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  1. workaround for failing GPU (detail)
  2. buildbot mlir-nvidia: fixed port configuration (detail)

Git (git http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-project.git)

  1. [X86] Add an AVX check prefix to bitcast-vector-bool.ll to combine checks where AVX1/2/512 are all the same. NFC (detail)
  2. [flang]Fix individual tests with lit when building out of tree (detail)
  3. [Peeling] Extend the scope of peeling a bit (detail)
  4. Return false if the identifier is not in the global module index. (detail)
  5. [mlir] Add for loop specialization (detail)
  6. [clang][Driver] Correct tool search path priority (detail)
  7. [CSInfo][MIPS] Don't describe parameters loaded by sub/super reg copy (detail)
  8. [Analyzer][StreamChecker] Add note tags for file opening. (detail)
  9. [mlir] make the bitwidth of device side index computations configurable (detail)
  10. Fixed ASTMatchers registry and regen ast docs (detail)
  11. [DSE,MSSA] Remove unused arguments for isDSEBarrier (NFC). (detail)
  12. [clang-tidy] Improved accuracy of check list updater script (detail)
  13. [DebugInfo] Explicitly permit addr_size = 0x02 when parsing DWARF data (detail)
  14. [MSP430] Enable some basic support for debug information (detail)
  15. [LTO] Use StringRef instead of C-style strings in setCodeGenDebugOptions (detail)
  16. [MSP430] Update register names (detail)
  17. Make ninja smart console builds more pretty (detail)
  18. Revert "[MSP430] Update register names" (detail)
  19. [analyzer] Handle `\l` symbol in string literals in exploded-graph-rewriter (detail)
  20. [StackSafety] Ignore unreachable instructions (detail)
  21. [StackSafety] Check variable lifetime (detail)
  22. Revert "[Peeling] Extend the scope of peeling a bit" (detail)
  23. [ASTMatcher] Correct memoization bug ignoring direction (descendants or ancestors) (detail)
  24. Revert "[CGP] Enable CodeGenPrepares phi type convertion." (detail)
  25. [analyzer] Handle `\l` symbol in string literals in exploded-graph-rewriter (detail)
  26. [mlir] Fix linalg.generic matmul example in the doc (detail)
  27. OptimizationRemarkEmitter.h - reduce unnecessary Function.h include to forward declaration. NFC. (detail)
  28. [DAG] SimplifyMultipleUseDemandedBits - drop unnecessary *_EXTEND_VECTOR_INREG cases (detail)
  29. Attempt to unbreak the test introduced in 359fae6eb094 on Windows (detail)
  30. [llvm-readobj] - Validate the DT_STRSZ value to avoid crash. (detail)
  31. [AMDGPU] clang-format of SIModeRegister.cpp (detail)
  32. [VectorCombine] improve IR debugging by providing/salvaging value names (detail)
  33. Let HIP default include respect -nogpuinc and -nogpulib (detail)

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