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  1. Make the AsmPrinter print "<<NULL TYPE>>" instead of crashing on null types (detail)
  2. [DebugInfo]: Allow DwarfCompileUnit to have line table symbol (detail)
  3. [InlineFunction] Update metadata on loads that are return values (detail)
  4. [mlir][Pass] Add documentation for the declarative pass specification (detail)
  5. [mlir] Update the documentation on Canonicalization (detail)
  6. [MLIR][NFC] Make AsmPrinter messages on null structures consistent (detail)
  7. [X86][SSE] Combine unary shuffle(HORIZOP,HORIZOP) -> HORIZOP (detail)
  8. Remove unused function 'isInRange'. NFCI. (detail)
  9. Add documentation and testing for (detail)
  10. Permit constant evaluation of mixed __builtin_memcmp between char and (detail)
  11. [mlir] Only number the parent operation in Block::printAsOperand (detail)
  12. [mlir] Refactor and cleanup the translation facilities. (detail)
  13. DebugInfo: Fix default template parameter computation for dependent non-type template parameters (detail)
  14. [mlir][spirv] NFC: remove uncessary return after llvm_unreachable (detail)
  15. [ORC] Add MachO universal binary support to StaticLibraryDefinitionGenerator. (detail)
  16. Expose `attributor-disable` to the new and old pass managers (detail)
  17. [OpenMP][NFCI] Move OpenMP clause information to `lib/Frontend/OpenMP` (detail)
  18. [clang] Persist Attr::IsPackExpansion into the PCH (detail)
  19. [DAGCombiner] Replace a hardcoded constant in visitZERO_EXTEND with a proper check for the condition its trying to protect. (detail)
  20. [OpenMP] Add extra qualification to OpenMP clause id (detail)
  21. [OpenMP][NFC] Move and simplify directive -> allowed clause mapping (detail)
  22. [DAGCombiner] Use getAnyExtOrTrunc instead of getSExtOrTrunc in the zext(setcc) combine. (detail)
  23. PR45239: Don't deallocate TemplateIdAnnotations if they might still be (detail)

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