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Build Log

  1. [lldb] [test/Register] Mark new FP reg tests XFAIL on Windows (details)
  2. [MC] Assert that MCRegUnitIterator operates over MCRegisters (details)
  3. [Object][MachO] Refactor MachOUniversalWriter (details)
  4. Add indented raw_ostream class (details)
  5. [X86] Add X86ISD opcodes for the Key Locker AESENC*KL and AESDEC*KL instructions (details)
  6. [RFC] Factor out repetitive cmake patterns for llvm-style projects (details)
  7. [X86] Remove X86ISD::MWAITX_DAG. Just match the intrinsic to the custom inserter pseudo instruction during isel. (details)
  8. [X86] Move ENCODEKEY128/256 handling from lowering to selection. (details)
  9. [X86] Add memory operand to AESENC/AESDEC Key Locker instructions. (details)
  10. [X86] LOADIWKEY, ENCODEKEY128 and ENCODEKEY256 clobber EFLAGS. (details)
  11. [lldb] [test/Register] Mark new FP reg tests XFAIL on Darwin (details)
  12. [RISCV][ASAN] unwind fixup (details)
  13. [OldPM] Pass manager: run SROA after (simple) loop unrolling (details)
  14. [RISCV][ASAN] support code for architecture-specific parts of asan (details)
  15. [CodeGen] Improve likelihood branch weights (details)
  16. [RISCV][ASAN] instrumentation pass now uses proper shadow offset (details)
  17. [X86][SSE] isTargetShuffleEquivalent - ensure shuffle inputs are the correct size. (details)
  18. [MemCpyOpt] Add additional call slot tests (NFC) (details)
  19. [SDAG] fold x * 0.0 at node creation time (details)
  20. [PowerPC] Add builtins for xvtdiv(dp|sp) and xvtsqrt(dp|sp). (details)
  21. [NFC][clang][codegen] Autogenerate a few ARM SVE tests that are being affected by an upcoming patch (details)
  22. [VPlan] Account for removed users in replaceAllUsesWith. (details)
  23. [VPlan] Add VPRecipeBase::toVPUser helper (NFC). (details)
  24. [X86] Consolidate wide Key Locker intrinsics into the same header as the other Key Locker intrinsics. (details)
  25. [X86] Synchronize the loadiwkey builtin operand order with gcc version. (details)
  26. [X86] Synchronize the encodekey builtins with gcc. Don't assume void* is 16 byte aligned. (details)
  27. [X86] Sync AESENC/DEC Key Locker builtins with gcc. (details)
  28. [gn build] Port 6c6cd5f8a97 (details)
  29. [SDA] Fix -Wunused-function in -DLLVM_ENABLE_ASSERTIONS=off builds (details)
  30. [X86] Remove an accidentally added file. NFC. (details)
  31. [MemCpyOpt] Don't use array allocas in tests (NFC) (details)
  32. Implement callee/caller type checking for (details)
  33. [MemCpyOpt] Add tests for call slot optimization with GEPs (NFC) (details)
  34. llvm-dwarfdump: Skip tombstoned address ranges (details)
  35. [NFC][SCEV] Add a test with some patterns where we could treat inttoptr/ptrtoint as semi-transparent (details)
  36. [Coroutines][NewPM] Fix coroutine tests under new pass manager (details)
  37. Revert "[RFC] Factor out repetitive cmake patterns for llvm-style projects" (details)
  38. [X86] Remove usesCustomInserter from MWAITX_SAVE_EBX and MWAITX_SAVE_RBX. NFC (details)
  39. [X86] Correct the implicit defs/uses for the MWAITX pseudo instructions. (details)
  40. [DomTree] findNearestCommonDominator: assert the nodes are in tree (details)
  41. llvm-dwarfdump: Dump address forms in their encoded length rather than always in 64 bits (details)
  42. [NFCI] Remove unnecessary trailing undef in RuntimeLibcalls.def (details)
  43. [NewPM] collapsing nested pass mangers of the same type (details)
  44. llvm-dwarfdump: Print addresses in debug_line to the parsed address size (details)
  45. [X86] Remove MWAITX_SAVE_EBX pseudo instruction. Always save/restore the full %rbx register even in gnux32. (details)
