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Waiting to resume part of lnt-ctmark-aarch64-Os clang-d325032-g06d778f00ae-t1273-b1273.tar.gz: Jenkins is about to shut down
Waiting to resume part of lnt-ctmark-aarch64-Os clang-d325032-g06d778f00ae-t1273-b1273.tar.gz: Jenkins is about to shut down
Waiting to resume part of lnt-ctmark-aarch64-Os clang-d325032-g06d778f00ae-t1273-b1273.tar.gz: Jenkins is about to shut down
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Build Log

  1. MemTag: stack initializer merging. (details)
  2. Recommit "[llvm-objcopy][MachO] Support load commands used in (details)
  3. Fixed placement of llvm.global_dtors on Windows. (details)
  4. Refactor isPointerOffset (NFC). (details)
  5. Recommit "[llvm-objcopy][MachO] Implement a layout algorithm for (details)
  6. Recommit "[Attributor] Fix: Do not partially resolve returned calls." (details)
  7. Fix use-after-free (details)
  8. [CaptureTracker] Let subclasses provide dereferenceability information (details)
  9. [ORC] fix use-after-free detected by -Wreturn-stack-address (details)
  10. Windows: Include "windows" Instead of "Windows" (details)
  11. [Support][Time profiler] Make FE codegen blocks to be inside frontend (details)
  12. [lit] Check for accidental external command calls (details)
  13. [cmake] Link in LLVMPasses due to dependency by LLVMOrcJIT; NFC (details)
  14. [sanitizer_common] Extend test after switch to posix_spawn (details)
  15. Provide a meaningful diagnostic when LLVM_PATH doesn't point to a (details)
  16. [lldb] Fix typo on the BreakpointLocation header and the (details)
  17. [TSan] Rename file with libdispatch interceptors (details)
  18. [SLP][NFC] Avoid repetitive calls to getSameOpcode() (details)
  19. Fix typo.  "piont" => "point" (details)
  20. [WebAssembly][MC] Simplify WasmObjectWriter::recordRelocation. NFC. (details)
  21. [WebAssembly][MC] Fix -Wunused-variable in -DLLVM_ENABLE_ASSERTIONS=off (details)
  22. [analyzer] NFC: Drop support for extra text attached to bug reports. (details)
  23. [analyzer] NFC: Rename GRBugReporter to PathSensitiveBugReporter. (details)
  24. [CallGraph] Take into accound calls that aren't within any function (details)
  25. MCAsmMacro: add `#if !defined(NDEBUG) || defined(LLVM_ENABLE_DUMP)` to (details)
  26. [AsmPrinter] Remove const qualifier from EmitBasicBlockStart. (details)
  27. [NFC] Test commit, fix some comment spelling. (details)
  28. [Attributor] Fix the "clamp" operator (details)
  29. [Attributor] Use structured deduction for AANonNull (details)
  30. [Attributor] Use structured deduction for AADereferenceable (details)
  31. [Attributor][NFC] Cleanup statistics code (details)
  32. [Attributor] Create abstract attributes on-demand (details)
  33. [X86] Add back the -x86-experimental-vector-widening-legalization comand (details)
  34. [Attributor] Fix -Wunused-variable in -DLLVM_ENABLE_ASSERTIONS=off (details)
  35. [compiler-rt][crt] Pass -fno-lto in check_cxx_section_exists (details)
  36. [MC] Delete an overload of MCExpr::evaluateKnownAbsolute and its (details)
  37. [test/Object] - Move/rewrite 2 more test cases. (details)
  38. [ELF][PPC] Allow PT_LOAD to have overlapping p_offset ranges (details)
  39. [ELF][AArch64] Allow PT_LOAD to have overlapping p_offset ranges (details)
  40. Rudimentary support for Doxygen \retval command (details)
  41. [llvm-objcopy][MachO] Fix method names. NFC. (details)
  42. [ELF][X86] Allow PT_LOAD to have overlapping p_offset ranges on EM_386 (details)
  43. [yaml2obj/obj2yaml][MachO] Allow setting custom section data (details)
  44. [clangd] Skip function bodies inside processed files while indexing (details)
  45. [ELF][PPC] Allow PT_LOAD to have overlapping p_offset ranges on EM_PPC (details)
  46. [lldb] D66174 `RegularExpression` cleanup (details)
  47. [lldb][NFC] Test quotes when completing (details)
