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  1. [lldb][NFC] Migrate to raw_ostream in Module::GetDescription (details)
  2. [yaml2obj][test] - Remove excessive symtab-shinfo.yaml. (details)
  3. [lldb][NFC] Extract single member parsing out of (details)
  4. [SelectionDAG] Expand nnan FMINNUM/FMAXNUM to select sequence (details)
  5. [DWARFDebugRnglists] Add a callback-based version of the (details)
  6. [DWARFDebugLoclists] Add support for other DW_LLE encodings (details)
  7. [lldb] s/FileSpec::Equal/FileSpec::Match (details)
  8. [lldb/Editline] Fix a -Wreturn-type warning with gcc (details)
  9. [lldb] Add test for Stream::Address and Stream::AddressRange (details)
  10. [lldb] Remove FileSpec(FileSpec*) constructor (details)
  11. [lldb] s/assertTrue/assertEqual in (details)
  12. [APFloat] Prevent construction of APFloat with Semantics and FP value (details)
  13. [lldb] Remove some (almost) unused Stream::operator<<'s (details)
  14. [yaml2obj] - Make DynamicSymbols to be Optional<> too. (details)
  15. AMDGPU: Avoid folding 2 constant operands into an SALU operation (details)
  16. [NFC] Use default case in EVT::getEVTString (details)
  17. [AArch64TTI] Compute imm materialization cost for AArch64 intrinsics (details)
  18. [clangd] Add no delayed templates to outline tests (details)
  19. Add debug output to MipsDelaySlotFiller pass (details)
  20. MipsDelaySlotFiller: Don't move BUNDLE instructions into the delay slot (details)
  21. Handle BUNDLE instructions in MipsAsmPrinter (details)
  22. Allow negative offsets in MipsMCInstLower::LowerOperand (details)
  23. [SimpleLoopUnswitch] Invalidate the topmost loop with ExitBB as exiting. (details)
  24. [clangd] Remove the hanging lit exit-signal.test. (details)
  25. [AMDGPU][MC] Remove duplicate code introduced in r359316. (details)
  26. [AArch64][SVE] Implement reversal intrinsics (details)
  27. Actually delay processing DelayedDllExportClasses until the outermost (details)
  28. [OpenCL] Allow addr space qualifiers on lambda call expressions (details)
  29. [NFC][InstCombine] Update sub-of-negatible.ll test (details)
  30. [lldb] Fix macOS build by replacing nullptr with FileSpec() (details)
  31. [clangd] register cuda language activation event and activate for .cuh (details)
  32. [Support] add vfs support for ExpandResponseFiles (details)
  33. [clang][Tooling] Add support for .rsp files in compile_commands.json (details)
  34. [llvm][Support] Take in CurrentDirectory as a parameter in (details)
  35. gn build: Merge 45ef055d4ff (details)
  36. [ARM][MVE][Intrinsics] Add VMULH/VRMULH intrinsics. (details)
  37. [opencl] Fix address space deduction on array variables. (details)
  38. [clang-change-namespace] Change file pattern to be an anchored regex (details)
  39. Change Target::FindBreakpointsByName to return Expected<vector> (details)
  40. Revert "[llvm][Support] Take in CurrentDirectory as a parameter in (details)
  41. Automaticaly generate copysign-constant-magnitude.ll . NFC (details)
  42. [ELF] Support for PT_GNU_PROPERTY in header and tools (details)
  43. Reapply "[llvm][Support] Take in CurrentDirectory as a parameter in (details)
  44. [DebugInfo] Recover debug intrinsics when killing duplicated/empty basic (details)
  45. [lldb] Simplify debug_{rnglists,ranges}.s tests (details)
  46. [llvm-ar][test] Add to thin archive test coverage (details)
  47. Add some missing includes to MicrosoftDemangle.cpp (PR44217) (details)
  48. [libomptarget] Build a minimal deviceRTL for amdgcn (details)
  49. [XCOFF][AIX] Emit TOC entries for object file generation (details)
  50. [LVI] Restructure caching (details)
  51. Small nit in SelectionDAG.h . NFC (details)
  52. [SVE][AArch64] Adding patterns for while intrinsics. (details)
  53. [PGO][PGSO] Distinguish queries from unit tests and explicitly enable (details)
  54. [HIP] Remove opencl.amdgcn.lib (details)
  55. [llvm][Transform] Remove unused variable. [NFCI] (details)
  56. [LoopInterchange] Improve inner exit loop safety checks. (details)
  57. [Gold Tests] Add missing target flag to X86 test (details)
  58. [Coverage] Revise format to reduce binary size (details)
  59. [dsymutil] Remove recursion from lookForChildDIEsToKeep (1/2) (NFC) (details)
  60. [dsymutil] Remove recursion from lookForChildDIEsToKeep (2/2) (NFC) (details)
  61. Revert "[Coverage] Revise format to reduce binary size" (details)
  62. Reland [AArch64][MachineOutliner] Return address signing for outlined (details)
  63. Revert "[DebugInfo] Recover debug intrinsics when killing (details)
  64. Revert "Add some missing includes to MicrosoftDemangle.cpp (PR44217)" (details)
  65. Reapply af57dbf12e54 "Add support for options -frounding-math, (details)
  66. Add support for lowering 32-bit/64-bit pointers (details)
  67. [OpenMP50] Add parallel master construct, by Chi Chun Chen. (details)
  68. [OPENMP]Update list of implemented features, NFC. (details)
  69. Fix crash-on-invalid-code in lambda constant evaluation. (details)
  70. Revert "        Reapply af57dbf12e54 "Add support for options (details)
  71. [LangRef] make per-element poison behavior explicit (details)
  72. [X86] Add missing break to the end of the last case in a switch. NFC (details)
  73. [VectorUtils] API for VFShape, update VFInfo. (details)
  74. [OPENMP50]Add support for if clause for simd part in taskloop simd (details)
  75. [MIBundle] Remove unused/obsolete MIOperands/ConstMIOperands (NFC). (details)
  76. Add --strip-trailing-cr to compression tests so they pass on Windows. (details)
  77. [DWARF5][Debuginfo] Compilation unit type (DW_UT_skeleton) and root DIE (details)
  78. [LLDB] Actually fix the win-i386-line-table.s test when executed on (details)
  79. [NFC][InstCombine] Autogenerate check lines in a few tests (details)
  80. [compiler-rt] FuzzedDataProvider: do not call memcpy on empty vector. (details)
  81. [lit] Document the undocumented pre-defined substitutions (details)
  82. Revert "Add --strip-trailing-cr to compression tests so they pass on (details)
  83. Bug 43965 - Value of _MSVC_LANG doesn't match MSVC++ VS2019 (details)
  84. Revert "[OpenMP50] Add parallel master construct, by Chi Chun Chen." (details)
  85. [ThinLTO] Fix importing of writeonly variables in distributed ThinLTO (details)
  86. [llvm-symbolizer] Support debug file lookup using build ID (details)

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