bit loads (details)
  278. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: RegBankSelect for G_ZEXTLOAD/G_SEXTLOAD (details)
  279. [NFC][InstCombine][InstSimplify] PR43251 - and some patterns with offset (details)
  280. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Select llvm.amdgcn.sffbh (details)
  281. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Select cvt pk intrinsics (details)
  282. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Select G_FABS/G_FNEG (details)
  283. [BPI] Adjust the probability for floating point unordered comparison (details)
  284. GlobalISel/TableGen: Handle REG_SEQUENCE patterns (details)
  285. [Function] Factor out GetCallEdgeForReturnAddress, NFC (details)
  286. [lldbtest] Add an "expected_cmd_failure" option to the filecheck helper (details)
  287. [NFC][InstSimplify] rewrite test added in r371537 to use non-null (details)
  288. [X86] Updated target specific selection dag code to conservatively check (details)
  289. Fix for PR43175: compiler crash when trying to emit noncapturable (details)
  290. [NFC][InstCombine] rewrite test added in r371537 to use non-null pointer (details)
  291. [x86] add test for false dependency with AVX; NFC (details)
  292. Re-land Remove REQUIRES:shell from tests that pass for me on Windows (details)
  293. [OPENMP5.0]Allow teams directive outside of the target directives. (details)
  294. [mips] Allow PT_LOAD to have overlapping p_offset ranges on EM_MIPS (details)
  295. llvm-reduce: Simplify testing using -implicit-check-not (details)
  296. [ValueTracking] Factor our common speculation suppression logic [NFC] (details)
  297. When evaluating a __builtin_constant_p conditional, always enter (details)
  298. [Loads] Move generic code out of vectorizer into a location it might be (details)
  299. Actually reorder not and env in crash-recovery-modules.m (details)
  300. Fix a thinko in handling the QSetLogging packet. (details)
  301. Move LLVM_ENABLE_ABI_BREAKING_CHECKS variables to their own file so that (details)
  302. llvm-reduce: Add pass to reduce Metadata (details)
  303. llvm-remove: Remove "using namespace" in header. (details)
  304. llvm-reduce: Remove some unused headers/more narrowly include them (details)
  305. [MemorySSA] Do not create memoryaccesses for debug info intrinsics. (details)
  306. Adding support for overriding LLVM_ENABLE_RUNTIMES for runtimes builds. (details)
  307. llvm-reduce: Add pass to reduce parameters (details)
  308. Reland "Change the X86 datalayout to add three address spaces  for 32 (details)
  309. Update ReleaseNotes: add enabling of MemorySSA. (details)
  310. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Support sibling calls with mismatched calling (details)
  311. [clang-format] Apply BAS_AlwaysBreak to C++11 braced lists (details)
  312. [GlobalISel] When a tail call is emitted in a block, stop translating it (details)
  313. [MemorySSA] MemorySSA should not model debuginfo, and need not update (details)
  314. Remove xfail NetBSD mark from ignored-interceptors-mmap.cpp (details)
  315. Remove xfail i386 NetBSD mark in vptr-non-unique-typeinfo.cpp (details)
  316. [llvm-nm] Add tapi file support (details)
  317. [Object][TextAPI] NFC, fix tapi lit tests (details)
  318. [clang-scan-deps][NFC] Fix tests - prevent FileCheck matching test dir (details)
  319. Revert "Adding support for overriding LLVM_ENABLE_RUNTIMES for runtimes (details)
  320. Revert "llvm-reduce: Add pass to reduce parameters" (details)
  321. Emit -Wmicrosoft-enum-value warning instead of error in MS ABI (details)
  322. Skip a test in when running against ios devices. (details)
  323. Ah, only skip this for embedded darwin targets. (details)
  324. clang-misexpect: Profile Guided Validation of Performance Annotations in (details)
