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Git (git http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-zorg.git)

  1. [LLDB] Split build & test step (detail)
  2. [LLDB] Pass the target to the lldb_cmake_builder (detail)
  3. [LLDB] Remove the LLDB Xcode builder (detail)
  4. [LLDB] Create appropriate directories. (detail)
  5. [LLDB] Fix typo (detail)

Git (git http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-project.git)

  1. Recommit r367901 "[X86] Enable (detail)
  2. Recommit r368079 "[X86] Remove uses of the (detail)
  3. Recommit r368081 "[X86] Add more extract subvector cost model tests for (detail)
  4. Code completion should not ignore default parameters in functions. (detail)
  5. Support: Remove needless allocation when getMainExecutable() calls (detail)
  6. [clang][NFC] Fix typo in matcher comment (detail)
  7. DebugInfo/DWARF: Normalize DWARFObject members on the DWARF spec section (detail)
  8. API update for change to LLVM's lib/DebugInfo/DWARF (detail)
  9. [DataLayout] Check StackNatural and FunctionPtr alignments. (detail)
  10. [OpenMP][libomptarget] Add support for unified memory for regular maps (detail)
  11. [SCEV] Return zero from computeConstantDifference(X, X) (detail)
  12. [Attributor] Introduce checkForAllReadWriteInstructions(...). (detail)
  13. [ValueTracking] When calculating known bits for integer abs, make sure (detail)
  14. [Tooling] Expose ExecutorConcurrency option. (detail)
  15. [LoopVectorize][X86] Add test case for missed vectorization from (detail)
  16. Fix indentation (detail)
  17. Add support for deterministically linked binaries on macOS to lldb. (detail)
  18. [NFC] Added tests for x/fabs(X) fold (detail)
  19. [NFC] Fixed newly added tests (detail)
  20. Add target requirements for those bots which don't handle x86. (detail)
  21. [pstl] Make sure we install all of PSTL's include/ directory (detail)
  22. Revert r367501 "Create unique, but identically-named ELF sections..." (detail)
  23. [Symbol] Remove commented out code from CompileUnit (detail)
  24. [clang-doc] Parallelize reducing phase (detail)
  25. [X86] Add test cases for missed opportunities to use pack instructions (detail)
  26. [CommandObject] Remove unused function (detail)
  27. [clang-doc] Add second index for sections within info's content (detail)
  28. [X86] Allow pack instructions to be used for 512->256 truncates when (detail)
  29. [NFC][LICM] Pre-commit test for unary FNeg support in LICM. (detail)
  30. DebugInfo/DWARF: Remove unused return type from (detail)
  31. [libc++] Take 3: Do not cleverly link against libc++abi just because it (detail)
  32. Added Delta IR Reduction Tool (detail)
  33. [LoopVectorize][X86] Clamp interleave factor if we have a known constant (detail)
  34. [libc++] Remove temporary hack for D63883 (detail)
  35. Revert Added Delta IR Reduction Tool (detail)
  36. [HWASan] Use LLD for check-hwasan. (detail)
  37. Restrict the NetBSD ASan TSD fallback to !ASAN_DYNAMIC (detail)
  38. Add a test demonstrating DWARF parse failures are not causing lld to (detail)
  39. [llvm-readobj][test] Add baseline tests for FreeBSD/AMD/AMDGPU note (detail)
  40. [Attributor] Provide easier checkForallReturnedValues functionality (detail)
  41. [Attributor][NFC] Avoid unnecessary liveness queries (detail)
  42. [Attributor] Introduce a state wrapper class (detail)
  43. [Attributor][NFC] Code simplification and style normalization (detail)
  44. Adjust a ValueObjectChild's offset when the child is a bitfield (detail)
  45. [Attributor][Stats] Locate statistics tracking with the attributes (detail)
  46. [Attributor][NFC] remove leftover and format code (detail)
  47. gdb-index: Wire up str_offsets section to avoid incorrect error message (detail)
  48. Recommit "[MS] Emit S_HEAPALLOCSITE debug info in Selection DAG" with a (detail)
  49. [Docs] Fix (incorrect) code highlighting (detail)
  50. [ScalarizeMaskedMemIntrin] Add test case for expanding scatter. (detail)
  51. [llvm-lipo] Update llvm-lipo docs for -info -thin -create -replace (detail)
  52. Update fix-it hints for std::move warnings. (detail)
  53. Revert "[libc++] Take 3: Do not cleverly link against libc++abi just (detail)
  54. [llvm-strip] Support --strip-sections (detail)
  55. Add LLD as a requirement for hwasan tests because of change in r368111. (detail)
  56. [Utility] Remove unused function 'GetMatchSpanningIndices' (detail)
  57. Inline diagnostic text into .td file.  NFC. (detail)

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