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  1. Update lldb-arm/aarch64-ubuntu builders and slaves (detail)

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  1. [SDAG] Add new AssertAlign ISD node. (detail)
  2. [InstCombine] Replace selects with Phis (detail)
  3. [SROA] Teach SROA to perform no-op pointer conversion. (detail)
  4. [libc] Match x86 long double NaN classification with that of the compiler. (detail)
  5. [Triple] support macOS 11 os version number (detail)
  6. AST dump: recurse into type template arguments when dumping. (detail)
  7. [DSE,MSSA] Treat passed by value args as invisible to caller. (detail)
  8. [llvm-rc] Implement the language id option (detail)
  9. LowLevelTypeImpl.h - fix implicit Debug.h dependency. NFC. (detail)
  10. StatepointLowering.cpp - fix implicit CommandLine.h dependency. NFC. (detail)
  11. ProfileSummary.cpp - fix implicit Format.h dependency. NFC. (detail)
  12. [DebugInfo] Print line table extended opcode bytes if parsing fails (detail)
  13. [PowerPC][NFC] Add tests for variadic functions on PPC64 (detail)
  14. Silence gcc warning about extra ";" [NFC] (detail)
  15. [AVR] Rewrite the function calling convention. (detail)
  16. [SVE] Code generation for fixed length vector loads & stores. (detail)
  17. [DAG] visitSIGN_EXTEND_INREG - rename EVT variable. NFCI. (detail)
  18. [X86] truncateVectorWithPACK - fix outdated comment. NFC. (detail)
  19. [lldb] Split ClangASTSource::CompleteType (detail)
  20. [TableGen] Add error messages (detail)
  21. Revert "[AVR] Explicitly set the address of the data section when invoking the linker" (detail)
  22. [AArch64][SVE] Guard svbfloat16_t with feature macro in ACLE (detail)
  23. [PowerPC] fold addi's imm operand to its imm form consumer's displacement (detail)
  24. [libcxx tests] Clang is more strict now about coroutines (detail)
  25. [IndVarSimplify] Don't replace IV user with unsafe loop-invariant (PR45360) (detail)
  26. [SVE][CodeGen] Legalisation of vsetcc with scalable types (detail)
  27. DWARFLinkerDeclContext.h - fix implicit FileSystem.h dependency. NFC. (detail)
  28. SanitizerCoverage.h - fix implicit VirtualFileSystem.h dependency. NFC. (detail)
  29. [Transforms] Ensure we include CommandLine.h if we declare any cl::opt flags (detail)
  30. [AArch64][SVE] ACLE: Add bfloat16 to struct load/stores. (detail)
  31. Handle invalid types in the nullPointerConstant AST matcher (detail)
  32. Add strcmp fuzz test. (detail)
  33. [libc] Add fuzz test for strcmp. (detail)
  34. [Analysis] Ensure we include CommandLine.h if we declare any cl::opt flags. NFC. (detail)
  35. ModuleTest.cpp - fix implicit SourceMgr.h dependency. NFC. (detail)
  36. llvm-dwp.cpp - fix implicit CommandLine.h dependency. NFC. (detail)
  37. llvm-isel-fuzzer.cpp - fix implicit CommandLine.h dependency. NFC. (detail)
  38. [DebugInfo][test] Attempt to fix big endian build bots (detail)
  39. [DebugInfo/DWARF] - Do not hang when CFI are truncated. (detail)
  40. [AMDGPU/MemOpsCluster] Compute `width` for `MIMG` instruction class. (detail)
  41. [ARM] BFloat MatMul Intrinsics&CodeGen (detail)
  42. DwarfGenerator.cpp - fix implicit FileSystem.h dependency. NFC. (detail)
  43. ProfileSummaryInfoTest.cpp - fix implicit CommandLine.h dependency. NFC. (detail)
  44. Add stddef.h to fix missing size_t type build errors. (detail)
  45. [ObjectYAML][ELF] Add support for emitting the .debug_pubnames section. (detail)
  46. [OPENMP50]Codegen for scan directives in parallel for simd regions. (detail)
  47. [OPENMP][DOCS]Update status of supported constructs, NFC. (detail)
  48. [PhaseOrdering] add test for vectorizer cooperation; NFC (detail)
  49. [libc++abi] Allow code-signing executables when running the tests (detail)
  50. Mangle.cpp - fix implicit Format.h dependency. NFC. (detail)
  51. [unittest, ADT] Add unit tests for itostr & utostr (detail)

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