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  1. [DebugInfo][test] Fix section flags/type to avoid warning/error in the future (detail)
  2. [DebugInfo]: Added support for DWARFv5 Info section header parsing in llvm-dwp utility. (detail)
  3. Re-land new pass manager coro-split and coro-elide (detail)
  4. [Coroutines][4/6] New pass manager: coro-cleanup (detail)
  5. [Coroutines][5/6] Add coroutine passes to pipeline (detail)
  6. [Coroutines][6/6] Clang schedules new passes (detail)
  7. [X86] Handle splats in LowerBUILD_VECTORvXi1 by directly emitting scalar selects instead of deferring that to LowerSELECT. (detail)
  8. [clangd] Add add commit characters to the server capabilities (detail)
  9. [lldb/Core] Remove more duplicate code in PluginManager (NFCI) (detail)
  10. [X86] Remove vXi1 select optimization from LowerSELECT. Move it to DAG combine. (detail)
  11. Fix build after D74606 (detail)
  12. [CGP] Precommit tests for D74228. (detail)
  13. [clang-tidy] Added a case to UnconventionalAssignOperatorCheck. (detail)
  14. [MIPS GlobalISel] RegBankSelect G_MERGE_VALUES and G_UNMERGE_VALUES (detail)
  15. [MLIR][Ploops] Add custom builders from ParallelOp and ReduceOp. (detail)
  16. [lldb] Make not rely on working constructor calls (detail)
  17. [lldb][NFC] Add a missing test case to (detail)
  18. [lldb] Let TypeSystemClang::GetDisplayTypeName remove anonymous and inline namespaces. (detail)
  19. [DebugInfo] Pass linux triple to tests requiring ELF. (detail)
  20. [ARM] Extra MVE VADDV reduction patterns (detail)
  21. [lldb] Put Host/common headers in a module (detail)
  22. [lldb] Let TestCppConstructors pass without fix-it intervention (detail)
  23. [LLD][ELF][ARM] Fix support for SBREL type relocations (detail)
  24. Reland "[DebugInfo] Enable the debug entry values feature by default" (detail)
  25. [AArch64][SVE] Add SVE2 intrinsics for polynomial arithmetic (detail)
  26. [TargetLower] Update shouldFormOverflowOp check if math is used. (detail)
  27. [MIPS GlobalISel] Select 4 byte unaligned load and store (detail)
  28. [MIPS GlobalISel] Legalize non-power-of-2 and unaligned load and store (detail)
  29. [ARM] MVE VADDLV lowering (detail)
  30. [AMDGPU] performCvtF32UByteNCombine - add SHL and SimplifyMultipleUseDemandedBits support (detail)
  31. Revert "Reland D74436 "Change clang option -ffp-model=precise to select ffp-contract=on""" (detail)
  32. [yaml2obj] - Change the order of implicitly created sections. (detail)
  33. [AArch64][SVE] CodeGen of ACLE Builtin Types (detail)
  34. [lldb] Make comparing RegisterInfo::[alt_]name's pointer value less footy-shooty (detail)
  35. [lldb] Skip failing parts of TestCppConstructors that use 'new' on Windows (detail)
  36. [ARM] VMLAVA reduction patterns (detail)
  37. Support OptionalAttr inside a StructAttr (detail)
  38. [ARM][LowOverheadLoops] Check loop liveouts (detail)
  39. [lldb] Remove some unnecessary includes from test sources (detail)
  40. ErrorTest: Break up "ErrorMatchers" test (detail)
  41. [lldb/DWARF] Add support for location lists in package files (detail)
  42. Recommit: "[llvm-exegesis] Improve error reporting in Assembler.cpp" (detail)
  43. [lldb][NFC] Pointer to reference conversion for CompilerDeclContext params in ClangExpressionDeclMap. (detail)
  44. [MLIR] Add naive fusion of parallel loops. (detail)
  45. [OpenCL] Only declare _sat conversions for integer types (detail)
  46. [TableGen] Diagnose undefined fields when generating searchable tables (detail)
  47. [lldb] Remove Windows X-fail for TestCPPAuto and TestStepTarget (detail)
  48. [lldb][NFC] Modernize test setup code in several lang/cpp tests (detail)
  49. [AArch64][ASMParser] Refuse equal source/destination for LDRAA/LDRAB (detail)
  50. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Select MUBUF path for global atomic cmpxchg (detail)
  51. [PatternMatch] Match XOR variant of unsigned-add overflow check. (detail)
  52. [CGP] Adjust CodeGen tests after e01a3d49c22 (detail)
  53. Add <128 x i1> as an intrinsic type (detail)
  54. [Hexagon][NFC] Rename VK_Hexagon_PCREL to VK_PCREL (detail)
  55. [AMDGPU][ConstantFolding] Fold llvm.amdgcn.fmul.legacy intrinsic (detail)
  56. [gn build] revert e8e078c8bf7987 (detail)
  57. [AArch64][SVE] Add initial backend support for FP splat_vector (detail)
  58. [ARM,MVE] Fix predicate types of some intrinsics (detail)
  59. [mlir] NFC: use ValueRange for BlockArgument in ConvertStandardToLLVM (detail)
  60. tsan: removing redundant loop in ThreadClock::release() (detail)
  61. [lldb][NFC] Remove giant do{...}while(false); in ClangASTSource::FindExternalVisibleDecls (detail)
  62. [mlir][spirv] Add mlir-vulkan-runner (detail)
  63. [SystemZ] Regenerate risbg tests. NFCI. (detail)
  64. [IRBuilder] Always respect inserter/folder (detail)
  65. [Sema][CodeComplete] Handle symlinks for include code completion (detail)
  66. [InstCombine] Fix removal from deferred instructions (detail)
  67. [mlir][ods] Adding attribute setters generation (detail)
  68. Revert "[IRBuilder] Always respect inserter/folder" (detail)
  69. [NFC][compiler-rt][test] Fully qualify string -> std::string (detail)
  70. [libc++] Fix ABI break in __bit_reference. (detail)
  71. [AMDGPU] Fix assumption about LaneBitmask content (detail)

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