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  1. [MLIR, OpenMP] Support for flush operation, and translating the same to LLVM IR (details)
  2. [clangd] Complete filenames after < / ". (details)
  3. [clangd] Add CSV export for trace metrics (details)
  4. [MLIR] Add helper functions for common integer types (details)
  5. [clangd] Squash GCC error with StringRef + gtest MatchesRegex() (details)
  6. Unrank mcuMemHostRegister tensor argument. (details)
  7. [analyzer][MallocChecker] When modeling realloc-like functions, don't early return if the argument is symbolic (details)
  8. GlobalVariable.h - remove unused PointerUnion.h include. NFC (details)
  9. ObjectCache.h - replace unnecessary MemoryBuffer.h include with forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  10. Fix "not all control paths return a value" warning on MSVC builds. (details)
  11. [IR] Revert r119493 (details)
  12. [OPENMP50]Add initial support for 'affinity' clause. (details)
  13. [NFC][ARM] Add more tail predication tests (details)
  14. [AST][RecoveryExpr] Fix an assertion crash on openMP. (details)
  15. Added a TanOp to SPIR-V dialect GLSL ops (details)
  16. [AST] Fix the PrintQualifiedName for ObjC instance variable in class extension. (details)
  17. [clangd] Add a flag to preserve type for recovery expression. (details)
  18. [AST] Fix an assertion violation in FieldDecl::getParent. (details)
  19. [analyzer][DirectIvarAssignment] Turn DirectIvarAssignmentForAnnotatedFunctions into a checker option (details)
  20. GlobalISel: Fix IRTranslator for constantexpr selects (details)
  21. [VPlan] Remove unique_ptr from VPBranchOnRecipeMask (NFC). (details)
  22. [clangd] Delete regex assertion, breaking on windows too... (details)
  23. [VPlan] Add & use VPValue operands for VPReplicateRecipe (NFC). (details)
  24. [analyzer] Optionally override compiler (details)
  25. MachineBasicBlock.h - remove unnecessary includes. NFC. (details)
  26. CommandLine.h - remove unnecessary raw_ostream forward declaration. NFC. (details)
  27. MCTargetOptionsCommandFlags.h - remove unnecessary includes. NFC. (details)
  28. [lld] Remove unused lld/test/Driver/Inputs/**/libtest.a (details)
  29. [mlir] scf::ForOp: provide builders with callbacks for loop body (details)
  30. [VPlan] Fix comment for User in VPWidenSelectRecipe (NFC). (details)
  31. [lld-macho] Support -order_file (details)
  32. [lld-macho] Support .subsections_via_symbols (details)
  33. [lld-macho] Support X86_64_RELOC_UNSIGNED (details)
  34. [clangd] findExplicitReferences supports goto labels (details)
  35. [clangd] Avoid StringRef entirely with gmock (details)
  36. [analyzer] Don't print the config count in debug.ConfigDumper (details)
  37. [clang][AIX] Implement ABIInfo and TargetCodeGenInfo for AIX (details)
  38. [analyzer][Nullability] Don't emit under the checker name NullabilityBase (details)
  39. [MLIR] Update the FunctionAndBlockSignatureConverter and NonVoidToVoidReturnOpConverter of Buffer Assignment (details)
  40. [clangd-remote] Replace YAML serialization with proper Protobuf messages (details)
  41. Revert "[lld-macho] Support X86_64_RELOC_UNSIGNED" (details)
  42. Revert "[lld-macho] Support .subsections_via_symbols" (details)
  43. [clang-format] [PR45942] [[nodiscard]] causes && to be miss interpreted as BinaryOperators (details)
  44. [clang-format] [PR44476] Add space between template and attribute (details)
  45. [clang-format] [PR45614] Incorrectly indents [[nodiscard]] attribute funtions after a macro without semicolon (details)
  46. [clang-format] @lefticus just taught the world how to use [[unlikely]] but we forgot to teach clang-format (details)
  47. [ELF] Make --trace-symbol track preempted shared definitions (details)
  48. [InstCombine] Remove hasNoInfs check for pow(C,y) -> exp2(log2(C)*y) (details)
  49. [LV] Remove duplicated return stmt (NFC). (details)
  50. [X86] Split masked integer vector stores into vXi32/vXi64 variants (PR45975). NFC (details)
