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  1. Remove release note about in-process-cc1 (detail)
  2. [lldb][NFC] Migrate several tests to expect_expr (detail)
  3. Fix "pointer is null" static analyzer warnings. NFCI. (detail)
  4. Fix unused variable warning. NFCI. (detail)
  5. [clangd] Make output order of allTargetDecls deterministic (detail)
  6. [ELF] Optimization to LinkerScript::computeInputSections NFC (detail)
  7. Revert "[PHIEliminate] Move dbg values after phi and label" (detail)
  8. Make lld cmake not compute commit revision twice (detail)
  9. Removed an unused include from TypeLocVisitor.h (detail)
  10. [VectorUtils] Rework the Vector Function Database (VFDatabase). (detail)
  11. try to unbreak build after 4b6d9ac392613 (detail)
  12. [mlir][Linalg] Fix Linalg EDSC builders (detail)
  13. [ARM][MVE] Enable extending gathers (detail)
  14. [lldb/DWARF/test] Freshen up debug_names tests (detail)
  15. [GlobalISel] Use more MachineIRBuilder helper methods (detail)
  16. [ARM][LowOverheadLoops] Update liveness info (detail)
  17. [Hexagon] Remove unnecessary case in StringSwitch, NFC (detail)
  18. Remove some SVN-specific code. (detail)
  19. [GlobalISel] Pass MachineOperands into MachineIRBuilder helper methods (detail)
  20. [GlobalISel] Don't arbitrarily limit a mask to 64 bits (detail)
  21. [Hexagon] Add preprocessor test for hexagonv66 (detail)
  22. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Select DS GWS intrinsics (detail)
  23. [lldb][NFC] Delete (detail)
  24. [MC][test] Fix non-portable GNU diff option (detail)
  25. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Don't handle legacy buffer intrinsic (detail)
  26. [llvm-exegesis][NFC] Refactor Mips tests fixtures into a base class. (detail)
  27. [llvm-exegesis][mips] Add RegisterAliasingTest unit test (detail)
  28. [Hexagon] Fix alignment info for __builtin_circ_lduh (detail)
  29. [gn build] Port 6b357866496 (detail)
  30. [llvm] Make new pass manager's OptimizationLevel a class (detail)
  31. [lldb/Scripts] Remove swig_bot_lib/ (detail)
  32. [GVN] introduce GVNOptions to control GVN pass behavior (detail)
  33. [LLDB] Add SymbolVendorWasm plugin for WebAssembly debugging (detail)
  34. [LLDB] Convert Plugins/ObjectFile/wasm/ObjectFileWasm.h to unix line (detail)
  35. remove an include that's unused after r347592 (detail)
  36. [lldb/test] Revert changes to debug-names-compressed.cpp (detail)
  37. [SystemZ] Avoid unnecessary conversions in vecintrin.h (detail)
  38. [PowerPC][AIX] Make PIC the default relocation model for AIX (detail)
  39. [gn build] include revision information in lld --version output (detail)
  40. [gn build] (manually) port bed7626f04f7 (detail)
  41. Revert "[Loop Peeling] Add possibility to enable peeling on loop nests." (detail)
  42. [ELF] Decrease alignment of ThunkSection on 64-bit targets from 8 to 4 (detail)
  43. [Hexagon] Add a target feature to disable compound instructions (detail)
  44. Delete control character from comment. (NFC) (detail)
  45. AMDGPU: Update tests to use modern buffer intrinsics (detail)
  46. TableGen: Remove dead code (detail)
  47. TableGen/GlobalISel: Fix srcvalue inputs (detail)
  48. GlobalISel: Preserve load/store metadata in IRTranslator (detail)
  49. GlobalISel: Apply target MMO flags to atomics (detail)
  50. AMDGPU: Remove IR section from MIR test (detail)
  51. [clangd] Make define outline code action visible (detail)
  52. [clangd] Print underlying type for decltypes in hover (detail)
  53. [LegalizeDAG][Mips] Add an assert to protect a uint_to_fp implementation (detail)
  54. [Hexagon] Update autogeneated intrinsic information in LLVM (detail)
  55. GlobalISel: Move extension scalar narrowing to separate function (detail)
  56. GlobalISel: Don't ignore requested ext narrowing type (detail)
  57. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Improve lowering of G_SEXT_INREG (detail)
  58. AMDGPU: Update more tests to use modern buffer intrinsics (detail)
  59. Don't run powerpc lit test case on other platforms. (detail)
  60. AMDGPU: Remove outdated comment (detail)
  61. [lldb/test] Exted test for CMTime data formatter (detail)
  62. [libc++] Fix Windows DLL build for string. (detail)
  63. [OpenMP][Tool] Fix memory leak and double-allocation (detail)
  64. Address redirect issue on Windows. (detail)
  65. [ELF] -r: don't create .interp (detail)
  66. [Hexagon] Update autogenerated intrinsic info in clang (detail)
  67. Resubmit: [JumpThreading] Thread jumps through two basic blocks (detail)
  68. [GVN] add GVN parameters parsing to new pass manager (detail)
  69. [Hexagon] Add ELF flags for Hexagon v66 to ELFYAML.cpp (detail)
  70. [clangd] Add workaround for GCC5 host compilers. NFC. (detail)
  71. [NFC] Remove unnecessary link components. (detail)
  72. scudo: Add initial memory tagging support. (detail)
  73. Factor out renaming logic from readability-identifier-naming (detail)
  74. [gn build] Port d5c6b8407c1 (detail)
  75. [OPENMP]Avoid string concat where possible and use standard name (detail)
  76. [IR] fix crash in Constant::isElementWiseEqual() with FP types (detail)
  77. [WebAssembly] Track frame registers through VReg and local allocation (detail)
  78. Add BuiltinsHexagonDep.def to clang module map (detail)
  79. [llvm-nm] Use `StringRef` over `const std::string &` params (detail)
  80. AMDGPU: Move permlane discard vdst_in optimization (detail)
  81. AMDGPU: Do permlane16 vdst_in discard optimization in InstCombine (detail)
  82. Revert "[WebAssembly] Track frame registers through VReg and local (detail)
  83. lldb: xfail and on (detail)
  84. [libcxx] Temporarily switch back to pthread backend for Fuchsia (detail)
  85. [lld][WebAssembly] Use a more meaningful name for stub functions (detail)
  86. [mlir] NFC: Fix trivial typos (detail)
  87. [mlir] support translation of multidimensional vectors to LLVM IR (detail)
  88. [clangd][test] Disable a particular testcase in (detail)
  89. AMDGPU: Update clang test (detail)
  90. [OPENMP]Do not emit RTTI descriptor for NVPTX devices. (detail)
  91. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Change G_FCONSTANTs feeding into stores into (detail)

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