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 > git init /Users/buildslave/jenkins/workspace/lnt-ctmark-aarch64-Os/test-suite # timeout=10
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 > git --version # timeout=10
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hudson.plugins.git.GitException: Command "git fetch --tags --progress -- +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*" returned status code 143:
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Build Log

  1. Move all builders from gribozavr5 to gribozavr4 (details / githubweb)
  2. Updated UnifiedTreeBuilder to use LitTestCommand for testing steps. (details / githubweb)
  3. [libc builder] Add step to run loader tests. (details / githubweb)
  4. [libc builder] Use argparse directly instead of via AnnotatedBuilder. (details / githubweb)
  5. [libc builder] Parse only known args. (details / githubweb)
  6. [libc builder] Split the single build and check step in to two steps. (details / githubweb)
  7. Renamed lld-x86_64-darwin13 and lld-x86_64-win7 builders to remove OS versions. (details / githubweb)
  8. Set the access permissions explicitly for published docs. (details / githubweb)
  9. [libc-builder] Add clang and clang-tools-extra as enabled projects. (details / githubweb)
  10. Added ability to XToolchainBuilder have extra steps to run checks on a remote target. (details / githubweb)
  11. Change llvm-clang-win-x-armv7l to run libc++ tests on a remote target. (details / githubweb)
  12. [libc builder] Clean AOR build directory before building. (details / githubweb)
  13. Add 'cmake' keyword argument to PollyBuilder and AOSPBuilder (details / githubweb)
  14. [libc builder] Use clean_dir instead of rmtree (details / githubweb)
  15. Use checks_on_target for libunwind and libc++abi tests on cross-builders (details / githubweb)
  16. Revert "Add 'cmake' keyword argument to PollyBuilder and AOSPBuilder" (details / githubweb)
  17. Add cmake-3.17.0 to PATH on hexagon builders (details / githubweb)
  1. [InstCombine] try to reduce more shuffles with bitcasted operand (details)
  2. [libc++] CI: Allow pointing to specific dylib roots during backdeployment testing (details)
  3. [mlir][Linalg] NFC: Add missing comments from earlier commit (D77965) (details)
  4. [lldb] Fix a typo in a test name (details)
  5. [InstCombine][SVE] Fix visitGetElementPtrInst for scalable type. (details)
  6. [libc++] Create directory hierarchy if it does not exist (details)
  7. [WebAssembly] Emit .llvmcmd and .llvmbc as custom sections (details)
  8. [SVE] Remove calls to getBitWidth from clang (details)
  9. NFC: update of ARM llvm regr test, follow up of 9633fc14aef7ee3da3b. (details)
  10. Emit Objective-C constructors as writable (details)
  11. [SVE] Remove calls to getBitWidth from IR (details)
  12. [lld][WebAssembly] Do not require --shared-memory with --relocatable (details)
  13. [ValueTracking] Implement canCreatePoison (details)
  14. [SVE] Remove calls to getBitWidth from Transforms (details)
  15. [CodeGen] clarify a comment; NFC (details)
  16. [mlir][Linalg] Handle null affine map returns from inversePermutation. (details)
  17. Reapply "llvm-dwarfdump: Report errors when failing to parse loclist/debug_loc entries"" (details)
  18. [lldb/Test] Use RAII for reproducer instrumentation data in unittest. (details)
  19. [llvm][NFC][CallSite] Remove Implementation uses of CallSite (details)
  20. [lldb/Test] s/lldb-repo/lldb-repro/ (NFC) (details)
  21. Enable new passmanager plugin support for LTO. (details)
  22. Use index for shape.to_extent_tensor (details)
  23. [llvm][DenseMapInfo] Add an info specialization for std::tuple (details)
  24. [llvm][STLExtras] Add various type_trait utilities currently present in MLIR (details)
  25. [llvm][STLExtras] Move various iterator/range utilities from MLIR to LLVM (details)
  26. [llvm][STLExtras] Move the algorithm `interleave*` methods from MLIR to LLVM (details)
  27. [llvm][ADT] Move TypeSwitch class from MLIR to LLVM (details)
  28. [mlir][NFC] Remove the STLExtras.h header file now that it has been merged into LLVM. (details)
  29. [AVR] Define __ELF__ (details)
  30. [llvm-objdump][Wasm][NFC] Create WasmDump.h (details)
  31. [SelectionDAG] Always preserve offset in MachinePointerInfo (details)
  32. [gn build] Port 204c3b55162 (details)
  33. [gn build] Port 8cbe371c28a (details)
  34. [gn build] Port ebf190fcda0 (details)
  35. [www] Turn 'Clang 10' boxes green in C++ status pages to reflect release (details)
  36. llvm-dwarfdump: Don't try to parse a debug_loclist contribution if this CU has no DW_AT_loclists_base (details)
  37. Initiallize property getters as being property accessors (NFC) (details)
  38. [mlir] Fix assert on signed integer type in EDSC (details)
  39. Bug where insn-based unwind plans on arm64 could be wrong (details)
  40. [AMDGPU] Update DWARF proposal (details)
  41. [test][NFC] Use plain FileCheck in statepoint-stackmap-size.ll (details)
  42. Allow disabling of vectorization using internal options (details)
  43. [MS] Fix packed struct layout for arrays of aligned non-record types (details)
  44. [llvm][StringExtras] Merge StringExtras from MLIR into LLVM (details)
  45. TableGen/GlobalISel: Fix constraining REG_SEQUENCE operands (details)
  46. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix selection of scalar f64 G_FABS (details)
  47. [NFC][DAGCombine] Change the value of NegatibleCost to make it align with the semantics (details)
  48. [llvm][StringExtras] Add missing include of cctype (details)
  49. [clangd] Color dependent names based on their heuristic target if they have one (details)
  50. Introduce fix-irreducible pass (details)
  51. [gn build] Port 2ada8e2525d (details)
  52. Remove setters from CXXTypeidExpr and CXXUuidofExpr. (details)
  53. Revert "Introduce fix-irreducible pass" (details)
  54. [gn build] Port 44e09b59b86 (details)
  55. Generalize our two different kinds of declaration argument for (details)
  56. Don't print `&` as part of reference template arguments. (details)
  57. [clangd] Shard preamble symbols in dynamic index (details)
  58. [clangd] Fix MSVC builds (details)
  59. [clangd] Fix MSVC compile error, attempt 2 (details)
  60. [LV] Fix PR45525: Incorrect assert in blend recipe (details)
  61. [lldb][NFC] Remove FormatterChoiceCriterion (details)
  62. [VE] Update integer arithmetic instructions (details)
  63. [NFC][test] Mark the section which contains instructions executable (details)
  64. [nfc] [lldb] Introduce DWARF callbacks (details)
  65. [MLIR] Introduce applyOpPatternsAndFold for op local rewrites (details)
  66. [mlir] LLVM dialect: support globals without linkage keyword, assuming 'external' (details)
  67. [VPlan] Move Load/Store checks out of tryToWiden (NFC). (details)
  68. Introduce fix-irreducible pass (details)
  69. [gn build] Port 8c11bc0cd06 (details)
  70. [NFC] clang-format IntrinsicInst.h|cpp (details)
  71. [LLVM/tools][test] - Remove/fix dead check prefixes. (details)
  72. [ConstExprPreter] Updated constant interpreter documentation (details)
  73. fix warning: specialization of template in different namespace (details)
  74. [ARM][MVE] Tail predicate VML[A|S]LDAV (details)
  75. [DSE] Lift post-dominance for objs not accessible in caller. (details)
  76. Fix DWARFDataExtractor::getRelocatedValue near EOF (details)
  77. [lldb] Fix -Wparentheses in ThreadPlanStack.cpp (details)
  78. [VPlan] Move widening check for non-memory/non-calls to function (NFC). (details)
  79. Upgrade calls to CreateShuffleVector to use the preferred form of passing an array of ints (details)
  80. [CostModel][X86] Regenerate load_store.ll costs tests (details)
  81. [SystemZ] Bugfix in adjustSubwordCmp() (details)
  82. [VPlan] Branches are not widened by VPWidenRecipe, assert (NFC). (details)
  83. [dexp] NFC: Change positional argument format (details)
  84. [Statepoint] Add getters to StatepointOpers. (details)
  85. [nfc] clang-format TargetTransformInfo.h (details)
  86. [nfc] clang-format TargetTransformInfoImpl.h (details)
  87. [flang] Add return statement to Logical opeator=. (details)
  88. Upgrade users of 'new ShuffleVectorInst' to pass indices as an int array (details)
  89. [nfc] clang-format TargetTransformInfo.cpp (details)
  90. [FileCheck] Better diagnostic for format conflict (details)
  91. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Add some artifact combiner tests (details)
  92. Revert "[nfc] [lldb] Introduce DWARF callbacks" (details)
  93. clang/AMDGPU: Assume denormals are enabled for the default target. (details)
  94. [InstCombine] prevent infinite loop with sub/abs of constant expression (details)
  95. [CodeGen][ARM] Error when writing to specific reserved registers in inline asm (details)
  96. [clang-tidy] Optional inheritance of file configs from parent directories  (details)
  97. Pass shufflevector indices as int instead of unsigned. (details)
  98. Unbreak the build (details)
  99. [FileCheck] - Refine the comment. NFC. (details)
  100. [demangler] PPC and S390: Fix parsing of e-prefixed long double literals (details)
  101. [XCOFF][AIX] Relocation support for SymB (details)
  102. [AST] Fix recovery-expr crash on invalid aligned attr. (details)
  103. [DSE,MSSA] Add use of alloca, to guard against removal in the future. (details)
  104. [www] Update make_cxx_dr_status for v10; regenerate cxx_dr_status.html (details)
  105. [GlobalISel] translate freeze to new generic G_FREEZE (details)
  106. [libc++] Remove workaround for .fail.cpp tests that don't have clang-verify markup (details)
  107. [ELF] Refactor the way we handle -plugin-opt= (GCC collect2 or clang LTO related options) (details)
  108. [TimeProfiler] Fix some style issues. NFC (details)
  109. [GlobalISel] Fix invalid combine of unmerge(merge) with intermediate cast (details)
  110. [ASTImporter] Add support for importing fixed point literals (details)
  111. Remove a function that has been dead since r313889. (details)
  112. [libc++] Move aligned allocation tests to .verify.cpp (details)
  113. [libc++] Move some .sh.cpp tests to .compile.pass.cpp (details)
  114. [mlir] [EDSC] Add interface for yield-for loops. (details)