  46. llvm-dwarfdump: Add support for DW_RLE_startx_endx (details)
  47. [HIP] Add option --gpu-instrument-lib= (details)
  48. Revert "[HIP] Add option --gpu-instrument-lib=" (details)
  49. Recommit "[HIP] Add option --gpu-instrument-lib=" (details)
  50. [HIP] Fix default output file for -E (details)
  51. [HIP] Fix -fgpu-allow-device-init option (details)
  52. llvm-dwarfdump: Don't try to parse rnglist tables when dumping CUs (details)
  53. [X86] MWAITX_SAVE_RBX should not have EBX as an implicit use. (details)
  54. [lldb] [test/Register] Attempt to fix x86-fp-read.test on Darwin (details)
  55. [llvm] Rename DwarfFile to DWARFFile to fix ODR violation (NFC) (details)
  56. [RISCV][ASAN] mark asan as supported for RISCV64 and enable tests (details)
  57. [DebugInfo] Improve dbg preservation in LSR. (details)
  58. [AST][RecoveryExpr] Popagate the error-bit from a VarDecl's initializer to DeclRefExpr. (details)
  59. [TableGen][GlobalISel] add handling of nested *_SUBREG (details)
  60. [AMDGPU] Split R600 and GCN bfe patterns (details)
  61. [AMDGPU] Make bfe patterns divergence-aware (details)
  62. Promote transpose from linalg to standard dialect (details)
  63. [VE] Support register and frame-index pair correctly (details)
  64. [mlir] Fix SubViewOp doc in .td (details)
  65. [AMDGPU] Use tablegen for argument indices (details)
  66. Reland "[lldb] Don't send invalid region addresses to lldb server" (details)
  67. [AST][RecoveryExpr] Fix a crash on undeduced type. (details)
  68. [clangd] Remove unused using-decls in TypeHierarchyTests, NFC. (details)
  69. [TableGen] Added a function for identification of unsupported opcodes. (details)
  70. [AMDGPU][RegAlloc][SplitKit] Pre-commit test for D88821 (details)
  71. [ASTImporter][AST] Fix structural equivalency crash on dependent FieldDecl (details)
  72. [ValueTracking] canCreateUndefOrPoison - use APInt to check bounds instead of getZExtValue(). (details)
  73. [LV] Regenerate test. NFC (details)
  74. [clangd] Add isKeyword function. (details)
  75. [Parser] ParseMicrosoftAsmStatement - Replace bit '|' operator with logical '||' operator. (PR47071) (details)
  76. [VPlan] Clean up uses/operands on VPBB deletion. (details)
  77. [mlir][Linalg] Canonicalize TensorCastOp away when it feeds a LinalgOp. (details)
  78. [ARM]Fold select_cc(vecreduce_[u|s][min|max], x) into VMINV or VMAXV (details)
  79. [SystemZ] Add support for .insn directives for vector instructions. (details)
  80. [OpenMP][Tests] NFC: fix flaky test failure caused by rare scheduling (details)
  81. [OpenMP] Add Error Handling for Conflicting Pointer Sizes for Target Offload (details)
  82. Revert SVML support for sqrt (details)
  83. [docs] Revise loop terminology reference. (details)
  84. [mlir] Split alloc-like op LLVM lowerings into base and separate derived classes. (details)
  85. [libc++/abi] Revert "[libc++] Move the weak symbols list to libc++abi" (details)
  86. [X86] isTargetShuffleEquivalent - merge duplicate array accesses. NFCI. (details)
  87. [InstCombine] Add or(shl(v,and(x,bw-1)),lshr(v,bw-and(x,bw-1))) funnel shift tests (details)
  88. [InstCombine] Extend 'shift with constants' vector tests (details)
  89. [SVE] Lower fixed length VECREDUCE_AND operation (details)
  90. Revert "[OpenMP] Add Error Handling for Conflicting Pointer Sizes for Target Offload" (details)
  91. [flang] Introduce DiagnosticConsumer classes in libflangFrontend (details)
  92. Add definition for static constexpr member (NFC) (details)
  93. [mlir][Linalg] Remove unused variable. NFCI. (details)
  94. Revert "[DebugInfo] Improve dbg preservation in LSR." (details)
  95. [InstCombine] canEvaluateShifted - remove dead (and never used code). NFC. (details)