  51. Entropic: Boosting LibFuzzer Performance (details)
  52. [StackColoring] When remapping alloca's move the To alloca if the From alloca is before it. (details)
  53. Fix aux-target diagnostics for certain builtins (details)
  54. [lldb/Reproducers] Move connection logic into replay server (NFC) (details)
  55. Silence warnings around int/float conversions. (details)
  56. [mlir][StandardToSPIRV] Fix signedness issue in bitwidth emulation. (details)
  57. [LVI] Don't require DominatorTree in LVI (NFC) (details)
  58. [lldb/Properties] Move OSPluginReportsAllThreads from Target to Process (details)
  59. [SVE] Add specialized getters to derived vector types (details)
  60. [IR] Simplify BasicBlock::removePredecessor. NFCI. (details)
  61. [PhaseOrdering] make different pass manager runs equivalent; NFC (details)
  62. [PhaseOrdering] add tests for x86 horizontal math ops (PR41813); NFC (details)
  63. [llvm][docs] Add step by step git to GettingStarted (details)
  64. [lld-macho][re-land] Support .subsections_via_symbols (details)
  65. [lld-macho][re-land] Support X86_64_RELOC_UNSIGNED (details)
  66. [WebAssembly] Implement i64x2.mul and remove i8x16.mul (details)
  67. [WebAssembly] Fix bug in custom shuffle combine (details)
  68. [PGOProfile] make test less brittle; NFC (details)
  69. [PowerPC][NFC] Cleanup load/store spilling code (details)
  70. [gn build] Add a flag zlib_path to provide the path to zlib on Windows. (details)
  71. [analyzer] Move apiModeling.StdCLibraryFunctionArgs to alpha. (details)
  72. [lldb/Reproducers] Update GDB remote client tests for passive replay (details)
  73. [gn build] Try to unbreak Windows build after f8e833a501. (details)
  74. Give helpers internal linkage. NFC. (details)
  75. Fix X86_64 complex-returns for regcall. (details)
  76. [AArch64] Disable MachineOutliner on Windows. (details)
  77. [clang-misexpect] Fixed typo which causes that --pgo-warn-misexpect option is not passed in the compiler invocation (details)
  78. [gn build] Try harder to unbreak Windows build after f8e833a501. (details)
  79. Revert "[clang-misexpect] Fixed typo which causes that --pgo-warn-misexpect option is not passed in the compiler invocation" (details)
  80. [mlir][shape] Add `shape.from_extents`. (details)
  81. [mlir][SPIRV] Fix blocks nested too deeply error. (details)
  82. [MLIR] LLVMMLIRTableGen -> MLIRTableGen (details)
  83. [MLIR][cmake][NFC] Check for incorrect usage of LLVM components in LINK_LIBS (details)
  84. CodeGen: Use Register (details)
  85. GlobalISel: Remove unused include (details)
  86. [analyzer][NSOrCFError] Don't emit diagnostics under the name osx.NSOrCFErrorDerefChecker (details)
  87. [Hexagon] cannot be used with p3:0 as producer (details)
  88. AMDGPU: Use member initializers in MFI (details)
  89. AMDGPU: Fix DAG divergence for implicit function arguments (details)
  90. [analyzer][ObjCGenerics] Don't emit diagnostics under the name core.DynamicTypePropagation (details)
  91. GlobalISel: Copy correct flags to select (details)
  92. [SVE] MOVPRFX zero merging test renaming (details)
  93. analyzer][CallAndMessage][NFC] Change old callbacks to rely on CallEvent (details)
  94. AMDGPU: Annotate functions that have stack objects (details)
  95. [analyzer][NFC] Merge checkNewAllocator's paramaters into CXXAllocatorCall (details)
  96. [asan_symbolize] Fix bug handling C++ symbols when using Atos. (details)
  97. [lldb/test] Move "DataFormatters/Mock.h" to "Plugins/Language/ObjC/Utilities.h" (details)
  98. Add terminateCommands to lldb-vscode protocol (details)
  99. [analyzer] Change the default output type to PD_TEXT_MINIMAL in the frontend, error if an output loc is missing for PathDiagConsumers that need it (details)
  100. [analyzer][NFC][MallocChecker] Convert many parameters into CallEvent (details)
  101. [NFC] Add _EnableIfLValueCallable and move reference out of __callable. (details)
  102. Mark shared_ptr::__create_with_control_block as noexcept. (details)
