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  1. [ELF] Replace SymbolTable::forEachSymbol with iterator_range symbols() (detail)
  2. [ELF] Add a corrector for case mismatch problems (detail)
  3. [Object][RISCV][test] Improve DebugInfo/RISCV/relax-debug-frame.ll (detail)
  4. [X86] Pre-commit test modifications for D68857. NFC (detail)
  5. [X86] Add strict fp support for operations of X87 instructions (detail)
  6. TargetPassConfig: const char * -> const char [] (detail)
  7. [LegalizeDAG] Use getOperationAction instead of (detail)
  8. [AIX] Disable clang python binding tests (detail)
  9. [LegalizeTypes] Add SoftenFloatRes_Unary and SoftenFloatRes_Binary (detail)
  10. [mips] Fix sc, scs, ll, lld instructions expanding (detail)
  11. [ConstFolding] move tests for copysign; NFC (detail)
  12. [InstSimplify] add tests for copysign; NFC (detail)
  13. [InstSimplify] fold copysign with same args to the arg (detail)
  14. Initial implementation of -fmacro-prefix-map and -ffile-prefix-map (detail)
  15. [unittest] Fix unittests/Support/Path.cpp after D49466 (detail)
  16. [X86] Add test cases for constrained lrint/llrint/lround/llround to (detail)
  17. Fix tests on Windows after D49466 (detail)
  18. [CodeMoverUtils] Don't dereference nullptr in test (detail)
  19. [CodeMoverUtils] clang-format the test (detail)
  20. [PowerPC] [NFC] rename PPCLoopPreIncPrep.cpp to PPCLoopInstrFormPrep.cpp (detail)
  21. [ELF] Adjust test to work for zlib 1.2.8 (detail)
  22. [Preprocessor] Fix backslash tests on Windows after D49466 (detail)
  23. [LegalizeTypes] Add SoftenFloatOp_Unary to reduce some duplication for (detail)
  24. Workaround for EvalInfo ctor for MSVC 2017 (detail)
  25. [Fuchsia] Don't fail for unknown architectures (detail)
  26. XFAIL a test on Windows (detail)

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