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  1. GlobalISel: Handle widenScalar of arbitrary G_MERGE_VALUES sources

    Extract the sources to the GCD of the original size and target size,
    padding with implicit_def as necessary.

    Also fix the case where the requested source type is wider than the
    original result type. This was ignoring the type, and just using the
    destination. Do the operation in the requested type and truncate back. (detail/ViewSVN)
    by arsenm
  2. GlobalISel: Handle more cases for widenScalar of G_MERGE_VALUES

    Use an anyext to the requested type for the leftover operand to
    produce a slightly wider type, and then truncate the final merge.

    I have another implementation almost ready which handles arbitrary
    widens, but I think it produces worse code in this example (which I
    think is 90% due to not folding redundant copies or folding out
    implicit_def users), so I wanted to add this as a baseline first. (detail/ViewSVN)
    by arsenm

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