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Git (git http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-zorg.git)

  1. [libc builder] Use argparse directly instead of via AnnotatedBuilder. (detail)
  2. [libc builder] Parse only known args. (detail)

Git (git http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-project.git)

  1. [CodeGen][SelectionDAG] Flip Booleans More Often (detail)
  2. Drop the number of thinlto jobs in some tests to avoid crashing on 32-bit windows (detail)
  3. Revert "[CodeGen][SelectionDAG] Flip Booleans More Often" (detail)
  4. [Support,Windows] Tolerate failure of CryptGenRandom (detail)
  5. [MLIR] fix/update affine data copy utility for max/min bounds (detail)
  6. [ARM] Remove condition that could never be true (detail)
  7. [DAG] Consolidate require spill slot logic in lambda. NFC. (detail)
  8. [docs] Add the release notes about Debug Entry Values (detail)
  9. [SCCP] Use ranges for predicate info conditions. (detail)
  10. [MLIR] Introduce std.alloca op (detail)
  11. [X86] Fix implicit sign conversion warnings in X86 headers. (detail)
  12. [ARM] unwinding .pad instructions missing in execute-only prologue (detail)
  13. [clangd] DefineOutline: removes static token from static CXXMethodDecl (detail)
  14. Fixed licenses in dynamic ast matchers (detail)
  15. Add map-type check for target and target data directive, by Chi Chun (detail)
  16. [InstCombine] add icmp+cast tests for ppc_fp128; NFC (detail)
  17. [llvm-readobj] - Introduce warnings for cases when unable to read strings from string tables. (detail)
  18. [clangd] Get rid of ASTWorker::getCurrentFileInputs (detail)
  19. [clangd] Fix printing for Inclusion (detail)
  20. Mark xfail for LLDB AArch64/Linux (detail)
  21. Revert "[lldb-server] jThreadsInfo returns stack memory" (detail)
  22. Stop passing site cfg files via --param to llvm-lit. (detail)
  23. [AST] Fix a crash on invalid constexpr Ctorinitializer when building RecoveryExpr. (detail)
  24. [analyzer] Try to lift 'REQUIRES: shell' for scan-build tests. (detail)
  25. [libc++] Make sure the source file appears before link libraries when compiling tests (detail)
  26. [Syntax] Simplify TokenCollector::Builder, use captured expansion bounds. NFC (detail)
  27. [Clang] Add llvm.loop.unroll.disable to loops with -fno-unroll-loops. (detail)
  28. [Syntax] Merge overlapping top-level macros in TokenBuffer (detail)
  29. [Syntax] Add mapping from spelled to expanded tokens for TokenBuffer (detail)
  30. [libc++] Support .sh.s tests in the new format (detail)
  31. [libc++abi] Enable the new libc++ testing format by default (detail)
  32. Revert "[analyzer] Try to lift 'REQUIRES: shell' for scan-build tests." (detail)
  33. [X86][SSE] combineX86ShufflesConstants - early out for zeroable vectors (PR45443) (detail)
  34. [hip] Remove `hip_pinned_shadow`. (detail)
  35. LLD Support for Basic Block Sections (detail)
  36. [lldb][NFC] Fix typo in 'watchpoint delete' error message (detail)
  37. tsan: fix Go/ppc build (detail)
  38. [NFC][XCOFF] refactor readobj/XCOFFDumper.cpp (detail)
  39. [NFC][PowerPC] Cleanup 64-bit and Darwin CalleeSavedRegs (detail)
  40. [RDA] Avoid inserting duplicate reaching defs (NFCI) (detail)
  41. [RDA] Don't pass down TraversedMBB (NFC) (detail)
  42. [RDA] Avoid full reprocessing of blocks in loops (NFCI) (detail)
  43. [DebugInfo] Fix for adding "returns cxx udt" option to functions in CodeView. (detail)
  44. Slightly modify some tests as follow up to bcf66084, which breaks tests. (detail)
  45. DAG: Use the correct getPointerTy in a few places (detail)
  46. [mlir][vulkan-runner] Fix createLowerToLLVMPass interface (detail)
  47. [mlir][spirv] Fix wrong Phi parent block for back-to-back loops (detail)
  48. [X86][SSE] Add PTEST(AND(X,Y),AND(X,Y)) tests derived from PR42035 examples (detail)
  49. Check LLVM_BUILD_LLVM_C_DYLIB before building the C DLL with MSVC. (detail)
  50. [ELF] -M/-Map: fix VMA/LMA/Size columns of symbol assignments when address/size>=2**32 (detail)
  51. [ELF] --warn-backrefs: don't warn for linking sandwich problems (detail)
  52. [AMDGPU] Limit endcf-collapase to simple if (detail)
  53. [WebAssembly][MC] Fix leak of std::string members in MCSymbolWasm (detail)
  54. [lit] Cleanup printing of discovered suites and tests (detail)
  55. AMDGPU: Use early return (detail)
  56. [AArch64] Don't expand memcmp in strict align mode. (detail)
  57. Revert "Revert "[analyzer] Teach scan-build how to rebuild index.html without analyzing."" (detail)
  58. AMDGPU: Cleanup test MIR (detail)
  59. [DWARFLinker][dsymutil][NFC] Move DwarfStreamer into DWARFLinker. (detail)
  60. [gn build] Port 88c2137b6d4 (detail)
  61. [SelectionDAG] Make getZeroExtendInReg take a vector VT if the operand VT is a vector. (detail)
  62. [AMDGPU] Extend constant folding for logical operations (detail)
  63. [libc++] Translate MODULES_DEFINES annotations to ADDITIONAL_COMPILE_FLAGS (detail)
  64. Allow parameter names to be elided in a function definition in C. (detail)
  65. [Hexagon] Update paths for linux/musl (detail)