  103. [NFC] Remove non-rvlaue non-variadic allocator::construct overloads. (details)
  104. [NFC] Remove non-rvlaue non-variadic allocator::construct overloads. (details)
  105. [analyzer][StackAddressEscape] Tie warnings to the diagnostic checkers rather then core.StackAddrEscapeBase (details)
  106. [mlir][ods] Fix ops with both attribute-sized operands and results (details)
  107. [mlir][Affine] Introduce affine memory interfaces (details)
  108. [mlir][vulkan-runner] Minor fix in timestamp flag for vulkan runner. (details)
  109. [DAGCombine] Remove the getNegatibleCost to avoid the out of sync with getNegatedExpression (details)
  110. [mlir][spirv] First step to support spirv cooperative matrix extension. (details)
  111. [mlir] NFC - Appease gcc 5 (details)
  112. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix bug in test register bank (details)
  113. Mark AffineMap::replaceDimsAndSymbols as const (NFC) (details)
  114. [CGCall] Annotate references with "align" attribute. (details)
  115. [compiler-rt][scudo][LIT] Use target_suffix instead of target-arch (details)
  116. [mlir][SystemZ] Fix incompatible datalayout in SystemZ (details)
  117. [AMDGPU] Process V_MOV_B32_indirect in SET_GPR_IDX optimization (details)
  118. [Support][unittest] Fix HostTest.NumPhysicalCores on __i386__ after D78324 (details)
  119. [Test] Add missing auto-generated checks into tests (details)
  120. [NFC][PowerPC] Add 2 new cases to test livevars pass (details)
  121. [clang-format] Fix line lengths w/ comments in align (details)
  122. [libc] Add memset and bzero implementations (details)
  123. [clang-format][PR45816] Add AlignConsecutiveBitFields (details)
  124. [clang-format] [PR33890] Add support for Microsoft C++/CLI non standard for each looping extension (details)
  125. [clang-format] [PR42164] Add Option to Break before While (details)
  126. Revert "[IR] Simplify BasicBlock::removePredecessor. NFCI." (details)
  127. [Analyzer][StreamChecker] Added support for 'fread' and 'fwrite'. (details)
  128. [mlir] Mark witness related Shape dialect ops as NoSideEffect. (details)
  129. [mlir] Custom printing/parsing for Shape::AssumingOp (details)
  130. Revert "Add terminateCommands to lldb-vscode protocol" (details)
  131. Github access test: remove unnecessary whitespaces. (details)
  132. [IR] Simplify BasicBlock::removePredecessor. NFCI. (details)
  133. CommandFlags.h - remove unnecessary includes. NFC. (details)
  134. SLPVectorizer.h - remove unused CommandLine.h include. NFC (details)
  135. [lldb-server] Reset stop reason of all threads when resuming (details)
  136. Use IPv4 for Android connections (details)
  137. [llvm-readobj][test] - Deduplicate YAMLs in gnuhash.test and hash-table.test. NFCI. (details)
  138. [PowerPC] Enable machine verification for 3 passes (details)
  139. [SCEV] Move ScalarEvolutionExpander.cpp to Transforms/Utils (NFC). (details)
  140. [gold-plugin] Unbreak the build after d9b9ce6c04764275a23cd0cf1856a35aae921af7 (details)
  141. [gn build] Port bcbd26bfe61 (details)
  142. [lldb][NFC] Modernize TestCPPStaticMethods (details)
  143. [yaml2obj] - Implement the "Offset" property for the Fill Chunk. (details)
  144. Revert "[lldb/test] Move "DataFormatters/Mock.h" to "Plugins/Language/ObjC/Utilities.h"" (details)
  145. Revert "Silence warnings around int/float conversions." (details)
  146. Revert "[lldb/test] Disable NSDate format check under _WIN32" (details)
  147. Revert "[lldb/test] Relax NSDate mock test for non-Apple platforms" (details)
  148. Revert "[lldb/DataFormatter] Check for overflow when finding NSDate epoch" (details)
  149. [NFCI][CostModel] Refactor getIntrinsicInstrCost (details)
  150. [Polly] Update ScalarEvolutionExpander.h include. (details)
  151. [Target][ARM] Make Low Overhead Loops coexist with VPT blocks. (details)
  152. [mlir] Add custom assembly formats to shape.witness ops. (details)
  153. Revert "[lldb-server] Reset stop reason of all threads when resuming" (details)