  48. [DWARF] Fix DWARFUnit::getDebugInfoSize() for 64-bit DWARF. (details)
  49. [COFF] Allow using custom .edata from input object files (details)
  50. [yaml2obj/obj2yaml][MachO] Fix a test failure in big endian hosts (details)
  51. [COFF] Require an explicit -implib option for creating implibs in mingw (details)
  52. [libcxx] Fix build breakage on mips (details)
  53. [X86][Btver2] Fix latency and throughput of CMPXCHG instructions. (details)
  54. Fix MSVC "result of 32-bit shift implicitly converted to 64 bits" (details)
  55. [MCA][X86] Add tests for LOCK variants of standard X86 arithmetic ops (details)
  56. [CMake] Update C4324 MSVC warning comment to explain its still broken at (details)
  57. Recommit "MemoryBuffer: Add a missing error-check to getOpenFileImpl" (details)
  58. [cmake] Remove the test for libstdc++<4.9 (details)
  59. [OpenCL] Add const, volatile and pointer builtin handling (details)
  60. unittests: Use yaml2obj as a library instead of an external process (details)
  61. [RISCV] Implement getExprForFDESymbol to ensure RISCV_32_PCREL is used (details)
  62. [InstCombine] add tests for min/max with min/max of same operands; NFC (details)
  63. [llvm-readobj] Prepend argv[0] to error/warning messages (details)
  64. [DWARF] Fix reading 64-bit DWARF type units. (details)
  65. Convert minidump unittests to use llvm::yaml::convertYAML (details)
  66. Removed the 'id' AST matcher, which is superseded by '.bind()' (details)
  67. Fix build for r369374 (details)
  68. [llvm-objdump] - Remove one of `report_error` functions and improve the (details)
  69. Regex: +regex string lifetime comment (details)
  70. [X86][FMA] Add FMA 'negated expression' combine tests for D63141 (details)
  71. [Syntax] Added function to get macro expansion tokens to TokenBuffer. (details)
  72. [InstCombine] simplify min/max of min/max with same operands (PR35607) (details)
  73. [clangd] Fix one testcase in XRefsTests. (details)
  74. [X86][BtVer2] Fix latency and throughput of atomic INC/DEC/NEG/NOT. (details)
  75. [BlockExtractor] Avoid assert with wrong line format (details)
  76. [InstCombine] improve readability for icmp with cast folds; NFC (details)
  77. [llvm-objcopy] Append '\n' to warning messages (details)
  78. [llvm-objcopy][test] Add a test to show that argv[0] is included in (details)
  79. [libc++] Explicitly cast in generate_canonical (details)
  80. [libc++] std::abs should not return double (details)
  81. [CodeGen] Add a pass to do block predication on SSA machine IR. (details)
  82. Regex: Add isValid() with no parameter (details)
  83. [clang] Use the new Regex::isValid() with no parameter (details)
  84. [lldb] Use the new Regex::isValid() with no parameter (details)
  85. Fix availability of __thread_id on builds with external threading. (details)
  86. [scudo][standalone] Fix malloc_iterate (details)
  87. gn build: Merge r369298 (details)
  88. win: Enable /Zc:twoPhase by default if targeting MSVC 2017 update 3 or (details)
  89. [GlobalISel] Handle multiple registers in dbg.value intrinsic (details)
  90. [ARM] Select vaddva (details)
  91. [CodeGen] Add EarlyIfConvert test missed in previous commit (details)
  92. [libc++] Populate a lit feature including the compiler patch level (details)
  93. Make the FindTypes(std::vector<CompilerContext>, ...) API testable in (details)
  94. [LifetimeAnalysis] Add support for free functions (details)
  95. [libc++] Disable <chrono> ""d and ""y literal tests on AppleClang 10.0.0 (details)
  96. [X86] Use isNullConstant instead of getConstantOperandVal == 0. NFC (details)
  97. [InstCombine] make fold for icmp with sext more efficient; NFC (details)
  98. [X86][BtVer2] Use ReadAfterLd entries for the register operands of (details)
  99. [libc++] fix test for unsigned char (details)
  100. [Attr] Support _attribute__ ((fallthrough)) (details)
  101. bump lld version used by buildbots (details)