  96. [SelectionDAG] Don't remove unused negated constant immediately (details)
  97. [llvm-objcopy][MachO] Add support for universal binaries (details)
  98. Revert "[ARM]Fold select_cc(vecreduce_[u|s][min|max], x) into VMINV or VMAXV" (details)
  99. [InstCombine] FoldShiftByConstant - use m_Specific. NFCI. (details)
  100. [GlobalISel] Fix CSEMIRBuilder silently allowing use-before-def. (details)
  101. [llvm-objcopy][MachO] Add missing std::move. (details)
  102. [SVE][CodeGen] Fix TypeSize/ElementCount related warnings in sve-split-store.ll (details)
  103. docs: add documentation describing API Notes (details)
  104. [NFC][regalloc] Model weight normalization as a virtual (details)
  105. [clangd] Describe non-handling of most IWYU pragmas. NFC (details)
  106. [InstCombine] Add test for PR47730 (details)
  107. [InstCombine] Handle GEP inbounds in select op replacement (PR47730) (details)
  108. [gcov] Fix non-determinism (DenseMap iteration order) of checksum computation (details)
  109. [lldb/test] Catch invalid calls to expect() (details)
  110. [CodeGen][MachineSched] Fixup function name typo. NFC (details)
  111. [NFC][GCOV] Fix build: there's `llvm::stable_partition()` wrapper (details)
  112. [CUDA] Don't call __cudaRegisterVariable on C++17 inline variables (details)
  113. [LLD] [COFF] Fix parsing version numbers with leading zeros (details)
  114. [LLD] [COFF] Add a private option for setting the os version separately from subsystem version (details)
  115. [LLD] [MinGW] Simplify handling of os/subsystem version (details)
  116. [LLD] [MinGW] Support setting the subsystem version via the subsystem argument (details)
  117. [flang] Make binary->decimal conversion buffer sizes accurate (details)
  118. [libc++] Fix several debug mode tests (details)
  119. [SLC] Optimize mempcpy_chk to mempcpy (details)
  120. Revert "[SLC] Optimize mempcpy_chk to mempcpy" (details)
  121. [libc++] NFC: Remove unused <iostream> include in atomic.cpp (details)
  122. [libc++] NFC: Rename variant helpers to avoid name clashes (details)
  123. [libc++] Use __has_include instead of complex logic in thread.cpp (details)
  124. [RISCV] Use the extensions in the canonical order (NFC) (details)
  125. [RISCV] Add SiFive cores to the CPU option (details)
  126. [flang] Correct kP scaling on F output (details)
  127. [InstCombine] Revert rL226781 "Teach InstCombine to canonicalize loads which are only ever stored to always use a legal integer type if one is available." (PR47592) (details)
  128. [MLIR][SPIRV] Extend _reference_of to support SpecConstantCompositeOp. (details)
  129. [SVE] Add legalisation tests to sve-fixed-length-int-reduce.ll (details)
  130. Revert "Outline non returning functions unless a longjmp" (details)
  131. Cleanup CodeGen/CallingConvLower.cpp (details)
  132. [SelectionDAG] Make sure FMF are propagated when getSetcc canonicalizes FP constants to RHS. (details)
  133. [X86] Remove X86ISD::LCMPXCHG8_SAVE_EBX_DAG and LCMPXCHG8B_SAVE_EBX pseudo instruction (details)
  134. [libcxx][dsl] Fix mutable default argument warning (details)
  135. [OpenMP][Archer][Tests] NFC: fix spurious test failure (details)
  136. Show register names in DWARF unwind info. (details)
  137. Fix raciness in the StopHook check for "has the target run". (details)
  138. [libc++] Improve tests for std::quoted (details)
  139. [NFC][regalloc] Separate iteration from AllocationOrder (details)
  140. [RISCV] Fix broken test (details)
  141. Fix reordering of instructions during VirtRegRewriter unbundling (details)
  142. [AMDGPU] SIInsertSkips: Refactor early exit block creation (details)
  143. [MLInliner] Factor out logging (details)