  154. [analyzer] Get scan-view executable from environment. (details)
  155. PseudoSourceValue.h - remove unused operator declaration. NFC. (details)
  156. PseudoSourceValue.h - reduce GlobalValue.h include to forward declaration. NFC. (details)
  157. GenericDomTreeConstruction.h - reorder includes. NFC. (details)
  158. [mlir] NFC: rename tests related to SCF dialect from Loops to SCF (details)
  159. [clang] FastMathFlags.allowContract should be initialized only from FPFeatures.allowFPContractAcrossStatement (details)
  160. [lldb][NFC] Minor NamespaceMap refactor (details)
  161. [AMDGPU] Add the test from D49097. (details)
  162. DIPrinter.h - reduce unnecessary includes to forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  163. MachineMemOperand.h - replace Type.h with full GlobalValue.h include to fix -Wundefined-inline warnings. (details)
  164. [mlir][Linalg] Refactor linalg tiling (details)
  165. [mlir][Linalg] NFC - Simplify GenericNestLoop builder (details)
  166. [mlir] Toy tutorial: insert terminators at the end of the loop during rewrite (details)
  167. [mlir] DialectConversion: avoid double-free when rolling back op creation (details)
  168. [mlir] DialectConversion: support erasing blocks (details)
  169. [mlir] Erase or clear blocks through ConversionPatternRewriter when applicable (details)
  170. [mlir] SCFToStandard: support any ops in and around the control flow ops (details)
  171. [mlir] ensureRegionTerminator: take OpBuilder (details)
  172. [OPENMP][DOCS]Update status of implemented features, NFC. (details)
  173. [mlir][Vector] Add option to fully unroll for VectorTransfer to SCF lowering (details)
  174. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix splitting 64-bit extensions (details)
  175. [lldb/Reproducers] Update macosx remote tests for passive replay (details)
  176. [mlir][Linalg] Add producer-consumer fusion when producer is a ConstantOp (details)
  177. [lldb/Reproducers] Support reproducers for PlatformRemoteGDBServer (details)
  178. [X86] Codegen for preallocated (details)
  179. GenericError.h - remove unused StringRef.h include. NFC. (details)
  180. FormatAdapters.h - remove unused SmallString.h include. NFC. (details)
  181. [lldb/Driver] Error out when encountering unknown arguments (details)
  182. [ProfileSummary] Refactor getFromMD to prepare for another optional field. NFC. (details)
  183. [InstCombine] add tests for reassociative fsub/fadd expressions; NFC (details)
  184. [clang][asm goto][slh] Warn if asm goto + SLH (details)
  185. [lldb/Reproducers] Skip another test that uses lldb::FileSP under the hood (details)
  186. Add some dependencies to the compiler-rt symbolizer build (details)
  187. Revert "[X86] Codegen for preallocated" (details)
  188. [lldb/Reproducers] Make SBStream::Print an API instead of a SWIG extension (details)
  189. Reland [X86] Codegen for preallocated (details)
  190. [libcxx] Remove swap for std::span (details)
  191. [llvm] [CodeGen] [X86] Fix issues with v4i1 instruction selection (details)
  192. [libcxx][test] Portability fix for some locale-dependent tests. (details)
  193. [NFC][InstCombine] Negator: tests for extractelement negation (details)
  194. [InstCombine] Negator: `extractelement` is negatible if src is negatible (details)
  195. [NFC][InstCombine] Negator: tests for insertelement negation (details)
  196. [InstCombine] `insertelement` is negatible if both sources are negatible (details)
  197. [mlir][spirv] Adapt subview legalization to the updated op semantics. (details)
  198. [OPENMP]Fix PR45911: Data sharing and lambda capture. (details)
  199. [lldb] Allows customizing libxml2 for darwin (details)
  200. [lldb] Cleans up system_libs (details)
  201. [lldb/Driver] Print snippet before exiting with unknown argument. (details)
  202. [sanitizer_symbolizer] Add __isinf to symbols list. (details)
  203. [lldb/Reproducers] Add instrumentation to SBEnvironment (details)
  204. [clang-format] Set of unit test to begin to validate that we don't change defaults (details)