  102. Revert "AMDGPU: Fix iterator error when lowering SI_END_CF" (details)
  103. Fix name of the error message, NFC. (details)
  104. Fix typo in comment. NFCI. (details)
  105. [libc++] Precise XFAIL for AppleClang 11 (details)
  106. [InstCombine] add helper function for icmp+zext/sext; NFC (details)
  107. [libc++] Implement LWG 3199 (details)
  108. [WebAssembly][lld] Fix crash when applying relocations to debug sections (details)
  109. [ClangExpressionParser] Add ClangDeclVendor (details)
  110. [COFF] Print the file name on errors writing the pdb file (details)
  111. [TargetMachine] Don't try to create COFFSTUB references on windows on (details)
  112. [Sema][Typo] Fix assertion failure for expressions with multiple typos (details)
  113. fix buildbot start script to no longer hang (details)
  114. [libc++] Avoid implicit conversion warning in a <random> test (details)
  115. Force honoring nthreads-var and thread-limit-var inside teams construct (details)
  116. [X86] Add isel patterns for (i64 (zext (i8 (bitcast (v16i1 X))))) to use (details)
  117. [OPENMP]Fix delayed diagnostics for standalone declare target directive. (details)
  118. [GWP-ASan] Fix typos. (details)
  119. [X86] Add a DAG combine to transform (i8 (bitcast (v8i1 (details)
  120. [CMake] Remove LLDB_TEST_USE_CUSTOM_C(XX)_COMPILER (details)
  121. [Symbol][NFC] Remove references to clang in TypeMap (details)
  122. [libc++] Fix std::abs tests (details)
  123. [llvm-extract] Update the help message for group extraction feature (details)
  124. [InstCombine] add tests for mismatched cast ops for icmp; NFC (details)
  125. [AutoFDO] Make call targets order deterministic for sample profile (details)
  126. [AArch64] Speed-up leak and address sanitizers on AArch64 for 48-bit VMA (details)
  127. [NewPM] Run ubsan-coroutines test under the legacy pass manager only (details)
  128. [test] Fix tests when run on windows after SVN r369426. NFC. (details)
  129. [Attributor] Remove unused variable. NFC. (details)
  130. [COFF] Check errorCount before committing the output file (details)
  131. [InstCombine] add more extra use tests for icmp with extends; NFC (details)
  132. Fix a couple of unguarded operator, calls in algorithm. Fixes PR#43063. (details)
  133. [analyzer] Improve VirtualCallChecker and enable parts of it by default. (details)
  134. [analyzer] Fix a crash when destroying a non-region. (details)
  135. [analyzer] NFC: Remove the BugTypes set from BugReporter. (details)
  136. [NFC] Update RegularExpression documentation (details)
  137. [LLDB][Test] Remove `skipIfWindows` for conditional breakpoint test (details)
  138. Adds support for writing the .bss section for XCOFF object files. (details)
  139. Teach GlobalISelEmitter to treat used iPTRAny operands as pointer (details)
  140. [Symbol] Move VerifyDecl to ClangASTContext (details)
  141. Revert [WinEH] Allocate space in funclets stack to save XMM CSRs (details)
  142. [DebugInfo] Add debug location to dynamic atexit destructor (details)
  143. [DAGCombiner][X86] Teach visitCONCAT_VECTORS to combine (concat_vectors (details)
  144. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Select patterns which use shifted register (details)
  145. [NFC] Fix -Wdocumentation warnings in Utility. (details)
  146. Remove assert with tautological compare from XCOFFObjectWriter. (details)
  147. Add a missing _VSTD:: before a call to merge. Fixes PR43034. Checked the (details)
  148. [MemorySSA] Fix existing phis when inserting defs. (details)
  149. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Select logical_imm32 and logical_imm64 patterns (details)
  150. [MemorySSA] Make Phi cleanups consistent. (details)
  151. [RISCV GlobalISel] Adding initial GlobalISel infrastructure (details)
  152. [Sanitizer] Remove unused functions (details)
  153. [X86] Autogenerate vec_* tests. NFC (details)
  154. [Attributor] Liveness for internal functions. (details)
