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Build Log

Revision: 367002
  1. [lldb] Set timeout to 90 and 60 min for build and testing respectively. (detail)
    by jdevlieghere
  2. [lldb] Add DWARF variants to the matrix bot (detail)
    by jdevlieghere
  3. [lldb] Remove old pipeline scripts (detail)
    by jdevlieghere
  4. [lldb] Checking LLDB pipelines (detail)
    by jdevlieghere
  5. Add sanitizer-aarch64-linux-mte builder.

    Reviewers: vitalybuka

    Subscribers: javed.absar, kristof.beyls

    Differential Revision: (detail)
    by eugenis
  6. Add "sanitizer-aarch64-linux-mte" build script.

    Due to the lack of mte tests, run llvm/clang/asan tests for now. (detail)
    by eugenis
  1. [PowerPC] Use xxleqv to set all one vector IMM(-1). (details)
  2. Remove BitVector.h include. NFCI. (details)
  3. Remove SmallBitVector.h include. NFCI. (details)
  4. Re-land "[compiler-rt] Migrate llvm::make_unique to std::make_unique" (details)
  5. [MCA] Slightly refactor class RetireControlUnit, and add the ability to (details)
  6. [cmake] install_symlink should obey DESTDIR unconditionally (details)
  7. Add a proposal for a libc project under the LLVM umbrella. (details)
  8. [llvm] Migrate llvm::make_unique to std::make_unique (details)
  9. [Hexagon] Generate vector min/max for HVX (details)
  10. [BUNDLER]Improve the test, NFC. (details)
  11. [LLVM][Alignment] Fix MSVC potential division by 0 warning (PR42911) (details)
  12. [Support] Base RWMutex on std::shared_timed_mutex (C++14) (details)
  13. [Driver][Bundler] Improve bundling of object files. (details)
  14. Test commit #2. (details)
  15. [sanitizer_common] Always use posix_spawn on Darwin (details)
  16. [X86] Improve cost model for subvector extraction of less than 128-bit (details)
  17. Fix lld on GCC 5.1 after the C++14 move (details)
  18. [NewPM][PassInstrumentation] IR printing support for (Thin)LTO (details)
  19. [CallGraph] Refine call graph for indirect calls with !callees metadata (details)
  20. [DebugInfo] Avoid crash from dropped fragments in LiveDebugValues (details)
  21. Revert "MemoryBuffer: Add a missing error-check to getOpenFileImpl" (details)
  22. Fix the test, NFC. (details)
  23. Link libpthread into (details)
  24. Add LLVMLibC proposal to docs/index.rst. (details)
  25. [X86] Add custom type legalization for bitcasting mmx to (details)
  26. [NFC] Added tests for 'select with ctlz to cttz' fold (details)
  27. Allow standards-based attributes to have leading and trailing (details)
  28. Change test to use uint64_t to support compiling for 32-bit (details)
  29. Rename this file from cx2.c to c2x.c; NFC. (details)
  30. [ValueTracking] Look through ptrmask intrinsics during (details)
  31. [NFC] Add a couple of dump routines for RegisterPressure helper classes (details)
  32. MVT: Add v3i16/v3f16 vectors (details)
  33. Revert [Bugpoint redesign] Added Pass to Remove Global Variables (details)
  34. [Hexagon] Fix instruction selection for vselect v4i8 (details)
  35. Apply llvm-prefer-register-over-unsigned from clang-tidy to LLVM (details)
  36. [WebAssembly] Correctly handle va_arg of zero-sized structures (details)
  37. [Sema] Implement DR2386 for C++17 structured binding (details)
  38. Mark the test as unsupported on darwin, NFC. (details)
  39. Fix nm on GCC 5.1 after the C++14 move (details)
  40. gn build: Merge r369018 (details)
  41. gn build: Merge r369039 (details)
  42. [GWP-ASan] Implement stack frame compression. (details)
  43. [Rewrite][NFC] Add FIXMEs and tests for RemoveLineIfEmpty bug (details)
  44. [MemorySSA] Remove restrictive asserts. (details)
  45. Remove CMake >= v3.13 target_link_options. Instead, use (details)
  46. Stop-hooks weren't getting called on step-out. Fix that. (details)
  47. Add missing MIR serialization text for AArch64II::MO_TAGGED. (details)
  48. [Utils][NFC] Copy bisect usage documents from commit msg into script. (details)
  49. Guard fuzzer build behind Clang-only flags. (details)
  50. [Support] Re-introduce the RWMutexImpl for macOS < 10.12 (details)
  51. [SDAG] Minor code cleanup/standardization of atomic accessors [NFC] (details)