  144. [NewPM] Set -enable-npm-optnone to true by default (details)
  145. Make OpenMP tests less brittle in the face of changes in constant (details)
  146. [c++17] Implement P0145R3 during constant evaluation. (details)
  147. [dotest] Simplify logic to find the Python path (details)
  148. [GVN LoadPRE] Extend the scope of optimization by using context to prove safety of speculation (details)
  149. [AttributeFuncs] Consider `align` in `typeIncompatible` (details)
  150. [AttributeFuncs] Consider `noundef` in `typeIncompatible` (details)
  151. [JITLink][ELF] Handle BSS sections, improve some error messages. (details)
  152. [AttributeFuncs][FIX] Update new tests (D87304) after sret changes (details)
  153. Revert "[SCEV] Prove implicaitons via AddRec start" (details)
  154. [AttributeFuncs][FIX] Update new tests (D87304, D87306) after sret changes (details)
  155. [AST][RecoveryExpr] Support dependent binary operator in C for error recovery. (details)
  156. [SVE][CodeGen] Fix DAGCombiner::ForwardStoreValueToDirectLoad for scalable vectors (details)
  157. [lldb] Symlink the Clang resource directory to the LLDB build directory in standalone builds (details)
  158. [LLDB] Add QEMU testing environment setup guide for SVE testing (details)
  159. [flang][NFC] Remove redundant `;` (details)
  160. [mlir][Linalg] Reintroduced missing verification check (details)
  161. [clangd] Fix an inconsistent ReasonToReject enum usage, NFC. (details)
  162. [MLIR][SPIRVToLLVM] Conversion for composite extract and insert (details)
  163. [AMDGPU] Fix gcc warnings (details)
  164. [clangd] Verify the diagnostic code in include-fixer diagnostic tests, NFC. (details)
  165. [llvm-readobj/elf][test] - Stop using precompiled binaries in mips-got.test (details)
  166. [VPlan] Add vplan native path vectorization test case for inner loop reduction (details)
  167. Revert "[llvm-objcopy][MachO] Add missing std::move." (details)
  168. Revert "[llvm-objcopy][MachO] Add support for universal binaries" (details)
  169. [mlir] Add file to implement bufferization for shape ops. (details)
  170. [OpenMP][RTL] Remove dead code (details)
  171. [SVE] Lower fixed length vector floating point rounding operations. (details)
  172. [SVE] Lower fixed length vector fneg and fsqrt operations. (details)
  173. [clangd] Add `score` extension to workspace/symbol response. (details)
  174. [AArch64] Correct parameter type for unsigned Neon scalar shift intrinsics (details)
  175. [libcxx][lit] Add support for custom ssh/scp flags in (details)
  176. [Statepoints] Change statepoint machine instr format to better suit VReg lowering. (details)
  177. [llvm-objcopy][MachO] Add support for universal binaries (details)
  178. [clang-tidy] Remove obsolete checker google-runtime-references (details)
  179. [gn build] Port d6c9dc3c17e (details)
  180. [llvm-objcopy][NFC] fix style issues reported by clang-format. (details)
  181. [InstCombine] FoldShiftByConstant - remove unnecessary cast<>. NFC. (details)
  182. [InstCombine] FoldShiftByConstant - use PatternMatch for logicalshift(trunc(shift(x,c1)),c2) fold. NFCI. (details)
  183. [lldb] [Platform] Move common ::DebugProcess() to PlatformPOSIX (details)
  184. [SystemZAsmParser] Treat VR128 separately in ParseDirectiveInsn(). (details)
  185. Convert diagnostics about multi-character literals from extension to warning (details)
  186. [mlir][Linalg] Extend buffer allocation to support Linalg init tensors (details)
  187. [AMDGPU][MC] Added detection of unsupported instructions (details)
  188. [ARM] Fold select_cc(vecreduce_[u|s][min|max], x) into VMINV or VMAXV (details)
  189. [clangd] Add basic keyword-name-validation in rename. (details)