  66. [clang-tidy] Added support for validating configuration options (detail)
  67. [OpenMP] Optimized stream selection by scheduling data mapping for the same target region into a same stream (detail)
  68. [clang-tidy] Change checks that take enum configurations to use a new access method. (detail)
  69. [NFC][PowerPC] Fix register class for patterns using XXPERMDIs (detail)
  70. [SampleFDO] Add flag for partial profile. (detail)
  71. [OPENMP50]Codegen for iterator construct. (detail)
  72. [OpenMP] "UnFix" layering problem with FrontendOpenMP (detail)
  73. [ScriptInterpreterPython] Remove buggy code to save/restore stdin. (detail)
  74. [OPENMP][DOCS]Update status of oimplemented constructs, NFC. (detail)
  75. [mlir][Diagnostic] Don't store Operation arguments as a DiagnosticArgument (detail)
  76. Revert "[SampleFDO] Add flag for partial profile." show-prof-info.test breaks on some platforms. (detail)
  77. CodeGen: Use Register in more places (detail)
  78. [TLI] fix a function's (commented) signature; NFC (detail)
  79. [libc++] Run tests in a directory related to %t instead of /tmp (detail)
  80. [ms] Add new /PDBSTREAM option to lld-link allowing injection of streams into PDB files. (detail)
  81. Remove some top-level const from return values seen in review (detail)
  82. Remove FxpMathOps dialect and Quantizer tool. (detail)
  83. [clang-tidy] Fix buildbot failing with explicit specialization in class scope (detail)
  84. Fix illegal early call to PyBuffer_Release in swig typemaps (detail)
  85. [mlir][DRR] Add location directive (detail)
  86. [BPI] Clear handles when releasing memory (NFC) (detail)
  87. CodeGen: Use Register in TargetFrameLowering (detail)
  88. [mlir][Pass][NFC] Replace usages of ModulePass with OperationPass<ModuleOp> (detail)
  89. [mlir][Pass] Remove the use of CRTP from the Pass classes (detail)
  90. [mlir][Pass] Update the PassGen to generate base classes instead of utilities (detail)
  91. Don't access reference to a vector after pop_back (detail)
  92. [Driver] Only pass LTO remark arguments if the driver asks for it (detail)
  93. [libc++] Remove the %{not} substitution (detail)
  94. [mlir][Pass] Update the documentation for the declarative pass specification (detail)
  95. [AMDGPU] Implement copyPhysReg for 16 bit subregs (detail)
  96. Recommit [SampleFDO] Add flag for partial profile. (detail)
  97. [OPENMP]Do not capture global marked as shared in OpenMP region. (detail)
  98. [libunwind] Fix UB in EHHeaderParser::findFDE (detail)
  99. Don't expose unavailable cstdio functions. (detail)
  100. [MLIR] Cleanup mlir-tblgen error messages for custom assembly formats. (detail)
  101. [MLIR] Add note for file-line numbers in tablegen errors for assembly formats (detail)
  102. Revert "Don't expose unavailable cstdio functions." (detail)
  103. [VE] Adapt aa26dd985848364df01d3f8f0f3eaccfd5ee80dc and 2481f26ac3f228cc085d4d68ee72dadc07afa48f (detail)
  104. [ThinLTO] Drop dso_local if a GlobalVariable satisfies isDeclarationForLinker() (detail)
  105. CodeGen: More conversions to use Register (detail)
  106. [mlir][AsmFormat] Avoid invalidating the iterator when verifying attributes (detail)
  107. [VE] Migrate to the getMachineMemOperand overload using llvm::Align (detail)
  108. Add MIR-level debugify with only locations support for now (detail)
  109. [ManualDWARFIndex] Remove dead code, in preparation for moving this function. (detail)
  110. [NFC] Clean up uses of LoadInst constructor. (detail)
  111. [gn build] Port 1adeeabb79a (detail)
  112. Reset more globalMemCounters. (detail)
  113. Revert "[ObjC generics] Fix not inheriting type bounds in categories/extensions." (detail)
  114. [lit] Improve consistency when printing test results (detail)
  115. [lit] Print slowest test first when timing tests (detail)
  116. [JumpThreading] NFC: Simplify ComputeValueKnownInPredecessorsImpl (detail)
  117. Keep output file after successful execution of mlir-opt (detail)
  118. [OpenMP] "UnFix" last layering problem with FrontendOpenMP (detail)
  119. [mlir][Linalg] Use subview instead of linalg.slice in Promotion.cpp (detail)
  120. [OpenMP] Try to find an existing base for `omp begin/end declare variant` (detail)
  121. [OpenMP] Add match_{all,any,none} declare variant selector extensions. (detail)
  122. [OpenMP] Specialize OpenMP calls after template instantiation (detail)
  123. [OpenMP] Provide math functions in OpenMP device code via OpenMP variants (detail)
  124. [AMDGPU] Expand vector trunc stores from i16 to i8 (detail)
  125. [gn build] Port f85ae058f58 (detail)
  126. [lit] Improve test summary output (detail)
  127. [lit] Print slowest tests and time histogram before result groups (detail)
  128. [DebugInfo] Fix reading DWARFv5 type units in DWP. (detail)
  129. Add missing hyphens (detail)
  130. [VE] Simplify definitions of uimm6 and simm7 (detail)
  131. [clangd] Fix broken assertion (detail)
  132. [clangd] Destroy context before resetting CurrentReq (detail)

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