  205. Give microsoftDemangle() an outparam for how many input bytes were consumed. (details)
  206. [clang-format] Added new option IndentExternBlock (details)
  207. [lit] GoogleTest framework should report failures if test binary crashes (details)
  208. [mlir] NFC - Appease GCC 5 again.. (details)
  209. [lldb/Test] Support arbitrary file extensions in TestPositionalArgs.test (details)
  210. [mlir][gpu] Refactor ConvertGpuLaunchFuncToCudaCalls pass. (details)
  211. [mlir][gpu] Refactor functions for workgroup and private buffer attributions. (details)
  212. [mlir] NFC - Appease GCC 5 again.. (details)
  213. [LegalizeVectorTypes] Create correct memoperands in SplitVecRes_INSERT_SUBVECTOR. (details)
  214. [AMDGPU] Always expand ext/insertelement with divergent idx (details)
  215. [AArch64] Provide Darwin variants of most calling conventions (details)
  216. [analyzer] Fix a null FunctionDecl dereference bug after D75432 (details)
  217. [LLD] Make scoped timers thread safe (details)
  218. [AArch64] Fix GlobalISel tests on non-darwin platforms (details)
  219. Make Value::getPointerAlignment() return an Align, not a MaybeAlign. (details)
  220. [AArch64] Fix unwind info generated by outliner. (details)
  221. [analyzer] Make buildbots happy (details)
  222. [clang-format][docfix] Update predefined styles in docs (details)
  223. Add CanonicalizeFreezeInLoops pass (details)
  224. [gn build] Port d9a4a244138 (details)
  225. add a test for D77524 (details)
  226. [Darwin] Remove obsolete OS version checks (details)
  227. Fix typo in CMake error message "LLVM_LIBC_ENABLE_PROJECTS"->"LLVM_ENABLE_PROJECTS" (NFC) (details)
  228. Revert "[mlir][gpu] Refactor ConvertGpuLaunchFuncToCudaCalls pass." (details)
  229. [LegalizeDAG] Modify ExpandLegalINT_TO_FP to swap data for little/big endian instead of the pointers. (details)
  230. [BrachProbablityInfo] Set edge probabilities at once and fix calcMetadataWeights() (details)
  231. [MC] Simplify MakeStartMinusEndExpr(). NFC. (details)
  232. [CostModel] Remove getExtCost (details)
  233. Revert "[lit] GoogleTest framework should report failures if test binary crashes" (details)
  234. [lldb/Reproducers] Fix/skip passive replay failures in python_api subdir (details)
  235. [CostModel] Unify Intrinsic Costs. (details)
  236. [PowerPC] add more high latency opcodes for machine combiner pass (details)
  237. [SVE] Remove IITDescriptor::ScalableVecArgument (details)
  238. [clang][index] Fix a crash for accessing a null field decl. (details)
  239. Fix a layering violation by not depending from Transforms/Utils on Transforms/Scalar. (details)
  240. [Statepoint] Constant fold FP deopt args. (details)
  241. [libc] Fix accidental inclusion of system libc headers. (details)
  242. [mlir] NFC - Add a builder to vector.transpose (details)
  243. [HardwareLoops] llvm.loop.decrement.reg definition (details)
  244. [IndVarSimplify][LoopUtils] Avoid TOCTOU/ordering issues (PR45835) (details)
  245. MachineMemOperand.h - reduce GlobalValue.h include to just DerivedTypes.h. NFC. (details)
  246. [analyzer][CallAndMessage][NFC] Split up checkPreCall (details)
  247. [FlattenCFG] Fix `MergeIfRegion` in case then-path is empty (details)
  248. Revert "[CostModel] Unify Intrinsic Costs." (details)
  249. [CostModel] Sink intrinsic costs to base TTI. (details)
  250. On Windows, handle interrupt signals without crash message (details)
  251. Fix compile for -DLIBCXX_BUILD_EXTERNAL_THREAD_LIBRARY (details)
  252. Fix debug info for NoDebug attr (details)
  253. [analyzer][CallAndMessage] Add checker options for each bug type (details)
  254. [mlir][gpu] Refactor ConvertGpuLaunchFuncToCudaCalls pass. (details)
  255. [StringRef] Use some trickery to avoid initializing the std::string returned by upper()/lower() (details)
  256. [BitcodeReader] Simplify code. NFCI. (details)
  257. [mlir][rocdl] Exposing buffer load/store intrinsic (details)
