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  1. [SelectionDAG] Add an assert that the input VT and output VT for ISD::FREEZE are the same. (details)
  2. [AVR] Generalize the previous interrupt bugfix to signal handlers too (details)
  3. [Alignment][NFC] Simplify IRTranslator::getMemOpAlignment (details)
  4. [Alignment][NFC] GlobalIsel Utils inferAlignFromPtrInfo (details)
  5. [Mips] Make MipsBranchExpansion aware of BBIT family of branch (details)
  6. Remove unused variable (details)
  7. Fix missing override (details)
  8. [Syntax] Remove delayed folding from tree building. (details)
  9. [Alignment][NFC] Transition to inferAlignFromPtrInfo (details)
  10. [NFC] Remove unuseful infrastructure (details)
  11. [RISCV] ELF attribute section for RISC-V. (details)

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