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  1. Automatically configure MLIR when flang is enabled (details)
  2. [OpenMP][AMDGCN] Support OpenMP offloading for AMDGCN architecture - Part 1 (details)
  3. Add test exposing a bug in SimpleLoopUnswitch. (details)
  4. [VE] Dynamic stack allocation (details)
  5. [X86] Add helper function to reduce some code duplication when shrinking a vector load to a vzext_load. (details)
  6. [NFC][Debugify] Format the CheckModuleDebugify output (details)
  7. [DebugInfo] - Fix typo in comment. NFC. (details)
  8. [StackSafety] Ignore some use of values (details)
  9. [StackSafety] Fix formatting in the test (details)
  10. [StackSafety] Bailout on some function calls (details)

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