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  1. lldb-sanitized: Move MAX_PARALLEL_TESTS initialization to a place where (detail)

Git (git http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-project.git)

  1. [PowerPC] Legalize saturating vector add/sub (detail)
  2. [llvm-locstats] Add the --compare option (detail)
  3. Further implement CWG 2292 (detail)
  4. [RISCV] Fix test for inline asm z constraint modifier (detail)
  5. TableGen/GlobalISel: Don't reconstruct CodeGenRegBank (detail)
  6. TableGen/GlobalISel: Don't take reference to temporary values (detail)
  7. TableGen: Delete some copy constuctors (detail)
  8. GlobalISel: Fix narrowScalar for G_ANYEXT results (detail)
  9. AMDGPU: Partially directly select llvm.amdgcn.interp.p1.f16 (detail)
  10. GlobalISel: Implement lower for G_BITCAST (detail)
  11. [mlir] LLVM import: handle function-typed constants (detail)
  12. [FPEnv] Address post-commit review comment for D71467 (detail)
  13. [clangd] Show hower info for expressions (detail)
  14. [ELF] Avoid false-positive assert in getErrPlace() (detail)
  15. [mlir][EDSC] Refactor dependencies involving EDSCs. (detail)
  16. [gn build] (manually) port b4a99a061f51 better (detail)
  17. [clangd] Add a ruler after header in hover (detail)
  18. [clangd] Rearrange type, returntype and parameters in hover card (detail)
  19. [clang] New __attribute__((__clang_arm_mve_strict_polymorphism)). (detail)
  20. [gn build] find mistakes like the one fixed in 72b5989e0d1 at build time (detail)
  21. [clangd] Fix windows buildbots (detail)
  22. Restore "[ThinLTO] Add additional ThinLTO pipeline testing with new PM" (detail)
  23. [llvm-readobj][test] - Cleanup SHT_RELR sections testing. (detail)
  24. [mlir][Linalg] NFC - Hotfix for gcc-5 build (detail)
  25. [CMake] Enable -qfuncsect when building with IBM XL (detail)
  26. DWARFDebugLine.cpp: Format unknown line number standard opcodes (detail)
  27. [ORC] Update lazyReexports to support aliases with different symbol (detail)
  28. [ORC] Simplify use of lazyReexports with LLJIT. (detail)
  29. [mlir][Linalg] NFC - Cleanup Linalg Pass locations and namespacing (detail)
  30. [mlir][Linalg] NFC - Hotfix for gcc-5 build (detail)
  31. [InstCombine] reassociate fsub+fsub into fsub+fadd (detail)
  32. [Loop Peeling] Add possibility to enable peeling on loop nests. (detail)
  33. [ThinLTO] Always import constants (detail)
  34. Fix bot by adjusting wildcard matching (detail)
  35. Revert "[mlir] Create a gpu.module operation for the GPU Dialect." (detail)
  36. [clangd] Extract string literals in macro arguments to unbreak gcc (detail)
  37. [ARM][MVE][Intrinsics] Add VMINAQ, VMINNMAQ, VMAXAQ, VMAXNMAQ (detail)
  38. Replace CLANG_SPAWN_CC1 env var with a driver mode flag (detail)
  39. [gn build] Reformat all build files (detail)
  40. Revert "Revert rG6078f2fedcac5797ac39ee5ef3fd7a35ef1202d5 - (detail)
  41. [ORC] Set setCloneToNewContextOnEmit on LLJIT's transform layer when (detail)
  42. [Mips] Add FileCheck to a test that just tested for a crash. (detail)
  43. [gn build] make "gn format" comment slightly more concise (detail)
  44. [gn build] add multi-line forcing comments in more places (detail)
  45. [gn build] re-run "gn format" with trunk gn (detail)
  46. [docs][ORC] Update the laziness section of the ORCv2 design doc. (detail)
  47. [DWARF] Emit DW_AT_call_return_pc as an address (detail)
  48. DebugInfo: Factor out logic to update locations in MD_loop metadata, NFC (detail)
  49. Work around PR43337: don't try to use the vec_sel overloads for vector (detail)
  50. PR17164: Change clang's default behavior from (detail)
  51. [NFC][IndVarSimplify] remove duplicate code in (detail)
  52. [mlir] Add shaped container component type interface (detail)
  53. [NFC] Refactor InlineResult for readability (detail)
  54. [MachineScheduler][NFC] Don't swap when we can't cluster (detail)
  55. lldb: Run and on (detail)
  56. [libc++] Make SFINAE'd member functions in string mutually exclusive. (detail)
  57. [libc++] Explicitly mark basic_string<...>::npos with default (detail)
  58. [libc++] Explicitly enumerate std::string external instantiations - (detail)
  59. [BasicBlock] add helper getPostdominatingDeoptimizeCall (detail)
  60. DWARF: Simplify the way the return PC is attached to call site tags, NFC (detail)
  61. [test] Move call-site-entry-linking.test into test/tools/dsymutil/X86 (detail)
  62. [libc++] Optimize basic_string::operator=(const basic_string&) for SSO (detail)
  63. [libc++] Fix parsing <string> in C++03. (detail)
  64. Revert "[OPENMP]Do not use RTTI by default for NVPTX devices." (detail)
  65. [lldb/Debugger] Rename IO handler methods to be more meaningful (NFC) (detail)
  66. Revert "Allow system header to provide their own implementation of some (detail)
  67. [COFF] Warn that LLD does not support /PDBSTRIPPED: (detail)
  68. [libcxx] Use mtx_plain | mtx_recursive following C11 API (detail)
  69. [lldb/Utils] Patch all variables used by lldb-dotest (detail)
  70. [IR] Module's NamedMD table needn't be 'void *' (detail)
  71. GlobalISel: Handle more cases of G_SEXT narrowing (detail)
  72. AMDGPU: Remove custom node for exports (detail)
  73. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Select exp with patterns (detail)
  74. [CodeExtractor] Transfer debug info to extracted function (detail)
  75. [OPENMP]Use regular processing of vtable used when TU is a prefix. (detail)
  76. Revert "Further implement CWG 2292" (detail)
  77. Process BUNDLE in tail duplication (detail)
  78. [lldb/Utils] Patch all variables used by lldb-dotest (2/2) (detail)
  79. [lldb/Utils] Patch all variables used by lit (3/3) (detail)
  80. Fix pack deduction to only deduce the arity of packs that are actually (detail)
  81. [LLDB] Add ObjectFileWasm plugin for WebAssembly debugging (detail)

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