  190. [InstCombine] FoldShiftByConstant - consistently use ConstantExpr in logicalshift(trunc(shift(x,c1)),c2) fold. NFCI. (details)
  191. [InstCombine] canRewriteGEPAsOffset - don't dereference a dyn_cast<>. NFCI. (details)
  192. Revert "[c++17] Implement P0145R3 during constant evaluation." (details)
  193. Silence -Wunused-variable in NDEBUG mode (details)
  194. Add ability to turn off -fpch-instantiate-templates in clang-cl (details)
  195. [Attributor][NFC] Ignore benign uses in AAMemoryBehaviorFloating (details)
  196. [Attributor][FIX] Dead return values are not `noundef` (details)
  197. [Attributor][FIX] Move assertion to make it not trivially fail (details)
  198. [test][NewPM] Make dead-uses.ll work under NPM (details)
  199. [test][InstCombine][NewPM] Fix InstCombine tests under NPM (details)
  200. [BPF][NewPM] Make BPFTargetMachine properly adjust NPM optimizer pipeline (details)
  201. [HIP] Restructure hip headers to add cmath (details)
  202. [gn build] Port aa2b593f149 (details)
  203. [SimplifyLibCalls] Optimize mempcpy_chk to mempcpy (details)
  204. [HIP] NFC Add comments to cmath functions (details)
  205. [X86] .code16: temporarily set Mode32Bit when matching an instruction with the data32 prefix (details)
  206. [libc++] Allow retries in two flaky tests (details)
  207. [APIntTest] Extend extractBits to check 'lshr+trunc' pattern for each case as well. (details)
  208. [flang] Track CHARACTER length better in TypeAndShape (details)
  209. [libc++] Check _LIBCPP_USE_CLOCK_GETTIME before using clock_gettime (details)
  210. [MemCpyOpt] Add separate statistic for call slot optimization (NFC) (details)
  211. [MemCpyOpt] Check for throwing calls during call slot optimization (details)
  212. [MemCpyOpt] Use dereferenceable pointer helper (details)
  213. [AMDGPU] Remove SIInstrInfo::calculateLDSSpillAddress (details)
  214. [X86][SSE] combineX86ShuffleChain add 'CanonicalizeShuffleInput' helper. NFCI. (details)
  215. [SystemZ][z/OS] Set default alignment rules for z/OS target (details)
  216. [AMDGPU] Create isGFX9Plus utility function (details)
  217. [mlir][vector] Fold extractOp coming from broadcastOp (details)
  218. [AMDGPU] Emit correct kernel descriptor on big-endian hosts (details)
  219. [mlir][spirv] Fix extended insts deserialization generation (details)
  220. [mlir][Linalg] Implement tiling on tensors (details)
  221. [SystemZ][z/OS] Set default alignment rules for z/OS target (details)
  222. [NFC][flang] Add the header file Todo.h. This file is being upstreamed to satisfy dependencies and enable continued progress on lowering of OpenMP, OpenACC, etc. (details)
  223. [AMDGPU] Fix remaining kernel descriptor test (details)
  224. [mlir][spirv] Add Vector to SPIR-V conversion pass (details)
  225. [NFC][MC] Type uses of MCRegUnitIterator as MCRegister (details)
  226. [c++17] Implement P0145R3 during constant evaluation. (details)
  227. [libc++] Add a script to setup CI on macOS nodes (details)
  228. Revert [lit] Support running tests on Windows without GnuWin32 (details)
  229. Remove unneeded "allow-unregistered-dialect" from shape-type-conversion.mlir test (NFC) (details)
  230. [mlir] [sparse] convenience runtime support to read Matrix Market format (details)
  231. [libc++] Add assert to check bounds in `constexpr string_view::operator[]` (details)
  232. [CMake] Track TSan's dependency on C++ headers (details)
  233. Replace shadow space zero-out by madvise at mmap (details)
  234. docs: Emphasize ArrayRef over SmallVectorImpl (details)
  235. [RuntimeDyld][COFF] Report fatal error on error, rather than emiting diagnostic. (details)
  236. Fix out-of-tree clang build due to sysexits change (details)
