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  1. [ValueLattice] Make mark* functions public, return if value changed. (detail)
  2. [X86] combineX86ShuffleChain - add support for combining to X86ISD::ROTLI (detail)
  3. [X86] Fix typo in comment. NFC (detail)
  4. [X86] Merge two switches together to simplify some code. NFC (detail)
  5. [ValueLattice] Update markConstantRange to return false equal ranges. (detail)
  6. [X86][AsmPrinter] PrintSymbolOperand: prefer to lower ELF MO_GlobalAddress to .Lfoo$local (detail)
  7. [X86][AVX512] Split AVX512F and AVX512BW shuffle combining tests (detail)
  8. Fix Wdocumentation unknown parameter warnings. NFCI. (detail)
  9. [X86] Add test cases showing failure to simplify target shuffles to bit shifts (detail)
  10. [libc++] Add utility to generate and display libc++'s header dependency (detail)
  11. [libc++] Move abs and div into stdlib.h to fix header cycle. (detail)
  12. [FIX] Remove pointer in attribute to eliminate leaks (see D71830) (detail)
  13. [NFC] Move ValidTextRanges out of DwarfTransformer and into GsymCreator and unify address is not in GSYM errors so all strings match. (detail)
  14. Restore functionality of --sysroot on FreeBSD after b18cb9c47 (detail)
  15. [Attributor][FIX] Use pointer not reference as it can be null (detail)
  16. [FIX] Do not copy an llvm::function_ref if it has to be reused (detail)
  17. [mlir][Parser][NFC] Remove several usages of getEncodedSourceLocation (detail)
  18. [mlir] Allow adding extra class declarations to interfaces. (detail)
  19. [llvm-readobj] - Refactor the code that dumps relocations. (detail)
  20. [IRBuilder] Virtualize IRBuilder (detail)
  21. [IRBuilder] Try to fix warnings (detail)
  22. [Sema] Adds the pointer-to-int-cast diagnostic (detail)
  23. [InstCombine] Add multiuse tests for cttz transform; NFC (detail)
  24. [InstCombine] Create new log2 intrinsic; NFCI (detail)
  25. [x86] form broadcast of scalar memop even with >1 use (detail)
  26. [VectorCombine] fix cost calc for extract-cmp (detail)
  27. Revert "[IRBuilder] Virtualize IRBuilder" (detail)
  28. [X86] combineX86ShuffleChain - add support for combining 512-bit shuffles to bit shifts (detail)
  29. [X86] combineX86ShuffleChain - add support for combining 512-bit shuffles to PALIGNR (detail)
  30. [IRBuilder] Fix unnecessary IRBuilder copies; NFC (detail)
  31. [IRBuilder] Prefer InsertPointGuard over full copy; NFC (detail)
  32. [ms] [llvm-ml] Add a draft MASM parser (detail)
  33. [gn build] Port ee2c0f76d74 (detail)
  34. Updated with list of papers and issues adopted in Prague (detail)
  35. Update last-mod date for libcxx status page (detail)
  36. [Sema] Fix pointer-to-int-cast for MSVC build bot (detail)

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