  115. [libc++] Split up tests for <stdint.h> on AIX and make them AIX-independent (details)
  116. [libc++] NFC: Remove the %{compile} substitution, which is not used anymore (details)
  117. Revert "[GlobalISel] Fix invalid combine of unmerge(merge) with intermediate cast" (details)
  118. [libc++] Remove the need for the %{build_module} substitution (details)
  119. [CallSite removal][PruneEH] Use CallBase instead of CallSite. NFC (details)
  120. [GlobalISel] Enable artifact combiner to combine starting from a G_MERGE_VALUES. (details)
  121. Try to fix clang-tidy/infrastructure/config-files.cpp on Win after cb1ee34e9d32fc. (details)
  122. Write ignored output to stdout, so this test runs on read-only filesystems. (details)
  123. [lldb/Scripts] Add script to replay multiple reproducers (details)
  124. [X86] Various improvements to our vector splitting helpers for lowering. NFC (details)
  125. [MC] Use subclass data for MCExpr to reduce memory usage (details)
  126. Remove an apparently unneeded normcase() call. (details)
  127. [CodeGen] only add nobuiltin to inline builtins if we'll emit them (details)
  128. [Format] Work around current vim bugs in (details)
  129. [lit] Keep original cfg file case around. (details)
  130. Add FileCheck colons missed in D76210 (details)
  131. [libc++] Adjust XFAIL markup for modules tests on single-threaded systems (details)
  132. Turn off core dumps before starting the main body of (details)
  133. Use maximum compression when packaging release tarballs. (details)
  134. [X86] Add generic cpu target for the slow division tests (details)
  135. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Work around a selector crash (details)
  136. [NFC] Silence compiler warning [-Wmissing-braces]. (details)
  137. Remove false positive in AvoidNonConstGlobalVariables. (details)
  138. [ELF][test] Add --match-full-lines to map-file.s to check leading and trailing spaces (details)
  139. [MLIR] Introduce utility to hoist affine if/else conditions (details)
  140. [libc++] Add a new target check-cxx-deps to build dependencies of the test suite (details)
  141. [X86] Make v32i16/v64i8 legal types without avx512bw. Use custom splitting instead. (details)
  142. Rework how UuidAttr, CXXUuidofExpr, and GUID template arguments and constants are represented. (details)
  143. [AArch64][NFC]Autogenerated checks. (details)
  144. [LICM] Try to merge debug locations when sinking. (details)
  145. Enable finding bitcode in wasm objects (details)
  146. [libc++] Remove the ability to run using the internal Lit shell (details)
  147. [clangd] Fix a crash for accessing a null field decl returned by findExplicitReferences. (details)
  148. [CallSite removal][SampleProfile] Use CallBase instead of CallSite. NFC (details)
  149. [ASTMatchers] Fix isDerivedFrom for recursive templates (details)
  150. Move BinaryOperators.FPOptions to trailing storage (details)
  151. [SelectionDAG] Fix usage of Align constructing MachineMemOperands. (details)
  152. [pstl] Added missing double-underscore prefixes to some types (details)
  153. Fix DataFlowSanitizer implementation of strchr() so that strchr(..., '\0') returns a pointer to '\0'. (details)
  154. [CallSite removal][SimpleLoopUnswitch] Use CallBase instead of CallSite. NFC (details)
  155. Improve diagnostic when constant-evaluating a std::initializer_list with (details)
  156. Attempt to fix build with MSVC. (details)
  157. [NFC] Correcting minor typo. (details)
  158. [PowerPC] Clear the set of symbols that need to be updated in MCTargetStreamer (details)
  159. [lldb/Docs] Split testing in running and debugging (details)
  160. [llvm][CodeGen] Rename SVE gather prefetch intrinsics. [NFC] (details)
  161. [MustExecute] checkForAllContext(): use pre-increment (details)
  162. [Attributor] KindToAbstractAttributeMap: use SmallDenseMap (details)
  163. [MLIR] Improve support for 0-dimensional Affine Maps. (details)
  164. [AMDGPU] Move DWARF proposal to separate file (details)
  165. [Clang] Expose RequiresNullTerminator in FileManager. (details)
  166. Revert "[lit] Keep original cfg file case around." (details)
  167. Remove extra ‘;’. NFC. (details)
  168. PR45561: Return a literal string rather than an error string to avoid returning reference to local (details)
  169. [docs] Fix an RST error introduced in e823068306e. (details)
  170. [NFC] correct "thier" to "their" (details)
  171. [nfc] [lldb] Introduce DWARF callbacks (fixed-up) (details)
  172. [AVR] Use the correct address space for non-prototyped function calls (details)
  173. [builtins] Fix unprototypes function declaration (details)
  174. [LLVM][SupportTests] Fix Windows build breakage (details)
  175. [NFC] Use new canCreatePoison to make code intent more clear in PoisonChecking (details)
  176. [NFC] Adjust style and clarify comments in PoisonChecking (details)
  177. [PoisonChecking] Further clarify file scope comment, and update to match naming now used in code (details)
  178. [AIX][PowerPC] Implement caller byval arguments in stack memory (details)
  179. [LLVM][SupportTests] Ask the OS how large the page size is instead of guessing. (details)
  180. [SVE] Fix unsigned is always >= 0 (details)
  181. [AMDGPU] Fixed lane mask in test. NFC. (details)
  182. [CallSite removal][CloneFunction] Use CallSite instead of CallBase. NFC (details)
  183. [CallSite removal][CallSiteSplitting] Use CallBase instead of CallSite. NFC (details)
  184. [SVE] Remove calls to getBitWidth from x86 (details)
  185. [intel-pt] Improve the way the test determines whether to run (details)
  186. Revert "[intel-pt] Improve the way the test determines whether to run" (details)
  187. [CallGraphUpdater] Properly remove strongly connected components (oldPM) (details)
  188. [CallGraphUpdater] Update the ExternalCallingNode for node replacements (details)
  189. [CallGraphUpdater] Remove nodes from their SCC (old PM) (details)
  190. [MC] Rename MCSection*::getSectionName() to getName(). NFC (details)
  191. [Reassociate] Preserve AAManager and BasicAA analyses. (details)
  192. Remove vptr dispatch from FoldingSet. (details)
  193. Revert "Attempt to fix build with MSVC." (details)
  194. [mlir][Inliner] Store the resolved call by-value instead of by-reference (details)
  195. Another attempt of D77452 - da0e91fee614e8686f48db28e6507c8abe061fc2 (details)
  196. [Attributor] Unify testing (=updates,prefixes,run configurations,...) (details)
  197. [MC] Replace MCSection*::getName() with MCSection::getName(). NFC (details)
  198. [X86][MC][NFC] Reduce the parameters of functions in X86MCCodeEmitter(Part I) (details)
  199. [CallGraphUpdater][NFC] Minor updates to D77855 (details)
  200. [Attributor] Remove large and seemingly useless test (details)
  201. Fix memory leak introduced by llvmorg-11-init-11960-gbab6df86aef. (details)
  202. [NFC, msan] Increase stack in small stack tests (details)
  203. [X86][MC][NFC] Refine code in X86MCCodeEmitter (details)
  204. [Attributor] Replace call graph call sites after function replacement (details)
  205. [Attributor] Lazily collect function information (details)
  206. [X86][MC][NFC] Code cleanup in X86MCCodeEmitter (details)
  207. Fix build by adding missing CMake link dependency (details)
  208. [MC][COFF][ELF] Reject instructions in IMAGE_SCN_CNT_UNINITIALIZED_DATA/SHT_NOBITS sections (details)
  209. [X86] Add interface X86II::isPseudo (details)
  210. [llvm][NFC][CallSite] Removed CallSite from some implementation details. (details)
  211. [CallSite removal][TargetLibraryInfo] Replace ImmutableCallSite with CallBase in one of the getLibFunc signatures. NFC (details)
  212. [Attributor][NFC] Run the verifier only on functions and under EXPENSIVE_CHECKS (details)
  213. [Attributor][FIX] Properly check for accesses to globals (details)
  214. [MustExecute][NFC] Copy function_ref instead of passing a reference (details)
  215. [InstCombine] Simplify calls with casted `returned` attribute (details)
  216. [Attributor][FIX] Handle droppable uses when replacing values (details)
  217. [LifetimeAnalysis] Add [[gsl::Pointer]] to llvm::StringRef (details)
  218. [CallSite removal][TargetLowering] Remove ArgListEntry::setAttributes signature that took an ImmutableCallSite. NFC (details)
  219. Revert "Revert "[GlobalISel] Fix invalid combine of unmerge(merge) with intermediate cast"" (details)
  220. [Attributor][NFC] Do not create temporary maps during lookup (details)
  221. [Attributor][NFC] Reduce indention for call site attribute seeding (details)
  222. [MLIR] [EDSC] Add folded_xxxx handles for common std instructions. (details)
  223. [MLIR] Add IndexAttr to primitive attributes kinds in tablegen. (details)
  224. [MLIR] NFC after commit D77478. (details)
  225. [MLIR] Fix fusion of linalg.indexed_generic producer into tiled (Indexed)GenericOp. (details)
  226. Also look for devtoolset-9 gcc toolchain (details)
  227. [LiveDebugValues] Terminate open ranges on DBG_VALUE $noreg (details)
  228. LangOptions cannot depend on ASTContext, make it not use ASTContext directly (details)
  229. [lldb/unittests] Better error messages when creating sockets fails (details)
  230. [clang] Const correct ComputePreambleBounds (details)
  231. [MSan] Enable for SystemZ (details)
  232. [CGExprAgg] Fix infinite loop in `findPeephole` (details)
  233. Fix -Wdocumentation-html warning (details)
  234. [AST] Fix an undefine behavior when creating an empty recovery expr. (details)
  235. [LiveIntervals] Replace handleMoveIntoBundle (details)
  236. [MIR] Add comments to INLINEASM immediate flag MachineOperands (details)
  237. [clangd] Pull installed gRPC and introduce clangd-remote-(server|client) (details)
  238. [FileCheck] - Fix the false positive when -implicit-check-not is used with an unknown -check-prefix. (details)
  239. Introduce llvm::sys::Process::getProcessId() and adopt it (details)
  240. Revert "[LifetimeAnalysis] Add [[gsl::Pointer]] to llvm::StringRef" (details)
  241. Expose AtomicType in the libclang C API. (details)
  242. Revert "Revert "[LifetimeAnalysis] Add [[gsl::Pointer]] to llvm::StringRef"" (details)
  243. Pass.h/cpp - cleanup includes and forward declaration. NFC. (details)
  244. Parser.h/cpp - cleanup includes and forward declaration. NFC. (details)
