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  1. PowerPC Flang+MLIR buildbot cmake fix (detail)

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  1. [lldb] Improve diagnostics in lldb-repro when replay fails (detail)
  2. Revert "[ARM] Fix IT block generation after Thumb2SizeReduce with -Oz" (detail)
  3. [NFC] Remove unused variables. (detail)
  4. [SLC] sprintf(dst, "%s", str) -> strcpy(dst, str) (detail)
  5. [DebugInfo] Add -fuse-ctor-homing cc1 flag so we can turn on constructor homing only if limited debug info is already on. (detail)
  6. [ConstProp] Handle insertelement constants (detail)
  7. [X86][ELF] Prefer lowering MC_GlobalAddress operands to .Lfoo$local for STV_DEFAULT only (detail)
  8. [NewPM][CodeGen] Add machine code verification callback (detail)
  9. hwasan: Emit the globals note even when globals are uninstrumented. (detail)
  10. [WebAssembly] Add missing lit.local.cfg (detail)
  11. [mlir] [VectorOps] Canonicalization of 1-D memory operations (detail)

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