  325. [llvm-nm] Fix -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=ON builds after D66160/r371576 (details)
  326. [CodeGen] Add alias for cpu_dispatch function with IFunc & Fix resolver (details)
  327. [Debuginfo][Instcombiner] Do not clone dbg.declare. (details)
  328. [ELF][test] Make tests more tolerant to exact symbol addresses (details)
  329. [Attributor][Fix] Manifest nocapture only in CSArgument or Argument (details)
  330. [Attributor] Implement "noalias" callsite argument deduction (details)
  331. [llvm-objcopy] Simplify --prefix-alloc-sections (details)
  332. [TLI][AMDGPU] AMDPAL does not have library functions (details)
  333. [LTO] Avoid calling GlobalValue::getGUID (MD5) twice (details)
  334. [NFC][ARM] Add and modify tests (details)
  335. [LoopInterchange] Properly move condition, induction increment and ops (details)
  336. [LLDB] Do not try to canonicalize gethostname() result (details)
  337. [ARM] Take into account -mcpu and -mfpu options while handling 'crypto' (details)
  338. Revert "clang-misexpect: Profile Guided Validation of Performance (details)
  339. [LLDB][ELF] Load both, .symtab and .dynsym sections (details)
  340. [LLDB][ELF] Fixup for comments in D67390 (details)
  341. [LoopInterchange] Drop unused splitInnerLoopHeader declaration. (details)
  342. [InstCombine] Fixed handling of isOpNewLike (PR11748) (details)
  343. [NFC] Fixed test (details)
  344. [NFC] Updated objsize-64.ll test (details)
  345. [Diagnostics] Add -Wsizeof-array-div (details)
  346. Fix -Wdocumentation warning - void function doesn't need a @returns. (details)
  347. [mips][msa] Fix infinite loop for mips.nori.b intrinsic (details)
  348. [Alignment] Use llvm::Align in MachineFunction and TargetLowering - (details)
  349. [InstCombine] fold sign-bit compares of srem (details)
  350. gn build: add include_dir that's necessary after r371564 (details)
  351. [LangRef] fix punctuation; NFC (details)
  352. [lldb][NFC] Sort files in unittests/Expression/CMakeLists.txt (details)
  353. [LangRef] add link for fma intrinsic (details)
  354. [Alignment][NFC] use llvm::Align for AsmPrinter::EmitAlignment (details)
  355. [InstSimplify] regenerate test CHECKs; NFC (details)
  356. [lldb][NFC] Remove dead code in SBAddress::GetDescription (details)
  357. [ConstProp] move test file from InstSimplify; NFC (details)
  358. [libFuzzer] Make -merge=1 to reuse coverage information from the control (details)
  359. [ConstProp] add tests for fma that produce NaN; NFC (details)
  360. LLVM: Optimization Pass: Remove conflicting attribute, if any, before (details)
  361. [lldb][NFC] Make include directories in Clang expression parser a (details)
  362. Revert "[LLDB][ELF] Fixup for comments in D67390" (details)
  363. Revert "[LLDB][ELF] Load both, .symtab and .dynsym sections" (details)
  364. gn build: Merge r371562 (details)
  365. [OPENMP]Updated status page, NFC. (details)
  366. [scudo][standalone] Android related improvements (details)
  367. [NFC][InstSimplify] Add extra test for D67411 with @llvm.assume (details)
  368. [InstSimplify] Pass SimplifyQuery into simplifyUnsignedRangeCheck() and (details)
  369. [OPENMP] Update the diagnosis message for canonical loop form, by Chi (details)
  370. [Clang][Bundler] Fix for a potential memory leak [NFC] (details)
  371. Revert [InstCombine] Use SimplifyFMulInst to simplify multiply in fma. (details)
  372. Reland "clang-misexpect: Profile Guided Validation of Performance (details)
  373. gn build: Merge r371635 (details)
  374. [Clang][Bundler] Replace std::vector by SmallVector [NFC] (details)
  375. [libc++] Add a CMake cache for Apple-specific configuration options (details)
  376. Consolidate swap, swap_ranges, and iter_swap in <type_traits>. (details)