  52. [AIX] For XL, pick GCC-compatible std & default warning options (details)
  53. Revert "[Support] Re-introduce the RWMutexImpl for macOS < 10.12" (details)
  54. [Bugpoint redesign] Output option can now print to STDOUT (details)
  55. [Bugpoint redesign] Added Pass to Remove Global Variables (details)
  56. Move isPointerOffset function to ValueTracking (NFC). (details)
  57. [clang-doc] Fix bitcode writer for access specifiers (details)
  58. [Support] Re-introduce the RWMutexImpl for macOS < 10.12 (details)
  59. [clang-doc] Fix use of source-root flag (details)
  60. [NewPM][PassInstrumentation] Fix test added in r369024. (details)
  61. Re-instate 369051. (details)
  62. [clang-doc] Sort index elements case insensitive (details)
  63. [ARM][LowOverheadLoops] Fix generated code for "revert". (details)
  64. [GlobalISel] CSEMIRBuilder: Add support for G_GEP (details)
  65. Moved binary off add_llvm_executable. Used add_executable instead, as (details)
  66. [DebugLine] Don't try to guess the path style (details)
  67. gn build: Merge r369061 (details)
  68. gn build: Merge r369064 (details)
  69. [clang-doc] Serialize inherited attributes and methods (details)
  70. [clang-tidy] Migrate objc-forbidden-subclassing to use isDerivedFrom 🚛 (details)
  71. [PowerPC] add testcases for folding frame offset - NFC (details)
  72. [analyzer] Analysis: Silence checkers (details)
  73. Disable stack_trace_compressor_fuzzer. (details)
  74. Revert r368987, it caused PR43016. (details)
  75. [clang-tidy] Migrate objc-super-self to use isDerivedFrom 🚛 (details)
  76. Remove the temporary code. NFC. (details)
  77. [lldb-server] Disable a test on Windows until it can be fixed (details)
  78. [X86] Manually reimplement getTargetInsertSubreg in (details)
  79. [ValueTracking] Fix recurrence detection to check both PHI operands. (details)
  80. [clangd] Remove Bind, use C++14 lambda captures instead. NFC (details)
  81. [clangd] Added highlighting for non type templates. (details)
  82. AssumptionCache: remove old affected values after RAUW. (details)
  83. [DebugInfo] Handle complex expressions with spills in LiveDebugValues (details)
  84. [RISCV] Add inline asm constraint A for RISC-V (details)
  85. [SLPVectorizer] Silence null dereference warning. NFCI. (details)
  86. [RISCV] Lower inline asm constraint A for RISC-V (details)
  87. Revert "[CallGraph] Refine call graph for indirect calls with !callees (details)
  88. [RISCV] Allow parsing of bare symbols with offsets (details)
  89. [ASTImporter] Import ctor initializers after setting flags. (details)
  90. Fix typos in LibASTImporter.rst (details)
  91. [clangd] Simplify code of ClangdLSPServer::onCommand (details)
  92. [ARM] Don't pretend we know how to generate MVE VLDn (details)
  93. [X86] Add test case for future MULFIX DAG combine folds. NFC (details)
  94. [DAGCombiner] Add simple folds for SMULFIX/UMULFIX/SMULFIXSAT (details)
  95. Revert [CodeGen] Do the Simple Early Return in block-placement pass to (details)
  96. [clangd] suppress -Wparentheses warning: suggest parentheses around ‘&&’ (details)
  97. [x86] add tests for fdiv with variable operands; NFC (details)
  98. [x86] fix fdiv test; NFC (details)
  99. [ARM] Correct register for narrowing and widening MVE loads and stores. (details)
  100. [libcxxabi] __cxa_guard_require: test guard byte with != 0 instead of == (details)
  101. [X86] Remove unused include. NFCI. (details)
  102. [AArch64InstrInfo] Stop getInstSizeInBytes returning non-zero for meta (details)
  103. [X86][SSE] Add shuffled load tests from PR16739 (details)
  104. [lldb][NFC] Allow for-ranges on StringList (details)
  105. [RISCV] Convert registers from unsigned to Register (details)
  106. Revert rL369112 : [X86][SSE] Add shuffled load tests from PR16739 (details)
  107. [X86][SSE] Add shuffled load tests from PR16739 (details)
  108. [InstCombine] Shift amount reassociation in bittest: trunc-of-shl (details)
  109. [ARM] MVE sext of a load is free (details)
  110. [TextAPI] Update reader to be supported by lib/Object (details)
  111. [InstCombine] Simplify pow(2.0, itofp(y)) to ldexp(1.0, y) (details)
  112. [lld][Hexagon]Support HEX_32 when building shared objects (details)
