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Found 3 issues:
assertion: !isInvalid() && "Loop not in a valid state!"
cd /Users/buildslave/jenkins/workspace/lnt-ctmark-aarch64-O3-flto/lnt-sandbox/build/CTMark/lencod && /Users/buildslave/jenkins/workspace/lnt-ctmark-aarch64-O3-flto/lnt-sandbox/build/tools/timeit --summary CMakeFiles/lencod.dir/lencod.c.o.time /Users/buildslave/jenkins/workspace/lnt-ctmark-aarch64-O3-flto/compiler/bin/clang -DNDEBUG  -B /Applications/    -O3 -flto -arch arm64 -isysroot /Applications/   -w -Werror=date-time -fcommon -D__USE_LARGEFILE64 -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -o CMakeFiles/lencod.dir/lencod.c.o   -c /Users/buildslave/jenkins/workspace/lnt-ctmark-aarch64-O3-flto/test-suite/CTMark/lencod/lencod.c
[ 58%] Building C object CTMark/lencod/CMakeFiles/lencod.dir/loopFilter.c.o
cd /Users/buildslave/jenkins/workspace/lnt-ctmark-aarch64-O3-flto/lnt-sandbox/build/CTMark/lencod && /Users/buildslave/jenkins/workspace/lnt-ctmark-aarch64-O3-flto/lnt-sandbox/build/tools/timeit --summary CMakeFiles/lencod.dir/loopFilter.c.o.time /Users/buildslave/jenkins/workspace/lnt-ctmark-aarch64-O3-flto/compiler/bin/clang -DNDEBUG  -B /Applications/    -O3 -flto -arch arm64 -isysroot /Applications/   -w -Werror=date-time -fcommon -D__USE_LARGEFILE64 -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -o CMakeFiles/lencod.dir/loopFilter.c.o   -c /Users/buildslave/jenkins/workspace/lnt-ctmark-aarch64-O3-flto/test-suite/CTMark/lencod/loopFilter.c
[ 58%] Building C object CTMark/lencod/CMakeFiles/lencod.dir/macroblock.c.o
cd /Users/buildslave/jenkins/workspace/lnt-ctmark-aarch64-O3-flto/lnt-sandbox/build/CTMark/lencod && /Users/buildslave/jenkins/workspace/lnt-ctmark-aarch64-O3-flto/lnt-sandbox/build/tools/timeit --summary CMakeFiles/lencod.dir/macroblock.c.o.time /Users/buildslave/jenkins/workspace/lnt-ctmark-aarch64-O3-flto/compiler/bin/clang -DNDEBUG  -B /Applications/    -O3 -flto -arch arm64 -isysroot /Applications/   -w -Werror=date-time -fcommon -D__USE_LARGEFILE64 -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -o CMakeFiles/lencod.dir/macroblock.c.o   -c /Users/buildslave/jenkins/workspace/lnt-ctmark-aarch64-O3-flto/test-suite/CTMark/lencod/macroblock.c
Assertion failed: (!isInvalid() && "Loop not in a valid state!"), function getBlocks, file /Users/buildslave/jenkins/workspace/clang-stage1-RA/llvm-project/llvm/include/llvm/Analysis/LoopInfo.h, line 172.
PLEASE submit a bug report to and include the crash backtrace, preprocessed source, and associated run script.
Stack dump:
Error: clang frontend command failed with exit code 134 (use -v to see invocation)
59 clang                    0x0000000104217c5d clang::driver::Compilation::ExecuteJobs(clang::driver::JobList const&, llvm::SmallVectorImpl<std::__1::pair<int, clang::driver::Command const*> >&) const + 125
60 clang                    0x000000010422e2ec clang::driver::Driver::ExecuteCompilation(clang::driver::Compilation&, llvm::SmallVectorImpl<std::__1::pair<int, clang::driver::Command const*> >&) + 204
61 clang                    0x0000000101a0bc75 main + 10389
62 libdyld.dylib            0x00007fff72e18cc9 start + 1
63 libdyld.dylib            0x0000000000000013 start + 18446603338588779339
clang-13: error: clang frontend command failed with exit code 134 (use -v to see invocation)
clang version 13.0.0 ( 037bae8928f2eac16583ef0b19217eadc57ea37b)
Target: aarch64-apple-darwin19.5.0
lit: test-suite :: CTMark/lencod/lencod.test
size.__stubs: 996 
size.__text: 448748 
size.__unwind_info: 5068 
NOEXE: test-suite :: CTMark/lencod/lencod.test (7 of 10)
******************** TEST 'test-suite :: CTMark/lencod/lencod.test' FAILED ********************
Executable '/Users/buildslave/jenkins/workspace/lnt-ctmark-aarch64-O3-flto/lnt-sandbox/build/CTMark/lencod/lencod' is missing

Build Log

  1. [llvm-objdump] try to fix hexagon tests more after 51aa61e74bdb (details)
  2. [llvm-objdump] try to fix section-filter.test in full builds after 51aa61e74bdb (details)
  3. Revert "Simplify BitVector code" (details)
  4. [DWARF] Fix crash for DWARFDie::dump. (details)
  5. [lldb] Simplify output for skipped categories in (details)
  6. [gn build] Port b7459a10dad1 (details)
  7. fix comment typos to cycle bots (details)
  8. [libcxx][NFC] adjusts formatting rules (details)
  9. Change add_mlir_doc CMake macro to take the tablegen command as last argument to allow extra flags (details)
  10. [AMDGPU] Disable forceful inline of non-kernel functions which use LDS. (details)
  11. Fix Interface doc generation after recent change to add_mlir_doc() API (details)

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