  258. GenericDomTree.h - remove unused PointerIntPair.h include. NFC. (details)
  259. [x86] NFC: Fix typo in command line option description (details)
  260. Fix DeferredDiagnosticsEmitter for bug#45987 (details)
  261. [ModuloSchedule] Trivial fix for instruction with more than one destination in modulo peeler. (details)
  262. [SLP][NFC] PR45269 getVectorElementSize() is slow (details)
  263. [llvm][test] Add COM: directives before colon-less non-CHECKs in comments. NFC (details)
  264. [llvm][test] Add missing FileCheck colons. NFC (details)
  265. Revert "[YAMLTraits] Add trait for char" (details)
  266. [ADT] NFC: Fix typos in header comments (details)
  267. [AMDGPU] Tune threshold for cmp/select vector lowering (details)
  268. [libFuzzer] Fix leak in unit test. (details)
  269. [ProfileSummary] Add the PartialProfileRatio field in ProfileSummary metadata. (details)
  270. [ADT][Analysis] NFC: Fix some more typos (details)
  271. [ImmutableSet] Use IntrusiveRefCntPtr to eliminate some manual refcounting (details)
  272. Revert "Revert "[YAMLTraits] Add trait for char"" (details)
  273. Disable ptr_ref tests under ASAN (details)
  274. Disable malloc stepping test under ASAN. The output is different and I'm not sure how stable it is. (details)
  275. Move decorator to the correct function. (details)
  276. [mips] Reorganize check directives in the test. NFC (details)
  277. [dsymutil] Add reproducers to dsymutil (details)
  278. [dsymutil] Fix include-style (details)
  279. [gn build] Port 92fd3971e0d (details)
  280. [lld][WebAssembly] Do not emit initialization for .bss segments (details)
  281. [IR] Make Module::setProfileSummary to replace an existing ProfileSummary flag. (details)
  282. [dsymutil] Fix conversion between unique_ptr and Expected (details)
  283. [libc++] Link back-deployment tests against the latest libc++ and libc++abi (details)
  284. [Analyzer][WebKit] RefCntblBaseVirtualDtorChecker (details)
  285. [mlir][spirv] Add remaining cooperative matrix instructions (details)
  286. [AMDGPU] Added opt pipeline test. NFC. (details)
  287. [mlir][spirv] Enable composite instructions for cooperative matrix type. (details)
  288. [dsymutil] Add llvm_unreachable to silence warning (details)
  289. Revert "[Analyzer][WebKit] RefCntblBaseVirtualDtorChecker" (details)
  290. Reland [libc++] [LWG3321] Mark "year_month_day_last::day() specification does not cover !ok() values" issue as "Nothing to do", but add assertion. (details)
  291. [SelectionDAG] Add the option of disabling generic combines. (details)
  292. [libTooling][NFC]Fix typo in comment in RangeSelectors (details)
  293. [ModuloSchedule] Add missing comma. (details)
  294. [MsgPack] MsgPackDocument::readFromBlob now merges (details)
  295. [AArch64][SVE] Fill out missing unpredicated load/store patterns. (details)
  296. [NFC] Make assertion more informative. (details)
  297. [AMDGPU] Promote alloca to vector in opt (details)
  298. [CodeGen] Add support for multiple memory operands in MachineInstr::mayAlias (details)
  299. [MsgPack] Added convenience assignment to MsgPackDocument (details)
  300. [AMDGPU] Fixed incorrect PAL metadata register naming (details)
  301. Set traversal explicitly where needed in clang-tidy (details)
  302. Set traversal explicitly where needed in tests (details)
  303. Make the ExprMutationAnalyzer explicit about how it traverses the AST (details)
  304. llvm-diff: Avoid crash with complex expressions (details)
  305. [PS4] Enable relaxed relocations by default (details)
  306. [docs] Fix buildbot failures (details)
  307. Don't jump to landing pads in Control Flow Optimizer (details)
  308. [Target] Use Align in TargetLoweringObjectFile::getSectionForConstant. (details)
  309. Add nomerge function attribute to clang (details)
  310. [AARCH64][NEON] Allow to sink operands of aarch64_neon_pmull64. (details)
  311. [Instruction] Set metadata uses to undef on deletion (details)
  312. Revert "Add nomerge function attribute to clang" (details)