  245. yaml2obj.h - cleanup includes and forward declaration. NFC. (details)
  246. [MLIR] Allow for multiple gpu modules during translation. (details)
  247. Revert "[MLIR] Add IndexAttr to primitive attributes kinds in tablegen." (details)
  248. [VE] Update logical operation instructions (details)
  249. [MLIR] Add IndexAttr to primitive attributes kinds in tablegen. (details)
  250. [clang-format] Do not interpret C# deconstruction in a foreach as a cast (details)
  251. [Float2Int] Stop passing around a reference to the class member Roots. NFC (details)
  252. Disallow [[nodiscard]] on a function pointer declaration. (details)
  253. [mlir][Linalg] Drop function attribute from generic ops. (details)
  254. [libc++] Support arbitrary .sh.X extensions in the new format (details)
  255. WasmEHFuncInfo.h - reduce BasicBlock.h/MachineBasicBlock.h includes to just forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  256. MCObjectWriter.h - remove unnecessary includes. NFC (details)
  257. AntiDepBreaker.h - remove unused MachineOperand.h include. NFC. (details)
  258. [ASTImporter] Fix bug introduced in 2ba4e3a4598b (details)
  259. MCValue.h - cleanup include and forward declaration. NFC. (details)
  260. [clang][AST] Support AST files larger than 512M (details)
  261. [flang] Use the Flang cmake-functions to add targets. (details)
  262. [MLIR] Fix MLIR build - add missing CMake dependency (details)
  263. [MachineSink] Fix for breaking phi edges with instructions with multiple defs (details)
  264. [libc] Move implementations of cosf, sinf, sincosf to src/math directory. (details)
  265. [NFC] Rename Sema.FPFeatures to CurFPFeatures and accessor to getCurFPFeatures (details)
  266. [MLIR] NFC use Operation::getParentWithTrait in alloca verifier (details)
  267. Revert "[clang][AST] Support AST files larger than 512M" (details)
  268. MCAsmBackend.h - cleanup includes and forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  269. Wasm.h - remove unnecessary StringMap.h include. NFC (details)
  270. MCInstrDesc.h - move MCSubtargetInfo forward declaration down to MCInstrInfo.h. NFC. (details)
  271. MCSchedule.h - replace ArrayRef.h include with forward declaration. NFC. (details)
  272. [PowerPC] Ignore implicit register operands for MCInst (details)
  273. [libc++] Simplify conditional in __config for _LIBCPP_NO_RTTI (details)
  274. [OpenMPOpt] deduplicateRuntimeCalls(): avoid traditional map lookup pitfall (details)
  275. [lldb/Reproducers] Simplify LLDB_RECORD macros (details)
  276. [ARM][MVE] Fix location of optimized gather addresses (details)
  277. [lldb/Docs] Add some more info about the test suite structure (details)
  278. [AMDGPU] Define 16 bit SGPR subregs (details)
  279. [MC][X86] Allow SHT_PROGBITS for .eh_frame on x86-64 (details)
  280. [globalisel] Allow backends to report an issue without triggering fallback. NFC (details)
  281. [globalisel] Add lost debug locations verifier (details)
  282. [PowerPC][Future] Initial support for PC Relative addressing for global values (details)
  283. [gn build] Port d9085f65db0 (details)
  284. [CallSite removal][CodeGen] Remove CallSite use from BasicTTIImpl.h. NFC (details)
  285. [CallSite removal][CodeGen] Drop some unneeded includes of CallSite.h. NFC (details)
  286. [AArch64][SVE] Add DestructiveBinaryImm SQSHLU patterns. (details)
  287. [CodeGen] fix inline builtin-related breakage from D78162 (details)
  288. [LLVM] Remove wrong DBG_VALUE instruction with one operand in AArch64  test case (details)
  289. [libc++] NFC: Reindent impossible to read conditional in __config (details)
  290. Reland "[codeview] Reference types in type parent scopes" (details)
  291. [MC][ELF] Put explicit section name symbols into entry size compatible sections (details)
  292. [FileCheck] Fix --dump-input implicit pattern location (details)
  293. [FileCheck] Fix --dump-input annotation sort per input line (details)
  294. Reland: Don't expose unavailable cstdio functions. (details)
  295. [clang-tools-extra] reimplement PreprocessorTracker in terms of StringSet. (details)
  296. [ARM] Mir test for machine sinking multiple def instructions. NFC (details)
  297. [Shell] Remove incorrectly cargo-culted UNSUPPORTED. (details)
  298. [DWARF] Add instructions to regenerate this test, if needed. (details)
  299. [MLIR] Complete refactoring of Affine dialect into sub-libraries. (details)
  300. tsan: fixes to ThreadClock::releaseStoreAcquire and tests (details)
  301. [lldb/Utility] Fix a bug in stringify_append for printing addresses. (details)
  302. [ARM] MVE postinc tests. NFC (details)
  303. [x86] auto-generate complete test checks; NFC (details)
  304. [libc++] Move handling of convenience substitutions outside of (details)
  305. [mlir] ODS: support operations with resizable operand lists (details)
  306. Expose ATOMIC in the clang python bindings (details)
  307. [SCCP] Add widening test case. (details)
  308. [MLIR][cmake] Remove redundant add_dependencies() (details)
  309. [WPD] Avoid noalias assumptions in unique return value optimization (details)
  310. [mlir][Linalg] NFC - Split out EDSCs that require a Folder (details)
  311. Remove attach-failed-due-to-SIP checks which were not working (details)
  312. [lldb/Utility] Provide a stringify_append overload for function pointers. (details)
  313. [DWARF] Rename a function and comment it for clarity. (details)
  314. [clang] Fix invalid comparator in tablegen (details)
  315. [MLIR][cmake] Use DEPENDS instead of add_dependencies() (details)
  316. [clangd] Print PID on windows too (details)
  317. [clangd] Remove unused and underused helpers. NFC (details)
  318. [UBSan] Fix vptr checks on arm64e (details)
  319. llvm-addr2line: assume addresses on the command line are hexadecimal rather than attempting to guess the base based on the form of the number. (details)
  320. [Object] Remove conditional layout of bitfields in MachO::relocation_info. (details)
  321. [CallSite removal][IPO] Change implementation of AbstractCallSite to store a CallBase* instead of CallSite. NFCI. (details)
  322. [WebAssembly] Add int32 DW_OP_WASM_location variant (details)
  323. [WebAssembly] fixed target index strings in DebugInfo test (details)
  324. [NFC, tsan] Update tsan tests expectation (details)
  325. [WebAssembly] Fix WasmEmitter link error. (details)
  326. [NFC] Introduce a `LateInitialize()` method to `SymbolizerTool` that is called during the LateInitialize stage of the sanitizer runtimes. (details)
  327. [ubsan] Link shared runtime library with a version script. (details)
  328. [libc] Add cmake target for linting libc. (details)
  329. [SelectionDAGBuilder][CGP][X86] Move some of SDB's gather/scatter uniform base handling to CGP. (details)
  330. Revert "[lldb/Utility] Provide a stringify_append overload for function pointers." (details)
  331. Remove the llvm/Support/StringPool.h file and related support now that it has no clients.  A plain old StringSet<> is a better replacement. (details)
  332. [gn build] Port 953a814aae4 (details)
  333. [WebAssembly] Fix faulty logic in verifyRelocTargets (details)
  334. [llvm-objcopy][MachO] Fix MachO::relocation_info use after 386f1c114d5. (details)
  335. [mlir] [VectorOps] Progressive lowering of vector.broadcast (details)
  336. [llvm-objcopy][MachO] Correctly identify object file endianness. (details)
  337. [SampleProfile] Use CallBase in function arguments and data structures to reduce the number of explicit casts. NFCI (details)
  338. [PowerPC] Exploit the rldicl + rldicl when and with mask (details)
  339. [X86][MC][NFC] Reduce the parameters of functions in X86MCCodeEmitter(Part II) (details)
  340. Temporaily revert [X86][MC][NFC] Reduce the parameters of functions in X86MCCodeEmitter(Part II) (details)
  341. Fix opt-viewer tests failing after move from cgi.escape to html.escape (details)
  342. [ARM][MVE] Add VHADD and VHSUB patterns (details)
  343. [profile] Avoid duplicating or leaking VMO (details)
  344. [Fixed Point] Move the compassign LHS type correction a bit further down. NFCI. (details)
  345. [clang-tidy] modernize-use-using: Fix broken fixit with 'template' keyword (details)
  346. ScoreboardHazardRecognizer.h - remove unnecessary llvm::InstrItineraryData forward declaration. NFC. (details)
  347. ScheduleDFS.h - Replace ArrayRef.h include with forward declaration. NFC. (details)
  348. ConstantFolding.h - remove unused llvm::ConstantVector forward declaration. NFC. (details)
  349. IPO.h - remove unused llvm::Function forward declaration. NFC. (details)
  350. Use proper dependency name for libc.include.stdio (details)
  351. [CommandLine] Fix cl::ConsumeAfter support with more than one positional argument (details)
  352. [NFC] Remove waymarking because it improves performances (details)
  353. [gn build] Port ff9379f4b2d (details)
  354. [tools][tests] - Use --check-prefixes instead of multiple --check-prefix. NFCI. (details)
  355. MCSectionXCOFF.h - remove unnecessary Twine.h include. NFC (details)
  356. MCWasmStreamer.h.h - cleanup includes and forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  357. MCStreamer.h - remove unused llvm::MCCodePaddingContext forward declaration. NFC. (details)
  358. ConstantPools.h - remove unused DenseMap.h include. NFC. (details)
  359. MCObjectWriter.h - remove Endian.h/EndianStream.h/raw_ostream.h includes. NFC (details)
  360. [cmake] LLVMVectorize - add include/llvm/Transforms/Vectorize header path (details)
  361. Provide operand indices to adjustSchedDependency (details)
  362. [NFC] Add missing 'const' notion to LCSSA-related functions (details)
  363. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Work around another selector crash (details)
  364. Scalar.h - remove unused forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  365. SSAUpdaterBulk.h - remove unnecessary SmallPtrSet.h include. NFC (details)
  366. UnifyFunctionExitNodes.h - remove unnecessary PassRegistry.h include. NFC (details)
  367. Recommit [X86][MC][NFC] Reduce the parameters of functions in X86MCCodeEmitter(Part II) (details)
  368. [clangd] Drop dangling relations while sharding (details)
  369. [clangd] Fix memory leak in FileIndexTest (details)
  370. [RISCV][AsmParser] Implement .option (no)pic (details)
