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  1. [LLD] Set alignment as part of Characteristics in TLS table. (details)
  2. Fix style warnings. (details)
  3. Update tests. (details)
  4. Mask out existing alignment bits. (details)
  5. Nit: Use early return to reduce indentation. (details)
  6. [LLD] Set alignment as part of Characteristics in TLS table. (details)
  7. clang/Basic: Stop using SourceManager::getBuffer, NFC (details)
  8. [dsymutil] Fix handling of aliases to private external symbols (details)
  9. clang/Frontend: Mostly stop using SourceManager::getBuffer, NFC (details)
  10. clang/CodeGen: Stop using SourceManager::getBuffer, NFC (details)
  11. [AArch64] Combine UADDVs to generate vector add (details)
  12. clang/StaticAnalyzer: Stop using SourceManager::getBuffer (details)
  13. clang-{tools,unittests}: Stop using SourceManager::getBuffer, NFC (details)

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