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Git (git http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-zorg.git)

  1. Use official LLVM GitHub repo in zorg/jenkins/jobs/config instead of (detail)
  2. Remove outdated llvm-mirror git link in (detail)
  3. [tasktool] Use the magical GitHub SVN support to checkout lit (detail)
  4. [tasktool] Try to make pip happy with installing lit (detail)

Git (git http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-project.git)

  1. [AArch64] match fcvtl2 with bitcasted extract (detail)
  2. Add an -fno-temp-file flag for compilation (detail)
  3. [globalisel] Attempt to fix ARM bots that emit the correct number in the (detail)
  4. [NFC][InstCombine] Autogenerate assume.ll test (detail)
  5. [gicombiner] Import tryCombineIndexedLoadStore() (detail)
  6. [compiler-rt] Sync NetBSD ioctl definitions with 9.99.26 (detail)
  7. [globalisel] Small correction to the fixup in 0a0813962d6. The two ID's (detail)
  8. [ThinLTO] Show preserved symbols in DOT files (detail)
  9. [clang] [cmake] Fix binary dir (detail)
  10. [compiler-rt] [test] Disable ASLR for fuzzer tests on NetBSD (detail)
  11. [LoopUtils] Updated deleteDeadLoop() to handle loop nest. (detail)
  12. gn build: Merge 9883d7edc65 (detail)
  13. [AArch64] update test checks; NFC (detail)
  14. [NFC][InlineCost] Run clang-format on InlineCost.cpp (detail)
  15. [compiler-rt] [test] Disable ASLR on LSAN+ASAN tests on NetBSD (detail)
  16. [compiler-rt] [test] Disable ASLR on UBSAN+[AMT]SAN tests on NetBSD (detail)
  17. [llvm-exegesis][NFC] internal changes (detail)
  18. Reapply: [DebugInfo] Correctly handle salvaged casts and split fragments (detail)
  19. Fix modules build by adding missing includes to LTO/Config.h (detail)
  20. [NFC] Fix sanitizer lint problem that's breaking Android bot. (detail)
  21. Revert "Add an -fno-temp-file flag for compilation" (detail)
  22. [AArch64] add tests for bitcasted DUPLANE; NFC (detail)
  23. [ MC ] Match labels to existing fragments even when switching sections. (detail)
  24. [AArch64][SVE] Replace integer immediate intrinsics with splat vector (detail)
  25. [AArch64][SVE] Fix gather scatter dag combine test. (detail)
  26. Add support for the MS qualifiers __ptr32, __ptr64, __sptr, __uptr. (detail)
  27. [PowerPC][NFC] Refactor splat of constant to vector. (detail)
  28. [SelectionDAGBuilder] Use getConstant instead of getTargetConstant to (detail)
  29. llvm-cxxmap: fix support for remapping non-mangled names. (detail)
  30. [InstCombine] Allow to limit the max number of iterations (detail)
  31. [Concepts] Constrained partial specializations and function overloads. (detail)
  32. [Clang FE, SystemZ]  Don't add "true" value for the "mnop-mcount" (detail)
  33. Revert "[AArch64][SVE] Replace integer immediate intrinsics with splat (detail)
  34. [Concepts] Fix crash in D41910 (detail)
  35. Fix more VFS tests on Windows (detail)
  36. [NFC] Update FIXME for one VFS test (detail)
  37. [libomptarget][nfc] Extract function from data_sharing, move to common (detail)
  38. [Concepts] Fix incorrect move out of temporary in D41910 (detail)
  39. [InstCombine] Insert instructions before adding them to worklist (detail)
  40. [LoopFusion] Use the LoopInfo::isRotatedForm method (NFC). (detail)
  41. [libomptarget][nfc] Introduce atomic wrapper function (detail)
  42. [analyzer] NonnullGlobalConstants: Add support for kCFNull. (detail)
  43. Correct version check 9.9.26 -> 9.99.26 (detail)
  44. [libunwind] Fix evaluating DWARF operation DW_OP_pick (detail)
  45. [FPEnv] Strict versions of llvm.minimum/llvm.maximum (detail)
  46. [lldb/MachO] "Fix" intentional out-of-bounds error (NFC) (detail)
  47. Tweak commit message for auto update of gn build script (detail)
  48. Revert "[InstCombine][AMDGPU] Trim more components of *buffer_load" (detail)
  49. [gn build] Update console print to match the commit message (NFC) (detail)
  50. Change triple in test case to not include triples the test shouldn't (detail)
  51. [clang-tools-extra] Fix linking dylib for LLVMFrontendOpenMP (detail)
  52. Support powerpc when builing without init_array. (detail)
  53. Move TypeSourceInfo to Type.h (detail)
  54. Use hasOffsetApplied to initialize member HasOffsetApplied (detail)
  55. Refactor CompareReferenceRelationship and its callers in preparation for (detail)
  56. [Orc][LLJIT] Use JITLink even if a custom JITTargetMachineBuilder is (detail)
  57. Add prototype for a function we call. (detail)
  58. [analyzer] Teach MismatchedDealloc about initWithBytesNoCopy with (detail)
  59. [Remarks][Driver][NFC] Make shouldEmitRemarks more available in the (detail)
  60. [Remarks][Driver] Run dsymutil when remarks are enabled (detail)

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