  371. [x86] add/adjust tests for FP<->int casts; NFC (details)
  372. [x86] rename variables for types for readability; NFC (details)
  373. [libc++] Move .fail.cpp tests with verify-support to .verify.cpp (details)
  374. [clang][AST] Support AST files larger than 512M (details)
  375. [VectorUtils] Create shufflevector masks as int vectors instead of Constants (details)
  376. [AMDGPU] Simplify SIRegisterInfo::getRegSplitParts (details)
  377. [XCOFF][AIX] Fix getSymbol to return the correct qualname when necessary (details)
  378. [libc++abi] NFC: Remove trailing whitespace (details)
  379. Implement _ExtInt as an extended int type specifier. (details)
  380. [AMDGPU] New helper functions to get a register class of a given width (details)
  381. [PhaseOrdering] remove blank lines in tests; NFC (details)
  382. Change users of CreateShuffleVector to pass the masks as int instead of Constants (details)
  383. Remove accidental include. (details)
  384. [libc++] NFC: Rename Lit feature for no RTTI to -fno-rtti (details)
  385. [ValueLattice] Steal bits from Tag to track range extensions (NFC). (details)
  386. [GlobalISel][AMDGPU] add legalization for G_FREEZE (details)
  387. [Support][X86] Change getHostNumPhsicalCores() to return number of physical cores enabled by affinity (details)
  388. [SYCL] Update __builtin_unique_stable_name for other backends. (details)
  389. [ELF] Support a few more SPARCv9 relocations (details)
  390. [builtins] Add missing header in D77912 and make __builtin_clzll more robust (details)
  391. [Support][X86] Include sched.h after D78324 (details)
  392. [libc] Disable AOR ulp tests for sinf, cosf and sincosf. (details)
  393. [PowerPC][Future] More support for PCRel addressing for global values (details)
  394. NFC: remove outdated TODOs from ARM test file. (details)
  395. [ARM] Fix conditions for lowering to S[LR]I (details)
  396. [libc++] List the set of __config_site macros used for features (details)
  397. [PredicateInfo] Remove unused member (NFC) (details)
  398. [MI] Reduce MachineInstr size (NFC) (details)
  399. [LVI] Cleanup/unify cache access (details)
  400. [CallSite removal][MemCpyOptimizer] Replace CallSite with CallBase. NFC (details)
  401. [libc] Add spec/*.td as dependencies to add_gen_header (details)
  402. Revert "[CallSite removal][MemCpyOptimizer] Replace CallSite with CallBase. NFC" (details)
  403. [libc] Add write(2) implementation for Linux and FDReader test utility (details)
  404. Revert "Implement _ExtInt as an extended int type specifier." (details)
  405. [CallSite removal][MemCpyOptimizer] Replace CallSite with CallBase. NFC (details)
  406. [AArch64] Fold one-use variables into assert (details)
  407. [CallSite removal][Attributor] Replaces use of CallSite with CallBase. NFC (details)
  408. Reland Implement _ExtInt as an extended int type specifier. (details)
  409. Clean up usages of asserting vector getters in Type (details)
  410. Allow lldb-test to combine -find with -dump-clang-ast (details)
  411. [llvm][CodeGen] Fix issue for SVE gather prefetch. (details)
  412. [llvm][CodeGen] Addressing modes for SVE stN. (details)
  413. [AMDGPU] Use SDWA for 16 bit subreg copy (details)
  414. [libc++] Split features for platform detection into its own function (details)
  415. Fix interaction of static plugins with -DLLVM_LINK_LLVM_DYLIB=ON. (details)
  416. [AMDGPU] copyPhysReg() for 16 bit SGPR subregs (details)
  417. Revert "[llvm][CodeGen] Addressing modes for SVE stN." (details)
  418. [llvm][CodeGen] Addressing modes for SVE stN. (details)
  419. [Float2Int] Make iteration over Roots deterministic (details)
  420. [CUDA] Define __CUDACC__ before standard library headers (details)
  421. [PowerPC] Refactor ppcUserFeaturesCheck() (details)
  422. [X86] Remove single incoming value phis from tests for the loop SAD pattern. NFC (details)
  423. [globalisel][legalizer] Fix --verify-legalizer-debug-locs values (details)
  424. [globalisel][legalizer] Include newly-dead code in artifact combine checks for DebugLoc loss (details)
  425. [globalisel][legalizer] Expect to lose DebugLocs in dead code (details)
  426. [libc++] Use proper shell escaping in the executors (details)
  427. Remove asserting getters from base Type (details)
  428. Revert "[libc++] Use proper shell escaping in the executors" (details)
  429. Revert "[InlineFunction] Update metadata on loads that are return values" (details)
  430. Don't accidentally create MachineFunctions in mir-debugify/mir-strip-debugify (details)
  431. [cmake] Temporarily disable building std::filesystem in CrossWinToARMLinux.cmake (details)
  432. Fix buildbot failure due to obsolete CallSite usage (details)
  433. [Darwin] Fix symbolization for recent simulator runtimes. (details)
  434. MachineFunctionInfo for AArch64 in MIR (details)
  435. [gn build] Port 66037b84cf5 (details)
  436. ADT: SmallVector size/capacity use word-size integers when elements are small (details)
  437. Add SemaTemplateDeduction.cpp to /bigobj (details)
  438. AMDGPU: Remove custom node for RSQ_LEGACY (details)
  439. [AbstractCallSite] Fix some doxygen comments I failed to update when ImmutableCallSite was replaced with CallBase. (details)
  440. [COFF] Assign unique identifiers to ObjFiles from LTO (details)
  441. scudo: Add support for diagnosing memory errors when memory tagging is enabled. (details)
  442. add temporary logging to help diagnose a bot-only failure (details)
  443. [llvm][NFC][CallSite] Remove CallSite from Evaluator. (details)
  444. [MLIR] Update tutorial to add missing tests and bring directory paths and code snippets up to date. (details)
  445. [MLIR] Update tutorial to add missing tests and bring directory paths and code snippets up to date. (details)
  446. [MLIR] Update tutorial to add missing tests and bring directory paths and code snippets up to date. (details)
  447. [X86] Clean up some mir tests with INLINEASM to avoid regdef or to correct the immediate for the regdef. (details)
  448. [ADT] Fix bug in BitVector and SmallBitVector DenseMap hashing. (details)
  449. fix to outline cfi instruction when can be grouped in a tail call (details)
  450. Change deprecated -fsanitize-recover flag to apply to all sanitizers, not just UBSan. (details)
  451. Rename IsMissingRequirement to IsUnimportable and set it for shadowed (details)
  452. When making modules transitively visible, don't take into account (details)
  453. [CMake] Set UBSAN_LINK_FLAGS for ubsan (details)
  454. [lldb] [testsuite] Fix on Linux (details)
  455. [MC][X86] Disable branch align in non-text section (details)
  456. [flang]Implemented Semantic Checkes for 5 data constraints (details)
  457. [RISCV][PowerPC] Fix google/benchmark benchmark::cycleclock::Now (details)
  458. [lldb] [testsuite] Fix a regression of (details)
  459. [LV] Invalidate cost model decisions along with interleave groups. (details)
  460. Revert "ADT: SmallVector size/capacity use word-size integers when elements are small" (details)
  461. [cmake] LLVMFrontendOpenMP - fix include/llvm/Frontend/OpenMP header path (details)
  462. [cmake] LLVMAsmParser - add include/llvm/ASMParser header path (details)
  463. [cmake] LLVMGlobalISel - add include/llvm/CodeGen/GlobalISel header path (details)
  464. [cmake] LLVMMIRParser - add include/llvm/CodeGen/LLVMMIRParser header path (details)
  465. [cmake] LLVMDWARFLinker - add include/llvm/DWARFLinker header path (details)
  466. [cmake] LLVMPasses - add include/llvm header path (details)
  467. IRReader.h - remove unnecessary StringRef forward declaration. NFC. (details)
  468. [CMake][NFC] Clean up CheckAtomic.cmake (details)
  469. [ValueLattice] Use 8 bits for Tag. (details)
  470. HeatUtils.h - remove unnecessary includes. NFC. (details)
  471. [SCCP] Drop unused early exit from visitReturnInst (NFC). (details)
  472. [SCCP] Add additional tests for structs, conditional prop and widening. (details)
  473. [Object] Change uint32_t getSymbolFlags() to Expected<uint32_t> getSymbolFlags(). (details)
  474. [mlir][vulkan-runner] Simplify vulkan launch call op. (details)
  475. [ELF][ARM] Increase default max-page-size from 4096 to 6536 (details)
  476. [libc++] Use proper shell escaping in the executors (details)
  477. [llvm-objdump] Demangle C++ Symbols in branch and call targets (details)
  478. [MLIR] Make isPerfectlyNested check more efficient (details)
  479. [SCCP] Drop unused early exit from visitStoreInst (NFC). (details)
  480. [llvm][NFC][CallSite] Remove CallSite from ProfileSummary (details)
  481. [MLIR] NFC affine for op tiling cleanup / utility rename (details)
  482. [DebugInfo] Change DIEnumerator payload type from int64_t to APInt (details)
  483. [Local] Simplify the alignment limits in getOrEnforceKnownAlignment. NFCI (details)
  484. [scudo] Silent warning for u64 -> u32 convertion (details)
  485. Revert "[Local] Simplify the alignment limits in getOrEnforceKnownAlignment. NFCI" (details)
  486. [PredicateInfo] Factor out PredicateInfoBuilder (NFC) (details)
  487. [ValueLattice] Remove unnecessary ConstVal nulling (NFC) (details)
  488. UnrollLoop.h - replace StringRef.h/ValueMapper.h includes with forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  489. Recommit "[Local] Simplify the alignment limits in getOrEnforceKnownAlignment. NFCI" (details)
  490. [LV] Mark first-order recurrences as allowed exits (details)
  491. [ORC] Replace LLJIT::defineAbsolute with an LLJIT::define convenience method. (details)
  492. [ORC] Add a convenience method to create a JITEvaluatedSymbol from a pointer. (details)
  493. [ORC] Add example showing how to initialize/deinitialize a JITDylib with LLJIT. (details)
  494. add more temporary logging for a bot-only failure (details)
  495. [PowerPC] Don't use rldicl for PPC32 (details)
  496. [llvm][NFC] Dereferencing before cast-ing in ProfileSummaryInfoTest (details)
  497. [Dominators] Facilitate updates to MachinePostDominatorTree (details)
  498. Fix broken docs links ( was renamed (details)
  499. Fix broken doc links ( -> Rationale/ (details)
  500. Fix broken docs links by using relative paths in the Linalg Rationale (details)
  501. Fix relative links in Rationale docs following move to subfolder (details)
