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  1. [DebugInfo] Prevent invalid fragments at ISel from dropping debug info (detail)
  2. [Analyzer][Docs][NFC] Add CodeChecker to the command line tools (detail)
  3. [Attributor][NFC] Refactoring `AANoFreeArgument::updateImpl` (detail)
  4. [Attributor] [NFC] Use `checkForAllUses` helpr in (detail)
  5. [Attributor][NFC] Fix comments and unnecessary comma (detail)
  6. [NFC][ARM] Add some test triples (detail)
  7. [Diagnsotics] Small Improvement on -Wmisleading-indentation (detail)
  8. [clangd] Implement "textDocument/documentLink" protocol support (detail)
  9. [llvm-dwarfdump] Add blank line after printing line table (detail)
  10. [lldb/DWARF] Fix v5 location lists for dwo files (detail)
  11. [ARM][MVE] Sink vector shift operand (detail)
  12. [OpenMP][Test] Add check for aux-triple predefined macros (detail)
  13. AMDGPU/SILoadStoreOptimizer: Simplify function (detail)
  14. [ARM][CMSE] Add CMSE header and builtins (detail)
  15. gn build: Merge 600d123c6ff (detail)
  16. [Alignment][NFC] Adding Align compatible methods to (detail)
  17. [ARM][MVE] findVCMPToFoldIntoVPS. NFC. (detail)
  18. [Matrix] Add first set of matrix intrinsics and initial lowering pass. (detail)
  19. gn build: Merge 526244b187d (detail)
  20. Fix naming style. NFC. (detail)
  21. [clang-tidy] Use early returns to make the code easier to read and (detail)
  22. [clang] Turn -fno-builtin flag into an IR Attribute (detail)
  23. [amdgpu] Fix `-Wenum-compare` warning. NFC. (detail)
  24. [ASTImporter] Support functions with placeholder return types ... (detail)
  25. [fuzzer] Add basic support for emscripten. (detail)
  26. [lldb/CMake] Rename LLDB_DISABLE_CURSES to LLDB_ENABLE_CURSES (detail)
  27. [BasicAA] Use GEP as context for computeKnownBits in aliasGEP. (detail)
  28. [lldb/CMake] Rename LLDB_DISABLE_LIBEDIT to LLDB_ENABLE_LIBEDIT (detail)
  29. [ELF] Add a comment to handleSectionGroup(). NFC (detail)
  30. [lldb/Host] Use cmakedefine01 for LLDB_ENABLE_LIBXML2 (detail)

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