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  1. [SelectionDAG] Reduce assumptions made about levels. NFC (details)
  2. [InstCombine] fix undef propagation for vector urem transform (PR44186) (details)
  3. [ELF][AArch64] Support R_AARCH64_{CALL26,JUMP26} range extension thunks (details)
  4. [DAGCombine] Factor oplist operations. NFC (details)
  5. [lit] Be more explicit about the state of tests (details)
  6. [] Use CHECK_RE from common (details)
  7. [VPlan] Move graph traits (NFC). (details)
  8. Reland "b19ec1eb3d0c [BPI] Improve unreachable/ColdCall heurstics to (details)
  9. [clang][modules] Add support for merging lifetime-extended temporaries (details)
  10. [OPENMP]Fix PR44133: Emit definitions of used constructors/functions. (details)
  11. [OPENMP]Use cast instead dyn_cast, NFC. (details)
  12. [AArch64] Attempt to fixup test line. NFC (details)
  13. [WebAssembly] Find wasm-opt with GetProgramPath (details)
  14. [MIBundles] Move analyzeVirtReg out of MIBundleOperands iterator (NFC). (details)
  15. [ARM] More reversed vcmp tests. NFC (details)
  16. [ARM] Add some VCMP folding and canonicalisation (details)
  17. [ARM] Add ARMCC constants to tablegen. NFC (details)
  18. [ARM] Add ARMVCCThen to tablegen and make use of it. NFC (details)
  19. [GlobalISel] CombinerHelper: Fix a bug in matchCombineCopy (details)
  20. [lldb] Fix TestFormattersSBAPI test (details)
  21. [LLDB] Set the right address size on output DataExtractors from (details)
  22. [MIBundles] Move analyzePhysReg out of MIBundleOperands iterator (NFC). (details)
  23. [clangd] repair mac tests for 88bccded8fa1 (details)
  24. [lldb/CMake] Simplify logic for adding example Python packages (NFC) (details)
  25. [lldb/CMake] Add in_call_stack to the utilities package (details)
  26. [Remarks][ThinLTO] Use the correct file extension based on the format (details)
  27. Revert "[clangd] repair mac tests for 88bccded8fa1" (details)
  28. [libcxx{,abi}] Emit deplibs only when detected by CMake (details)

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