  502. Fix broken doc links to after move under Tutorials (details)
  503. Fix broken doc links to after move to Tutorials/ (details)
  504. Fix broken website link: Use absolute URL to point back to the source on GitHub (details)
  505. [SyntheticCountsPropagation] Remove unnecessary includes and add a LLVM license header. NFC (details)
  506. [CallSite removal][PtrUseVisitor] Use visitCallBase instead of visitCallSite. NFC (details)
  507. [MLIR] Mark dominance methods const (details)
  508. [MLIR] NFC Fix/clarify line in const usage rationale doc (details)
  509. [ValueLattice] Add struct for merge options. (details)
  510. OMPConstants.h - replace StringRef.h include with forward declaration. NFC. (details)
  511. Remove remaining callers of CreateShuffleVector with unsigned indices and mark it as deprecated (details)
  512. TypeBasedAliasAnalysis.h - replace InstrTypes.h include with forward declaration. NFC. (details)
  513. BuildLibCalls.h - remove unnecessary TargetLibraryInfo forward declaration. NFC (details)
  514. DebugHandlerBase.h - reduce MachineInstr.h include to DebugLoc.h include. (details)
  515. X86AsmPrinter.h - cleanup includes and forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  516. InstrEmitter.h - reduce SelectionDAG.h include to SelectionDAGNodes.h include. (details)
  517. X86InstrFMA3Info.h - remove unnecessary includes. NFC. (details)
  518. SelectionDAGBuilder.h - remove unused includes + forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  519. [X86][SSE] Add test case for PR45604 (details)
  520. [InstSimplify] add tests for logic-of-icmp with min/max constant; NFC (details)
  521. [VectorCombine] transform bitcasted shuffle to wider elements (details)
  522. [clangd] Extend YAML Serialization (details)
  523. [x86] use vector instructions to lower more FP->int->FP casts (details)
  524. [clangd] Add index export to dexp (details)
  525. [X86][SSE] getFauxShuffle - don't combine shuffles with small truncated scalars (PR45604) (details)
  526. [ARM] Regenerate tests. NFC (details)
  527. X86TargetTransformInfo.h - remove unnecessary includes. NFC. (details)
  528. X86SelectionDAGInfo.h - remove unnecessary includes and forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  529. X86.h - remove unused forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  530. X86MCTargetDesc.h - remove unnecessary includes and forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  531. [LAA] Remove unnecessary includes (NFC). (details)
  532. [x86] avoid build warning for enum mismatch; NFC (details)
  533. [InstSimplify] add tests for logic+icmp folds for nullptr; NFC (details)
  534. [CMake] Delete HAVE_SCHED_GETAFFINITY and HAVE_CPU_COUNT (details)
  535. X86DisassemblerDecoder.h - remove unused forward declaration. NFC. (details)
  536. X86InstrInfo.h - remove unused forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  537. X86MachineFunctionInfo.h - remove unused include. NFC. (details)
  538. Fix more broken doc links after some moved under the Rationale category (details)
  539. Fix one more doc links after moving the document under Tutorials (details)
  540. Fix documentation link to MlirSpirvAbi (details)
  541. DependenceGraphBuilder.h - remove unused includes. NFC. (details)
  542. Fix one more link for a Rationale doc moved under Rationale/ (details)
  543. [LoopUtils] Clean up includes, use forward decls if appropriate (NFC). (details)
  544. [IVDescriptors] Clean up includes. (details)
  545. [TTI] Clean up includes (NFC). (details)
  546. [LVI] Use Optional instead of out parameter (NFC) (details)
  547. SectionMemoryManager.h - remove unnecessary StringRef.h include. NFC. (details)
  548. X86CallLowering.h - remove unnecessary ArrayRef.h include. NFC. (details)
  549. [CallSite removal][AMDGPU] Use CallBase instead of CallSite in AMDGPUFixFunctionBitcasts. NFC (details)
  550. [X86] Add X86ISD nodes for PDEP and PEXT. (details)
  551. [CallSite removal][Lint] Replace visitCallSite with visitCallBase. NFC (details)
  552. [CallSite removal][Analysis] Replace CallSite with CallBase in MemoryBuiltins. NFC (details)
  553. [CallSite removal][WebAssembly] Replace CallSite with CallBase in WebAssemblyOptimizeReturned. (details)
  554. [X86][MC][NFC] Reduce the parameters of functions in X86MCCodeEmitter(Part III) (details)
  555. [Test] Add a test showing how CFG analyses are invalidated after LV (details)
  556. [Object] Use BFD name for little-endian PowerPC64 (details)
  557. Handle CET for -exception-model sjlj (details)
  558. [Test] Fix test failure: platform-dependent printout (details)
  559. llvm-dwarfdump: Fix UB (unsequenced writes) introduced in e0fd87cc64d5 (details)
  560. [CallSite removal][CalledValuePropagation] Use CallBase instead of CallSite. NFC (details)
  561. [CallSite removal][Analysis] Use CallBase instead of CallSite in SparsePropagation unit test. NFC (details)
  562. [clangd][test] Make sed git bash compliant (details)
  563. [CallSite removal][SCCP] Use CallBase instead of CallSite. NFC (details)
  564. [MLIR] Move `replaceAllUsesExcept` from LoopUtil.h to Value.h. (details)
  565. [CodeGen] Support freeze expand for ppc_fp128 (details)
  566. [NFC][TTI] Explicit use of VectorType (details)
  567. [MLIR] Add #include "llvm/ADT/SmallPtrSet.h" back to LoopUtils.h. (details)
  568. [PredicateInfo] Use new Instruction::comesBefore instead of OI (NFC). (details)
  569. [ARM][MC][Thumb] Revert relocation for some pc-relative fixups. (details)
  570. [ARM][MVE] Add patterns for VRHADD (details)
  571. [VPlan] Clean up tryToCreate(Widen)Recipe. (NFC) (details)
  572. [analyzer] Do not report NSError null dereference for _Nonnull params. (details)
  573. [analyzer] Do not report CFError null dereference for nonnull params. (details)
  574. [AArch64][SVE] Remove LD1/ST1 dependency on llvm.masked.load/store (details)
  575. X86InstrFoldTables.h - remove unnecessary include. NFC. (details)
  576. X86MCAsmInfo.h - remove unnecessary MCAsmInfo.h include. NFC. (details)
  577. X86MCTargetDesc.h - remove unnecessary MCStreamer.h include. NFC. (details)
  578. X86Subtarget.cpp - sort includes. NFC (details)
  579. [MC][DWARF] Corrected handling of is_stmt flag in .loc directives (details)
  580. X86Subtarget.h - remove unused includes. NFC. (details)
  581. [llvm-readobj] - Fix crashes and misbehaviors when reading strings from broken string tables. (details)
  582. [obj2yaml] - Teach obj2yaml to dump SHT_NOBITS sections when dumping program headers. (details)
  583. [FileCheck] - Refactor the code related to string arrays. NFCI. (details)
  584. [AVR] Do not use divmod calls for bigger integers (details)
  585. [AVR] Do not place functions in (details)
  586. Revert 3ce0ad1b336e67a76d78ae7ff7d66fe127586620 Die to breakage in check-lld. (details)
  587. [analyzer] GenericTaint: Don't expect CallEvent to always have a Decl. (details)
  588. [nfc] Cleanup extension header generation (details)
  589. [LLD][ELF][ARM] Convert ADR/LDR to .inst .reloc (details)
  590. [GlobalISel] Introduce InlineAsmLowering class (details)
  591. [gn build] Port 12030494fce (details)
  592. Explicitly move from llvm::json Array/Object to Value (details)
  593. X86MacroFusion.cpp - ensure X86MacroFusion.h module header is included first. NFC. (details)
  594. [SveEmitter] Add more immediate operand checks. (details)
  595. [Scalarizer] Fix a non-deterministic scatter order problem (details)
  596. [SveEmitter] Add immediate checks for lanes and complex imms (details)
  597. [lldb] Prefer executable files from sysroot over files from local filesystem (details)
  598. [lldb] Fix gcc warnings in TypeCategory.cpp (details)
  599. [lldb] Add new LLDB setting: use-source-cache (details)
  600. [lldb] Fix SourceManager::SourceFileCache insertion (details)
  601. [lldb] Remove m_last_file_sp from SourceManager (details)
  602. [libc++] Fix the no-exceptions build of libc++ on Apple (details)
  603. [Dexter][NFC] Add Debugger Controller To Dexter (details)
  604. [ELF] Add --warn-backrefs-exclude=<glob> (details)
  605. MIRVRegNamerUtils.h - remove unnecessary includes. NFC. (details)
  606. BranchFolding.h - cleanup includes and forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  607. Revert "[ARM] Fix conditions for lowering to S[LR]I" (details)
  608. [MLIR] Add AtomicRMWRegionOp. (details)
  609. [AIX] Return the correct set of callee saved regs (details)
  610. [SveEmitter] Explicitly merge with zero/undef (details)
  611. [Preamble] Allow recursive inclusion of header-guarded mainfile. (details)
  612. [VectorUtils] Use early_inc_range instead of DelSet (NFC). (details)
  613. [compiler-rt] Use --standalone when running tests on the iOS simulator (details)
  614. [mlir][spirv] Lower memref with dynamic dimensions to runtime arrays (details)
  615. [mlir][spirv] NFC: remove unnecessary `%N =` in test CHECKs (details)
  616. [mlir][ods] Update doc regarding attribute definitions (details)
  617. [SveEmitter] Implement zeroing of false lanes (details)
  618. [lldb/Scripts] Add verbose and failure only mode to replay script. (details)
  619. [PowerPC][AIX] ByVal formal argument support: passing on the stack. (details)
  620. [libcxx][docs] Clearer mark up for --param (details)
  621. [IPT] Don't use OrderedInstructions (NFC) (details)
  622. [ValueLattice] Add move constructor (NFC) (details)
  623. [lldb/Reproducers] Support new replay mode: passive replay (details)
  624. [LSan] Disable a failing test on ARM (details)
  625. Revert "[AIX] Return the correct set of callee saved regs" (details)
  626. [PowerPC][AIX] Use a file check variable for register used in addressing. (details)
  627. [dfsan] Add "DataFlow" option to LLVM_USE_SANITIZER (details)
  628. [CallSite removal][ExecutionEngine] Use CallBase in the Interpreter. NFC (details)
  629. Revert "[MS] Fix assert handling enum forward decls in hasVisibleDefinition" (details)
  630. [ARM] Add an low overhead sibling loop test. NFC (details)
  631. [libc++] Fix a few warnings when running the test suite with GCC (details)
  632. [PowerPC] Do not attempt to reuse load for 64-bit FP_TO_UINT without FPCVT (details)
  633. [AIX] Return the correct set of callee saved regs (details)