  113. Relanding r368987 [AArch64] Change location of frame-record within (details)
  114. [clang-doc] Fix records in global namespace (details)
  115. [Hexagon] Generate min/max instructions for 64-bit vectors (details)
  116. [CodeGen/Analysis] Intrinsic llvm.assume should not block tail call (details)
  117. [X86] Alphabetize pass initialization definitions. NFCI. (details)
  118. [SLP] add tests for PR16739; NFC (details)
  119. [ELF][Hexagon] Replace R_HEXAGON_GOT with R_GOTPLT (details)
  120. Fix llvm-config support for CMake build-mode-style builds (details)
  121. [ADT] Remove llvm::make_unique utility. (details)
  122. [SLPVectorizer] Make the scheduler aware of the TreeEntry operands. (details)
  123. Revert [AArch64InstrInfo] Stop getInstSizeInBytes returning non-zero for (details)
  124. [AArch64InstrInfo] Stop getInstSizeInBytes returning non-zero for meta (details)
  125. [X86] combineExtractWithShuffle - handle extract(truncate(x), 0) (details)
  126. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Lower G_SHUFFLE_VECTOR with 1 elt src and 1 elt (details)
  127. [X86] resolveTargetShuffleInputs - add DemandedElts variant. NFCI. (details)
  128. [WebAssembly] Forbid use of EM_ASM with setjmp/longjmp (details)
  129. Escape % in printf format string. (details)
  130. [clang-doc] Redesign of generated HTML files (details)
  131. [InstCombine] canonicalize a scalar-select-of-vectors to vector select (details)
  132. [ORC] Remove some stray debugging output accidentally left in r368707 (details)
  133. [Attributor] Introduce initialize calls and move code to keep attributes (details)
  134. [Attributor][NFC] Introduce aliases for call site attributes (details)
  135. [Attributor] Towards a more structured deduction pattern (details)
  136. Stop abusing SuppressAllDiagnostics when speculatively determining (details)
  137. [OPENMP5.0]Diagnose global variables in lambda not marked as declare (details)
  138. [ARM] push LR before __gnu_mcount_nc (details)
  139. [Test Commit] Fix typo in diagtool.rst (details)
  140. Revert "[ARM] push LR before __gnu_mcount_nc" (details)
  141. [TSan] Don't guard #include <xpc/xpc.h> (details)
  142. [X86] Use Register/MCRegister in more places in X86 (details)
  143. [X86] Support -mlong-double-80 (details)
  144. [Utility] Reimplement RegularExpression on top of llvm::Regex (details)
  145. [RWMutex] Simplify availability check (details)
  146. [Attributor] Add all missing attribute definitions/symbols (details)
  147. [CodeGenPrepare] fix RUN line settings (details)
  148. [clang-format] Fix the bug that joins template closer and > or >> (details)
  149. [CaptureTracking] Allow null to be in either icmp operand (details)
  150. [Attributor] Fix: Make sure we set the changed flag (details)
  151. [Attributor] Fix: Do not partially resolve returned calls. (details)
  152. [doc] Fix some minor formatting issues. (details)
  153. [ARM] Preserve liveness in ARMConstantIslands. (details)
  154. [InstCombine][NFC] Revisit tests in (details)
  155. [TSan] Add interceptors for os_unfair_lock (details)
  156. Revert "[TSan] Don't guard #include <xpc/xpc.h>" (details)
  157. [InstCombine][NFC] reuse-constant-from-select-in-icmp.ll - check (details)
  158. Revert [X86] SimplifyDemandedVectorElts - attempt to recombine target (details)
  159. [CodeGenPrepare] Fix use-after-free (details)
  160. [llvm-readobj] Fallback to PT_NOTE if file doesn't have sections (details)
  161. Revert "[X86] Support -mlong-double-80" (details)
  162. [ORC] Re-introduce self-dependence accidentally dropped from a unit (details)
  163. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Fix an assertion during G_UNMERGE selection for (details)
  164. Reland "[ARM] push LR before __gnu_mcount_nc" (details)
  165. Revert r367891 - "[InstCombine] combine mul+shl separated by zext" (details)
  166. Add LLDB dataformatters for llvm::StringRef and (details)
  167. [llvm-readobj] Unwrap the value first to avoid the error (details)
  168. Simplify code (NFC). (details)
  169. [Fuchsia] Create the VMO during initialization, not during exit (details)
  170. [MemorySSA] Loop passes should mark MSSA preserved when available. (details)
