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  1. Commit missing part of "Split many_tls_keys.cpp into two tests"

    This change was lost due to a file rename and modification. (detail/ViewSVN)
    by kamil
  2. [InstCombine] remove unneeded one-use checks for icmp fold

    This fold and several others were added in:
    ...with no explanation for the one-use checks other than the code
    comments about register pressure.

    Given that this is IR canonicalization, we shouldn't be worried
    about register pressure though; the backend should be able to
    adjust for that as needed.

    There are similar checks as noted with the TODO comments. I'm
    hoping to remove those restrictions too, but if any of these
    does cause a regression, it should be easier to correct by making
    small, individual commits.

    This is part of solving PR43310 the theoretically right way:, if we don't cripple basic transforms, then we won't
    need to add special-case code to detect larger patterns. (detail/ViewSVN)
    by spatel

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