  634. [lldb/Test] Don't friend std::make_unique (details)
  635. Require "target datalayout" to be at the beginning of an IR file. (details)
  636. [NFC] [AIX] [PowerPC] Add missing instruction to AIX byval test (details)
  637. [clangd] Enable diagnostic fixes within macro argument expansions. (details)
  638. [SemaObjC] Forbid storing an unboxed integer literal in an NSNumber (details)
  639. [MLIR] Fix affine loop tiling utility upper bound bug (details)
  640. [llvm][NFC][CallSite] Remove CallSite from Lint.cpp (details)
  641. [MLIR] NFC clean up loop tiling test cases (details)
  642. Fix lld testcases I missed in D78413 (9b9454a) (details)
  643. [libc++] Re-enable warnings in the new format (details)
  644. [Local] Update getOrEnforceKnownAlignment/getKnownAlignment to use Align/MaybeAlign. (details)
  645. [mlir][ods] Add materialize derived attribute method (details)
  646. Revert "[Local] Update getOrEnforceKnownAlignment/getKnownAlignment to use Align/MaybeAlign." (details)
  647. [lldb/Reproducers] Fix passive replay for (char*, size_t) functions. (details)
  648. [MachineOutliner] Annotation for outlined functions in AArch64 (details)
  649. [SVE] Remove calls to getBitWidth from Analysis (details)
  650. Revert "[libc++] Re-enable warnings in the new format" (details)
  651. Revert "[AMDGPU] Set the CostPerUse value for vgpr registers." (details)
  652. [ARM] MVE and scalar postinc mir tests. NFC (details)
  653. [SVE] Remove calls to getBitWidth from mips (details)
  654. [SVE] Remove calls to getBitWidth from PowerPC (details)
  655. New pass to make internal linkage symbol names unique. (details)
  656. Fix LLVM_REVERSE_ITERATION (details)
  657. Fixing bot breakage (details)
  658. Update LLVMOps for CreateShuffleVector deprecation and rework (details)
  659. [AArch64][NFC] More intrinsic tests. (details)
  660. [llvm-objcopy][MachO] Copy LC_ENCRYPT_INFO/LC_ENCRYPT_INFO_64 load commands (details)
  661. Fix inlining multi-block callees with type conversion. (details)
  662. [dfsan] Fix a bug in strcasecmp() and strncasecmp(): Compare the lowercase versions of the characters when choosing a return value. (details)
  663. [mlir] Fix getTypes() support for result ranges. (details)
  664. Recommit: DebugInfo: Fix rangesBaseAddress DICompileUnit bitcode serialization/deserialization (details)
  665. Fix DenseMap iterator asserts when shouldReverseIterate==true (details)
  666. [llvm][NFC][CallSite] Remove CallSite from CoroEarly (details)
  667. [MC][NFC] Use camelCase style for function EmitInstToData (details)
  668. Unbreak ASan runtime in the simulators. (details)
  669. [Attributor] Partially disable three tests to unblock the windows bot (details)
  670. [Attributor] Use the BumpPtrAllocator in InformationCache as well (details)
  671. [llvm][NFC][CallSite] Remove CallSite from ArgumentPromotion (details)
  672. BPF: fix a CORE optimization bug (details)
  673. [MC][Bugfix] Remove redundant parameter for relaxInstruction (details)
  674. [MC][NFC] Use camelCase style for functions in MCObjectStreamer (details)
  675. [llvm-objcopy] Match GNU behaviour regarding file symbols (details)
  676. Revert "[llvm-objcopy] Match GNU behaviour regarding file symbols" (details)
  677. Reland D76675 [llvm-objcopy] Match GNU behaviour regarding file symbols (details)
  678. PR45534: don't ignore unmodeled side-effects when constant-evaluating a call to __builtin_constant_p. (details)
  679. PR45535: Check for variables with non-trivial destruction when (details)
  680. [OpenMPOpt] Make the SCC a vector to ensure deterministic results (details)
  681. [OpenMPOpt] Use a pointer value type in map (details)
  682. [OpenMPOpt] Make the combination of `ident_t*` deterministic (details)
  683. [Local] Update getOrEnforceKnownAlignment/getKnownAlignment to use Align/MaybeAlign. (details)
  684. [LICM][NFC] Reorder checks to speed up things slightly (details)
  685. [CallSite removal][Instrumentation] Use CallBase instead of CallSite in AddressSanitizer/DataFlowSanitizer/MemorySanitizer. NFC (details)
  686. [DenseMap] Don't capture the BucketEnd pointer before an operation that might change the number of buckets. (details)
  687. [ARM][ParallelDSP] Handle squaring multiplies (details)
  688. [AST] Suppress the spammy "attempt to use a deleted fucntion" diagnostic. (details)
  689. [TTI] Remove getOperationCost (details)
  690. [clangd] Store ppdirective in Inclusion (details)
  691. [clangd] Make signatureHelp work with stale preambles (details)
  692. [gn build] Port 2214b9076f1 (details)
  693. [SVEIntrinsicOpts] NFC: Remove unused isReinterpretFromBool for no-assert builds (details)
  694. [AST] dont invaliate VarDecl when the initializer contains errors. (details)
  695. [clangd] Fix windows buildbots for #import statements (details)
  696. [VE] Create a TargetInfo header.  NFC (details)
  697. [mlir] [linalg] Only promote selected buffers. (details)
  698. [clangd] Change field name to prevent shadowing (details)
  699. [mlir][Transforms] Add pass to perform sparse conditional constant propagation (details)
  700. [mlir][SCCP] Add support for propagating constants across inter-region control flow. (details)
  701. AliasAnalysisSummary.h - cleanup includes and forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  702. TGLexer.h - cleanup includes and forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  703. TGParser.h - cleanup includes and forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  704. Attempting fix buildbot (details)
  705. [mlir] [linalg] Fix transform-patterns test. (details)
  706. TGLexer.h - add missing <vector> include. (details)
  707. [AArch64][SVE] Add addressing mode for contiguous loads & stores (details)
  708. [clangd] Add icon to VSCode extension, and fix URLs (details)
  709. [Flang][test] Don't set PATH in flang/test/Semantics/ (details)
  710. [Dexter] Fix failing clang-opt-bisect sub tool test (details)
  711. Let targets adjust physical output- and anti-deps (details)
  712. [yaml2obj] - Verify that sections are sorted by their file offsets when creating segments. (details)
  713. [InstCombine] improve types/names for logic-of-icmp helper functions; NFC (details)
  714. [VPlan] Make various tryTo* helpers private and mark as const (NFC). (details)
  715. [clangd] Bump VSCode version number to allow republish (icon-only change). (details)
  716. SHA1.h - remove unnecessary ArrayRef.h/StringRef.h includes. NFC. (details)
  717. [InstCombine] improve types/names for logic-of-icmp helper function; NFC (details)
  718. X86ISelLowering.cpp - clang-format to fix col80 limit. NFC. (details)
  719. [AArch64][NFC] One more intrinsic test. (details)
  720. [DWARFDataExtractor] Add a "truncating" constructor (details)
  721. [mlir][NFC] Fix typo in the standalone dialect README. (details)
  722. [DWARFDebugLine] Check for errors when parsing v2 file/dir lists (details)
  723. [ELF][test] Reorganize "TLS attribute mismatch" tests (details)
  724. [ELF] Fix "TLS attribute mismatch" false positives for STT_NOTYPE undefined symbols (details)
  725. [PowerPC][AIX][NFC] Fix use of  FileCheck variable in lit test. (details)
  726. [libc++] Fix warnings with Clang in C++03 (details)
  727. [ELF] Keep local symbols when both --emit-relocs and --discard-all are specified (details)
  728. [AMDGPU] Remove selectSGPRVectorRegClassID. NFC. (details)
  729. [InlineSpiller] simplify insertReload() NFC (details)
  730. [lldb/Test] Decode stdout and stderr in case it contains Unicode. (details)
  731. [PowerPC] Add a new test case expand-isel-liveness.mir (details)
  732. [PowerPC][Future] Add offsets to PC Relative relocations. (details)
  733. [mlir][Linalg] Create a named batch_matmul op and pipe it through. (details)
  734. [mlir] [linalg] Specify alignment during promotion. (details)
  735. [Attributor] Use a pointer value type for the AAMap (details)
  736. [Attributor] Pass the Attributor to the AbstractAttribute constructors (details)
  737. [Attributor] Use a pointer value type for the access kind -> accesses map (details)
  738. [Attributor] Use a pointer value type for the QueryMap (details)
  739. [Attributor] Use a pointer value type for the OpcodeInstMap (details)
  740. [libc] [NFC] Split the CMake rules into multiple files. (details)
  741. [InstCombine] add tests for logic-of-icmps; NFC (details)
  742. [XRay] Change xray_instr_map sled addresses from absolute to PC relative for x86-64 (details)
  743. [libc] Propagate entrypoint deps to downstream targets. (details)
  744. Fix an unused-variable warning in Release mode. (details)
  745. [libc++] Re-enable warnings in the new format (details)
  746. [MC][PGO][PGSO] Cleanup unused MBFI in AsmPrinter (details)
  747. [libc] Revert "Propagate entrypoint deps to downstream targets." (details)
  748. [libc++] Do not enable assertions in the dylib in the Apple cache (details)
  749. [NFC][InstCombine] sub-of-negatible.ll: some more test cases (details)
  750. [AArch64] FMLA/FMLS patterns improvement. (details)
  751. [libc][Take 2] Propagate entrypoint deps to downstream targets. (details)
  752. [Transforms] getOrEnforceKnownAlignment - fix MSVC result of 32-bit shift implicitly converted to 64 bits warning. NFCI (details)
  753. [llvm][NFC][CallSite] Remove CallSite from DeadArgumentElimination (details)
  754. [llvm] [X86] Fixed type bug in vselect for AVX masked load (details)
  755. [mlir] Remove braces to avoid ambiguous constructor of operand range (details)
  756. [InstCombine] add tests for logic-of-icmps; NFC (details)
  757. [Analysis] recognize the 'null' pointer constant as not poison (details)
  758. [lldb/Scripts] proc.returncode is set in proc.communicate (details)
  759. [CallSite] Fix build breakage after D78538 (details)
  760. Bit-pack some pairs. No functionlity change intended. (details)
  761. Implement some functions in NativeSession. (details)
  762. [PDB] Change llvm/object/COFF.h to llvm/Object/COFF.h after D78128 (details)
  763. Fix build. NFC. (details)
  764. [InstCombine] Negator - sink sinkable negations (details)
  765. [XRay] xray_fn_idx: set SHF_WRITE to avoid text relocations (details)
  766. Fix `-Wparentheses` warnings. NFC. (details)
  767. Fix Solaris build of ubsan. (details)
