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Build Log

  1. [c++20] Synthesis of defaulted comparison functions. (details)
  2. Revert 393dacacf7e7 "[ARM] Enable TypePromotion by default" (details)
  3. [lldb] Add a test for how we lazily create Clang AST nodes (details)
  4. [compiler-rt] Add a critical section when flushing gcov counters (details)
  5. [DebugInfo] Make describeLoadedValue() reg aware (details)
  6. Revert "[DebugInfo] Make describeLoadedValue() reg aware" (details)
  7. [lldb] Support for DWARF-5 atomic types (details)
  8. [DebugInfo] Make describeLoadedValue() reg aware (details)
  9. [cmake] Disable GCC 9's -Wredundant-move (details)
  10. Reland "[AST] Traverse the class type loc inside the member type loc."" (details)
  11. [ARM] Additional tests and minor formatting. NFC (details)
  12. [ARM] Teach the Arm cost model that a Shift can be folded into other (details)
  13. gn build: Merge 6d5c273500a (details)
  14. [OpenCL] Handle address space conversions for constexpr (PR44177) (details)
  15. [clang][Tooling] Fix potential UB in (details)
  16. [ARM] Enable MVE masked loads and stores (details)
  17. [CommandLine] Add missing Callbacks (details)
  18. [lldb] Xfail for aarch64/linux (details)
  19. [ARM] Add missing REQUIRES: asserts to test. NFC (details)
  20. [ARM][MVE] Add complex vector intrinsics (details)
  21. [test][tools] Add missing and improve testing (details)
  22. [lldb] Improve/fix base address selection in location lists (details)
  23. [lldb/DWARF] Switch to llvm location list parser (details)
  24. [Attr] Add missing header for clang example. (details)
  25. [DebugInfo] Nerf placeDbgValues, with prejudice (details)
  26. [DebugInfo][EarlyCSE] Use the salvageDebugInfoOrMarkUndef(); NFC (details)
  27. [RISCV] Machine Operand Flag Serialization (details)
  28. [Parser] Don't crash on MS assembly if target desc/asm parser isn't (details)
  29. [RISCV] Fix mir-target-flags.ll (details)
  30. [clangd] Allow extract-to-function on regions that always return. (details)
  31. [test][llvm-cxxfilt] Fix darwin build bot (details)
  32. [lldb] Remove Xfail decorators from steadily passing tests (details)
  33. Fix build bot fails due to the patch here: (details)
  34. [test][llvm-cxxfilt] Add missing '-n' (details)
  35. Fix compilation warning from GCC7. NFC. (details)
  36. [clangd] Use expansion location when the ref is inside macros. (details)
  37. [ModuloSchedule] Fix data types in ModuloScheduleExpander::isLoopCarried (details)
  38. [ARM][MVE] Add intrinsics for immediate shifts. (details)
  39. [llvm][VFABI] Add more testing for LLVM internal mangling. (details)
  40. [clangd] Implement range patching heuristics for cross-file rename. (details)
  41. Fix the compiler warnings: "-Winconsistent-missing-override", (details)
  42. [GWP-ASan] 32-bit test pointers, allow multi-init for test. (details)
  43. [ARM] Fix NEON failure introduced by D71065. (details)
  44. [lldb][CMake] Fix build for the case of custom libedit installation (details)
  45. [lldb/SWIG] Guard Python type map in SWIG interface by SWIGPYTHON (details)
  46. [PowerPC] Refactor FinishCall. [NFC] (details)
  47. [ARM][MVE][Intrinsics] Add VMULL[BT]Q_(INT|POLY) intrinsics. (details)
  48. [ARM][MVE][Intrinsics] Add VQADDQ, VHADDQ, VRHADDQ, VQSUBQ, VHSUBQ, (details)
  49. [clangd] Delete default arguments while moving functions out-of-line (details)
  50. [clangd] Delete ctor initializers while moving functions out-of-line (details)
  51. [lldb] Clean up accidentally passing (details)
  52. Reland 198fbcb8, "Driver: Don't look for libc++ headers in the install (details)
  53. scudo: Add a basic malloc/free benchmark. (details)
