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  1. [AMDGPU] Add __builtin_amdgcn_workgroup_size_x/y/z (detail)
  2. [FEnv] Constfold some unary constrained operations (detail)
  3. Merge in symbols from Mach-O dyld trie to the symbol table (detail)
  4. [libc][NFC] Ensure internal implementation is in __llvm_libc namespace (detail)
  5. [libc] Extend add_object rule to handle helper object libraries. (detail)
  6. [NFC] Attributor comment updates / cast cleanup (detail)
  7. tsan: fix build bugs (detail)
  8. [docs] Added solutions to slow build under common problems. (detail)
  9. [X86][SSE] Add combine tests for PTEST/TESTPS/TESTPD instructions (detail)
  10. [X86][SSE] Add original PR38522 test case (detail)
  11. [X86][SSE] Add testnzc(~X,Y) -> testnzc(X,Y) test cases (detail)
  12. [llvm-rc] Allow -1 for menu item IDs (detail)
  13. Fix `-Wsign-compare` warning. NFC. (detail)
  14. Fix GCC warning on enum class bitfield. NFC. (detail)
  15. [lldb][NFC] Fix typo in TestInvalidArgsLog (detail)
  16. [clang][Syntax] Handle macro arguments in spelledForExpanded (detail)
  17. [SCCP] Remove unused toLatticeValue helper (NFC). (detail)
  18. [SCCP] Remove LatticeVal alias now that transition is done (NFC). (detail)
  19. [libc] Only use __has_builtin on clang (detail)
  20. [AsmPrinter] Emit .weak directive for weak linkage on COFF for symbols without a comdat (detail)

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