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  1. Revert 76c5f277f2 "Re-land [Debug][CodeView] Emit fully qualified names for globals" (detail)
  2. [Test] Opportunity for sinking to unreachable in InstCombine (detail)
  3. [clang-tidy] NFC: Cleanup Python scripts (detail)
  4. [AMDGPU][MC] Corrected branch relocation handling to detect undefined labels (detail)
  5. [OpenCL] Added addrspace_cast operator in C++ mode. (detail)
  6. [InstCombine][NFC] Simplify check in sinking (detail)
  7. Turn -Wmax-tokens off by default (detail)
  8. [libcxx testing] Remove ALLOW_RETRIES from lock_guard tests (detail)
  9. [libcxx][type_traits] Add C++20 changes to common_type (detail)
  10. Reorder Type fields to make various isa< > check more concise (detail)
  11. [openmp] Fixed hang if detached task was serialized. (detail)
  12. [mlir] NFC - Fix OperationSupport.cpp::findNamedAttr (detail)
  13. [mlir] Add BoolArrayAttr in Tablegen + Builder support (detail)
  14. [pstl] A fix for move placement-new (and destroy) allocated objects from raw memory. (detail)
  15. [Analyzer][StreamChecker] Changed representation of stream error state - NFC. (detail)
  16. [Analyzer][StreamChecker] Fixed compile error - NFC. (detail)
  17. [WebAssembly] iterate stack in DebugFixup from the top. (detail)
  18. [SVE] Ignore scalable vectors in InterleavedLoadCombinePass (detail)
  19. [mlir][Vector] Make minor identity permutation map optional in transfer op printing and parsing (detail)
  20. [mlir][Vector] Add an optional "masked" boolean array attribute to vector transfer operations (detail)
  21. AMDGPU: Remove outdated comment (detail)
  22. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix splitting wide VALU, non-vector loads (detail)
  23. [MLIR] [Linalg] Add option to use the partial view after promotion. (detail)
  24. [mlir] Support optional attributes in assembly formats (detail)
  25. [MLIR] Use `MLIR_INCLUDE_TESTS` to conditionally compile tests. (detail)
  26. [Local] Do not ignore zexts in salvageDebugInfo, PR45923 (detail)
  27. [lldb/Reproducers] Add skipIfReproducer to more tests (detail)
  28. [llvm][NFC] Fixed non-compliant style in InlineAdvisor.h (detail)
  29. [SystemZ] Don't create PERMUTE nodes with an undef operand. (detail)
  30. [IR] Revert r2694 in BasicBlock::removePredecessor (detail)
  31. Add verifier check that musttail and preallocated are not used together (detail)
  32. [dsymutil] Make sure the --help output and man page are consistent (detail)
  33. Fixed a typo in the comment for allocateBuffer() (detail)
  34. [Loads] Require Align in isSafeToLoadUnconditionally() (NFC) (detail)
  35. LoadStoreVectorizer: Match nested adds to prove vectorization is safe (detail)
  36. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix f64 G_FDIV lowering (detail)
  37. [mlir][vulkan-runner] Add back accidentially removed header include (detail)
  38. Revert "[CUDA][HIP] Workaround for resolving host device function against wrong-sided function" (detail)
  39. AMDGPU: Fix illegally constant folding from V_MOV_B32_sdwa (detail)
  40. [x86] Propagate memory operands during ISel DAG postprocessing (detail)
  41. [compiler-rt][CMake] Fix PowerPC runtime build (detail)
  42. [Sanitizers] Use getParamByValType() (NFC) (detail)
  43. [lldb/DataFormatter] Check for overflow when finding NSDate epoch (detail)
  44. Fix several places that were calling verifyFunction or verifyModule without checking the return value. (detail)
  45. [clangd] Avoid wasteful data structures in RefSlab::Builder (detail)
  46. DAG: Use correct pointer size for llvm.ptrmask (detail)
  47. [AMDGPU] Fixed selection error for 64 bit extract_subvector (detail)
  48. [x86] add tests for disguised horizontal ops; NFC (detail)
  49. [x86] add tests for heroic horizontal ops; NFC (detail)
  50. [GlobalISel] Add support for using vector values in memset inlining. (detail)
  51. [llvm][SVE] IR intrinscs for matrix multiplication instructions. (detail)
  52. [SveEmitter] Builtins for SVE matrix multiply `mmla`. (detail)
  53. [llvm][sve] Intrinsics for SVE sudot and usdot instructions. (detail)

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