1. Revert "[Support] Extend TimeProfiler to support multiple threads" (details)
  2. clang-doc remove trailing whitespaces (details)
  3. doc: Document that extra-arg/extra-arg-before can be used several times (details)
  4. [lldb][NFC] Remove ClangExternalASTSourceCommon (details)
  5. mlir Fix the syntax (details)
  6. VariableName doc: fix the link to the mozilla doc (details)
Commit 2e9bfa12ff344fc6717b1e890eaaec668ecb6e82 by russell.gallop
Revert "[Support] Extend TimeProfiler to support multiple threads"
and "[Support] Try to fix bot failure after 8ddcd1dc26"
This reverts commits f70f180148 and 8ddcd1dc26 as this was breaking the
MacOS build, which doesn't support thread_local.
The file was modifiedllvm/lib/Support/TimeProfiler.cpp
The file was modifiedllvm/include/llvm/Support/TimeProfiler.h
Commit c96c606b85c6a1e046fb8b1fb5bd1cbf28d80169 by sledru
clang-doc remove trailing whitespaces
The file was modifiedclang-tools-extra/docs/clang-doc.rst
Commit 8131c04836829e7f37f2feaa1d85b4ef62ad092f by sledru
doc: Document that extra-arg/extra-arg-before can be used several times
Hopefully, it will help other people
The file was modifiedclang-tools-extra/docs/clang-doc.rst
The file was modifiedclang-tools-extra/docs/clang-tidy/index.rst
The file was modifiedclang-tools-extra/docs/clang-rename.rst
Commit 4657a397c22a27775823b8f731abdc6477badfea by Raphael Isemann
[lldb][NFC] Remove ClangExternalASTSourceCommon
ClangExternalASTSourceCommon's purpose is to store a map from
Decl*/Type* to ClangASTMetadata. Usually this data is accessed via the
ClangASTContext interface which then grabs the current ExternalASTSource
of its ASTContext, tries to cast it to ClangExternalASTSourceCommon and
then accesses the metadata map. If the casting fails the setter does
nothing and the getter returns a nullptr as if there was no known
metadata for a type/decl.
This system breaks as soon as any non-LLDB ExternalASTSource is added
via a multiplexer to our existing ExternalASTSource (in which case we
suddenly loose all out metadata as the casting always fails with an
ExternalASTSource that is not inheriting from
This patch moves the metadata map to the ClangASTContext. This gets rid
of all the fragile casting, the requirement that every ExternalASTSource
in LLDB has to inherit from ClangExternalASTSourceCommon and simplifies
the metadata implementation to a simple map lookup. As
ClangExternalASTSourceCommon had no other purpose than storing metadata,
this patch deletes this class and replaces all uses with
No other code changes in this commit beside the AppleObjCDeclVendor
which was the only code that did not use the ClangASTContext interface
but directly accessed the ClangExternalASTSourceCommon.
The file was modifiedlldb/source/Symbol/CMakeLists.txt
The file was modifiedlldb/source/Symbol/ClangASTContext.cpp
The file was removedlldb/include/lldb/Symbol/ClangExternalASTSourceCommon.h
The file was removedlldb/source/Symbol/ClangExternalASTSourceCommon.cpp
The file was modifiedlldb/source/Plugins/ExpressionParser/Clang/ClangUserExpression.cpp
The file was modifiedlldb/include/lldb/Symbol/ClangExternalASTSourceCallbacks.h
The file was modifiedlldb/source/Plugins/ExpressionParser/Clang/ClangASTSource.h
The file was modifiedlldb/source/Plugins/LanguageRuntime/ObjC/AppleObjCRuntime/AppleObjCDeclVendor.cpp
The file was modifiedlldb/include/lldb/Symbol/ClangASTContext.h
Commit 95b69a7082ab9b4f6d379d06c5238acf74c39f2a by noreply
mlir Fix the syntax
The file was modifiedmlir/
Commit 2026d7b80a1a5534b5e263683c85aa95e7593b98 by sledru
VariableName doc: fix the link to the mozilla doc
The file was modifiedllvm/docs/Proposals/VariableNames.rst