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  1. [analyzer] Change the default output type to PD_TEXT_MINIMAL in the frontend, error if an output loc is missing for PathDiagConsumers that need it (detail)
  2. [analyzer][NFC][MallocChecker] Convert many parameters into CallEvent (detail)
  3. [NFC] Add _EnableIfLValueCallable and move reference out of __callable. (detail)
  4. Mark shared_ptr::__create_with_control_block as noexcept. (detail)
  5. [NFC] Remove non-rvlaue non-variadic allocator::construct overloads. (detail)
  6. [NFC] Remove non-rvlaue non-variadic allocator::construct overloads. (detail)
  7. [analyzer][StackAddressEscape] Tie warnings to the diagnostic checkers rather then core.StackAddrEscapeBase (detail)
  8. [mlir][ods] Fix ops with both attribute-sized operands and results (detail)
  9. [mlir][Affine] Introduce affine memory interfaces (detail)
  10. [mlir][vulkan-runner] Minor fix in timestamp flag for vulkan runner. (detail)
  11. [DAGCombine] Remove the getNegatibleCost to avoid the out of sync with getNegatedExpression (detail)
  12. [mlir][spirv] First step to support spirv cooperative matrix extension. (detail)
  13. [mlir] NFC - Appease gcc 5 (detail)
  14. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix bug in test register bank (detail)
  15. Mark AffineMap::replaceDimsAndSymbols as const (NFC) (detail)
  16. [CGCall] Annotate references with "align" attribute. (detail)
  17. [compiler-rt][scudo][LIT] Use target_suffix instead of target-arch (detail)
  18. [mlir][SystemZ] Fix incompatible datalayout in SystemZ (detail)
  19. [AMDGPU] Process V_MOV_B32_indirect in SET_GPR_IDX optimization (detail)
  20. [Support][unittest] Fix HostTest.NumPhysicalCores on __i386__ after D78324 (detail)
  21. [Test] Add missing auto-generated checks into tests (detail)
  22. [NFC][PowerPC] Add 2 new cases to test livevars pass (detail)
  23. [clang-format] Fix line lengths w/ comments in align (detail)
  24. [libc] Add memset and bzero implementations (detail)
  25. [clang-format][PR45816] Add AlignConsecutiveBitFields (detail)
  26. [clang-format] [PR33890] Add support for Microsoft C++/CLI non standard for each looping extension (detail)
  27. [clang-format] [PR42164] Add Option to Break before While (detail)
  28. Revert "[IR] Simplify BasicBlock::removePredecessor. NFCI." (detail)
  29. [Analyzer][StreamChecker] Added support for 'fread' and 'fwrite'. (detail)
  30. [mlir] Mark witness related Shape dialect ops as NoSideEffect. (detail)
  31. [mlir] Custom printing/parsing for Shape::AssumingOp (detail)
  32. Revert "Add terminateCommands to lldb-vscode protocol" (detail)
  33. Github access test: remove unnecessary whitespaces. (detail)
  34. [IR] Simplify BasicBlock::removePredecessor. NFCI. (detail)
  35. CommandFlags.h - remove unnecessary includes. NFC. (detail)
  36. SLPVectorizer.h - remove unused CommandLine.h include. NFC (detail)
  37. [lldb-server] Reset stop reason of all threads when resuming (detail)
  38. Use IPv4 for Android connections (detail)
  39. [llvm-readobj][test] - Deduplicate YAMLs in gnuhash.test and hash-table.test. NFCI. (detail)
  40. [PowerPC] Enable machine verification for 3 passes (detail)
  41. [SCEV] Move ScalarEvolutionExpander.cpp to Transforms/Utils (NFC). (detail)
  42. [gold-plugin] Unbreak the build after d9b9ce6c04764275a23cd0cf1856a35aae921af7 (detail)
  43. [gn build] Port bcbd26bfe61 (detail)
  44. [lldb][NFC] Modernize TestCPPStaticMethods (detail)
  45. [yaml2obj] - Implement the "Offset" property for the Fill Chunk. (detail)
  46. Revert "[lldb/test] Move "DataFormatters/Mock.h" to "Plugins/Language/ObjC/Utilities.h"" (detail)
  47. Revert "Silence warnings around int/float conversions." (detail)
  48. Revert "[lldb/test] Disable NSDate format check under _WIN32" (detail)
  49. Revert "[lldb/test] Relax NSDate mock test for non-Apple platforms" (detail)
  50. Revert "[lldb/DataFormatter] Check for overflow when finding NSDate epoch" (detail)
  51. [NFCI][CostModel] Refactor getIntrinsicInstrCost (detail)
  52. [Polly] Update ScalarEvolutionExpander.h include. (detail)
  53. [Target][ARM] Make Low Overhead Loops coexist with VPT blocks. (detail)
  54. [mlir] Add custom assembly formats to shape.witness ops. (detail)
  55. Revert "[lldb-server] Reset stop reason of all threads when resuming" (detail)
  56. [analyzer] Get scan-view executable from environment. (detail)
  57. PseudoSourceValue.h - remove unused operator declaration. NFC. (detail)

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