  155. Fix assert in XCOFFObjectWriter related to program code csects. (details)
  156. [AArch64][asan] fix typo in AsanStats::Print (details)
  157. Add TinyPtrVector support for general pointer-like things. (details)
  158. Add triple to new test to try to pacify bots (details)
  159. [X86] Automatically generate shift tests. NFC (details)
  160. gn build: Merge r369467 (details)
  161. [dotest] Don't set the DWARF version override in CFLAGS_EXTRA. (details)
  162. Remove llvm/utils/git/find-rev (details)
  163. [Doxygen] Document private class members. (details)
  164. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Add support for narrowScalar of G_ZEXT (details)
  165. libcxx: Rename .hpp files in libcxx/test/support to .h (details)
  166. Attempt to fix MSAN failures in benchmarks (details)
  167. Fix missing __muloti4 function with UBSAN (details)
  168. Update a few tests that may change the platform to save & restore the (details)
  169. [NFC] Remove lldb_utility namespace. (details)
  170. Autogenerate the shebang lines for tools/opt-viewer (details)
  171. libcxx: Rename .hpp files in libcxx/benchmarks to .h (details)
  172. [ELF] More dynamic relocation packing (details)
  173. [ELF][test] Add CHECK lines omitted in r369488 (details)
  174. Fix 'fall through' annotation (details)
  175. [NFC] Simplify code (details)
  176. [NFC] Remove unused function GetHexWithFixedSize (details)
  177. [NFC] Return llvm::StringRef from StringExtractor::GetStringRef. (details)
  178. [Symbol] Remove unused clang headers from Type (details)
  179. Revert r369472 and r369441 (details)
  180. [PPC Docs] Remove duplicate info about __builtin_setrnd() (details)
  181. Revert D65242 "[ELF] More dynamic relocation packing" (details)
  182. [NFC] Mark CallTargetComparator() as const to fix libc++ warnings (details)
  183. Be explicit about Windows coff name trailing character policy (details)
  184. Properly EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL the testing support library (details)
  185. Fix an unused variable warning in ClangASTContext.cpp (details)
  186. Removed some dead code in BugReporter and related files (details)
  187. [AArch64] Update MTE system register encodings (details)
  188. [lldb][NFC] Add tests for invalid command invocations (details)
  189. Reland D65242 "[ELF] More dynamic relocation packing"" (details)
  190. [DebugInfo] Avoid dropping location info across block boundaries (details)
  191. [MIPS GlobalISel] NarrowScalar G_TRUNC (details)
  192. [MIPS GlobalISel] Consider type1 when legalizing shifts after r351882 (details)
  193. [MIPS GlobalISel] NarrowScalar G_ZEXT and G_SEXT (details)
  194. [MIPS GlobalISel] NarrowScalar G_ZEXTLOAD and G_SEXTLOAD (details)
  195. [lldb][NFC] Add tests for register command (details)
  196. [clangd] Ignore implicit conversion-operator nodes in find refs. (details)
  197. [llvm-objdump] - Cleanup the error reporting. (details)
  198. [LLD][ELF] - Simplify the bad-archive.s test case. (details)
  199. MinidumpYAML: move serialization code to MinidumpEmitter.cpp (details)
  200. [gtest] Fix printing of StringRef and SmallString in assert messages. (details)
  201. [InstCombine] narrow icmp with extended operands of different widths (details)
  202. [DAGCombiner] Various nits. NFC (details)
  203. [lldb] Add tests for setting completions and enable 'settings remove' (details)
  204. Fix two compiler warnings (details)
  205. Recommit "Minidump/Windows: Fix module lookup"" (details)
  206. [lldb] Add tests for 'settings remove' and fix error message typos (details)
  207. Revert "[gtest] Fix printing of StringRef and SmallString in assert (details)
  208. Add 9.0 release bug to merge request script (details)
  209. reland [gtest] Fix printing of StringRef and SmallString in assert (details)
  210. [RISCV] Add support for RVC HINT instructions (details)
