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  1. [zorg] Add polly test-suite builder. (detail)

Git (git http://labmaster3.local/git/llvm-project.git)

  1. PseudoSourceValue.h - reduce GlobalValue.h include to forward declaration. NFC. (detail)
  2. GenericDomTreeConstruction.h - reorder includes. NFC. (detail)
  3. [mlir] NFC: rename tests related to SCF dialect from Loops to SCF (detail)
  4. [clang] FastMathFlags.allowContract should be initialized only from FPFeatures.allowFPContractAcrossStatement (detail)
  5. [lldb][NFC] Minor NamespaceMap refactor (detail)
  6. [AMDGPU] Add the test from D49097. (detail)
  7. DIPrinter.h - reduce unnecessary includes to forward declarations. NFC. (detail)
  8. MachineMemOperand.h - replace Type.h with full GlobalValue.h include to fix -Wundefined-inline warnings. (detail)
  9. [mlir][Linalg] Refactor linalg tiling (detail)
  10. [mlir][Linalg] NFC - Simplify GenericNestLoop builder (detail)
  11. [mlir] Toy tutorial: insert terminators at the end of the loop during rewrite (detail)
  12. [mlir] DialectConversion: avoid double-free when rolling back op creation (detail)
  13. [mlir] DialectConversion: support erasing blocks (detail)
  14. [mlir] Erase or clear blocks through ConversionPatternRewriter when applicable (detail)
  15. [mlir] SCFToStandard: support any ops in and around the control flow ops (detail)
  16. [mlir] ensureRegionTerminator: take OpBuilder (detail)
  17. [OPENMP][DOCS]Update status of implemented features, NFC. (detail)
  18. [mlir][Vector] Add option to fully unroll for VectorTransfer to SCF lowering (detail)
  19. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Fix splitting 64-bit extensions (detail)
  20. [lldb/Reproducers] Update macosx remote tests for passive replay (detail)
  21. [mlir][Linalg] Add producer-consumer fusion when producer is a ConstantOp (detail)
  22. [lldb/Reproducers] Support reproducers for PlatformRemoteGDBServer (detail)
  23. [X86] Codegen for preallocated (detail)
  24. GenericError.h - remove unused StringRef.h include. NFC. (detail)
  25. FormatAdapters.h - remove unused SmallString.h include. NFC. (detail)
  26. [lldb/Driver] Error out when encountering unknown arguments (detail)
  27. [ProfileSummary] Refactor getFromMD to prepare for another optional field. NFC. (detail)
  28. [InstCombine] add tests for reassociative fsub/fadd expressions; NFC (detail)
  29. [clang][asm goto][slh] Warn if asm goto + SLH (detail)
  30. [lldb/Reproducers] Skip another test that uses lldb::FileSP under the hood (detail)
  31. Add some dependencies to the compiler-rt symbolizer build (detail)
  32. Revert "[X86] Codegen for preallocated" (detail)
  33. [lldb/Reproducers] Make SBStream::Print an API instead of a SWIG extension (detail)
  34. Reland [X86] Codegen for preallocated (detail)
  35. [libcxx] Remove swap for std::span (detail)
  36. [llvm] [CodeGen] [X86] Fix issues with v4i1 instruction selection (detail)
  37. [libcxx][test] Portability fix for some locale-dependent tests. (detail)
  38. [NFC][InstCombine] Negator: tests for extractelement negation (detail)
  39. [InstCombine] Negator: `extractelement` is negatible if src is negatible (detail)
  40. [NFC][InstCombine] Negator: tests for insertelement negation (detail)
  41. [InstCombine] `insertelement` is negatible if both sources are negatible (detail)
  42. [mlir][spirv] Adapt subview legalization to the updated op semantics. (detail)
  43. [OPENMP]Fix PR45911: Data sharing and lambda capture. (detail)
  44. [lldb] Allows customizing libxml2 for darwin (detail)
  45. [lldb] Cleans up system_libs (detail)
  46. [lldb/Driver] Print snippet before exiting with unknown argument. (detail)
  47. [sanitizer_symbolizer] Add __isinf to symbols list. (detail)
  48. [lldb/Reproducers] Add instrumentation to SBEnvironment (detail)
  49. [clang-format] Set of unit test to begin to validate that we don't change defaults (detail)
  50. Give microsoftDemangle() an outparam for how many input bytes were consumed. (detail)
  51. [clang-format] Added new option IndentExternBlock (detail)
  52. [lit] GoogleTest framework should report failures if test binary crashes (detail)
  53. [mlir] NFC - Appease GCC 5 again.. (detail)
  54. [lldb/Test] Support arbitrary file extensions in TestPositionalArgs.test (detail)
  55. [mlir][gpu] Refactor ConvertGpuLaunchFuncToCudaCalls pass. (detail)
  56. [mlir][gpu] Refactor functions for workgroup and private buffer attributions. (detail)
  57. [mlir] NFC - Appease GCC 5 again.. (detail)
  58. [LegalizeVectorTypes] Create correct memoperands in SplitVecRes_INSERT_SUBVECTOR. (detail)
  59. [AMDGPU] Always expand ext/insertelement with divergent idx (detail)
  60. [AArch64] Provide Darwin variants of most calling conventions (detail)
  61. [analyzer] Fix a null FunctionDecl dereference bug after D75432 (detail)
  62. [LLD] Make scoped timers thread safe (detail)
  63. [AArch64] Fix GlobalISel tests on non-darwin platforms (detail)
  64. Make Value::getPointerAlignment() return an Align, not a MaybeAlign. (detail)
  65. [AArch64] Fix unwind info generated by outliner. (detail)
  66. [analyzer] Make buildbots happy (detail)
  67. [clang-format][docfix] Update predefined styles in docs (detail)
  68. Add CanonicalizeFreezeInLoops pass (detail)
  69. [gn build] Port d9a4a244138 (detail)
  70. add a test for D77524 (detail)

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