  313. Rename FunctionOptimizationWarning to the more generic FrameSelectedCallback (NFC) (details)
  314. Reland "[Analyzer][WebKit] RefCntblBaseVirtualDtorChecker" (details)
  315. [gn build] Port 54e91a3c701 (details)
  316. [lldb/Reproducers] Skip lldb-vscode category when lldb-run-with-repro is set. (details)
  317. [clang] Add nomerge function attribute to clang (details)
  318. [WebAssembly] Warn on exception spec only when Wasm EH is used (details)
  319. [lldb/Test] Cleanup (details)
  320. [AMDGPU] Correct formatting typos in documentation (details)
  321. Handle the case where a thread exits while we are running a function on it. (details)
  322. [llvm-extract] Fix basic block extraction by delaying search until the function is materialized (details)
  323. This very simple .c file is failing on the Debian bot wit the error (details)
  324. Maybe I need ENABLE_THREADS in the Makefile. (details)
  325. [libc] Make clang-tidy use host compiler's resource dir. (details)
  326. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Add a post-legalizer combiner with a very simple combine. (details)
  327. [gn build] (manually) port 49a4f3f7d88 (details)
  328. [lldb/Test] Fix replay with (details)
  329. [lldb/Reproducers] Skip test that changes the source file while debugging (details)
  330. [docs][llvm-extract] Add missing alias/bb options (details)
  331. [OPENMP] Fix mixture of omp and clang pragmas (details)
  332. [JITLink] Initial implementation of ELF / x86-64 support for JITLink. (details)
  333. [X86] Add avx512vp2intersect feature to compiler-rt's feature detection to match libgcc. (details)
  334. [X86] Allow avx512vp2intersect to be used with __builtin_cpu_supports. (details)
  335. [gn build] Port 2e40cf06df0 (details)
  336. [lldb/REPL] Fix unhandled switch case (details)
  337. [InstCombine] Sink pure instructions down to return and unreachable blocks (details)
  338. [NFC] InstCombineNegator: use auto where type is obvious from the cast (details)
  339. [lldb][NFC] Overload raw_ostream operator << for ConstString (details)
  340. [lldb] Enable C++14 when evaluating expressions in a C++14 frame (details)
  341. MILexer.h/cpp - remove unused includes. NFC. (details)
  342. Fix msvc "switch statement contains 'default' but no 'case' labels" warning. NFC. (details)
  343. StatepointLowering.h - remove unused includes. NFC. (details)
  344. Revert "[ARM] Improve codegen of volatile load/store of i64" (details)
  345. [SYCL] Prohibit arithmetic operations for incompatible pointers (details)
  346. [lldb] Increase timeout in TestExitDuringExpression (details)
  347. [analyzer] Refactor and add type annotations (details)
  348. [analyzer] Refactor and add type annotations (details)
  349. [analyzer] Refactor and add type annotations (details)
  350. [analyzer] Partially modernize (details)
  351. [NFC][Test] Add test coverage for fsqrt on PowerPC (details)
  352. Replace dyn_cast<> with isa<> to fix unused variable warning. NFCI. (details)
  353. Remove superfluous semicolon to stop Wpedantic warning. NFCI. (details)
  354. [AMDGPU][MC][GFX8+] Enabled clamp for v_mul_i32_i24_e64 and v_mul_u32_u24_e64 (details)
  355. [AVR] Remove unsigned <= 0 checks. NFCI. (details)
  356. Revert "[llvm][test] Add COM: directives before colon-less non-CHECKs in comments. NFC" (details)
  357. InstCombine: Add constant folding/simplify for amdgcn.ldexp intrinsic (details)
  358. [Target] Fix typos. NFC (details)
  359. [CMake] Fix typos. NFC (details)
  360. [PowerPC] Add missing handling for half precision (details)
  361. [PowerPC] Treat 'Z' inline asm constraint as a true memory constraint (details)
  362. [SLP] fix test to have valid IR; NFC (details)
  363. [analyzer] LoopUnrolling: fix crash when a parameter is a loop counter. (details)
  364. [SLP] fix verification check for valid IR (details)
  365. [libc++] NFC: Inline array<T,N>::at methods inside the class (details)
  366. [TargetLowering] Move TargetLoweringBase::isJumpTableRelative() implementation into TargetLoweringBase.cpp. NFC. (details)