  211. [DWARF] Adjust return type of DWARFUnit::getLength(). (details)
  212. [lldb][NFC] Merge multiple (details)
  213. [LLVM][Alignment] Introduce Alignment In MachineFrameInfo (details)
  214. [AMDGPU] Prevent VGPR copies from moving across the EXEC mask (details)
  215. Improving CodeView debug info type record's inline comments (details)
  216. compiler-rt: Fix warning if COMPILER_RT_HAS_FCNTL_LCK is 0 (details)
  217. [ELF][ARM] Simplify some llvm-objdump tests with both ARM/Thumb states (details)
  218. clang: Fix typo in comment (details)
  219. [libcxx] Only declare contents of threading API when (details)
  220. git-llvm: Give "push" a --force flag to disable confirm prompt on (details)
  221. clang: Fix typo in comment (details)
  222. clang: Fix typo in comment (details)
  223. [instcombine] icmp eq/ne (sub C, Y), C -> icmp eq/ne Y, 0 (details)
  224. clang: Fix typo in comment (details)
  225. [Sanitizer] Disable -Wframe-larger-than on SystemZ (details)
  226. git-llvm: Make push --force suppress error on nothing to commit as well (details)
  227. [ARM] Formatting for NFC (details)
  228. Add a couple of extra test noticed in post-commit discussion of rL369541 (details)
  229. GlobalISel: Implement moreElementsVector for G_UNMERGE_VALUES sources (details)
  230. [LoopPassManager + MemorySSA] Only enable use of MemorySSA for LPMs (details)
  231. Fix -Wimplicit-fallthrough warnings in regcomp.c (details)
  232. [LTO] Always mark regular LTO units with EnableSplitLTOUnit=1 under the (details)
  233. [GWP-ASan] Build stack_trace_compressor_fuzzer. (details)
  234. [GWP-ASan] Add public-facing documentation [6]. (details)
  235. [docs] Convert remaining command guide entries from md to rst. (details)
  236. Add newline to GWP-ASan sphinx document. Should fix the document (details)
  237. Generalize FindTypes with CompilerContext to support fuzzy lookup (details)
  238. [docs] Fix GwpAsan.rst (details)
  239. [BitcodeReader] Check if we can create a null constant for type. (details)
  240. [lld-link] implement -lto-obj-path (details)
  241. [docs] Add GwpAsan to toctree. (details)
  242. [DAGCombiner] Remove mostly redundant calls to AddToWorklist (details)
  243. [mips] Remove duplicated case from the `StringSwitch`. NFC (details)
  244. [mips] Replace call `expandLoadAddress` by `loadAndAddSymbolAddress`. (details)
  245. [TableGen] Include directly into the (details)
  246. [MVT] Add v16f16 and v32f16 vectors. (details)
  247. [WebAssembly] Handle aliases in WebAssemblyFixFunctionBitcasts (details)
  248. Revert r367389 (and follow-up r368404); it caused PR43073. (details)
  249. [clang-tidy] Check for dynamically initialized statics in headers. (details)
  250. Revert r369549 as it broke the bots. (details)
  251. [GVN] Do PHI translations across all edges between the load and the (details)
  252. gn build: Make sync script not exit 1 if it writes changes (details)
  253. gn build: Merge r369568 (details)
  254. Fix -Werror=unused-variable error after r369528. (details)
  255. [analyzer] Mention whether an event is about a condition in a bug report (details)
  256. [Attributor] Use existing unreachable instead of introducing new ones (details)
  257. [Attributor][NFC] Remove leftover semicolon (details)
  258. [Attributor][NFC] Fix copy & paste error (details)
  259. Fix documentation build after rL369568 (details)
  260. [BinaryFormat] Teach identify_magic about Tapi files. (details)
  261. [RISCV] Fix use of side-effects in asserts in decoder functions (details)
  262. Use C++14 heteregenous lookup for a couple of std::map<std::string, ...> (details)
  263. Add char8_t support (C++20) (details)
  264. [analyzer][NFC] Add different interestingness kinds (details)
  265. When building file without debug info, include the architecture setting (details)
  266. NFCI: Simplify SourceManager::translateFile by removing code path that (details)