  768. [AArch64] Fix MIR tests with invalid live-ins. (details)
  769. [ARM] Fix MIR tests with invalid live-ins. (details)
  770. AMDGPU: Use Register (details)
  771. [libc++abi] Add a rate limiter when logging dynamic_cast errors (details)
  772. [Flang] fix dependency issues after D78215 (details)
  773. [NativeSession] Fix unchecked Expected type (details)
  774. C++2a -> C++20 in some identifiers; NFC. (details)
  775. [hip] Claim builtin type `__float128` supported if the host target supports it. (details)
  776. Fix `-Wpedantic` warnings. NFC. (details)
  777. [Attributor][NFC] Remove obsolete option from tests (details)
  778. [Attributor][PM] Introduce `-attributor-enable={none,cgscc,module,all}` (details)
  779. [Attributor][NFC] Track the number of created AAs in the statistics (details)
  780. [Attributor] Remove dependence edges eagerly (details)
  781. [SVE] Remove VectorType::getBitWidth() (details)
  782. [lld-macho] Add basic support for linking against dylibs (details)
  783. [OpenMP] Add scaffolding for negative runtime tests (details)
  784. [OpenMP] target_data_begin: fail on device alloc fail (details)
  785. Revert "Implement some NativeSession functions" along with some (details)
  786. [gn build] Port 060efd24c7f (details)
  787. [gn build] Port 352fef3f11f (details)
  788. [lldb/Test] Add skipIfReproducer for tests that are not expected to work (details)
  789. [lldb/Test] Add skipIfReproducer for tests that diverge during replay (details)
  790. [lldb/Test] Add decorator to the right method (details)
  791. Disable a Darwin test under LSan. (details)
  792. [ELF] Fix a null pointer dereference when relocating a Local-Exec TLS relocation for a lazy symbol (details)
  793. Reapply: Make header inclusion order from umbrella dirs deterministic (details)
  794. [llvm][NFC][CallSite] Remove CallSite from FunctionAttrs (details)
  795. Reland "Implement some functions in NativeSession." with fixes so that (details)
  796. [gn build] Port 23609331472 (details)
  797. get rid of PythonInteger::GetInteger() (details)
  798. Make SmallVector assert if it cannot grow. (details)
  799. [PowerPC] Add clang -msvr4-struct-return for 32-bit ELF (details)
  800. Add missing call to `Symbolizer::LateInitialize()` in UBSan's standalone init. (details)
  801. Add missing call to `__sanitizer::InitializePlatformEarly()` in UBSan's standalone init. (details)
  802. FixIrreducible: don't crash when moving a child loop (details)
  803. [Frontend] Drop unneeded CC1 options (details)
  804. [xray] Use hidden symbol visibility for xray trampolines (details)
  805. [xray] Avoid text relocations in trampolines for ARM/AArch64 (details)
  806. [TargetPassConfig] Run MachineVerifier after more passes. (details)
  807. Add `//` before the banner displayed in `--print-ir-before/after-all` (details)
  808. [DebugInfo] Simplify DWARFUnit::determineStringOffsetsTableContribution(). NFC. (details)
  809. [libc][NFC] Cleanup dependencies in src/signal and test/src/signal. (details)
  810. [CallSite removal][TargetTransformInfoImpl] Replace CallSite with CallBase. NFC (details)
  811. [PowerPC] Exploit RLDIMI for OR with large immediates (details)
  812. [CallSite removal][Target] Replace CallSite with CallBase. NFC (details)
  813. [Attributor] Run IRPosition::verify only with EXPENSIVE_CHECKS (details)
  814. [Attributor] Replace AccessKind2Accesses map with an "array map" (details)
  815. [MLIR] Update documentation for loop.parallel. (details)
  816. [MLIR] Add extra locking during cubin generation. (details)
  817. [MLIR] Verify there are no side-effecting ops in GenericAtomicRMWOp body. (details)
  818. [CallSite removal] Remove unneeded includes of CallSite.h. NFC (details)
  819. [VE] Add alternative names to registers (details)
  820. [VE] Update shift operation instructions (details)
  821. [lldb] Fix modules build by adding missing include (details)
  822. [llvm] [X86] Make test more robust against different builds (details)
  823. [MLIR] Fix test case for kernel attribute. (details)
  824. [NFC] Test changes (details)
  825. [MLIR] Use `kernel` as a short hand for `gpu.kernel` attribute. (details)
  826. [MLIR] Use nested symbol to identify kernel in `LaunchFuncOp`. (details)
  827. [AMDGPU] Simplify definition of VReg and AReg classes. NFC. (details)
  828. [AMDGPU] Remove obsolete special case for 1024-bit vector types. NFC. (details)
  829. [Driver][docs] Document option -mtune as a no-op. (details)
  830. [clangd] Remove vscode plugin: now (details)
  831. [ARM][MVE] Tail-predication: some more comments and debug messages. NFC. (details)
  832. [obj2yaml] - Fix the issue with dumping empty sections when dumping program headers. (details)
  833. [yaml2obj] - Change how p_offset is calculated when creating segments. NFCI. (details)
  834. [yaml2obj] - Program headers: add an additional check for `Offset` (details)
  835. Make some static class members constexpr (details)
  836. [AArch64][SVE] Add SVE intrinsic for LD1RQ (details)
  837. [NFC][llvm][X86] Adding missing -mtiple to X86 test. (details)
  838. [llvm-objdump] Look in all viable sections for call/branch targets (details)
  839. [LLD][ELF][ARM] Replace adr, ldr with .inst .reloc in test [NFC] (details)
  840. [libc++ testing] Fix unused variable warning turned error (details)
  841. [AMDGPU] Add missing AReg classes (details)
  842. [AMDGPU] Add 192-bit register classes (details)
  843. [NFC][InstCombine] Add shuffle negation tests (details)
  844. [InstCombine] Negator: shufflevector is negatible (details)
  845. [SveEmitter] Implement builtins for gathers/scatters (details)
  846. [libc++/abi/unwind] Rename Lit features for no exceptions to 'no-exceptions' (details)
  847. [NFC][AMDGPU] Fix cmake when LLVM is a subproject (details)
  848. [ARM] MVE FMA loop tests. NFC (details)
  849. [InstCombine] add tests for min/max FP intrinsics with FMF (PR45478); NFC (details)
  850. X86TargetMachine.h - remove unused X86RegisterBankInfo forward declaration. NFC. (details)
  851. [AsmParser] Remove unused forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  852. MetadataLoader.h - remove unused MDNode forward declaration. NFC. (details)
  853. [AsmPrinter] Remove unused forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  854. [AArch64][FIX] f16 indexed patterns encoding restrictions. (details)
  855. [ARM] Distribute MVE post-increments (details)
  856. [AMDGPU] Fix test failures caused by dbdffe3ee9d. (details)
  857. [SveEmitter] Add support for _n form builtins (details)
  858. [ARM] Don't shrink STM if it would cause an unknown base register store (details)
  859. [llvm-objdump][XCOFF] Print more symbol info in relocation (details)
  860. [NFC] Fix unused result of dyn_cast<VectorType> in non-assert build (details)
  861. RuntimeDyldImpl.h - remove unused Twine forward declaration. NFC. (details)
  862. RecordStreamer.h - cleanup includes and forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  863. BranchFolding.h - remove unused raw_ostream forward declaration. NFC. (details)
  864. [BPF] Remove unused forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  865. [NFC][InstCombine] Tests for negation of sign-/zero- extensions (details)
  866. [CMake] Add a warning message to prepare the upcoming upgrade to CMake 3.13.4 (details)
  867. [nfc] [lldb] DWARF callbacks: DIERef -> DWARFDIE (details)
  868. Fix -Wunused-variable error. (details)
  869. [OpenMP][FIX] Do not use InaccessibleMemOrArgMemOnly for barrier and flush (details)
  870. [mlir][vulkan-runner] Fix testsuite. (details)
  871. [TSAN] Add optional support for distinguishing volatiles (details)
  872. [ARM] Release notes for the Custom Datapath Extension (CDE) (details)
  873. clang-format: support aligned nested conditionals formatting (details)
  874. clang-format: Introduce stricter AlignOperands flag (details)
  875. Revert "[OpenMP][FIX] Do not use InaccessibleMemOrArgMemOnly for barrier and flush" (details)
  876. [llvm][NFC][CallSite] Remove CallSite from a few trivial locations (details)
  877. [SveEmitter] Add IsOverloadNone flag and builtins for svpfalse and svcnt[bhwd]_pat (details)
  878. [PowerPC][Future] Initial support for PCRel addressing for jump tables. (details)
  879. [ARM][MC][Thumb] Recommit: Revert relocation for some pc-relative fixups. (details)
  880. [SVE] Add new VectorType subclasses (details)
  881. [OpenMP][FIX] Do not use InaccessibleMemOrArgMemOnly for barrier and flush (details)
  882. [lldb/Host] Remove TaskPool and replace its uses with llvm::ThreadPool (details)
  883. [mlir][vulkan-runner] Add support for integer types. (details)
  884. [Hexagon] Silence warning (details)
  885. Update go bindings for 2dea3f129878e929e5d1f00b91a622eb1ec8be4e (details)
  886. [PowerPC][Future] Remove redundant r2 save and restore for indirect call (details)
  887. [ARM] Replace arm vendor with none. NFC (details)
  888. [Docs] Fixed formatting in release notes, NFC (details)
  889. BPFMCTargetDesc.h - remove unused raw_ostream forward declaration. NFC. (details)
  890. [AVR] Remove unused forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  891. [Hexagon] Remove unused forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  892. [Lanai] Remove unused forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  893. scudo: Change the macro used to check whether we're targeting the platform. (details)
  894. [clangd] go-to-def on names in comments etc that are used nearby. (details)
  895. [libc++] Update the cache for building libc++/libc++abi on Apple (details)
  896. Rename warning identifiers from cxx2a to cxx20; NFC. (details)
  897. [ObjectYAML][MachO] Add support for relocations (details)
  898. [docs] Document lit's --timeout=N flag (details)
  899. [libc++] Add support for blocks in std::function (details)
  900. [llvm][MIRVRegNamer] Avoid collisions across jump table indices. (details)
  901. [clangd] Fix a crash for accessing a null template decl returned by findExplicitReferences. (details)
  902. [clang] Make sure argument expansion locations are correct in presence of predefined buffer (details)
  903. [CallSite removal][ValueTracking] Use CallBase instead of ImmutableCallSite for getIntrinsicForCallSite. NFC (details)