  377. LiveIntervals: Split live intervals on multiple dead defs (details)
  378. [MS] Consder constexpr globals to be inline, as in C++17 (details)
  379. [IRMover] Don't map globals if their types are the same (details)
  380. [ConstantHoisting] Fix non-determinism. (details)
  381. Fix test failures after r371640 (details)
  382. [NFC] Added triple to test file to avoid arm buildbots failures (details)
  383. [libFuzzer] Remove hardcoded number of new features in (details)
  384. Update documentation. (details)
  385. [AMDGPU] Fix crash in phi-elimination hook. (details)
  386. Update link to the DWARF spec. (details)
  387. [llvm-reduce] Fix a bug, improve error handling when running test (details)
  388. [Plugins/Process] Remove direct use of ClangASTContext from (details)
  389. Fix -Wnonportable-include-path suppression for header maps with absolute (details)
  390. [clang-scan-deps] add skip excluded conditional preprocessor block (details)
  391. Add a LineTable class to GSYM and test it. (details)
  392. [analyzer] NFC: Re-implement stack hints as a side map in BugReport. (details)
  393. [analyzer] NFC: Move getStmt() and createEndOfPath() out of (details)
  394. [analyzer] NFC: Move resetDiagnosticLocationToMainFile() to BugReporter. (details)
  395. [analyzer] NFC: Move PathDiagnostic classes to libAnalysis. (details)
  396. All Errors must be checked (details)
  397. Start porting ivfsoverlay tests to Windows (details)
  398. [clang-scan-deps] cast Result to ErrorOr<unique_ptr<vfs::File>> (details)
  399. Fix up a test updated in r371655 - require case-insensitive file system. (details)
  400. [DWARF] Emit call site parameter info when tuning for lldb (details)
  401. [Status] Add a LLDB_ERRORF macro for error reporting (similar to (details)
  402. [DWARF] Evaluate DW_OP_entry_value (details)
  403. gn build: Merge r371657 (details)
  404. gn build: Merge r371661 (details)
  405. AMDGPU: Move m0 initializations earlier (details)
  406. [X86] Move x86_64 fp128 conversion to libcalls from type legalization to (details)
  407. [X86] Add test case for v16i64->v16i32 truncate on (details)
  408. Revert [Object][TextAPI] NFC, fix tapi lit tests (details)
  409. Update compiler-rt (details)
  410. Revert [llvm-nm] Add tapi file support (details)
  411. [ConstantFolding] Refactor math functions to use LLVM ones (NFC) (details)
  412. [X86] Fix latent bugs in 32-bit CMPXCHG8B inserter (details)
  413. PR43278: Temporarily disable llvm-reduce tests due to exhausting temp (details)
  414. Fix mac build (details)
  415. Add some missing changes to GSYM that was addressing a gcc compilation (details)
  416. [InstCombine] rename variable for readability; NFC (details)
  417. [TableGen] Skip CRLF conversion when writing output (details)
  418. [Reproducer] Move GDB Remote Provider into Reproducer (NFC) (details)
  419. Remove NOLINTs from compiler-rt (details)
  420. [NFC] Reformat SBDebugger before making changes (details)
  421. [Reproducer] Move the command loader into the reproducer (NFC) (details)
  422. [dfsan] Revert dfsan_set_label removal (details)
  423. [GlobalISel][AArch64] Check caller for swifterror params in tailcall (details)
  424. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Fall back on attempts to allocate split types on (details)
  425. [X86] Enable -mprefer-vector-width=256 by default for Skylake-avx512 and (details)
  426. PR43278: llvm-reduce: Use temporary file names (and ToolOutputFile) (details)
  427. [clang-scan-deps] Add dependency targets (details)
  428. Reapply llvm-reduce: Add pass to reduce parameters"" (details)
  429. gn build: Merge r371700 (details)
  430. [compiler-rt] Better lint output for .inc files (details)
  431. [compiler-rt] Run cpplint only for check-sanitizer (details)

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