  267. [Attributor][NFCI] Introduce tight iteration bounds in the tests (details)
  268. Add FileWriter to GSYM and encode/decode functions to AddressRange and (details)
  269. [Attributor] Fix: Gracefully handle non-instruction users (details)
  270. [analyzer] Don't make ConditionBRVisitor events prunable when the (details)
  271. [RISCV] Remove fix introduced by r369573, superseded by r369580 (details)
  272. [LifetimeAnalysis] Support more STL idioms (template forward declaration (details)
  273. [Attributor] FIX: Try to make bots happy (details)
  274. gn build: Merge r369587 (details)
  275. gn build: Merge r369591 (details)
  276. [test] Update test so it matches the Windows output (details)
  277. [analyzer] Mention whether an event is about a condition in a bug report (details)
  278. libcxx: Rename last two .hpp files in libcxx to .h (details)
  279. [X86] Replace a couple hardcoded '5's with X86::AddrNumOperands for (details)
  280. [X86] Correct the scheduler classes for TAILJMP and TCRETURN CodeGenOnly (details)
  281. [Object] Add tapi files to object (details)
  282. [TSan] #include header instead of forward declaring interceptees (details)
  283. [Object] FIX: update PlatformKind name in TapiFile (details)
  284. gn build: Merge r369600 (details)
  285. [analyzer] TrackConstraintBRVisitor: Do not track unknown values (details)
  286. [analyzer] CastValueChecker: Store the dynamic types and casts (details)
  287. [GWP-ASan] Remove c++ standard lib dependency. (details)
  288. [analyzer] CastValueChecker: Rewrite dead header hotfix (details)
  289. gn build: Merge r369605 (details)
  290. [analyzer] CastValueChecker: Try to fix the buildbots (details)
  291. [COFF] Fix section name for constants larger than 64 bits on Windows (details)
  292. The g_format_infos table needs to be updated in concert with the enum (details)
  293. [X86] Making X86OptimizeLEAs pass public. NFC (details)
  294. [analyzer] Don't track the condition of foreach loops (details)
  295. [FormatManager] Add static_assert to keep formats in sync. (details)
  296. [analyzer] CastValueChecker: Model isa(), isa_and_nonnull() (details)
  297. [analyzer] Enable control dependency condition tracking by default (details)
  298. [FormatManage] Fix the format info order (details)
  299. [lldb] Replace std::once_flag with llvm::once_flag. (details)
  300. [OpenMP] Permit map with DSA on combined directive (details)
  301. [lit] Diagnose insufficient args to internal env (details)
  302. [debugserver] Switch back to std::once_flag (details)
  303. [TargetLowering] Remove optional arguments passing to makeLibCall (details)
  304. Revert "[GWP-ASan] Remove c++ standard lib dependency." (details)
  305. [lldb][NFC] Remove WordComplete mode, make result array indexed from 0 (details)
  306. [lldb][NFC] Remove dead code that is supposed to handle invalid command (details)
  307. [ARM] Fix lsrl with a 128/256 bit shift amount or a shift of 32 (details)
  308. [Support] Improve readNativeFile(Slice) interface (details)
  309. [X86] Lower the cost of v2i32->v2f64 sint_to_fp under vector widening (details)
  310. Remove an unused function, suppress -Wunused-function warning. (details)
  311. [llvm-readobj] - Remove `reportError(std::error_code EC, StringRef (details)
  312. [clangd] The ClangdServer::EnableHiddenFeatures is not used any more. (details)
  313. [lldb][NFC] NFC cleanup for the completion code (details)
  314. Revert r369458 "[DebugInfo] Add debug location to dynamic atexit (details)
  315. [llvm-objdump] - Remove an outdated "FIXME". NFC. (details)
  316. [lldb][NFC] Remove unused return value from (details)
  317. Revert r369626 "[ARM] Fix lsrl with a 128/256 bit shift amount or a (details)
  318. [Loop Peeling] Fix silly bug in metadata update. (details)
  319. Reapply: [ARM] Fix lsrl with a 128/256 bit shift amount or a shift of 32 (details)
  320. [MVT] Add MVT equivalent to EVT::getHalfNumVectorElementsVT() helper. (details)