  904. [libc++] Don't try to include <Block.h> when not available (details)
  905. [ELF] For relative paths in INPUT() and GROUP(), search the directory of the current linker script before searching other paths (details)
  906. [builtins] Add void prototype to unprototyped functions (details)
  907. [libc++abi] NFC: Use "" instead of <> to include __cxxabi_config.h (details)
  908. [docs] Fix :option: links (details)
  909. [PowerPC][Future] Initial support for PCRel addressing to get block address (details)
  910. [libc++/abi] Provide an option to turn on forgiving dynamic_cast when building libc++abi (details)
  911. PR45000: Let Sema::SubstParmVarDecl handle default args of lambdas in initializers (details)
  912. [SveEmitter] Add builtins for svwhile (details)
  913. [SveEmitter] Add builtins for svwhilerw/svwhilewr (details)
  914. [SCCP] Drop unnecessary early exit for ExtractValueInst. (details)
  915. [TimeProfiler] Emit real process ID and thread names (details)
  916. [JITLink] Read MachO Header CPU field only in jitLink_MachO. (details)
  917. [JITLink] Fix edge removal iterator invalidation. (details)
  918. [MachineOutliner] Teach outliner to set live-ins (details)
  919. [llvm-objcopy][MachO] Make --remove-section clean up dead symbols (details)
  920. [libc++] Make sure we assume merged typeinfo names on Apple (details)
  921. [TimeProfiler] Emit clock synchronization point (details)
  922. [CMAKE] Provide default location for llvm-lit for out-of-tree users. (details)
  923. [llvm-objcopy][MachO] Fix n_sect field (details)
  924. RFC: [ValueTracking] Let analyses assume a value cannot be partially poison (details)
  925. Revert "RFC: [ValueTracking] Let analyses assume a value cannot be partially poison" (details)
  926. [llvm-objcopy][MachO] Add missing license header (details)
  927. [ValueTracking] Let analyses assume a value cannot be partially poison (details)
  928. Add a policy to enable computing SchedDFSResult. (details)
  929. Revert "get rid of PythonInteger::GetInteger()" (details)
  930. [lldb/Target] Avoid race between Communication::Disconnect calls. (details)
  931. [MachineDebugify] Insert synthetic DBG_VALUE instructions (details)
  932. [Debugify] Do not require named metadata to be present when stripping (details)
  933. [ARM] Mark some tests as not safe for -debugify-and-strip-all, NFC (details)
  934. [MachineBasicBlock] Add helpers for skipping debug instructions [1/14] (details)
  935. [GISel][RegBankSelect] Hide assertion failure from LLT::getScalarSizeInBits [2/14] (details)
  936. [GIsel][CombinerHelper] Don't consider debug insts in dominance queries [3/14] (details)
  937. [GIsel][CombinerHelper] Fix for missed ElideBrByInvertingCond/CombineIndexedLoadStore combines [4/14] (details)
  938. [GIsel][LegalizerHelper] Account for debug insts when creating mem libcalls [5/14] (details)
  939. [AArch64InstrInfo] Ignore debug insts in canInstrSubstituteCmpInstr [6/14] (details)
  940. [AArch64InstrInfo] Ignore debug insts in areCFlagsAccessedBetweenInstrs [7/14] (details)
  941. [AArch64ConditionalCompares] Ignore debug insts in findConvertibleCompare [8/14] (details)
  942. [AArch64] Clean up assorted usage of hasOneUse/use_instructions [9/14] (details)
  943. [AArch64CondBrTuning] Ignore debug insts when scanning for NZCV clobbers [10/14] (details)
  944. [AArch64ConditionOptimizer] Fix missed optimization due to debug insts [11/14] (details)
  945. [AArch64LoadStoreOptimizer] Skip debug insts during pattern matching [12/14] (details)
  946. [AArch64PreLegalizerCombiner] Fix debug invariance issue in matchFConstantToConstant [13/14] (details)
  947. [AArch64CollectLOH] Debug insts should not break LOH collection [14/14] (details)
  948. [NFC] Correct typo in comment after D76038 (details)
  949. [GISel]: Relax opcode checking at the top level to enable CSE (details)
  950. Isolate zero_whitespace parser test into its own file. (details)
  951. [NFC] Refactoring PropertyAttributeKind for ObjCPropertyDecl and ObjCDeclSpec. (details)
  952. Revert "[NFC] Refactoring PropertyAttributeKind for ObjCPropertyDecl and ObjCDeclSpec." (details)
  953. [llvm] NFC: Fix trivial typo in rst and td files (details)
  954. [mlir] NFC: Fix trivial typo under Dialects (details)
  955. [ArgumentPromotion] Remove unnecessary getScalarType() before casting to PointerType. NFC (details)
  956. Revert "clang-format: support aligned nested conditionals formatting" (details)
  957. [MLIR] Lower GenericAtomicRMWOp to llvm.cmpxchg. (details)
  958. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Set the current debug loc when missing in some cases. (details)
  959. [clang-tidy] Add option to use alpha checkers from clang-analyzer when using `` (details)
  960. [mlir] NFC: fix broken links in doc of operation definitions (details)
  961. [obj2yaml] - Zero initialize program headers. NFCI. (details)
  962. [dexter] Require python >= 3.6 (details)
  963. [SveEmitter] Add builtins for FP conversions (details)
  964. [AArch64] Define ACLE FP conversion intrinsics with more specific predicate. (details)
  965. [lldb] Fix typo in breakpoint set -r description (details)
  966. [AMDGPU] Use SGPR instead of SReg classes (details)
  967. [VPlan] Add & use VPValue operands for VPWidenRecipe (NFC). (details)
  968. [CaptureTracking] Replace hardcoded constant to option. NFC. (details)
  969. [AMDGPU] Use RegClass helper functions in getRegForInlineAsmConstraint. (details)
  970. [VPlan] Remove unused forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  971. [mlir][Standard] Add canonicalization for collapsing pass through cond_br successors. (details)
  972. [mlir][Standard] Add a canonicalization to simplify cond_br when the successors are identical (details)
  973. [mlir][Standard] Add support for canonicalizing branches to passthrough blocks (details)
  974. [mlir][Standard] Allow select to use an i1 for vector and tensor values (details)
  975. [dsymutil][doc] Improve documentation. (details)
  976. Use FrameIndexTy for stack protector (details)
  977. [UpdateTestChecks] Make generation of UTC_ARGS: comment more robust (details)
  978. [lldb/Host] Modernize some socket functions (details)
  979. [clang-format] Handle C# property accessors when parsing lines (details)
  980. XCOFF.h - replace StringRef.h include with forward declaration. NFC. (details)
  981. [ObjCARC] Remove unused forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  982. RuntimeDyldELF.h - make the object namespace explicit for ELFObjectFileBase. NFC. (details)
  983. Add extension links for VSCode (details)
  984. [InstCombine] add test for logic-of-icmps that should simplify (D78582); NFC (details)
  985. [InstSimplify] fold and/or of compares with equality to min/max constant (details)
  986. [flang] Add missing check for unresolved name (details)
  987. [MSP430] Remove unused forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  988. LanaiMCTargetDesc.h - remove unused forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  989. [Mips] Remove unused forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  990. [PowerPC] Remove unused forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  991. [lldb/Utility] Improve error_code->Status conversion (details)
  992. [lldb/DWARF] Trust CU DW_AT_low/high_pc information when building address tables (details)
  993. [SveEmitter] Use llvm.aarch64.sve.ld1/st1 for contiguous load/store builtins (details)
  994. [InstCombine] substitute equivalent constant to reduce logic-of-icmps (details)
  995. [mlir] Extended Liveness analysis to support nested regions. (details)
  996. [clangd] Delete remapped buffers in tests (details)
  997. [lldb/Core] Avoid more Communication::Disconnect races (details)
  998. [doc] Fix broken link. NFC. (details)
  999. [LLD][ELF][ARM] Fix ARM Exidx order for non monotonic section order (details)
  1000. [lldb] Make RNBSocketTest compile again after socket modernization (details)
  1001. [mlir][EDSC] Retire ValueHandle (details)
  1002. [llvm][NFC][CallSite] Remove CallSite from TypeMetadataUtils & related (details)
  1003. [PowerPC][Future] Add missing changes for PC Realtive addressing (details)
  1004. [Hexagon] Add missing live-in registers in some codegen tests (details)
  1005. [flang][NFC] Refactor derived type instantiation (details)
  1006. [Sparc] Remove unused forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  1007. [NVPTX] Remove unused forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  1008. [XCore] Remove unused forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  1009. [WebAssembly] Remove unused forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  1010. [RISCV] Remove unused forward declarations. NFC. (details)
  1011. Revert "[LLD][ELF][ARM] Fix ARM Exidx order for non monotonic section order" (details)
  1012. [flang] Remove unused variable (details)
  1013. Rename a shadowed variable causing build failure on gcc<5.5 (details)
  1014. X86TargetObjectFile.h - remove unnecessary TargetLoweringObjectFile.h include. NFC. (details)
  1015. X86MCTargetDesc.h - replace FormattedStream.h include with forward declaration. NFC. (details)
  1016. [mlir][StandardToSPIRV] Fix test cases where DCE removes all the code. (details)
  1017. [analyzer] Consider array subscripts to be interesting lvalues. (details)
  1018. MachineBasicBlock: Avoid copy in skipDebugInstructions{Forward,Backward}, NFC (details)
  1019. [DirectoryWatcher] Do not use FSEvents on non-macOS platforms (details)
  1020. [llvm][NFC][CallSite] Removed CallSite from few implementation details (details)
  1021. [SVE] Make VectorType::getNumElements() complain for scalable vectors (details)
  1022. [llvm][NFC] Factor out cost-model independent inling decision (details)
  1023. [mlir/Quant] Allows to use 32 bits storage type (details)
  1024. [mlir][EDSC] Hotfix - Provide impl for `negate` (details)
  1. Fix URL to use Monorepo instead of SVN (details / githubweb)
  2. Fix an indentation error in profiles.rst (details / githubweb)
  3. [VE] Support VE architecture (details / githubweb)
  4. [LNT] Update to match API change in PIP (details / githubweb)

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