  171. [clang-doc] Fix casting not working in gcc 5.4.0 (details)
  172. [X86] Support -mlong-double-80 (details)
  173. [ELF][PPC] Fix getRelExpr for R_PPC64_REL16_HI (details)
  174. Revert [AArch64InstrInfo] Stop getInstSizeInBytes returning non-zero for (details)
  175. Revert Revert [AArch64InstrInfo] Stop getInstSizeInBytes returning (details)
  176. [ELF] Replace local variable hasExportDynamic with (details)
  177. [circular_raw_ostream] Delegate is_displayed to contained stream (details)
  178. [test] - Remove precomiled openbsd-phdrs.elf-x86-64 objects. (details)
  179. [llvm-readobj/llvm-readelf] - Improve/cleanup the error reporting API. (details)
  180. [CodeGen] Do the Simple Early Return in block-placement pass to optimize (details)
  181. [llvm-readobj] - An attemp to fix BB after r369191. (details)
  182. Revert r369190, r369192 ([llvm-readobj/llvm-readelf] - Improve/cleanup (details)
  183. Recommit r369190 "[llvm-readobj/llvm-readelf] - Improve/cleanup the (details)
  184. [analyzer] Turn an assert into an if condition (details)
  185. [SemaDeclCXX] Allow inheriting constructor declaration to specify a (details)
  186. [NFC][InstCombine] Some tests for 'shift amount reassoc in bit test - (details)
  187. [lldb][NFC] Remove unused MaterializeInitializer and (details)
  188. [BPF] Fix bpf llvm-objdump issues. (details)
  189. [X86] Add a one use check to the combineStore code that handles (details)
  190. TableGen: Revert changes from r369038 (details)
  191. AMDGPU: Disambiguate v3f16 format in load/store tables (details)
  192. AMDGPU: Fix iterator error when lowering SI_END_CF (details)
  193. [SelectionDAG] Add a node creation debug message to getMachineNode. (details)
  194. [TargetLowering] Teach computeRegisterProperties to only widen (details)
  195. [Diagnostics] Improve -Wsizeof-pointer-div (details)
  196. [InstCombine] Cherry-pick NFC cleanups of (details)
  197. [MC] MCFixup - Fix cppcheck + MSVC analyzer uninitialized member (details)
  198. [X86][SSE] Improve PACKSS shuffle tests to better match codegen from (details)
  199. [X86] isTargetShuffleEquivalent - early out on illegal shuffle masks. (details)
  200. [X86] isTargetShuffleEquivalent - add BUILD_VECTOR matching (details)
  201. Fix signed/unsigned comparison warning. NFCI. (details)
  202. [clang-format] Fix a bug that joins template closer and = (details)
  203. [X86] Improve lower1BitShuffle handling for KSHIFTL on narrow vectors. (details)
  204. [Docs] Test commit (details)
  205. [Diagnostics] Diagnose misused xor as pow (details)
  206. [ORC] Remove some dead code. (details)
  207. [ORC] Make sure we linker-mangle symbol names in the SpeculationLayer. (details)
  208. [CMake] Update CMAKE_OSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET to 10.12. (details)
  209. [cmake] Move blocks out of redundant else( MSVC ); NFC (details)
  210. [X86] Replace uses of getZeroVector for vXi1 vectors with (details)
  211. [X86] Add test cases for suboptimal insertion of a vXi1 vector into a (details)
  212. [X86] Add a special case to LowerCONCAT_VECTORSvXi1 to handle (details)
  213. [X86] Add test case for missed opportunity to recognize a vXi1 shuffle (details)
  214. [X86] Teach lower1BitShuffle to recognize padding a subvector with zeros (details)
  215. [X86] Teach lower1BitShuffle to match KSHIFTR that doesn't use Zeroable (details)
  216. [X86] Fix the lower1BitShuffle code added in r369215 to correctly pass (details)
  217. [clangd] Update features table in the docs with links to LSP extension (details)
  218. [llvm-objcopy][MachO] Support load commands used in executables/shared (details)
  219. [llvm-objcopy][MachO] Implement a layout algorithm for executables (details)
  220. [X86] Teach lower1BitShuffle to match right shifts with upper zero (details)
  221. [MC] Don't emit .symver redirected symbols to the symbol table (details)
  222. Revert r369230 and r369231 (details)
  223. [lldb] Remove unused inheritance in RegularExpression (details)
  224. Revert [Attributor] Fix: Do not partially resolve returned calls. (details)
  225. [lldb][NFC] Address review comments to StringList for-loop support (details)
