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  1. [InstSimplify] add more tests for freeze(constant); NFC (detail)
  2. [SelDag] Add FREEZE (detail)
  3. [DWARF] Fix v5 debug_line parsing of prologues with many files (detail)
  4. [CUDA][HIP] Add -Xarch_device and -Xarch_host options (detail)
  5. [libc++] Fix installation of cxx_experimental (detail)
  6. [Parser] Fix the assertion crash in ActOnStartOfSwitch stmt. (detail)
  7. [ARM][CMSE] Fix clang/test/Driver/save-temps.c test. (detail)
  8. [X86][SSE1] Add support for logic+movmsk patterns (PR42870) (detail)
  9. [MachinePipeliner] Fix a bug in Output Dependency chains (detail)
  10. [InstSimplify] add tests for freeze(constexpr); NFC (detail)
  11. [ARM] Fold VMOVrh VLDR to LDRH (detail)
  12. [lldb/Reproducers] Collect files imported by command script import (detail)
  13. [gn build] Port 49e5a97ec36 (detail)
  14. [gn build] (manually) port 8140f6bcde4 (detail)
  15. [gn build] (manually) port 8140f6bcde4 better (detail)
  16. Revert "Include static prof data when collecting loop BBs" (detail)
  17. [gn build] Port b91905a2637 (detail)
  18. [lldb] Remove some debugging printfs from ITSession code (detail)
  19. [ValueTracking] improve undef/poison analysis for constant vectors (detail)
  20. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix smrd loads of v4i64 (detail)
  21. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Add some more tests for add3 folding (detail)
  22. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Add more tests for add3 folding (detail)
  23. [X86][AVX] Add some v32i16 to v32i8 style truncation shuffle tests (detail)
  24. [SelectionDAG] Don't crash when freezing illegal float types (detail)
  25. [DivRemPairs] Freeze operands if they can be undef values (detail)
  26. [lit] NFC: Document missing result codes (detail)
  27. [libomptarget][nfc] Explicitly static function scope shared variables (detail)
  28. NFC: Fix typos in TestingGuide documentation (detail)
  29. [DWARF] Emit DW_AT_call_pc for tail calls (detail)
  30. [lldb/DWARF] Use DW_AT_call_pc to determine artificial frame address (detail)
  31. [lit] Allow passing extra commands to executeShTest (detail)
  32. Re-land "Avoid emitting unreachable SP adjustments after `throw`" (detail)
  33. [mlir] Revamp operation documentation generation (detail)
  34. [lldb] Don't dump the frame in SBTarget::EvaluateExpression in LLDB_CONFIGURATION_DEBUG (detail)
  35. [lldb][NFC] Always update m_cache_{hits/misses} in FormatCache (detail)
  36. [VectorCombine] add tests for bitcast (shuffle); NFC (detail)
  37. Revert "[lldb/DWARF] Use DW_AT_call_pc to determine artificial frame address" (detail)
  38. [lldb] Always log if acquiring packet sequence mutex fails (detail)
  39. [libc++] NFC: Reuse the TEST_CONCAT macro instead of reimplementing one (detail)
  40. [CodeGen] Add an alignment attribute to all sret parameters (detail)
  41. [X86] Disable autoupgrade support for avx512.mask.broadcasti32x2.* and avx512.mask.broadcastf32x2.*. (detail)
  42. [lldb/DWARF] Reland: Use DW_AT_call_pc to determine artificial frame address (detail)
  43. [mlir] Clarify constraint on derived attribute (detail)
  44. [Darwin] Add another hint to find the kernel. NFC. (detail)
  45. Revert "Convert a reachable llvm_unreachable into an assert." (detail)
  46. [Attributor] Use knowledge retained in llvm.assume (operand bundles) (detail)
  47. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Don't localize TLS G_GLOBAL_VALUEs on Darwin. (detail)
  48. [test][clang][driver] Add required features. (detail)
  49. [clang codegen] Clean up handling of vectors with trivial-auto-var-init. (detail)
  50. [GWP-ASan] Only pack frames that are stored. (detail)
  51. [libc++] Build the dylib with C++17 to allow aligned new/delete (detail)
  52. [libc++] Install a recent CMake in the Docker build bots (detail)
  53. [LVI] Convert some checks to assertions; NFC (detail)
  54. Add a `Symbolizer::GetEnvP()` method that allows symbolizer implementations to customise the environment of the symbolizer binary. (detail)
  55. [mlir][GPU] Use StructAttr to drive lowering from loop.parallel to (detail)
  56. GlobalISel: Introduce bitcast legalize action (detail)
  57. Add an -object-path-prefix option to dsymutil (detail)
  58. Allow remapping Clang module include paths (detail)
  59. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Add missing tests for G_FRINT selection (detail)
  60. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Add load legalization tests (detail)
  61. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Add select patterns for v_and_or_b32 (detail)
  62. Revert "Allow remapping Clang module include paths" (detail)
  63. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Add some end to end tests for fma selection (detail)
  64. [libc++] Update a bad documentation link (detail)

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