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  1. PR45239: Don't deallocate TemplateIdAnnotations if they might still be (details)
  2. [llvm-dwp] Refactor handling of section identifiers. NFCI. (details)
  3. [DebugInfo] Rename section identifiers which are deprecated in DWARFv5. NFC. (details)
  4. [DebugInfo] Support DWARFv5 index sections. (details)
  5. [DebugInfo] Fix reading location tables of v5 units in DWP. (details)
  6. [DebugInfo] Fix reading location tables headers of v5 units in DWP. (details)
  7. [DebugInfo] Fix reading range lists of v5 units in DWP. (details)
  8. [Alignment][NFC] Add DebugStr and operator* (details)
  9. [libc] NFC: Fix trivial typo in comments, documents, and messages (details)
  10. [llvm-dwp] Fix a possible out of bound access. (details)
  11. [lldb][NFC] Modernize lang/cpp/scope test (details)
  12. Revert "[Alignment][NFC] Add DebugStr and operator*" (details)

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