  237. Relax FuseTensorReshapeOpAsproducer identity mapping constraint (details)
  238. [gn build] manually port 5e4409f308177 (details)
  239. [lldb] Change the xcrun (fallback) logic in GetXcodeSDK (details)
  240. [Attributor] Give up early on AANoReturn::initialize (details)
  241. [Attributor] Ignore read accesses to constant memory (details)
  242. [Attributor] Use smarter way to determine alignment of GEPs (details)
  243. [flang][openacc] Fix device_num and device_type clauses for init directive (details)
  244. [CodeGen][TailDuplicator] Don't duplicate blocks with INLINEASM_BR (details)
  245. [PowerPC] add more builtins for PPCTargetLowering::getTgtMemIntrinsic (details)
  246. [PowerPC] implement target hook getTgtMemIntrinsic (details)
  247. [MachineInstr] exclude call instruction in mayAlias (details)
  248. Reapply "[OpenMP][FIX] Verify compatible types for declare variant calls" D88384 (details)
  249. [Test] Add test showing that we can avoid inserting trunc/zext (details)
  250. BPF: avoid duplicated globals for CORE relocations (details)
  251. [SROA] rewritePartition()/findCommonType(): if uses have conflicting type, try getTypePartition() before falling back to largest integral use type (PR47592) (details)
  252. [lldb] Format unix signal table (NFC) (details)
  253. [NFC] Use getZero instead of getConstant(0) (details)
  254. [Support][unittests] Enforce alignment in ConvertUTFTest (details)
  255. [AST][RecoveryExpr] Support dependent conditional operators in C for error recovery. (details)
  256. [clang] Use isCompoundAssignmentOp to simplify the code, NFC. (details)
  257. [clangd] Don't set the Underlying bit on targets of UsingDecls. (details)
  258. [mlir][NFC] Style cleanup in comments (details)
  259. [Test] Add one more test where we can avoid creating trunc (details)
  260. [SDag] SimplifyDemandedBits: simplify to FP constant if all bits known (details)
  261. [LAA] Add test for PR47751, which currently uses wrong bounds. (details)
  262. [ARM] Regenerate vldlane tests (details)
  263. [InstCombine] Tweak funnel by constant tests for better shl/lshr commutation coverage (details)
  264. [AMDGPU] Implement hardware bug workaround for image instructions (details)
  265. InstCombine: Negator: don't rely on complexity sorting already being performed (PR47752) (details)
  266. [LLD] [MinGW] Move an option definitions to alphabetical order, wrap a line. NFC. (details)
  267. [mlir] Add support for diagnostics in C API. (details)
  268. [libc++] Make sure __clear_and_shrink() maintains string invariants (details)
  269. [libc++] Add a CMake option to control whether the debug mode is supported (details)
  270. [lldb/docs] Clarify python/swig version incompatibility (details)
  271. [lldb] Check for and use ptsname_r if available (details)
  272. [libc++] Use the existing CMake caches when running build bots (details)
  273. [AMDGPU][MC] Improved diagnostics for instructions with missing features (details)
  274. [llvm-readelf] - Implement --addrsig option. (details)
  275. [obj2yaml] - Rename `Group` to `GroupSection`. NFC. (details)
  276. [mlir] fix the types used during the generation of the kernel param array (details)
  277. [ADT] function_ref's constructor is unavailable if the argument is not callable. (details)
  278. [gn build] (manually) port ce1365f8f7e (details)
  279. Revert "[ADT] function_ref's constructor is unavailable if the argument is not callable." (details)
  280. [AMDGPU] Use @LINE for error checking in gfx10.3 assembler tests (details)
  281. [SVE] Lower fixed length VECREDUCE_OR operation (details)
  282. [AMDGPU] Support disassembly for AMDGPU kernel descriptors (details)