  54. Magic number checker shouldn't warn on user defined string literals (details)
  55. [clangd] also filter out another possible diag from MS ASM syntax (details)
  56. The field ‘totalFrames’ which is total number of frames available, is (details)
  57. [PowerPC][NFC] Rename ANDI(S)o8 to ANDI(S)8o (details)
  58. [InstCombine] add tests for shuffle with insertelement operand; NFC (details)
  59. Fix clang -Wcovered-switch-default after (details)
  60. [clang][IFS] Allow 2 output files when using -o and -c with clang IFS (details)
  61. [c++20] Fix incorrect assumptions in checks for comparison category (details)
  62. [Attr] Move ParsedTargetAttr out of the TargetAttr class (details)
  63. [PGO][PGSO] Instrument the code gen / target passes. (details)
  64. Include Stmt.h where it seems to be necessary for modules builds (details)
  65. [ValueTracking] Allow context-sensitive nullness check for non-pointers (details)
  66. [IPConstantProp][NFCI] Improve and modernize tests (details)
  67. [libc] Add implementation of errno and define the other macros of (details)
  68. [PowerPC] [NFC] Cleanup xxpermdi peephole optimization (details)
  69. [hwasan] Offline symbolization script. (details)
  70. Implement LWG#1203 for raw_ostream. (details)
  71. Also synthesize _cmd and self for properties (details)
  72. [FormatManager] Provide a single entrypoint for GetCandidateLanguages(). (details)
  73. [c++20] Defaulted comparison support for array members. (details)
  74. [AArch64][SVE] Implement SPLAT_VECTOR for i1 vectors. (details)
  75. [Codegen][X86] Modernize/regenerate old tests. NFCI. (details)
  76. [ConstantFold][SVE] Fix constant folding for shufflevector. (details)
  77. Avoid Attr.h includes, CodeGen edition (details)
  78. Revert "[ARM][MVE] Add intrinsics for immediate shifts." and two (details)
  79. add support for strict operation fpextend/fpround/fsqrt on X86 backend (details)
  80. [FormatManager] GetCandidateLanguages shouldn't know about ValueObject. (details)
  81. [llvm/dwarfdump] Use the architecture string to filter. (details)
  82. [NFC] Add { } to silence compiler warning [-Wmissing-braces]. (details)
  83. [c++20] Fix handling of unqualified lookups from a defaulted comparison (details)
  84. Remove unused Unit test directory for xray. (details)
  85. [NFC][MacroFusion] Adding the assertion if someone want to fuse more (details)
  86. Turn off unused variable checking here since we're explicitly adding a (details)
  87. [MC] Delete MCCodePadder (details)
  88. Revert "[compiler-rt] Add a critical section when flushing gcov (details)
  89. [NFCi][llvm][MIRVRegNamerUtils] Making some code cleanup and stylistic (details)
  90. [Remarks][Driver] Error on -foptimization-record-file with multiple (details)
  91. Remove implicit conversion that promotes half to other larger precision (details)
  92. [BPF] Support to emit debugInfo for extern variables (details)
  93. [OpenMP][NFCI] Introduce llvm/IR/OpenMPConstants.h (details)
  94. [llvm-readobj][test] - Move platform specific test cases and their (details)
  95. [clangd] Simplify code using findName. NFC (details)
  96. Add more diff -b to roundtrip-compress.test (details)
  97. [llvm-readelf/llvm-readobj] - Improved the error reporting in a few (details)
  98. Add testcases exposing PR44135 (details)
  99. [LegalizeTypes] Bugfixes for big-endian targets when handling BITCASTs (details)
  100. [AArch64][SVE] Add wide compare immediate patterns (details)
  101. [TableGen] Permit dag operators to be unset. (details)
  102. Only Remove implicit conversion for the target that support fp16 (details)

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