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  1. Revert "Rename/refactor isIntegerConstantExpression to getIntegerConstantExpression" (details)
  2. [OpenMP] Add firstprivate as a default data-sharing attribute to clang (details)
  3. [MC][RISCV] Set UseIntegratedAssembler to true (details)
  4. [PowerPC] Support constrained conversion in SPE target (details)
  5. [PowerPC] Enhance tests for D83276. NFC. (details)
  6. [InstCombine] Improve select -> phi canonicalization: consider more blocks (details)
  7. [clangd] Fix tests build for GCC5 (details)
  8. [MLIR][Shape] Lower `shape.any` (details)
  9. [GlobalISel][InlineAsm] Fix buildCopy for inputs (details)
  10. Fix bad doxygen result for class clang::ento::CallEvent and its derived classes (details)
  11. [clangd] Add metrics for recovery-expr type propagation. (details)
  12. [clang][RecoveryExpr] Clarify the dependence-bits documentation. (details)
  13. [SVE][Codegen] Add a helper function for pointer increment logic (details)
  14. [clang] Include type specifiers in typo correction when checking isCXXDeclarationSpecifiers. (details)
  15. [AMDGPU][GlobalISel] Select llvm.amdgcn.ballot (details)
  16. [mlir][VectorOps] Lower vector.fma to llvm.fmuladd instead of llvm.fma (details)
  17. [OpenCL] Defer addr space deduction for dependent type. (details)
  18. [LLD][ELF] -  Allow relocation sections to appear before their target sections. (details)
  19. [LLD][ELF][Windows] small improvement to D82567 (details)
  20. [libc][benchmark] Add display option to render.py3 (details)
  21. [lldb][NFC] Remove misleading class_language variable in DWARFASTParserClang (details)
  22. [SVE] Ensure fixed length vector fptrunc operations bigger than NEON are not considered legal. (details)
  23. [lldb][NFC] Early-exit in DWARFASTParserClang::ParseSingleMember (details)
  24. [llvm-readobj] - Add a generic test for --dyn-relocations and fix an issue. (details)
  25. [AMDGPU][GlobalISel] Fix subregister index for EXEC register in selectBallot. (details)
  26. [COFF] Error on unexpected .pdata size (details)
  27. [LLD][ELF] - Fix the test after llvm-readelf output change. (details)
  28. [analyzer] ctu-on-demand-parsing tests: replace linux -> system-linux (details)
  29. [ARM][MVE] Refactor option -disable-mve-tail-predication (details)
  30. [DAGCombiner] allow load/store merging if pairs can be rotated into place (details)
  31. Revert "[DAGCombiner] allow load/store merging if pairs can be rotated into place" (details)
  32. [DAGCombiner] allow load/store merging if pairs can be rotated into place (details)
  33. [clangd] Fix DocumentSymbol ranges (details)
  34. [lldb][NFC] Refactor instruction dumping out of DumpDataExtractor (details)
  35. [yaml2obj] - Refactor header-sh-fields.yaml test. (details)
  36. Fix crash when getVFABIMappings is called with an indirect call instruction (details)
  37. Pre-commit tests (details)
  38. [SLPVectorizer] handle vectorizeable library functions (details)
  39. [NFC] rename to reflect F is not necessarily an Intrinsic (details)
  40. [lldb/dotest] Remove the "xunit" result formatter (details)
  41. [ms] [llvm-ml] Improve MASM STRUCT field accessor support (details)
  42. [ms] [llvm-ml] Fix MASM support for nested unnamed STRUCTs and UNIONs (details)
  43. [compiler-rt][CMake] Pass down LLVM_LIT_ARGS in runtime build (details)
  44. [ms] [llvm-ml] Add support for MASM STRUCT casting field accessors: (<TYPE> PTR <value>).<field> (details)
  45. [lldb/Utility] Rewrite Scalar::SetValueFromCString (details)
  46. [ms] [llvm-ml] Restore omitted changes requested by reviewer (details)
  47. [OPENMP]Fix compiler crash for target data directive without actual target codegen. (details)
  48. [flang][openmp] libc++ unordered_map build fix in flang openmp static analysis (details)
  49. Fix llvm-test-suite failure introduced by D82550/D83122 (details)
  50. [ADT] Make Load(AP)IntFromMemory pointer argument const (details)
  51. [llvm-ar][test][AIX] Unsupport error-opening-directory.test on AIX (details)
  52. [ARM][NFC] More detailed vbsl checks in ARM & Thumb2 tests. (details)
  53. [x86] add tests for bswap/rotate; NFC (details)
  54. [DAGCombiner] rot i16 X, 8 --> bswap X (details)
  55. [PGO][PGSO] Add profile guided size optimization to the X86 LEA fixup. (details)
  56. [llvm] Native size estimator for training -Oz inliner (details)
  57. [JITLink] Add a synchronous version of finalize for convenience. (details)
  58. [ORC] Generalize emit re-entry, stub, etc. APIs for working addr != link addr. (details)