  283. [clangd] Fix argument type (bool->float). (details)
  284. Introduce subtraction for FlatAffineConstraints (details)
  285. [SystemZ][z/OS] Add test of zero length bitfield type size larger than target zero length bitfield boundary (details)
  286. BPF: add AdjustOpt IR pass to generate verifier friendly codes (details)
  287. [gn build] Port ddf1864ace4 (details)
  288. [Tests] Precommit test showing gap around load forwarding of vectors in instcombine (details)
  289. [NFC][InstCombine] Autogenerate a few tests being affected by upcoming patch (details)
  290. [MemCpyOpt] Add additional callslot test cases (NFC) (details)
  291. [clang-format][NFC] Store FormatToken::Type as an enum instead of bitfield (details)
  292. [clang-format][tests] Fix MacroExpander lexer not parsing C++ keywords (details)
  293. Reapply [ADT] function_ref's constructor is unavailable if the argument is not callable. (details)
  294. [json] Provide a means to delegate writing a value to another API (details)
  295. [WebAssembly] Rename Emscripten EH functions (details)
  296. [mlir][CAPI] Attribute set/remove on operations. (details)
  297. [NFC] Add contributors names to CREDITS.TXT (details)
  298. [llvm][mlir] Promote the experimental reduction intrinsics to be first class intrinsics. (details)
  299. [clangd] Disambiguate overloads of std::move for header insertion. (details)
  300. Rename the VECREDUCE_STRICT_{FADD,FMUL} SDNodes to VECREDUCE_SEQ_{FADD,FMUL}. (details)
  301. [AMDGPU] Use default zero flag operands in flat scratch (details)
  302. [LAA] Use DL to get element size for bound computation. (details)
  303. [test][MC] Use %python in llvm/test/MC/COFF/ (details)
  304. [AMDGPU] Add tied operand to d16 scratch loads (details)
  305. [mlir] Fix build after 322d0afd875df66b36e4810a2b95c20a8f22ab9b due to change in intrinsic overloads. (details)
  306. [CodeGen][X86] Cleanup labels on some sse/avx intrinsics tests. NFCI. (details)
  307. Fix Wdocumentation warnings due to case mismatch. NFCI. (details)
  308. Fix MSVC "not all control paths return a value" warning. NFCI. (details)
  309. Add a clarifying a comment on CastInst::isNoopCast (details)
  310. [clangd] Add a NewName optional parameter to clangdServer::prepareRename. (details)
  311. Add REQUIRES: x86-registered-target to test as it was failing on build bots without x86. (details)
  312. Remove D80713.diff added in 528057c19755ad842052fba3a42dcbf7deafc6de (details)
  313. [InstCombine] Add checks for and(logicalshift(zext(x),undef),y) cases (details)
  314. [SVE] Add legalisation tests to sve-fixed-length-fp-reduce.ll (details)
  315. [BasicBlockSections] Make sure that the labels for address-taken blocks are emitted after switching the seciton. (details)
  316. [NFC][MLInliner] Getters should return by reference (details)
  317. Add validity assert on entry to CastInst::isNoopCast [NFC] (details)
  318. [mlir] [sparse] Rename getSparseMatrix to getMatrix (details)
  319. Add regular expressions to and DWARF Call Frame Information tests in case the architecture specific target is not compiled into LLVM. (details)
  320. [NPM] Port strip nonlinetable debuginfo pass to the new pass manager (details)
  321. Port StripGCRelocates pass to NPM (details)
  322. [flang] Semantic checks for bad usage of whole assumed-size arrays (details)
  323. [NFC][regalloc] Use MCRegister instead of unsigned in InterferenceCache (details)
  324. [M680x0] Add google/benchmark's CycleTimer support for M68K (details)
  325. Fix a macOS build break caused by 3dfb94986170. (details)
  326. [libc++] Remove unused includes of Availability.h (details)
  327. [flang][msvc] Avoid dependence on long double (details)
