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  1. Update (detail)
  2. Update (detail)
  3. [VE][fix] missing include (detail)
  4. [yaml2obj] - Automatically assign sh_addr for allocatable sections. (detail)
  5. [lldb][test] - Update basic-elf.yaml to fix build bot. (detail)
  6. [NFC] Remove some GCC warning from c9e93c84f61400d1aac7d195a0578e80bc48c69a (detail)
  7. [libcxx] [test] Suppress MSVC++ warning 4640 under /Zc:threadSafeInit- (detail)
  8. Add a llvm::shuffle and use it in lld (detail)
  9. [Sema] Fix pointer-to-int-cast diagnostic for _Bool (detail)

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