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  1. Revert "[Attributor] [WIP] Track AA dependency using dependency graph" (details)
  2. [Attributor] Track AA dependency using dependency graph (details)
  3. Revert "[CMake] Simplify CMake handling for zlib" (details)
  4. [OpenMP] Emit remarks during GPU state machine optimization (details)
  5. [CallGraph] Update callback call sites in RefreshCallGraph (details)
  6. [OpenMP][IRBuilder] Support nested parallel regions (details)
  7. Revert "[Attributor] Track AA dependency using dependency graph" (details)
  8. [OpenMP][FIX] Check only for deterministic part of a generated function name (details)
  9. [Attributor] Fix build of unittest with DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=True (details)
  10. [llvm][NFC] Hide the tensorflow dependency from headers. (details)

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