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  1. [SelectionDAG] Remove unused declaration ExpandStrictFPOp (NFC) (details)
  2. [MachineLICM] Remove unused declaration HoistRegion (details)
  3. Add Semantic check for Flang OpenMP 4.5 - and shared and private clause (details)
  4. [MBP] Remove unused declaration shouldPredBlockBeOutlined (NFC) (details)
  5. [PowerPC] Extend folding RLWINM + RLWINM to post-RA. (details)
  6. [RISCV] Use separate Lo and Hi MemOperands when expanding BuildPairF64Pseudo and SplitF64Pseudo. (details)
  7. [clangd] Add clang-tidy options to config (details)
  8. [Analysis] Remove unused system header includes (details)
  9. [clangd] Fix compile error after 20b69af7 (details)

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