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  1. [X86][SelectionDAGBuilder] Move the hack for handling MMX shift by i32 intrinsics into the X86 backend.

    This intrinsics should be shift by immediate, but gcc allows any
    i32 scalar and clang needs to match that. So we try to detect the
    non-constant case and move the data from an integer register to an
    MMX register.

    Previously this was done by creating a v2i32 build_vector and
    bitcast in SelectionDAGBuilder. This had to be done early since
    v2i32 isn't a legal type. The bitcast+build_vector would be DAG
    combined to X86ISD::MMX_MOVW2D which isel will turn into a

    This commit just moves the whole thing to lowering and emits
    the X86ISD::MMX_MOVW2D directly to avoid the illegal type. The
    test changes just seem to be due to nodes being linearized in a
    different order. (detail/ViewSVN)
    by ctopper

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