  367. TargetLowering.h - remove unnecessary includes. NFC. (details)
  368. Title: [LV] Handle Fold-Tail of loops with vectorizarion factor equal to 1 (details)
  369. [PhaseOrdering] regenerate test checks; NFC (details)
  370. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix masked control flow with fallthrough blocks (details)
  371. [NFC][AIX] Remove spaces after the comma for '.csect' directive (details)
  372. [SCEV] Constant fold MultExpr before applying depth limit. (details)
  373. [InstCombine] add tests for adds with common operand; NFC (details)
  374. [InstCombine] (A + B) + B --> A + (B << 1) (details)
  375. [CGP] Ensure address offset is representable as int64_t (details)
  376. [analyzer] Fix hang when one of the tasks fails (details)
  377. [RISCV] Register null target streamer for RISC-V (details)
  378. [VectorCombine] position pass after SLP in the optimization pipeline rather than before (details)
  379. [lldb/Test] Remove issue_verification subdirectory (details)
  380. [clang-tidy] Expand the list of functions in bugprone-unused-return-value (details)
  381. [DSE,MSSA] Add additional multiblock tests. (details)
  382. Revert "[analyzer] Change the default output type to PD_TEXT_MINIMAL in the frontend, error if an output loc is missing for PathDiagConsumers that need it" (details)
  383. [libc++] Make MoveOnly constexpr-friendly (details)
  384. Revert "[lldb] Enable C++14 when evaluating expressions in a C++14 frame" (details)
  385. Revert "[CodeGen] Add support for multiple memory operands in MachineInstr::mayAlias" (details)
  386. [libc++] Fix broken tuple tests (details)
  387. [PowerPC] Add support for vmsumudm (details)
  388. [lldb/Reproducers] Make the type tests work with reproducers (details)
  389. [lldb/Test] Disable APITests.exe on Windows (details)
  390. [libc++] Mark __u64toa and __u32toa as noexcept (details)
  391. [VectorCombine] set preserve alias analysis (details)
  392. Handle eExpressionThreadVanished in error switch to handle (details)
  393. [AMDGPU] Define 6 dword subregs (details)
  394. Reapply "[lit] GoogleTest framework should report failures if test binary crashes" (details)
  395. Print a warning when stopped in a frame LLDB has no plugin for. (details)
  396. [MC] Change MCCFIInstruction::createDefCfa to cfiDefCfa which does not negate Offset (details)
  397. Restrict test for DW_AT_APPLE_optimized to Darwin (details)
  398. Traverse-ignore invisible CXXConstructExprs with default args (details)
  399. Fix ignoring traversal of intermediate parens (details)
  400. Add some explicit use of TK_AsIs (details)
  401. [MC] Change MCCFIInstruction::createDefCfaOffset to cfiDefCfaOffset which does not negate Offset (details)
  402. Fix mistake made while rebasing (details)
  403. Add missing unit test (details)
  404. [AMDGPU] DWARF For Heterogeneous Debugging (details)
  405. [AMDGPU] DWARF Proposal For Heterogeneous Debugging (details)
  406. [MC] Fix double negation of DW_CFA_def_cfa_offset (details)
  407. [X86] Update some av512 shift intrinsics to use "unsigned int" parameter instead of int to match Intel documentation (details)
  408. [MC] Fix double negation of DW_CFA_def_cfa (details)
  409. [MC] Drop unneeded std::abs for DW_def_cfa_offset in DarwinX86AsmBackend::generateCompactUnwindEncoding (details)
  410. [Align] Remove operations on MaybeAlign that asserted that it had a defined value. (details)
  411. [TargetPassConfig] Don't add alias analysis at optnone (details)
  412. [Analyzer][WebKit][NFC] Correct documentation to avoid sphinx build error (details)
  413. Added a new IRCanonicalizer pass. (details)
  414. [gn build] Port 14d358537f1 (details)
  415. Revert "[gn build] Port 14d358537f1" (details)
  416. Revert "Added a new IRCanonicalizer pass." (details)
  1. [zorg] Add polly test-suite builder. (details)
  2. Enable ccache for lldb-(arm/aarch64)-ubuntu builders (details)

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