  59. [gn build] Port 83080a294ad (details)
  60. [PGO][PGSO] Add profile guided size optimization to X86ISelDAGToDAG. (details)
  61. [libc++] Implement P0551 (details)
  62. RISCV: Avoid GlobalISel build break in a future patch (details)
  63. TableGen/GlobalISel: Emit enum names for reg class ID instead of value (details)
  64. [llvm][NFC] ML Policies: changed the saved_model protobuf to text (details)
  65. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Add tests for 96-bit add/sub/mul (details)
  66. [AST] Fix potential nullptr dereference in Expr::HasSideEffects (details)
  67. [gn build] Port fdb69539bcd (details)
  68. [NewPM][opt] Translate -foo-analysis to require<foo-analysis> (details)
  69. Fix HexagonGenExtract return status (details)
  70. [NFC] Remove unused header include (details)
  71. [clangd] Remove const_cast. NFC (details)
  72. AMDGPU/GlobalISel: Add baseline add/sub sat legalization tests (details)
  73. GlobalISel: Implement widenScalar for saturating add/sub (details)
  74. GlobalISel: Implement fewerElementsVector for saturating add/sub (details)
  75. GlobalISel: Define equivalent nodes for saturating add/sub (details)
  76. [JITLink] Apply MSVCPError workaround to a1fc26030a42. (details)
  77. [NewGVN] Rename xfail tests (NFC) (details)
  78. [NewGVN] Separate passing assume tests (NFC) (details)
  79. [PredicateInfo] Place predicate info after assume (details)
  80. [flang] Use octal escapes for character literals in modfiles (details)
  81. [llvm][NFC] Factored the default inlining advice (details)
  82. [ORC] Remove a spurious reinterpret_cast. (details)
  83. [lldb] Fix a CMake warning typo. NFC. (details)
  84. Add a decorator to skip tests when running under Rosetta (details)
  85. Revert "[llvm] Native size estimator for training -Oz inliner" (details)
  86. [mlir][StandardToSPIRV] Fix conversion for signed remainder (details)
  87. [gn build] Port 9908a3b9f52 (details)
  88. [mlir] Support operations with multiple results in slicing (details)
  89. [flang] Extended the flang driver options to include gfortran equivalents to pgf90 specific options. (details)
  90. [MLIR] Change ODS collective params build method to provide an empty default value for named attributes (details)
  91. [lldb] Remove unused argument (NFC) (details)
  92. Retry ""[lldb-vscode] Fix TestVSCode_module"" (details)
  93. [ADT] Specialize std::swap() for SetVector (details)
  94. [mlir] Add alignment attribute to LLVM memory ops and use in vector.transfer (details)
  95. [MC/AsmParser] layout-interdependency.s depends on having a proper triple (details)
  96. [debugify] Add targeted test for 2fa656c, NFC (details)
  97. [analyzer] Inline StringSet that's defined in a header (details)
  98. [ubsan] Check implicit casts in ObjC for-in statements (details)
  99. [Sanitizers] Implement getcpuclockid interceptor (details)
  100. [compiler-rt][MSAN][test] Update buffersize for UTF-8 to C convert (details)
  101. Check output in test/CodeGen/Generic/MIRStripDebug/no-metadata-present.mir, NFC (details)
  102. Revert "[InstCombine] Drop debug loc in TryToSinkInstruction (reland)" (details)
  103. [InstCombine] Erase attribute lists for simplified libcalls (details)
  104. [compiler-rt] Fix compiler warnings and runtime errors in sanitizer RT strxfrm(_l) test cases. (details)
  105. Update for D71491 (details)
  106. Lowering of OpenMP Parallel operation to LLVM IR 1/n (details)
  107. Fold the opt size check into the assert to silence an unused variable warning. (details)
  108. [AssumeBundles] Use operand bundles to encode alignment assumptions (details)
  109. [Sanitizers] Ensure clock_getcpuclockid interceptor <= 80 chars (details)
  110. [ORC] Fix typo in parameter name. (details)
  111. Reapply "[llvm] Native size estimator for training -Oz inliner" (details)
  112. [llvm][NFC] ML InlineAdvisor: Factored CHECKs in common test (details)
  113. MemorySanitizer: If a field is marked noundef, check init at call site (details)
  114. Fix a missing update that C compiles default to gnu17. (details)
  115. [gn build] Port caf395ee8c2 (details)
  116. [builtins][Android] Define HAS_80_BIT_LONG_DOUBLE to 0 (details)
  117. [builtins] Cleanup generic-file filtering (details)
  118. [compiler-rt][Android] Stop using detect_target_arch (details)
  119. [builtins][ARM] Replace call_apsr.S with inline asm (details)
  120. [PowerPC] Fix combineVectorShuffle regression after D77448 (details)
  121. Basic support for flexible array members in constant evaluation. (details)