  226. [clangd] Added special HighlightingKind for function parameters. (details)
  227. [MC] Delete unnecessary diagnostic: "No relocation available to (details)
  228. [lldb][NFC] Use GetMaxStringLength in CommandObjectApropos::DoExecute (details)
  229. Revert [Attributor] Fix: Make sure we set the changed flag (details)
  230. [lldb][NFC] Remove StringList::AutoComplete (details)
  231. [DebugInfo] Test for variable range un-coalescing (details)
  232. [ARM] MVE sext costs (details)
  233. [ARM] Add support for MVE vaddv (details)
  234. [ELF][ARM] Add a test that maxes out the thunk convergence limit (details)
  235. [DebugInfo] Make postra sinking of DBG_VALUEs subregister-safe (details)
  236. [MC] Simplify ELFObjectWriter::recordRelocation. NFC (details)
  237. [lldb][NFC] Add a few more completion tests to increase test coverage (details)
  238. [SLP] reduce duplicated code; NFC (details)
  239. [OpenCL] Fix addr space deduction for pointers/references to arrays. (details)
  240. [lldb][NFC] Use CompletionRequest in Variable::AutoComplete (details)
  241. [OpenCL] Add generic type handling for builtin functions (details)
  242. [llvm-readobj] unwrapOrError: remove unnecessary llvm_unreachable after (details)
  243. [SLP] add test that requires shuffle of scalars; NFC (details)
  244. [DebugInfo] Allow bundled calls in the MIR's call site info (details)
  245. [RISCV] Don't force absolute FK_Data_X fixups to relocs (details)
  246. [lld][Hexagon] Add GOTREL relocations. (details)
  247. Don't keep stale pointers to LoopInfos. (details)
  248. [ELF][Hexagon] Improve error message for unknown relocations (details)
  249. [PeepholeOptimizer] Don't assume bitcast def always has input (details)
  250. [ELF] Move (copy relocation/canonical PLT) before error checking (details)
  251. [Object/COFF.h] - Stop returning std::error_code in a few methods. NFCI. (details)
  252. Automatically generate AVX512 test cases. NFC (details)
  253. [llvm-objdump] - Restore lost comment. (details)
  254. [nfc] Silent gcc warning (details)
  255. [lldb][NFC] Stop using GetNumberOfMatches in CompletionRequest test (details)
  256. [TargetLowering] x s% C == 0 fold: vector divisor with INT_MIN handling (details)
  257. Filesystem/Windows: fix inconsistency in readNativeFileSlice API (details)
  258. [libc++] reverts commit a5f5aad568bb7a91ceee47641f3076ac339ef8c7. (details)
  259. [ELF] Simplify processRelocAux and allow a corner-case error (details)
  260. [dotest] Add --dwarf-version to override the tested DWARF version. (details)
  261. [clangd] Added highlighting for tokens that are macro arguments. (details)
  262. [lld][WebAssembly] Honor --no-export-dynamic even with -shared (details)
  263. [Attributor] -attributor-verify has false positives. Temporarily remove (details)
  264. [X86] Added extensive scheduling model tests for all the CMPXCHG (details)
  265. [libc++] Add XFAIL for is_base_of test on AppleClang 11 (details)
  266. Implement P1668R1 (details)
  267. Update cxx_status.html with P1668 status. (details)
  268. [CGP] Remove ModifiedDT from the makeBitReverse loop (details)
  269. Fix test where diagnostics changed in P1668 implementation (details)
  270. [Sanitizer] arc4random interception on Mac (details)
  271. Fix poorly formatted HTML in the cxx_status.html file caused by adding (details)
  272. [X86] Teach lowerV4I32Shuffle to only use broadcasts if the mask has (details)
  273. [X86] Move scheduling tests for CMPXCHG to the corresponding (details)
  274. [TSan] Rename file to make it clear that it defines interceptors (details)
  275. Build symbolizer runtime with C++14. (details)
  276. [MemorySSA] Rename uses when inserting memory uses. (details)
  277. [WebAssembly][MC] Allow empty assembly functions (details)
  278. [lldb] Make TestIOHandlerCompletion more stable and document it (details)
  279. Re-apply fixed "[Attributor] Fix: Make sure we set the changed flag" (details)
  280. [Support] Replace sys::Mutex with their standard equivalents. (details)
  281. [lldb-vscode] add `launchCommands` to handle launch specific commands (details)

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