  328. [sanitizer] Skip stack symbolization when not required for print format (details)
  329. Add test for disabling Dead Virtual Function Elimination (details)
  330. [X86] Defer the creation of LCMPXCHG16B_SAVE_RBX until finalize-isel (details)
  331. [ImplicitNullChecks] Support complex addressing mode (details)
  332. [libcxx] Use runtime rather then compile-time glibc version check (details)
  333. [IRMover] Avoid materializing global value that belongs to not-yet-linked module (details)
  334. Remove unused variables (details)
  335. [X86] Move findDeadCallerSavedReg() into X86RegisterInfo (details)
  336. [X86] Fix bug in -mlvi-cfi that may clobber a live register (details)
  337. BPF: fix incorrect DAG2DAG load optimization (details)
  338. Revert "[Support][unittests] Enforce alignment in ConvertUTFTest" (details)
  339. [NewPM] Use PassInstrumentation for -verify-each (details)
  340. Return "[SCEV] Prove implicaitons via AddRec start" (details)
  341. Update documentation and implementation of stage3 build (details)
  342. [LLD] [ELF] Fix up a comment regarding the --wrap option. NFC. (details)
  343. [LLD] Ignore ELF tests when ld.lld defaults to MinGW (details)
  344. [ARM] Replace llvm.experimental.vector.reduce.smax with llvm.vector.reduce.smax. NFC (details)
  345. [LV] Collect dead induction truncates (details)
  346. [clangd] Fix a typo, NFC. (details)
  347. [AST][RecoveryExpr] Support dependent cast-expr in C for error-recovery. (details)
  348. [AMDGPU] Add test with redundant copies to temporary stack slot produced by expandUnalignedLoad (details)
  349. [AMDGPU] Prefer SplitVectorLoad/Store over expandUnalignedLoad/Store (details)
  350. [mlir] Added strides check to rank reducing subview verification (details)
  351. [cmake] Fix cmake warning in standalone compiler-rt builds. (details)
  352. [llvm-readobj] Add --coff-tls-directory flag to print TLS Directory & test. (details)
  353. [Test] Add test showing that we fail to eliminate implied exit conditions (details)
  354. [llvm-readobj][test] - Improve testing in hash-table.test (details)
  355. Import llvm::StringSwitch into mlir namespace. (details)
  356. [InstCombine] canNarrowShiftAmt - replace custom Constant matching with m_SpecificInt_ICMP (details)
  357. [mlir] Add basic support for dynamic tensor results in TensorToBuffers.cpp. (details)
  358. [InstCombine] matchRotate - add support for matching general funnel shifts with constant shift amounts (PR46896) (details)
  359. [llvm-objdump] Ensure we consistently use the llvm::stable_sort wrappers. (details)
  360. AArch64: treat MC expressions as 2s complement arithmetic. (details)
  361. [AMDGPU][MC][GFX1030] Disabled v_mac_f32 (details)
  362. [DebugInfo] Improve dbg preservation in LSR. (details)
  363. [Driver] Add output file to properties of Command (details)
  364. [clangd] Add a missing include-fixer test for incomplete_type, NFC. (details)
  365. [InstCombine] matchFunnelShift - support non-uniform constant vector shift amounts (PR46895) (details)
  366. [OpenMP] Add Error Handling for Conflicting Pointer Sizes for Target Offload (details)
  367. [AMDGPU] Use isLegalMUBUFImmOffset more (details)
  368. [mlir][spirv] Add OpenCL extended ops: exp, fabs, s_abs (details)
  369. [mlir][Linalg] Add TensorsToBuffers support for Constant ops. (details)
  370. [llvm-readobj] - Fix possible crashes related to dumping gnu hash symbols. (details)
  371. [clangd] New CC Ranking Model to fix bad inference due to overflow. (details)
  372. [AIX] add new option -mignore-xcoff-visibility (details)
  373. [mlir] Rank reducing subview conversion to LLVM (details)

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