  321. [OpenCL] Fix declaration of enqueue_marker (details)
  322. [X86][BtVer2] Fix latency and throughput of XCHG and XADD. (details)
  323. Remove \brief commands from doxygen comments. (details)
  324. Fix some regressions caused by r369553 on old versions of Debian and (details)
  325. [yaml2obj] - Lookup relocation symbols in dynamic symbol when .dynsym (details)
  326. [lldb][NFC] Add test for target stop-hook disable/enable/delete (details)
  327. Revert r369402 "win: Enable /Zc:twoPhase by default if targeting MSVC (details)
  328. [MCA] consistently use MCPhysReg instead of unsigned as register type. (details)
  329. [SlotIndexes] Add print-slotindexes to disable printing slotindexes (details)
  330. [lldb][NFC] Fix indentation in CommandObjectProcess (details)
  331. [Attributor][NFC] Move DerefState to header and use StateWrapper (details)
  332. [lldb] Fix `TestDataFormatterStdList` regression (details)
  333. [clangd] Send suppported codeActionKinds to the client. (details)
  334. [PowerPC][XCOFF][MC] Explicitly set containing csect on symbols. [NFC] (details)
  335. [PowerPC] Add combined ELF ABI and 32/64 bit queries to the subtarget. (details)
  336. [PowerPC] Regenerate reciprocal tests, as discussed on D66548 (details)
  337. [lldb] Remove ')' to fix the build (details)
  338. [X86][BtVer2] Fix latency/throughput of scalar integer MUL instructions. (details)
  339. [DAGCombiner] Remove explicit call to AddToWorklist in sqrt and (details)
  340. [MBP] Disable aggressive loop rotate in plain mode (details)
  341. [X86] Remove MCInstLower code that drops operands from some CALL and (details)
  342. Fixed Missing Expected error handling (details)
  343. [NFC][InstCombine] New tests: unrecognized_three-way-comparison.ll is (details)
  344. [OPENMP]Generalization of handling of declare target attribute. (details)
  345. Doxygenify comments. (details)
  346. Remove redundant curly braces. (details)
  347. [MachO][TLOF] Use hasLocalLinkage to determine if indirect symbol is (details)
  348. [libc++] Mark lock_guard nodiscard test as unsupported in C++03 (details)
  349. GlobalISel: Don't create G_UADDE with constant false carry in (details)
  350. Retire llvm::less/equal in favor of C++14 std::less<>/equal_to<>. (details)
  351. Retire llvm::less_ptr. llvm::deref is much more flexible. (details)
  352. [Clangd] Tweaktesting replace toString with consumeError (details)
  353. Revert "[LifetimeAnalysis] Support more STL idioms (template forward (details)
  354. gn build: Merge r369677 (details)
  355. [clangd] Fold string copy into lambda capture. NFC. (details)
  356. Introduce FileEntryRef and use it when handling includes to report (details)
  357. gn build: Merge r369680 (details)
  358. Implement nullPointerConstant() using a better API. (details)
  359. [] Add missing declaration for malloc_get_all_zones (details)
  360. [AArch64] autogenerate some tests. NFC (details)
  361. Fix the nullPointerConstant() test to get bots back to green. (details)
  362. Improve the documentation for OpenCL vector types. (details)
  363. Disable the ScanDepsReuseFilemanager test on Windows (details)
  364. [llvm-objcopy][NFC] Refactor symbol/section matching (details)
  365. Extend FindTypes with CompilerContext to allow filtering by language. (details)
  366. Add missing include (details)
  367. Add missing include (details)
  368. [libc++] Fix broken <random> test (details)
  369. [COFF] Add libcall symbols to the link when LTO is being used (details)
  370. Fight a bit against global initializers. NFC. (details)
  371. [NFC][InstCombine] New tests: unrecognized_three-way-comparison.ll is (details)
  372. IR. Change strip* family of functions to not look through aliases. (details)
  373. Rename lldb/source/Interpreter/OptionValueFileSpecLIst.cpp to (details)

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