  122. [llvm][NFC] Removed unused CHECKs in a ml test (details)
  123. [MSAN] Implement experimental vector reduction intrinsics (details)
  124. [flang][openacc] OpenACC 3.0 parser (details)
  125. [lldb-vscode] Fix TestVSCode_module (details)
  126. [flang][openacc] Add Support library for error handling (details)
  127. [lldb-vscode] Fix TestVSCode_setBreakpoints (details)
  128. Fix undefined behavior in DWARF emission (details)
  129. [GVN] add early exit to ConstantFoldLoadThroughBitcast [NFC] (details)
  130. [VNCoercion] avoid creating bitcast for zero offsets [NFCI] (details)
  131. [GVN] teach ConstantFolding correct handling of non-integral addrspace casts (details)
  132. Add LINK_COMPONENTS Support (details)
  133. Revert "[flang][openacc] OpenACC 3.0 parser" (details)
  134. [PowerPC] Generate CFI directives when probing in prologue (details)
  135. [DWARFYAML] Replace Is64bit with Is64BitAddrSize. NFC. (details)
  136. [AArch64][GlobalISel] Add post-legalize combine for sext_inreg(trunc(sextload)) -> copy (details)
  137. [PowerPC][Power10] Implement Test LSB by Byte Builtins in LLVM/Clang (details)
  138. [AMDGPU] Propagate dead flag during pre-RA exec mask optimizations (details)
  139. [deadargelim] Attach dbg info to the insert/extractvalue instructions (details)
  140. [AMDGPU][NFC] Tidy sgpr-control-flow.ll whitespace (details)
  141. [SVE][CodeGen] Fix implicit TypeSize->uint64_t conversion in TransformFPLoadStorePair (details)
  142. [SVE] Fix implicit TypeSize->uint64_t conversion getCastInstrCost (details)
  143. [clangd] Implement textDocument/foldingRange (details)
  144. [SVE][CodeGen] Add README for SVE-related warnings in tests (details)
  145. [NFCI][InstCombine] Move store merging from `visitStoreInst()` into `visitUnconditionalBranchInst()` (details)
  146. Double check that passes correctly set their Modified status (details)
  147. [AMDGPU] Avoid using s_cmpk when src0 is not register (details)
  148. Revert "[compiler-rt] [test] Allow expanding lit substitutions recursively" (details)
  149. [AArch64][SVE] Remove erroneous assert in resolveFrameOffsetReference (details)
  150. Revert "Revert "[compiler-rt] [test] Use the parent process env as base env in tests"" (details)
  151. [analyzer][tests] Introduce analyzer benchmarking framework (details)
  152. [analyzer][tests] Add 5 more projects for testing (details)
  153. [ARM][MVE] Only tail-fold integer add reductions (details)
  154. [AMDGPU] Fix typos in performCtlz_CttzCombine() (details)
  155. [DebugInfo] Add unit test for compact expression printer (details)
  156. [llvm-objdump] Add simple memory expressions to variable display (details)
  157. [llvm-objdump] Add entry_value and stack_value opcodes (details)
  158. [llvm][unittests] Fix ProgramEnvTest.TestExecuteAndWaitStatistics on Solaris (details)
  159. [gn build] Port c15e04ee5e4 (details)
  160. [ELF] Do not leave undefined symbols (specified by -init and -fini) if they are defined in non-fetched archive members (details)
  161. [DebugInfo] Add unit tests for DWARFListTableHeader::length(). (details)
  162. [DebugInfo] Fix a possible crash when reading a malformed .debug_*lists section. (details)
  163. [gn build] Port dd6faf13d8e (details)
  164. [AArch64][AsmParser] Add rcpc support in .arch_extension (details)
  165. [MLIR][Standard] Add `assert` operation to the standard dialect (details)
  166. [MLIR][Standard] Erase redundant assertions `std.assert` (details)
  167. [NFC][ARM] Add SimplifyCFG tests (details)
  168. Revert "[RISCV] Avoid Splitting MBB in RISCVExpandPseudo" (details)
  169. [yaml2obj] - Add a syntax to override e_phoff, e_phentsize and e_phnum fields. (details)
  170. [compiler-rt][sanitizers] Fix GetPcSpBp determination of SP on 32-bit Solaris/x86 (details)
  171. [DWARFYAML] Add support for emitting value forms of strx, addrx, etc. (details)
  172. [lldb/test] Avoid globbing in log file handling code (details)
  173. [SelectionDAG] Prevent warnings when extracting fixed length vector from scalable. (details)
  174. [llvm-readobj] - Stop using unwrapOrError() for all program_headers() calls. (details)
  175. [test/Object][llvm-objdump] - llvm-objdump: don't abort() when the e_phoff field is invalid and refine testing. (details)
  176. [InstCombine][InstSimplify] add tests for sign of maxnum; NFC (details)
  177. [ValueTracking] fix miscompile in maxnum case of cannotBeOrderedLessThanZeroImpl (PR46627) (details)

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